Shao Xun looked at the emperor blankly, and was touched by him: "What's the matter?"

She moved her lips slightly, and finally leaned on his shoulders and said: "I want to know your past, but now it seems to be of no use… I was born too late. No matter what, I can't see you in your youth or even your youth. Those experiences."

The emperor raised his eyebrows slightly: "However, I am a little grateful that you have never seen me look like cats and dogs hate me at that time. Otherwise, I am afraid that you would have turned around and left, and there will be nothing to do later."

Shao Xun straightened up and watched him suddenly widened his eyes: "No, I will still adore you."

The emperor couldn't help laughing: "Girl, don't promise things that can't be verified. I know what I was like at that time. I really don't like girls."

"You probably didn't want to be liked at the time," Shao Xun asked rhetorically, "If you met me when you were young, would you like me? Would you also dislike me for being stupid and squeamish, and not looking down on me at all? "

The emperor didn't think and didn't want to answer this question hastily like Shao Xun did. He looked at the woman in front of him seriously and carefully, from her black hair, to the white and flawless cheeks, to the straight and delicate nose, vermilion red. The flap of her lips finally returned her gaze to her eyes.

This is a pair of beautiful eyes that seem to have been sculpted by the gods with all their hard work, but the most attractive thing is the clear and gentle light in these eyes, the friendship that gathers the stars and stars…

The man lowered his eyes, and solemnly dropped a kiss on his lover's forehead: "Everyone will like you. I have said that I am just a mortal, and naturally there can be no exceptions."

Shao Xun thought quietly that she was not as likable as the emperor wanted, but she also didn't want other people's love, she only needed this one.

I hope God will not blame her for being too greedy.

The two imperial concubines in the Ganlu Temple had new thoughts about feelings for Deng's words, and the foreign dynasty, which had been calm for a few years, inevitably caused waves.

Mr. Cheng Jingming, who can be regarded as the world's number one residence, took the Seventh Prince as his disciple, which is arguably the most noteworthy thing of the year.

This is just a trivial matter of enlightenment by a three or four-year-old child. The emperor did not even mention it when he was in court, but it still attracted everyone to wait and see, and speculation arose.

Cheng Jingming has the advantage of being a teacher, that is, he does not have a real job and does not need to deal with any official duties. He only needs to go to the Tiren Pavilion every day and prepare for the summoning of the Liangyi Hall to discuss matters.

Of course, the emperor did not dare to send such a young son to study elsewhere, so he cleaned up the side hall of the Liangyi Hall and dedicated it to Zhao Yanshu and Cheng Jingming.

The emperor was discussing and working in the main hall, and next to it was the place where the little prince studied. How could these ministers resist not wanting to make trouble? Even the place where they were waiting to be summoned was separated by a wall from the side hall. The voice of Cheng Jingming teaching the children could be heard against the wall, which made people scratch their heads with curiosity.

But the newly released pair of master and apprentice is very calm at this time.

Zhao Yanshu is too young to know what kind of powerful the teacher in front of him is, and what kind of benefits he will bring to study with him, he just came to school simply by listening to his father, and he liked it in just a few days. After this incident, it was a pleasure to learn from this very kind old man.

Cheng Jingming had another idea. He didn't want to get involved in the dispute between the reserve and the reserve. This matter was a big hole in the eyes of the veterans of three or four emperors who had gone through two dynasties.

However, he is very close to the emperor, and he can clearly feel the emperor's preference and expectation for his younger son. This is actually not a good thing. Since ancient times, the eldest son of the emperor was the eldest son of the emperor. It is the most famous and the best way to let the dynasty survive the transition between the old and the new.

The other two have their own pros and cons, but it is undeniable that Ericsson is the most risky.

In Cheng Jingming's eyes, children under the age of ten can't see the talents at all. This little prince is not a protagonist, and it's not good to say it. Once the emperor has three long and two shortcomings (this is very common in the eyes of Cheng Lao), then seven The prince's elder brothers are all too much older than him. If he hadn't grown up when the mountain fell, it would not be a good thing for this child to be crowned prince.

However, the emperor's attitude became firmer day by day, and Cheng Jingming wondered in his heart. He must be able to think of the other party he could think of. As a father, he must also think about the future of his children. Why did the emperor insist on doing so.

Until a few days ago, the emperor said that he wanted to enlighten the Seventh Prince, but he didn't force Cheng Jingming. He just asked him to think about whether there was any suitable candidate.

At that time, Cheng Jingming couldn't help it, and very tactfully reminded of the possible future troubles of this matter.

He thought that the emperor would not pay attention to his advice, but he was silent for a moment, and then slowly asked: "Cheng Lao said that he is not a prostitute or a long-term senior. If this is something I can change?"

Cheng Jingming stood on the spot, sturdily stunned for a long time before waking up, and then subconsciously looked left and right. As a result, there were a lot of people in the Liangyi Hall. After hearing the emperor's seemingly plain, in fact, it was a shocking sentence. Not a single person was surprised, and all eyes and noses and heart and power seemed to have heard nothing.

Contrastingly, Cheng Jingming, the oldest person, was taken aback.

He lowered his voice subconsciously: "You want to… but…"

What he wanted to say was that the Empress did not make any mistakes, but only when he said that she actually made a mistake.

Putting aside the old things like murdering the heirs of the emperor decades ago, and not mentioning the improper service to the Empress dowager that the emperor has added in the past few years, poor management of official duties, etc., it is an unwarranted crime. It is already possible to make the emperor's idea come true.

——The Empress has no children.

Giving birth to the eldest son to consolidate the country's foundation is actually the biggest responsibility of being a wife and Zhonggong. If she has not completed it, there will be a reason to be deposed.

As for the fact that the emperor did not stay at the Empress before giving birth, no one cares, everyone only cares about the result.

Cheng Jingming guessed at the time that, judging from the relationship between the two emperors and the strangers, the Empress was barely able to stand for so many years, probably because once she was abolished on the grounds of childlessness, she must immediately be enrolled as a concubine with a son. Then there was the canonization of the prince, and the emperor was obviously not too satisfied with the princes, and he never made up his mind about who should be established.

Now that's all right, he has a satisfied heir, and he can naturally proceed to the next step.

Cheng Jingming opened his mouth to persuade the emperor to be more cautious, but when he raised his head and saw his eyes, he swallowed back what he had said to his lips-so firm that anything other people said would be useless and would have no effect.

He thought for a while, and finally did not recommend others, but said: "The minister wants to see the seventh prince. I wonder if your majesty is allowed?"

The emperor finally laughed and directly instructed He Jinrong to bring the prince who was in the apse at this moment to Cheng Jingming.

And seeing this child of Jingui, who had carried his father's endless expectations since birth, Cheng Jingming knew why the emperor was so confident that he could hardly wait for the seventh prince to grow up, and weigh a few more years, he couldn't wait to help him. Paved the way.

——This kid is too smart. He doesn't forget to say it, and his comprehension ability is far superior to that of his peers. He can even understand the truth that many adults can't make sense. This kind of aptitude is not compromised because of his age. He is more conspicuous and more distinctive.

He knew why the emperor was reluctant to wait any longer.

This kind of experience is too familiar with the talent Cheng Jingming. He himself is a world-famous child prodigy, didn't he also come here back then? What kind of pressure such a child has to endure, and what kind of qualifications the teacher who teaches him must have, no one understands better than him, who has been a genius child prodigy for so many years.

Originally, I just wanted to see the future prince. Mr. Cheng, who was still hesitating about what to do, told Zhao Yanshu for half an hour, but he didn't use the emperor to persuade him a word, and he took the initiative to accept the closed disciple. .

This young child who will not accidentally inherit the mountains and rivers of the Great Zhou Dynasty, the smarter he is and the more talented, the more cautious Cheng Jingming will be. After thinking for a long time in his heart, there is no way to find a more suitable person than himself. Able to obey the emperor's will, and took over this hot and precious phoenix egg.

But how to say it, for a teacher or a good teacher, teaching a genius student is really a sense of accomplishment. Looking at Zhao Yanshu, Cheng Jingming seems to see who he used to be. After only a few days of teaching him, he just wandered away. Uncertainty has become a willingness to see the hunter's heart.

After going down the steps, the chief minister of the cabinet, He Qingyuan, took his eyes and glanced at Yingguo Duke who was about to leave the palace. He tilted his head and asked the henchmen of his subordinates next to him: "He has No audience?"

The subordinate whispered: "Don't you know this? Not once, we are all staring at it."

He Qingyuan thought for a while: "No longer, I'm going to the Liangyi Hall, you quickly write a sign and pass it in, just say… I'm going to investigate and deal with the bank account of the Ministry of Household if I have doubts, and I have to report it to your Majesty."

Such a reason…

The subordinates were full of expressions with ineffable expressions, but they should do it anyway.

He Qingyuan was about to be eighty years old, and the walking tigers were alive and well. They rushed all the way to the Liangyi Hall. Fortunately, he caught Cheng Jingming, who had just arrived at the gate of the side hall and was going to give a lecture to the Seventh Prince.

In order to teach students these days, he has been in the palace from morning to night, and has to stay in the Liangyi Hall. The office of the cabinet, Tiren Pavilion, can't see anyone at all, and other people are basically at such a sensitive time. I didn't dare to visit the house specially, so I finally caught people.

He Qingyuan walked up to him tremblingly, coughing several times because of his rush, and he couldn't wait to get into the topic after a few words of greeting: "How are you doing these days?"

Cheng Jingming knew what he wanted to ask at a glance, and said directly: "Brother He wants to ask what he wants to ask, but I won't hide everything I can say."

He Qingyuan was also unambiguous, and said seriously, "How about His Highness Seven?"

Cheng Jingming knew that the emperor couldn't help him saying this, maybe waiting for the ministers to know how good his heirs were, so he was silent for a moment, and slowly said the truth in He Qingyuan's scorching sight: "That kid… Talent is rare in the world."

He Qingyuan actually had an expectation. He just took a deep breath and didn't exclaim much. He looked at Cheng Jingming and said, "You know, even so, I can only oppose it."

Cheng Jingming nodded: "Just do what you want, your majesty will not blame it, he has his own plan."

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