When he returned home, Qi Dalang found out the concealed deed of the house hidden by Zhou. The two were husband and wife, and the house was so big. It was normal for him to know where it was.

When I went, Qi He was studying in the house. Qi Dalang and his son talked about the ins and outs of the matter, and Qi He agreed.

It's just that, "Father, I don't care, but you have to talk to your mother about this matter." He has a lot of ambitions himself, and feels that he will definitely be admitted to Juren in the future, and he does not miss a house. But his mother is a bit crazy, and the couple are getting along coldly because of this trouble all day.

Qi Dalang said: "I know, I just wronged you."

"What's wrong with this." Qi He said with a grin: "This house was not what I deserved, but now it is just right. Dad, don't worry about me. Your son will definitely be admitted this year. The dean said mine. The heat is about to come, and then your old couple will wait for your son to be filial to you."

Hearing this, Qi Dalang's somewhat sad face also showed a smile, "The Dean really said that? You kid, keep working hard."

"Do not worry."

He is not a disciple of the dean, his sixth uncle is the closed disciple of the dean. But I couldn't bear Qi He's thick-skinned face, so he reported himself to his family when he went up, almost talking about it. With such a relationship, Dean Shen often heard the young disciple mention this person, and he was sincere. When Qi He came to ask for advice, he also spent some snacks.

The house was originally selected for a good location, and it was quickly sold out within a few days.

Qi Dalang took the silver to Qi Shiqin's mansion, put the package on the table and opened it. The silver bill and the silver were mixed together.

"This is the money I sold the house. You can give it to your mother."

Qi Shiqin looked at Yinzi, then at Qi Dalang, suddenly stepped forward and hugged his elder brother. Qi Dalang was a little shocked and stammered: "What…what's wrong?"

Qi Shiqin did not answer, and held the person tighter.

Qi Dalang hesitated, put his hand behind his younger brother and patted twice, as if comforting. When he was a child, he often took his sixth brother out to play on the street when he was free. Later, as people grew up, they didn't make this kind of intimate behavior anymore.

"It's the father of two children, why are you so tired and crooked, it's not good for people to see." After a long time, Qi Dalang was a little embarrassed to see his sixth brother let go.

Qi Shiqin whispered: "What's wrong." After all, he let it go. Having been in the south for a long time, and having been a relied character for more than ten years, he almost forgot that he was a coquettish man who didn't blush at all.

The mother is old, and the eldest brother is also old.

There are some things that Qi Dalang doesn't want to do, but that he can't do it. The burden of life is firmly on his body, making him breathless.

This is the biggest sorrow of the little man, desperately struggling, but still powerless.

Qi Shiqin has also figured it out in the past few days. The arrangement he thought is good may not necessarily be really good. The biggest weapon of time is the impermanence of the world. He didn't want to investigate who was right and who was wrong, and who was more responsible. In less than ten years, maybe the people he cares about will turn into a handful of loess.

Whether it's a mother or elder brother, it's enough for most of my life to suffer and suffer. The past is over, it is better to cherish the time that may not be much left.

He raised his head with a bright smile, reached out his hand to take the silver, and said: "That's OK, I'll go and give this thing to my mother, she is sure to be happy. By the way, what about Xiaohe, how is that stinky boy now?"

Speaking of Qi He, Qi Dalang was proud and a little guilty at the same time, "He is still that way. He has studied harder and has been admitted to the show. Dean Shen said that he has almost studied now and can end the exam. That's… ……" He faltered: "Xiaohe, under your name, asks the dean for advice, this……"

"It's okay." Qi Shiqin answered, his expression completely indifferent, "He is my nephew, I used to chase him every day in the academy to study, I must be looking forward to his good. Xiaohe himself is serious, otherwise the teacher is also I won't just teach him that way. I'm also to blame for the urgency when I left. I didn't expect these things, otherwise I should have greeted the teacher in advance."

Seeing that Qi Shiqin didn't care, Qi Dalang was relieved, "I can't blame you for this, the country is the most important thing."

He knows that his sixth brother is close to him and treats his son well. Qi Dalang has always been grateful and never takes these for granted. I help you because they are willing, and there is nothing wrong with not helping you.

He didn't feel that he had paid too much to his sixth brother. After all, the restaurant was busy, and he only had three or four days of vacation a month. It was impossible to spend all of it on his younger brother. He had to take care of his family.

But for Qi Shiqin, he is grateful for his elder brother's care and care for him since he was a child, and grateful for the friendship. He remembered riding on his elder brother's neck to watch juggling on the street, remembering his elder brother squatting in the yard to wash his clothes, and remembering his elder brother coming back at night and holding him gently in his arms.

Those bits and pieces of time are stored in his memory bit by bit.

"Let's go, let's go see my mother."

Among several children, Zhou Cuicui loves the sixth child the most, and the eldest is the most important, and secondly he likes the fourth and fifth twins. Seeing Qi Dalang coming, the old lady was overjoyed, and the two spoke for a long time.

Later, Qi Dalang was used by Qi Shiqin to do carpentry work with him, preparing to make a recliner for his mother and put it in the yard to enjoy the sun. Let's study if we can get a wheelchair out.

Zhou Cicui's body has improved a lot under Qi Shiqin's daily recuperation massage. After waiting for a while, it will be no problem to walk down the ground. But you can't walk too fast or too long, otherwise your legs will feel weak and you can't stand it.

I have to say that men seem to be particularly talented in terms of actual operation. He drew a drawing, and Qi Shiqin had seen real objects in the past and fiddled with related equipment. For a time, two people can make it look decent. It's probably possible.

"Brother, you have been working in the restaurant for so long, have you ever thought of opening a shop by yourself? After all, working for people is not a long-term solution, you don't want to talk about it, there are also big nephews. You can't just wait. Will you be an accountant in the future?" Qi Shan, the eldest son of Qi Dalang, took over his father's shift and worked as a tavern in the restaurant.

Qi Dalang said: "I thought about opening an inn by myself, but I don't know how to cook, it's useless. I will look at Xiaohe in the future. If he can be an official, he will pull his eldest brother." It's over ten, and he doesn't have too many thoughts, just can't let go of the two children.

Qi Shiqin burst into laughter, "Then, our two brothers will open a business together. I will pay the money, and you will get 37 cents." Seeing that Qi Dalang wanted to refuse, he said hurriedly, "What's the matter? You are thinking of asking Xiaohe to help his elder brother, can't I help my elder brother?"

"Big brother, don't refuse. My brother has money now. I shouldn't be on the battlefield again in the future. I can't just sit on the battlefield. I don't understand the business style. We have some people, and we have money to pay. It just happens. You say yes. Isn't it the reason?"

After a long while, Qi Dalang said: "I told you to finish, and the eldest brother can only agree. But let's say it first, you are seven and three." He knew that Xiao Liu was helping himself, thinking about the situation at home, so he agreed. Up. But he didn't want to take advantage of his younger brother.

"Then so, let's not say anything about three or seven, four or six, you six and four." Before Qi Dalang opened his mouth to speak, Qi Shiqin gave a final word, "Okay, it's settled, and the rest has to be done. If you want to find out where our inn is going to be opened, the location, the layout, and so on. There is also a cook. If it's not possible, I'll ask Jing Shu to see if he has any comments."

Qi Dalang: …Forget it, don't want to say anything, the brat has grown up!

In fact, it shouldn't be a bad idea to take a bit of a bargain.

After that, Qi Dalang didn't stay. He had to communicate with the previous boss first, and wait for the new accountant to come before handing over the things in his hands. I have to discuss with my eldest son, and quite a series of things about opening an inn, I'm very busy thinking about it.

But he watched a lot, he was also careful on weekdays, and generally had ideas.

Qi Shiqin stretched his waist and went back to the house, "Are you going to eat? I'm hungry." Suddenly he thought afterwards: "Why did I forget to let the eldest brother eat before leaving?"

Wei Jingshu smiled and said, "Then you have to ask yourself."

"By the way, eldest brother wants to open an inn, you can give me some money then. And the cook, you can help find a good one."

"Partnership?" Wei Jingshu guessed it all at once, the eldest brother definitely didn't want to take the money for nothing.


"Well, I'll make arrangements for you." Since getting married, Qi Shiqin has handed over the family's belongings to him and a newly bought small villager. Wei Jingshu liked these, and gradually succeeded in being promoted to a small business expert.


After a while, Zhou Cuicui was gradually able to walk down the ground, although she was still gradually aging, at least she was not sick or painful in her body.

Yuan Zong also sent a letter to ask Qi Shiqin to go back to Beijing, saying that he wanted him to deal with the villain, Prime Minister Lin.

Qi Shiqin thought for a while, and put up a pen to write down the fact that Lin's case actually had a child. He felt that Lin An's unscrupulous opposition to the emperor might have something to do with his childlessness. In this ancient time that pays attention to the inheritance of ancestry, the continuation of a trace of blood is very important. It can be said that almost no man does not value this.

Without children, there is no scruples.

As a result, it is very possible that Lin's heart will be distorted, and then of course he tried hard to add to the blockage.

After finishing writing, he added a few more lines, emphasizing that Lin Yan is a member of their family and will be his daughter-in-law in the future. Although Yuan Zong is not a person who will deal with children, he is worried that the guy will directly bring Lin Yan into the harem. According to common sense, this is a good plan.

Yuan Zong, who was far away in the capital, received the news, and the villain in his heart immediately laughed proudly with his arms akimbo. In order to prevent mistakes, he was checked. The result of course is to make him walk a lot lighter.


The author has something to say: Why was the money about Zhou Cicui being coaxed away?

Because I was moved, I was lonely lying in bed and could not move, but several daughter-in-laws treated her better than their own son, and the money was used for their grandson.

In fact, although Zhou Cuicui looks amazing, she is not a person who is reluctant to spend money. Back then, it was because of poverty. There were 19 people in the family and the land was only that big. She had to plan carefully. I also mentioned in the middle that when the male protagonist collected money back in the northwest, the living standard of Qi's family improved all at once, and I could see a meal of meat in a few days. When the money is rich, she can spend it for others.

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