Yuan Zong sat at the table expressionlessly, taking up the letter and reading it again. Thinking about how Lin An's old face would have to please him in the future, Yuan Zong couldn't help but mock his face.

Just like Qi Shiqin thought, when he saw the letter and discovered that there was still such a character, he wanted to stuff him into the harem. There are enough people inside anyway, and I don't care about one more.

But in a blink of an eye, he felt that it was not right. If someone came in and gave birth to a son, he might not be able to sit securely under his butt. He absolutely believed that Lin An had the guts. The group of loyalty to the imperial party that supports him is loyal to the bloodline of the surname Yuan, not loyal to him Yuan Zong.

After reading the entire letter, Yuan Zong breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that this was also good.

After Qi Shiqin came back, their kind of tacit understanding came back, and the military power went around in a circle and Qi Shiqin was in charge. This aspect is too important. Throughout the court, there are few people he can truly trust. If he puts in the wrong talent, it is enough to make a joke.

The key person who trusts has to be able to use it. This goes back and forth and goes back to the original path. He doesn't bother to toss at all, just take it slow.

What he is now worried about is no longer whether Qi Shiqin will be too powerful. As far as his temperament is concerned, he is more worried that the other party will go back to his hometown and choose to quit.

Inside the Imperial Study Room.

Lin was silent on the desk, but in fact, the stormy waves had already been set off in his heart. His hands were tucked in his cuffs, his pupils shrank, and he said: "The minister has no heirs. Please don't make fun of the ministers about this kind of thing. ."

Yuan Zong looked at him with interest, "Lin Xiang had a relationship with a maid after being drunk in his early years. The maid was driven away by his wife within a few days. She was married two months after she returned to her hometown. , But found out that she was pregnant long ago, and that child was born by her."

Lin's hands were shaking a little. He was a white body and could rise so fast. In addition to relying on his own talents, he also had a good Yue family. After his wife was a military commander, her status was noble, and Zhang Yue held a heavy soldier. This was also the reason why the emperor feared him, but did not dare to attack easily.

Inexpensiveness is not so easy to take advantage of. His wife's status is high, and he faintly presses him one floor. After entering the door, he has been controlling his backyard.

And that maid was his wife's dowry maid, and wanted to fly to the branch to become a phoenix, and climbed onto his bed while he was drunk. Then the next day, the girl was hit by the wife, and he didn't pay attention anymore.

But I didn't think, he has a child, he actually has a child!

These processes were written by Qi Shiqin in the letter. After Lin Yan followed them to the south, he told Wei Jingshu about his life experience.

His mother was already married at the time, but she was found to be pregnant. Naturally, the family hated her very much, and her mother had been suffering from a lot of hardships. But his mother has been injured, and the child in her belly is also older. If he is beaten, he may not be able to regenerate in the future.

Therefore, he had to gritted his teeth and gave birth to him bitterly.

On the other hand, with a kind of revenge, don't you forbid other people in your husband's room and want to have children by yourself? I want to raise this child, it makes you feel uncomfortable when you think of it. At the same time, there is also a secret desire.

Lin Yan had never understood why his parents didn't like him, and his grandma even wanted to let him die. As he grew up, he understood the meaning of "wild child" and "cheap kind". When he asked his mother, his mother didn't hide from him, she told him what had happened.

At that time he was still young, and his mother was not afraid that he would go to the capital to find Lin. If he went, Mrs. Lin would definitely not let the child live, after all, no one would have thought that Lin Yan would have no children for a lifetime. So his mother wanted him to disgust Madam Lin, and didn't care whether he was alive or dead.

Lin Yan didn't want to find any father, he just wanted to grow up quickly and then leave here. But when he met a kid in the school who would protect him, but would bully him, everything changed.

He ignorantly wanted to get close to the one he had thought about thousands of times. He had a big chest and big palms. That's how his father should be. He also wants to be close to the person who looks good, is gentle with him, and teaches him to read.

Then it was a lifetime.


Before letting the three children go out and wander around on their own, when they returned home, Lin Yan wanted to go back to see his own mother. No matter how his mother ignored him before, after a long separation, the blood relationship will always be worrying.

Qi Ge sent two people to protect Lin Yan, and took his younger brother back to the capital.

Perhaps it was a long time since he hadn't seen it. It was his own birth. Lin Yan's mother didn't care about the return of the child as much as he thought. His mother's temperament has eased a little, and she no longer hates him so much. The mother and son have been very friendly for a while.

But it's boring to stay for too long. Except for his mother, the family has nothing to do with him. After Qi Shiqin's family returned to Yuecheng, Lin Yan packed up the parcels and returned to the big family.

Their lives returned to peace once again, and the two brothers of the Qi family went to the academy to study and practice martial arts every day. Lin Yan followed Wei Jingshu to learn to manage various things in the office, read the account book, and prepared for the future takeover.

Yes, Qi Ge and Lin Yan finally decided to be together. In fact, they had been secretly in love with each other a long time ago, and Lin Yan wanted to understand his heart earlier. After all, Wei Jingshu thought he wanted him to be a daughter-in-law, but he knew it even the smallest bitterness.

Lin Yan wanted to stay in Qi's house, and gradually became interested in Wei Jingshu's idea.

Although Qi Ge has a domineering temperament since he was a child, and always loves to bully him, he is always playing small things, and more is to protect him. Lin Yan, who was also handsome and upright in character, gradually fell in love with the delicate-minded Lin Yan.

As for Qi Ge, in a situation that he liked and didn't know himself, he didn't find fault with Lin Yan so often. Since Qi Guo grew up a bit, he changed people, and took pleasure in oppressing his younger brother all day long.

As a small clever, Qi Guo, of course, can see that the two people are actually in love, but what is so bad is that he doesn't say it, and interrupted the two people many times when the relationship might heat up. Committed to making Lin Yan's brother so good to him empathize, don't marry the big devil.

Of course, the plan did not succeed, and Qi Ge, who finally woke up, caught and punched his ass.

As time passed a little bit, Zhou Cuicui's body declined again, and Qi Shiqin knew that this time it might be really impossible.

In order to be happy, the marriage between Qi Ge and Lin Yan was put on the agenda.

Prime Minister Lin was also there on the day of the wedding. After finding out the truth of the matter, he admitted Lin Yan back. Madam Lin couldn't give birth to a child by herself, and now that Lin An was no longer the person who had to rely on the Yue family back then, she had to grit her teeth and admit it.

Ten miles of red makeup stretched, covering the red hijab, holding a big apple in his hand, Lin Yan smiled endlessly on his lips, Qi Ge carried him on his back and walked into the door of Qi's house.

Half a year later, Zhou Cuicui and Qi Shiqin fell asleep while talking, and never woke up from this sleep. The atmosphere in Qi's residence was quiet for more than ten days. Qi Shiqin was not too immersed in grief. Death was not the end. He was already mentally prepared.

After the three-year filial piety period expired, when Qi Shiqin returned to the capital, he suddenly discovered that the power in the court had changed again. Lin case, for the sake of his own single seedling, cooperated with the emperor to cleanse all forces, and when the curtain ended, he voluntarily resigned.

Lin An who came to the General's Mansion looked at Qi Shiqin with a surprised look and smiled, "Why, I am so old, and it is time to enjoy the good fortune. Where is my good granddaughter? Take it out and let Grandpa take a look."

Qi Shiqin calmed down and waved his hand to let the maid go and carry the child. He just always thought that the Lin case was the kind that values ​​rights, even if it was for his son, it shouldn't be so thorough.

Sitting on a chair, Lin An said: "Power is a good thing, but it must be enjoyed by life." The emperor is not faint, and has a lot of military power in his hands. It is only a matter of time to regain power. He is gone. The confidence to be able to fight against the emperor was both detrimental.

Since you want to retreat, just retreat more simply.

The two elders sat dry and had nothing to say, drinking tea every bite. A pink and tender white dumpling stumbled in. The milky voice cried out: "Grandpa, grandpa."

"Grandpa is here." Qi Shiqin smiled unconsciously on his face, picked up the granddaughter who was holding his calf, and teased cheerfully.

He held Qi Yin and said, "Yin Yin, this person is your grandpa. Come, call grandpa."

It was the first time Qi Yin saw Lin An since she was born. She yelled sweetly, "Grandpa."

The face of the puff is inlaid with a pair of big eyes, black and bright, full of children's innocence. It bends into a crescent when he laughs, it is very sweet, and it makes people feel soft when they see it.

Lin An tried his best to show kindness, he stretched out his hand, "Let Grandpa hug Yinyin, OK?"

Qi Yin was not afraid, twisted her body and rushed over with a grin.


In addition to the changes in the power of the court, the most important thing is that several older princes have entered the sixth department. I heard that the emperor intends to choose the prince, and the fight for the throne seems to have begun.

Qi Shiqin couldn't help but smiled and said to Yuan Zong: "The emperor, you are less than forty, why did you want to find an heir so early? When you abdicate, these princes may be old too." Yuan Zong is two years younger than him. , But the people of the royal family started early, and had children several years earlier than him.

Yuan Zong hooked the corners of his mouth, but did not smile, only said: "Little Liu."

"Huh?" Qi Shiqin looked at Yuan Zong suspiciously.

Yuan Zong didn't look at him, "I'm afraid I won't live that long."

"What?" Qi Shiqin lost his voice. He frowned, a little unbelieving: "You are sick? How is it possible? You are still so young."

Yuan Zong laughed when he heard these words, "You, always treat me as a child. This is disrespectful. Be careful with me and punish you." The two flying pigeons have become familiar with each other, and Qi Shiqin is not aware of it. Just leak some, always accustomed to Yuan Zong. This feels a bit novel, but it feels good to be pampered by someone, and Yuan Zong accepts it without thinking about it.

Qi Shiqin ignored his teasing and asked, "What the hell is going on?"


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