Zhao Ruozhen's pupils shrank for a moment, and she gritted her teeth and said: "I don't believe it. Father can't do this to us!"

The Empress's breath came out and she was silent, and after a long time she whispered: "Wait until Tuqiong dagger sees, what can we do…"

Zhao Ruozhen's breathing was a little short, she repeated: "No, mother, you still have me… and the imperial grandmother, she will not agree."

The Empress said: "What's the attitude of the Empress dowager toward the imperial concubine? How about the attitude toward the seventh prince?"

Zhao Ruozhen was speechless.

The Empress said: "You still can't see that you have been with the Empress Dowager for so many years, she… doesn't like me, but has blue eyes on the imperial concubine. It's just that you can't say anything about it. If your majesty really wants to abolish and re-establish, Fortunately if you don't support it, it is almost impossible to count on her to oppose…

The Empress has been the Empress Dowager's daughter-in-law for so many years, she has known her mother-in-law's preferences for a long time. Whether it is the Empress or Deng, she doesn't really please the Empress Dowager.

She would feel that the Empress was too hard and awkward, and Deng was too eccentric in her early years. She would not deliberately embarrass her daughter-in-law because of this, but this is indeed a personal preference, and it is difficult to change.

As a mother-in-law and elder, the Empress Dowager really likes girls like Concubine Shao. She is gentle, amiable, dignified and well-behaved. When she is good to others, she can feel like she can take her heart out, plus she's very flattering. Like it, it's simply a daughter-in-law who likes to give birth to the Empress Dowager.

Could Zhao Ruozhen not know? She spent much longer with the Empress Dowager than the Empress. She would only know more about the attitude of the Empress Dowager towards the imperial concubine and the Seventh Prince.

The Empress looked at her daughter for a long while, and finally shook her head and touched her cheek affectionately: "Nothing, don't worry about this, this is fate…"

Princess Kejing came out of Xianning Palace with a wooden head, buzzing in her ears, and walked to Ningshou Palace almost following the inertia of her body.

Until the palace in Ningshou Palace welcomed her to help her diligently: "Your Royal Highness is here, the empress dowager has been looking forward to it for a long time."

Only then did Zhao Ruozhen come back to her senses, she slowly raised her head and glanced at the plaque of Ningshou Palace, and let the palace man drag herself in.

I walked across the hall door, and before I passed the partition screen, I heard the Empress Dowager's doting voice: "Hurry up and peel an orange for your Royal Highness… Oranges are rare at this time. Your mother and concubine sent me all the thoughts of her concubine. I don't want to think that Xiaoqi hasn't eaten enough yet."

Her footsteps stopped, and the palace lady said with a smile: "The imperial concubine and His Highness the Seventh have just arrived. They are here to pick up the fifth princess."

Zhao Ruozhen paused before walking in.

The Empress Dowager was really happy to see her, but Zhao Ruotang was sitting on her lap, and it was inconvenient to move, so she patted her side: "Zhen'er come here to sit."

She looked behind Zhao Ruozhen: "Where is Abo?"

Zhao Ruozhen tried his best to make himself laugh less stiff, and deliberately did not look at Shao Xun and Zhao Yanshu, and sat next to the Empress Dowager and said, "I went to visit the Empress Dowager today, but did not bring him…"

Seeing the Empress Dowager, because she heard how the Empress was doing, the corners of her mouth swung subconsciously, Zhao Ruozhen's heart slammed, and immediately remembered what her mother had just said.

Although the Empress Dowager adjusted her expression immediately, she deliberately avoided the topic about the Empress: "A few days ago, a dozen baskets of oranges were offered to the south. After finishing the front dynasty, there are only a few baskets left in the harem. They are all with me. Yes, you can pick a basket and take it home, and have a fresh one."

She glanced at Shao Xun with a smile: "This is the filial piety of the imperial concubine, I borrowed flowers to present the Buddha."

Zhao Ruozhen subconsciously looked at Zhao Yanshu who was standing next to Shao Xun's legs eating oranges, paused, and said softly, "It's better to take it back and feed it to the seventh brother…"

Shao Xun shook his head: "This is too sweet, and Ashu gets angry after eating too much, that is, he is allowed to eat a few more here at the Empress Dowager, or I don't feel distressed at all."

The Empress Dowager couldn't help but laugh: "I still treat you as true filial piety."

Even the palace man covered his mouth and laughed, but Zhao Ruozhen could only bend the corner of his mouth.

The Empress Dowager invited Zhao Yanshu to her side and rubbed his delicate face lovingly: "We only eat two a day and don't eat too much. If we want to eat to my grandmother, your mother will not care about you."

Shao Xunpo was a little helpless: "Children are always admirable. Don't spoil him."

"That's the kids who don't understand." Sitting Zhao Ruotang in her arms, with Zhao Ruozhen and Zhao Yanshu next to her, she felt very satisfied, and the wrinkles in the corners of her eyes smiled more clearly: "Ashu has been sensible since he was a child, and he has a sense of measure. "

At this moment, Zhao Yanshu turned his head to look at the princess: "Big sister, when will Abo come into the palace?"

"…In a few days, I will bring him into the palace in a few days." Zhao Ruozhen said.

Zhao Yanshu nodded: "Let him come, I have read a lot of interesting things these days, I want to tell him."

The children who are closest to him in the palace, except for the five princesses who are under one year old, and the sixth prince who are seven years older than him, the lack of playmates of the same age makes him miss Lin Bo very much, and he does not dislike him for nothing. understood.

Zhao Ruozhen's heart was complicated and tangled into a mess, but at this time he could only nod his head.

Seeing that she was still warm and not close to Zhao Yanshu, the Empress Dowager was a little anxious. She couldn't say anything else in front of Shao Xun, so she said directly: "I miss Abo, you must bring it with you next time you enter the palace. "She looked down at the little grandson: "He played well with Ashu, so he called to talk with Ashu."

What she said was purely to help Zhao Ruozhen and Shao Xun and Zhao Yanshu draw closer, but in the ears of Zhao Ruozhen, who was preconceived and complicated, it seemed like the Empress Dowager treated Lin Bo as Zhao Yanshu's follower and asked him to enter the palace. Come and play with him.

If only a few years ago, Zhao Ruozhen could put his temper on the spot and let the Empress Dowager explain clearly.

But now she has matured and has more worries. She is no longer as unscrupulous as she was when she was a girl. Therefore, this kind of heart knot is pressed in her heart and is not sent out. Instead, she has suffered from the roots of her tongue. The past two decades have been hers. Whatever you want, you will have something. A few younger siblings have never seen it before. Now her son has become a vassal of others, and her mother and Empress have to make room for others…

Princess Kejing's heart finally sank completely.

Shao Xun took Zhao Yanshu's hand, and her daughter was drowsy and was held in the hands of the nurse. She did not sit in a sedan chair, and walked back all the way.

She asked a few words about what the teacher taught today, and Zhao Yanshu was silent after answering.

Shao Xun was a little strange, and squeezed his hand and asked, "What's the matter, why don't you like to talk today?"

"Mother, Abo may not be in the palace anymore."

Shao Xun paused, watching her son's expression a little strange, she waved her hand, and everyone behind her backed away a few steps.

Shao Xun sat on a stone bench by the side of the road, looked at Zhao Yanshu with his eyes level, and asked seriously, "Why do you say that?"

Zhao Yanshu pursed his mouth. He did this action with the emperor's inexplicable look: "Big sister doesn't like me, she won't let Abo play with me."

"……How did you know?"

"I just know," Zhao Yanshu stubbornly said: "She suddenly doesn't like me today."

Shao Xun can actually see that Princess Kejing's attitude today is a bit strange, but when she thinks of Li Chu's affairs, she is normal, but Zhao Yanshu can actually feel that even Shao Xun himself is in his At such an old age, he still thought that Zheng was his biological mother, and that he was sincerely kind to himself.

When she was a little surprised, Zhao Yanshu suddenly asked in a low voice: "Is it because my father wants to make me a prince?"

Shao Xun's eyes widened slightly, and then relaxed again. She did not deny it, but said: "If this is really the reason, not just the princess, there are many people who dislike you, hate you, and even If you want to speak ill of you, do you know what to do?"

Zhao Yanshu nodded, his eyes were as light and clear as colored glaze, and there was no flicker. He said very smoothly: "The teacher just said, I want me to experience "the world is praised without persuasion, and the world is not without discouragement." I seem to understand the meaning and measure of

Shao Xun looked straight into his son's eyes, wanting to be amazed, but in the end he only smiled slightly: "Your father is right-good boy, you really give us our spirits…"

She had been vacillating, and she was still in a state of anxiety no matter how the emperor had been soothing, and finally settled down strangely at this moment.

She thought, how could such a child who made her unexpected and proud not get better and better?

He was really able to bear such a heavy burden as the emperor said.

Zhao Yanshu was only half right, and Princess Kejing's attitude towards this younger brother had changed. However, whether it was the Empress Dowager's urging or the mother's consideration of her son's future, she eventually had to compromise, picking up several eldest princesses and Lin Bo was also brought into the palace when the royal concubine and family members came to the palace to visit the Empress Dowager.

The princess Wangsun, the lord of the clan, came a lot, and the children who were still walking unsteadily were detained in Ningshou Palace, and teenagers and girls were given their own seats according to their genders.

There are only eight or nine small peasants who can't get up and down just when they are in a mood for naughty, they can't sit still, and a few children are spending fun in the garden behind Ningshou Palace under the care of the palace people.

They were playing hide-and-seek in the garden, jumping up and down without stopping. Originally, Zhao Yanshu had no interest in these "childish" games, but they couldn't hold back Lin Bo and Zhao Yu insisting on holding him together.

As a result, the other two children were too young. Compared with their older relatives who were several years old, they didn't have any thoughts. They didn't use their brains at all when they played. Whether it was arresting people or Tibetans, they lost.

On the contrary, Zhao Yanshu didn't have much time to play, and he could sum up his experience after a few times. He was just a kid no matter what. He was instinct to play, so he would devote himself to it after a while, and Biqiang pulled him in. Lin Bo and Zhao Yu are more serious.

At this moment, Princess Kejing was coming out of the Empress's Palace, and the pressure in her heart added more than one layer.

Because only a few days passed, the court, as the Empress said, there was a proposal to dismiss the Empress and change the voice of the noble concubine.

The sporadic advice, although it has not yet become a trend, but it is just because everyone is watching. Once the emperor will express the mind of Li Chu more firmly, for the future stability of the prince's position and elimination of possible future troubles , There will be more and more people considering this matter.

Zhao Ruozhen's heart is like frying in the past few days, and he can't afford to sing up several times in a hurry.

She didn't hate Zhao Yanshu in her heart, especially when compared with Wang Wu's accumulated grievances for more than ten or twenty years.

But as the Empress said, Zhao Yanyi took the title of the eldest son anyway, and he didn't need to be too forceful to be a protagonist. King Wei and Chu had already lost his mother, so there was no threat. The sixth prince had almost no advantage, and he didn't consider it for the time being.

Among these younger brothers, there was only the one she liked the most, which would cause an almost fatal blow to her mother.

Furthermore, what Zhao Ruozhen is most proud of is his status as a concubine, and how much he despises his brothers and sisters in private. The identity that she valued must also be given to others, how can she not panic.

She was upset, and when she arrived at Ci Ning Palace, she heard that her son had been playing with Zhao Yanshu again, and her mentality was a little unsteady: "Don't take him back! The body is already bad, so why are you running crazy?! "

The palace man was taken aback, and he hesitated to move. Zhao Ruozhen didn't slap her out and pushed her away: "Go away, I'll go by myself!"

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