The crowd exclaimed, and some young girls and new wives closed their eyes and dared not look at them.

Qi Shiqin was born and died on the battlefield. How could he be touched by this? It seemed that he had eyes long behind him, and he pulled Qi Erlang over to block him.

Own mother-in-law suffers by herself.

Seeing that he was under his hoe turned out to be his father-in-law, the terrified three souls lost their seven souls, and suddenly couldn't recover enough, so the hoe was still digging down. Qi Erlang was in crisis of life and death, and tried his best to go to the other side.

I don't know if it was luck or something, in the end the hoe only hit Qi Erlang's shoulder, but the wound was not very deep, only gurgling blood flowed down his back. The villagers who watched the excitement were also scared into a cold sweat, and quickly found a clean white cloth combined with golden sore medicine to bandage them.

The faces of the Qi family were not good, and the situation was raging, and the villagers did not dare to stay here to watch the excitement after the wounds were cleaned up.

Just before leaving, he said without worry: "If you have something to say, don't beat people."

"You are brothers, there are no hurdles that can't be overcome, and big things are not important! Look at your two brothers, and you don't know how long you will have to lie down to raise them."

There are also people who persuaded Wu: "You are so true, how can you use a hoe to hit a person on the head, not to mention that the object is your uncle, will you not be caught in jail afterwards? You two My son hasn't been raised yet, so I can't live without my mother."

Wu Shi also nodded his head in a daze, with no blood on his face, his eyes staring straight ahead, not knowing what he was looking at.

The last person who went out helped them close the yard door.

Qi Shiqin looked at the two brothers with red eyes and full of anger. He chuckled twice, "Second brother, two sons are going to school in Qingshan Academy. You pay the tuition fee every year very hard, right? Let me say that the tuition fees of the academy are too expensive, especially for farmers with little money like us, right?"

Qi Erlang is now not only suffering from face pain and body pain, but even his heart is being pricked in with a drill. He hesitates and said: "Yes, no, everything is for the sake of children, tired and tired. It doesn't matter."

"How are those two kids learning now? Have they been admitted to the show?"

"no no."

The Wu family came forward and yelled directly: "Sixth brother, if you have something to say, just say it, why bother to be so sarcasm."

Qi Shiqin didn't even look at Wu, and punched Qi Erlang in the stomach again. The painful Qi Erlang's back bow became a shrimp shape, and said: "It doesn't seem like you don't know how you look like this second brother. , One person has 10 taels per year. After two years of study in the academy, it is almost 400 taels of silver. Brother, you can bear it. If you can't get it, you can ask your mother for it! I have used up my mother's silver."

It was another kick.

Qi Erlang yelled and said, "No, I didn't ask for my mother. Wu did it by himself, and I have also taught her."

No matter how well Qi Erlang can talk, he can't say a good word at this time, and no one will talk to him.

"She did it?" Qi Shiqin said: "The eldest brother buys a house for his son in the city. You save it for your children to study. The fourth brother's family is afraid that the child will grow up without money, right? What you did, you don't know anything?"

Wu did not dare to step forward, but his eyes stared at Qi Shiqin, "At the beginning, you said that the sixth brother, you paid for the tuition of a few nephews, and you are gone. I don't want my mother to ask for this money?" Besides, except for the third family, the mother's place is mostly given by the sixth brother, and it is all from the sixth brother. It was not just right for her to take it.

Qi Erlang slapped Wu's head and slapped him, "Shut up." In the past, I only thought that his wife had a thicker skin, but there was nothing wrong with it. Now it seems that this is purely not showing up at all.

Obviously he was defending him, but he was still beaten. The Wu family is not a good temper, so he rushed to scratch, scratch, pinch, and use all 18 martial arts, "Okay, you are the second child, and everything is mine. Wrong, just stay at this house yourself."

Mr. Wu went back to the room to pack his clothes, the things fell and crackled, and it didn't take long for him to close the door and walk out of the door.

Obviously, this is going back to her natal home.

Qi Erlang touched the newly added blood marks on his face, hissed in pain, and shouted at Wu's back: "Go back, go back, do you see if Lao Tzu will take you back."

That afternoon, Qi Shiqin took Zhou Cicui to his house in Yuecheng.

He also sent someone to notify his elder brother and asked him to come over at night.

Thinking of his eldest brother, Qi Shiqin has a complicated mood. Among the few brothers, he has a good relationship with the eldest brother. As the saying goes, the eldest brother is like a father, and his eldest brother is almost like that.

He was able to go out with confidence, on the one hand because he had taken care of his parents' body. He thought that even if there was a case, it should be the end of the life span, and there was nothing he could do about it. On the other hand, I believe in my eldest brother. The man who took care of himself like a father since he was a child is very filial to his parents.

He grew up seeing big things, not a day or two, nor a month or two. This filial piety cannot be faked.

So he was not very worried about leaving.

He hopes that his parents will be there when he comes back, but he is alive and dead, and he is not incapable of accepting death. Everything is a route already arranged by fate.

The room arranged for Zhou Cicui was a sunny room with two green plants, which looked good. Qi Shiqin opened the quilt and said, "Mother, I asked the doctor. A proper massage will make it more comfortable. May I press it for you?"

Zhou Cuicui smiled and said, "Okay." Recently, her memory has been gradually declining. Many things have just happened, and she doesn't remember much. She always thinks about the bits and pieces of the year over and over again, and she still has to remember these things to be at ease.

The healing power seeps into the flesh with those slender fingers. Qi Shiqin's eyes are fixed on the joints. The joints inside are aging. Even the peculiar ability only allows it to be maintained better, and does not make the flesh and bones heavier. New student.

After squeezing it for a while, Zhou Cuicui had never felt so comfortable, and actually fell asleep in a daze. Qi Shiqin re-covered the quilt for her and walked out.


Qi Dalang came here after he settled the accounts in the restaurant. They had four accounts in total. Two of them were related to the boss. He did more with the other one.

"Xiao Liu." Qi Dalang called out, and then asked, "Where is my mother?"

"Mother is asleep." Qi Shiqin said.

Regarding the eldest brother, he could not simply be angry, even when Qi Dalang asked, he would answer directly without thinking.

He couldn't vent his emotions by punching and kicking casually like he did with the other two brothers.

The two sat in silence. After a long time, Qi Shiqin chose to ask: "Why did you keep saying that my family is fine when I wrote back, and didn't even tell me when my father died?" These trivial things in life are often done by his mother's temperament.

Qi Dalang held up his teacup, took a sip, and said, "You are at war." There was no other explanation.

As an ordinary person and an important pillar of the Qi family, Qi Dalang does not have a God's perspective. He doesn't know how capable his brother is, and he can't imagine how his brother, who has always been a scholar, will fight the enemy on the battlefield. He habitually puts everything on his shoulders and bears all the pressure.

If the battlefield is a little uncomfortable, then the sacrifice is life. Daikin came first, and then there were surrounding countries. Qi Dalang didn't want to hear the news that his brother died on the battlefield one day, didn't want him to think and worry all day long, and he was afraid that he would stubbornly want to go home. Regardless of the consequences, it is not what he wants to see.

So he did that.

With just this sentence, Qi Shiqin seemed to understand what the big brother meant. In fact, this was his previous thought, but he stubbornly wanted to listen to his eldest brother.

He asked again: "The house?"

He didn't say anything about the house, but Qi Dalang also understood it. Recalling that he knew that Zhou was carrying him to ask for money from his mother, he was so furious that he had to pull Zhou to sell the house and get the money back. Zhou cried and refused to walk, holding the bedpost and not walking, describing it as embarrassed.

The two people had a long-term quarrel, and Zhou directly touched the wall, but did not wake up at that time.

After waking up, Zhou cried and said that it was not easy for him to work in Qi's house over the years, and that he had done a lot of hard work. I also said that I am not sorry for my parents and my sixth brother. Now the child…

Zhou is telling the truth, and since marrying him, he has indeed not had a good life. Regardless of what he thinks in his heart, the Zhou family obviously respects his parents, takes care of his younger brothers, gets along well with several younger siblings, and does a lot of work. Do the responsibility of the eldest wife

Qi Dalang finally compromised.

Therefore, Qi Dalang lowered his head and looked at the table, as if trying to find something on it, with a low voice: "I know this, and I can't help my mother."


"I'm wrong." Qi Dalang interrupted Qi Shiqin before he finished speaking. He stood up, "Take care of your mother, I will go back to deal with the house." Then he walked out slightly anxiously.

Inexplicably, Qi Shiqin felt that the former high mountain-like back figure had become rickety, as if something was pressing on it, making him straighten up.

Speaking of which, Qi Shiqin suddenly had the final say, eldest brother should be in his early fifties!

Qi Dalang's life was not as easy as Qi Shiqin had imagined. After his eldest son got married, he didn't spend too much energy on him. However, his other son, Qi He, was admitted as a scholar within two years after that. It's not easy to go further. Relying on Qi Dalang to earn money for confession.

Qi He knew that the situation at home was difficult, and he worked harder. He could earn some college scholarships, but he still couldn't do what Qi Shiqin did in the past, relying on scholarships to support his discipline. But at any rate, it can reduce some of the burden on the family, so that Qi Dalang can barely bear it.

Since Zhou's break with Qi Dalang that time, he has also been released. Take care of the bedridden mother, okay! no problem! Several people came here separately, she would take care of her when it was time for her, and don't think about the rest.

The couple didn't know how many times they quarreled about this, and Qi Dalang couldn't go home often, and that happened later.


The author has something to say: Regarding the questions raised in the comments, why the protagonist does not send someone to see his parents? This is something I haven't considered before. This Chapter explains a bit, hoping to make the logic more complete. If there are still bugs, please bear with me. I didn't think about it. Little cuties, don't doubt the male lead's filial piety. Although his brain is not good, he is a true mother's little angel, who loves his father and mother very much, especially his mother.

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