He Qingyuan was ready, even after quoting the scriptures several times, he waited for the emperor to refute when he spoke.

But he didn't expect the emperor to be able to bear it any more. He could give the little prince to Cheng Jingming to teach, and he specially arranged him in the room of the Liangyi Hall. With the few words revealed by Cheng Jingming, the emperor's thoughts were clear, almost. It could be said to be explicit, but when the words came to the lips, they just didn't open their mouths.

He Qingyuan watched the ministers gradually relax from being wary of the emperor to love Li Chu. After a while, including him, he actually became accustomed to seeing the small figure of the Seventh Prince in the Liangyi Hall.

This made him a little entangled, but for others, it was a good opportunity to understand the little prince who was born in the deep palace and was just released by the emperor.

After a few days of this, after a daily meeting, there were several ministers in the Liangyi Hall, both civil and military squads. The emperor should have told them to leave, but this time he took the lead to get up, in the eyes of everyone puzzled. He spoke lightly and said, "If there is nothing wrong, why don't you accompany me to the side hall to see?"

He Qingyuan was shocked and looked at each other with several colleagues, realizing that what he was waiting for was about to come.

The emperor took these people to the side hall. Several ministers and workers stopped wherever they went, blocking the doors tightly.

The voice of Zhao Yanshu who was reading aloud stopped, stood up and was led by the teacher to the front of the case: "The child minister pleases the father and the emperor."

Without fear, he looked at the elders who usually like to look for all kinds of reasons to peep here, and said seriously: "Hello, sirs——"

Everyone waved their hands quickly: "I can't afford it, your Royal Highness is too polite."

But Zhao Yanshu's greeting was for his own etiquette, and it didn't matter if others could not afford it, so he ignored these humble remarks and finished the ceremony seriously.

The emperor called him to the front, touched his forehead, did not get to the point, but first pointed Yingguo man out and asked his son: "Ashu, do you remember who this is?"

Zhao Yanshu tilted his head and looked at the tall and burly middle-aged man beside his father. After thinking for a moment, he replied with certainty: "It's my grandfather."

Yingguo Duke was pleasantly surprised. This is not the first time he saw his grandson, but the last time he was held in his arms by the emperor when he was in his early two years, he was hit by Shao Zhenyu who happened to be called into the palace to discuss matters. The agile and energetic eyes left a deep impression on him. After returning home, he will have a careful aftertaste, and he still remembers it still.

But at that time the Seventh Prince was too young, and the road was not easy to walk, and now that he can be recognized at a glance, it means that their grandparents must have fate!

But the emperor definitely didn't think so. He explained: "This kid remembers things early, and he can actually remember things from a younger age. He must remember the last time he saw you."

Yingguo grandfather couldn't hear this, only the grandson in his eyes, and even the emperor was almost invisible.

This time it is not all due to utilitarian reasons. There is another reason, that is, in the past few years, the grandson of Yingguo grandfather is still only the little prince who is not surnamed Shao, and there is no child in the family.

The eldest daughter-in-law, Shen, gave birth to a girl, but unfortunately failed to feed her. Now she is finally pregnant again and is carefully raising her baby.

The second son, Shao Hui, was awarded a jinshi with his brother-in-law this year. He will be hung on the tail of the second class. Now he has been released as an official. His wife, who has been married for only one year, stayed in Beijing. Those who can't give birth to the concubine's mind, and the husband and wife are separated again, and there will be no good news for a year and a half.

Shao Ying was just newly married, and the time was too short and he had no children. As for Shao Qiong, the couple was even more difficult to say, for a while. They didn't look like a husband and wife when they got along. So far, there is still no child.

But in fact, Shao Zhenyu is a little worried, but he is not too anxious. After all, he does not change ten grandsons with this grandson.

The emperor asked Zhao Yanshu to sit down and asked Cheng Jingming on the side: "Old Cheng, is this kid obedient?"

Cheng Jingming doesn't need to brag, and tells the truth directly: "Your Royal Highness is extremely intelligent and has the ability to remember the past. It is a rare thing that he likes to read and can be self-disciplined. It is indeed a rare good quality."

He held the book Zhao Yanshu was reading to the emperor with both hands.

"Your Royal Highness is too young. If he learns the calligraphy, he can easily hurt his bones and bones. Therefore, the minister only took him to read the calligraphy. Now he has almost fully recognized the calligraphy, but he has never used pen and paper.

This is also his experience.

Cheng Jingming had no experience at home when he was a child. After discovering that he was smart enough to learn, he taught him to read and write early, but he didn't know that his learning ability far surpassed ordinary children.

Normally a child is so old, even if he starts to write, he just writes a few large characters every day. It doesn't matter at all, but he learns fast, and his writing speed and level are quite different from those of school-age children. The child's muscles and bones have not been finalized yet, and his finger has been injured when his family finds something wrong from the happiness.

Nowadays a lot of age, some deformities can still be seen in the knuckles of both hands.

The emperor opened the book and pointed to a page at random: "'What is evil to the above, don't make the next.' What is the previous sentence."

Recitation is an elementary level of difficulty for Zhao Yanshu today. There is no need to think about it at all: "When you grow old and the people rejuvenate your filial piety, you grow old and the people rejuvenate your younger brothers. "

The emperor let out a "um", and then took out a few more sentences, and Zhao Yanshu answered them fluently as well.

The emperor nodded, holding a book and looking at the ministers and workers.

He Qingyuan thought for a while, leaned forward slightly, and asked kindly: "Your Majesty, can you explain the first sentence just now?"

Zhao Yanshu thought for a while, and found it not difficult, so he said: "If the people at the top honor their parents, the people will honor their parents; if the people at the top respect their elders, the people will respect their elder brothers. If the people at the top have mercy on the weak, the people will be faithful. So a gentleman can play a guiding and regulating role."

He Qingyuan paused and asked, "What does'shang' mean?"

Zhao Yanshu, a talented person, has already explained it as a "higher man." He Qingyuan was testing whether he knew what it meant.

The teacher hadn't talked about it, but Zhao Yanshu's gaze swept over all the adults who were staring at him, and said: "Yes, it means everyone here?"

He Qingyuan was stunned at once.

He thought, no wonder Cheng Jingming was so full of praise, this child even reacted so quickly, knowing that he has just turned three years old.

His great-grandson is at this age, and he is still growing up in his nurse's arms day by day, knowing nothing but breastfeeding.

The emperor chuckled slightly, and finally asked, "Everyone…what do you think of this?"



With a dull sound, the arrow plunged into the red heart, but the position was slightly off.

Shao Xun let out an "Ah", turned his head and smiled bitterly, "It's going to be abandoned if I haven't moved for such a long time."

"This is already very good," Zhao Ruotong comforted: "My arrow is thousands of miles away from the bullseye."

Shao Xun has been particularly leisurely this time.

Even though everyone praises Zhao Yanshu for being good, Shao Xun also thinks that his son is good, but in fact, he is a child no matter how good he is. When he is around, he has to set one eye to stare at him. Takes up a lot of energy.

Once he went to the Liangyi Hall to study, Shao Xun realized the benefit of seeing less of a child. On the Empress Dowager's side, the old lady loved her granddaughter again, so she took time to hug Zhao Ruotang.

In this way, when Shao Xun put the child in Ningshou Palace, a lot of time was spared, and there was time to pick up the hobby that has been almost deserted since he was pregnant with his daughter.

Shao Xun taught Zhao Ruotong to shoot arrows to the target, and then the two of them went on horseback to relax.

Shao Xun rode the imperial horse sent by the emperor, and Zhao Ruotong rode another snow-white little mare. The two stopped riding fast, and trot slowly to chat.

Actually, now Shao Xun wants to mention her marriage to Zhao Ruotong again, but she was a little bit embarrassed when she said it last time.

It's not how Zhao Ruotong is against getting married, but when she heard that she wanted to see her husband and son-in-law, the first reaction she heard was to ask Shao Xun, "Is this a civil servant or a military general, can I help you?" or "What does he do? , Have you contacted several emperor brothers?"

This didn't make Shao Xun startled in a cold sweat, not to mention that she is not yet ready to marry people, even if she needs it, it is impossible to use a good friend as a bargaining chip, then she has become someone.

In the end, she told Zhao Ruotong that she calmed down, who was still very positive, but she was obedient, but she had no preference for her own thoughts. She said it was her father that made the decision and anyone could marry. .

Now Shao Xun dared to say something, and immediately stopped mentioning it. He just urged the emperor to pay attention to young people of the right age, and let Zhao Ruotong go to see if she found an opportunity, or ask her to go out of the palace to participate in a party organized by others and choose talents. Go more, expecting her to move her mind.

Can't say this, Shao Xun naturally thought of the most worrying thing about this time.

Zhao Ruotong first opened the mouth and said: "Ashu, is the father finally going to make a move?"

Shao Xun was not surprised that she knew this. After all, the emperor's intention to establish a younger son is Sima Zhao's heart, and everyone knows it.

Even De fei, although she had expected such a day in 80%, she was still a little unwilling when she arrived. Her tone was sour and aggressive, and she had to bear not daring to offend her, which was really awkward.

Shao Xun said: "It should be."

Zhao Ruotong observed her face and asked, "This is a good thing, why do you seem to be worried?"

Shao Xun was silent for a while, and then told her the truth: "I know this is a good thing that others can't ask for, but…I dare not say this to your majesty, or else I always feel that I have let him down. I've worked so hard-I'm really worried…"

"What are you worried about? Ashu can't be a prince? It's impossible. I grew up so old. I have never seen your Majesty do something that can't be done." Zhao Ruotong asked in confusion.

"It's not this," Shao Xun shook his head: "I think Ashu is still too young. This is too anxious. He is only a little older. Even though he is really smart, his character and ability are far from qualitative. I belong to him. My mother, there is no way to be sure that he can really afford this important task. For the child, it is also infinite pressure. Can he… bear it?"

"Actually, I just said that. It's done. I know that there is no way out for this kind of thing. It's too late to worry about repentance at this time. It's just…" She smiled helplessly: "You just treat this as a mother. It's unreasonable worry, always think of the disadvantages first."

Worrying and repentance are two different things. She can only stand with the emperor and advance and retreat together. For the sake of her children, she has no choice.

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