"If there is no Ashu…" Zhao Ruotong asked curiously: "Who do you think is the most suitable prince?"

"Of course it is King Wu," Shao Xun said without hesitation: "Isn't it natural to choose the oldest one, given that each has its own shortcomings?"

It's not just that there is no Ashu, even if he has this child, but if he is really not suitable for this position, then Zhao Yanyi is still the first choice.

Shao Xun added: "But this is just my idea. In fact, the first third prince are similar in age. From a personal point of view, it is that Wei Wang has no major flaws."

Zhao Ruotong whispered: "Of course he has, and his birth is the biggest criticism… I mean not only that his mother was from a maidservant."

These are actually what Concubine Gong said to her daughter.

She entered the side room of the Qin Palace with De fei, except that Concubine Hui was the oldest one, and of course she knew more than others.

Concubine Gong was not kind to her daughter because of some of her heart knots. She was weak and bullied, and at the same time she was a bit embarrassed. In the whole palace, she only dared to bully her daughter without any scruples. But in recent years, she is getting older. Gradually I know that I will still have to rely on my daughter in the future, and Zhao Ruotong is Shao Xun's closest person in the palace. Naturally, this is not what he used to be. Once Zhao Ruotong is strong, Concubine Gong has softened. These days, I have been trying to repair the mother and daughter. Between the feelings.

Zhao Ruotong's attitude towards her mother and concubine is similar to that of Shao Xun towards her stepmother, she does not tear her face, she is purely a distant relative, but once Gong Concubine tells her any secrets in the harem, especially the kind that can help Shao Xun. Zhao Ruotong would be very welcome, and the past grievances can be forgotten in a blink of an eye, Concubine Gong said with great effort to save her daughter.

"When Shen Bi was pregnant with his second brother, the Empress had fallen out of favor. Your Majesty would never want to uphold her maidservant." Zhao Ruotong will hear from Concubine Gong, "It is said that your Majesty does not know that this is the Empress's person. By the time I find out, my second brother will be born."

At that time, the emperor was still young, and there were not many people in the backyard, but he was always calm, and his guards were not strict. He didn't expect to be calculated by the woman above here, and the court lady was actually the Empress's prepared person.

Shao Xun frowned and said: "Doesn't the Empress know that this will only make Her Majesty even more disgusting?"

"At that time, the Empress didn't know that it was so serious just by using some tricks on De feissert-everyone in the palace didn't know that her majesty had treated her well again. She thought she could save it by giving birth to a son without telling him."

This is of course wishful thinking. Not only did the emperor not forgive, but he became even more disgusted. It was just that the imperial court could not break out. However, the prince was born for several years and Shen 嫔 still had no position, and until his death did he chase his concubine.

Zhao Ruotong paused:

"It's not death-she was given to death…"

Shao Xun's eyes condensed: "What?"

Zhao Ruotong lowered her voice: "The Empress should be unaware. It is because Shenbi gave birth to a prince but was useless at all, and she couldn't see her son at all, so she wanted to give it a go, but at that time, your Majesty was not what it used to be. Now… she bought someone who wanted to add something to your majesty's refreshment, and was arrested right now…"

"and so……"

"Second brother is impossible. The emperor's father thinks that it is the limit to save a little face to Shenbi in his face. If he wants to be established as the prince… it is a foolish dream."

No wonder the emperor is not close to his children, and when he is still interested in major events, he is a more complete neglect of the second son.

Shao Xun was a little strange before. Although Wei Wang's birth mother had something to do with the Empress, no one forced the emperor to have children with Shen Bi. Because of his personality, he should not put the blame on women. In the end this is the case.

With this kind of origin, it is certainly not enough to just be well-behaved, unless the Wei Wang himself is a talented genius, who is a child who is born to be an emperor, can it be reversed.

Whatever they said, when the two people rode back to the original place for a few laps, they saw Duan Penghou, the chief attendant of the Ganlu Temple there, with a faint anxious and excited expression.

Shao Xun and Zhao Ruotong looked at each other and drove forward at the same time.

Duan Peng greeted him, and without Shao Xunwen, he said concisely: "Your Majesty is in the Liangyi Hall in front of the adults and proposed to make our Seventh Your Royal Highness the crown prince."

The emperor's proposal to establish a reserve was just the beginning. Except for those close to Yingguo Gongfu or ministers who advocated obeying the emperor's orders, most of them held a wait-and-see attitude or even opposed it.

Among them, the veteran minister headed by the chief assistant He Qingyuan was even more clearly opposed. Only a few of these people were dealing with Wang Wu or Wei, and the others were taking into account the actual situation.

Their worries are the same as those of Cheng Jingming at the time. It is nothing more than that Zhao Yanshu is too young, even if he is talented, he is just a child under three and less than four years old. If he can't stand himself, don't say, the most important thing is that he is not yet. There is no right to crush your elder brothers.

At this time, Yingguo Duke has no room to speak. His existence can provide the prince as a guarantee of safety, but in terms of the establishment of the prince, he is a shortcoming-the seventh prince is not a long-term prince, and he is not justified enough. When the crown prince, the only thing that can be relied on is the mother's clan, but when there are few sons and the mother is strong, the ministers are all wary of the authority of the relatives.

Shao Zhenyu knew this very well, so he was extra cautious and tried his best to restrain those on his side from expressing any opinions on the position of the prince. Once someone wants to get involved, they don't need to be impeached by others, and Shao Zhenyu himself will act. He dealt with it hard, and never left a little handle. His approach made many people take a high look.

At least the emperor said to Shao Xun: "Your father is a wise man who knows when to do something."

At this time he felt that no one was allowed to hold back his son. If Yingguo Duke was not decisive enough, the emperor would personally teach these people a lesson.

Shao Xun smiled bitterly: "My father… has always been like this. If you don't say anything in private, it is reliable in major matters."

"I am also very reliable."

Shao Xun raised his head, and the emperor stretched out his hand and pressed the top of her head like a son: "I have a sense of measure."

Shao Xun closed his eyes, then exhaled a long breath, holding the emperor's hand, and solemnly begged: "Your Majesty, I can't do much this time, so you must teach Ashu well. Don't let us become sinners of this country and society."

The emperor stared at her: "Don't worry, since you can have such concerns in your heart, then what you worry about will never come true…"

The court began a long tug-of-war as to whether the son of the imperial concubine could be established. Eliminating the people standing in the line, it should be said that it was a dispute between the conservative veteran and the emperor's minister.

Those who opposed it were based on the fact that the seventh prince was neither a direct descendant, nor too young, so he was afraid of future troubles; those who were in favor were based on Zhao Yanshu's outstanding talents, his older brothers, and his mother, who was of a well-known concubine. The person with the highest rank and rank.

The latter one is actually a bit untenable, because the royal family does not say that it is expensive, even the imperial concubine is not the official palace like other people, and everything is useless if it is not a concubine. Therefore, most of them are based on Zhao Yanshu's qualifications.

Different from the undercurrent surging battle between King Wu and King Chu, this time the emperor directly placed his mind on the table, and what was set off in the center was far more than the undercurrent, but the storm could be seen with the naked eye.

Even Zhao Ruozhen, who lived in the princess's mansion with his horse, felt an unusual breath.

She felt a little uneasy, and temporarily placed the child at home, and went into the palace to visit the Empress.

As soon as she entered Xianning Palace, Zhao Ruozhen was a little uncomfortable with the gloomy atmosphere all year round, as if the sun couldn't come in. She stroked her chest, and said to the middle-aged palace who was oncoming to pick her up: "I'm coming to see the mother, her body is still Okay?"

This palace person is actually the Empress's close body and soul, Shen. She actually complained that after Princess Kejing had a child, she was not as caring about the Empress as before. This often did not come to see for a few days, which was far worse than the previous Qin.

But she was just a servant, she didn't dare to say a word when she saw the princess, but said with a melancholy expression: "The lady can't eat, she hasn't been able to sleep for a few days."

Zhao Ruozhen was startled, and as he walked in, he said anxiously: "Why is it suddenly serious again?"

The palace man shook his head and said: "Anyway…you go and have a look."

The Empress had heard the movement in the bedroom, she forced herself to sit up: "Is Ruozhen here?"

As soon as Zhao Ruozhen entered the door, she saw the Empress's eyes black and sallow face, she couldn't help but feel a pain in her heart, and tears came out: "Mother…you, what's wrong with you? The doctor, is there anyone who neglects you?"

The Empress shook her head: "I just can't sleep, the imperial physician is still doing his best, but the heart disease is difficult to treat, and no medicine is effective."

Zhao Ruozhen sat beside her and asked, "What's wrong? What's wrong with you?"

The Empress shook her head and refused to say anything. It was not until Zhao Ruozhen asked eagerly again and again, that she sighed and said, "Your Majesty…Is it going to be reserved?"

Zhao Ruozhen breathed a sigh of relief and said, "What am I supposed to be? You are right. The whole city is discussing this matter these days."

After she finished speaking, she realized that the Empress was worried about what she was worried about. After hesitating for a while, she still persuaded: "I don't think the father really wants to have a second brother. He usually doesn't pay attention to it. Even the sixth brother is concerned. Not as good as… this, this is really making people feel awkward, he is not your own, otherwise, let's forget it…"

The Empress shook her head and said, "Is your majesty determined to establish a seventh prince?"

Zhao Ruozhen said: "It looks like it is, but this is also good. I thought I was going to salute the son of De fei, by comparison, it's not as good as the seventh brother."

The Empress saw that what her daughter was saying was the truth, her heart sank, and she couldn't help but said: "You didn't realize anything at all? Isn't it as good as the Seventh Prince? King Wu, Wei, and even King Chu are good. It is the Seventh Prince. Oops!"

Zhao Ruozhen was taken aback by her sudden increase in tone: "What do you say? The seventh brother is well educated. He respects you and me very much, and hasn't neglected me. Are you worried about your imperial concubine?"

The Empress frowned, and she suppressed her voice: "Ruozhen, don't you understand? Zhao Yanshu's age is far worse than the previous ones. There is only one way to make up for this disadvantage."

In the past few years, Zhao Ruozhen has focused on frail children and has no time to take care of other things. Moreover, she is not sensitive to politics, and only now has she faintly realized something, and she can't help shuddering all over: "You, you mean…no As for it, anyhow, you are the father's wife, for the sake of a child…"

The Empress was suffering, and tears filled her eyes. She said: "Why not? In fact, there was a sign before. Since Concubine Shao entered the palace and gave birth to a child a few years ago, your father's eyes looked at me more and more. Indifferent, worse than ever…"

She was frightened and frightened: "The smarter the kid is, the more he can't wait, can't wait…can't wait to drive me down and make a place for his heir's mother!"

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