Princess Kejing's unprovoked anger continued for a few breaths of time, and the short walk into the courtyard slowly dissipated.

She stayed at Huayuankou for a long time without knowing what she was going to do.

What reason does she have to be angry with a child? Abo is just playing with his best friend.

This friend is the future prince and even the emperor. If this friendship is continued and a blood relationship of a nephew is added, then he will not learn anything in his life, and the little talent that he does not have will be enough to worry-free…

But, is it necessary to change the position of the mother's Empress?

Zhao Ruozhen's eyes flashed across the empress's thin and sallow cheeks, and flashed across the emperor's intent look towards the concubine.

When she was still young, De fei concubine cursed the Empress behind her back, saying that "If she hadn't occupied the Empress's seat, she would have never known where she died."

When she was a child, she heard others criticizing her mother for taking the position of the Empress and blocking her way. She reacted with anger but a little bit of pride—what's the use of you talking more gossip? My mother and Empress will always be the mother of the country. You say that going to heaven is just a concubine, and the child born is still a concubine.

But now…

Zhao Ruozhen walked into the garden slowly and looked at Zhao Yanshu who was standing next to the rockery not far away. For a moment, he was in a daze without knowing what she should do. When he reacted, he realized that he was hiding behind the rockery like a thief. .

She was taken aback by her subconscious actions, but when she calmed down, she suddenly realized that the child who had troubled her and the Empress was alone.

This is very rare, because in the past, this child was always surrounded by many people, such as the nanny, the eunuch, and if it was outdoors, there were even guards accompanying him.

But today there are too many little masters in the garden, and it is difficult for many people to come in. The remaining two are not there for some reason, and only one child, Zhao Yanshu, is left here…

Not far from him is a rugged rockery, and on the side is a small pond used by Ningshou Palace to raise fish and water lilies. The place where the water is filled is taken care of and it does not freeze…

Zhao Ruozhen's throat was trembling crazily, and his mind was like a devil, and he could only turn in one direction—this child is so precious, even if there is a loophole around him, he will definitely fill it up immediately. The only chance for this is This time, it's fleeting, and someone will find it soon.

She was forced to hardly think of the consequences of what she was going to do. She didn't even think about the aftermath. During this period of time, all kinds of pressure made her head dizzy and her sanity was on the verge of collapse.

In the end, she still couldn't provoke and walked silently behind Zhao Yanshu step by step.

Shao Xun caught the cold in the past few days and coughed more than ever. After entering the winter moon, he was still ill. He was detained by the emperor and could not go anywhere. When the second princess came to visit, he saw people from Ningshou Palace coming to pick up the two children.

In fact, the children spend a half of the year with their grandmother. Even Zhao Ruotang would recognize Zhao Ruotang. But thinking of the cold weather these days, even Shao Xun is sick. They are not good, Zhao Ruotong just dropped in and took them with him.

A group of children ran out to play in the garden, which was quite normal, but Zhao Ruotong somehow felt his eyelids jump and kept fidgeting.

She couldn't sit still more and more. She glanced at Zhao Ruotang, who was being held in her arms by the Empress Dowager and making the elders from all walks of life chuckle, just stood up and wanted to go to the garden to see Zhao Yanshu while no one was paying attention to her.

I didn't want to enter the garden just a few steps, and I just ran into Deng who was holding Lin Bo.

Deng Fei was taken aback when she saw her, and then smiled: "These children are playing hide-and-seek. Abo is in a hurry to find no one. Are you going to pick up Ashu? Just come with me."

Zhao Ruotong glanced at the palace servant who was waiting for Lin Bo behind Deng and nodded.

In the end, they didn't go far. After bypassing a rockery, several people saw Princess Kejing standing behind the empty Zhao Yanshu beside her, raising her arms slightly, not knowing what to do.

"what are you doing?!"

Zhao Ruotong's original anxiety reached its climax at this moment. Her heart was like boiling water, her voice was high and sharp, with undisguised anger.

Princess Kejing was shocked by the unprepared loud voice, and she immediately turned around and saw Zhao Ruotong ramming her aggressively and unscrupulously. Although she was petite and didn't have much energy, she would still be better than her when she was angry. Gao Xiao's half-headed sister pushed a stagger, and was forced to leave Zhao Yanshu's side.

Princess Kejing's mood changed a few times. At first she became subconsciously guilty, and then she felt confident when she thought that she hadn't done anything at all. Finally, she saw that her sister dared to do it on her own, and was seen by her son and Fei Deng. She couldn't help but feel ashamed: "I just saw that there was no one around Ashu, so I came over and asked, what are you going to do, actually doing something to the eldest sister?"

Zhao Ruotong didn't have time to pay attention to her, and pulled Zhao Yanshu, who was still a little ignorant on the side, and squatted down and fumbled from top to bottom: "Is there any injury? Did she touch you?!"

Zhao Yanshu recovered and shook his head: "It's okay, sister, I was not injured, and the eldest sister did not touch me."

Princess Kejing sneered after hearing the words: "Have you heard that, I haven't touched him at all, Zhao Ruotong, you really come here with your mouth open. When I am muddled, you can let people frame it at will."

Zhao Ruotong held his brother tightly in his arms. His eyes widened and glared at her: "Why don't you make a noise when you see no one?! Standing behind this child silently, he must be uneasy. Do you have to wait until it hurts?"

Princess Kejing was taken aback before, but at this time, Chaos's mind became sober. She looked around and continued: "No matter what I have to do, will I be so stupid to face my relatives in the garden of Ningshou Palace? Brother murdered?"

She pointed to the nanny and the little eunuch who knelt beside him tremblingly when they heard the movement: "They are not far away, and they can hear their voices when they are high. I will do nothing to him until I lose my mind."

What she said was reasonable and well-founded, and people couldn't refute it, but Zhao Ruotong didn't believe a word, she was madly ringing the alarm bell, and every time she told her that the woman she called her sister was absolutely wicked.

"If you don't take it anymore, I will ask the imperial grandmother to judge, and see what the reason is for being a younger sister to frame her sister!"

Zhao Ruotong knew that it would be fine if Shao Xun was here, but she was not there. Between herself and Zhao Ruozhen, the Empress Dowager must believe in Zhao Ruozhen, not to mention that she was unfounded, even logically unable to convince others, and had no advantage at all.

She was trembling with anger, "You…"

At this time, Fei Deng, who was standing with Lin Bo, who was trembling and crying, looked at the small pond in front of him, and persuaded him: "Ruotong, calm down, this pond will protect the children for a while. It was rebuilt just now, not to mention that there was ice in the middle, and the water on the side was only a foot deep, but it was a little bit colder and could not drown people."

As soon as Zhao Ruozhen heard this, his face became undetectable, and then he calmly said: "Did you hear that, what can one foot deep water do? Can I push him in for a bath?"

Zhao Ruotong didn't believe it, no matter how many reasons Zhao Ruozhen had, she didn't believe it. She pulled Zhao Yanshu upright, and said with a crying voice: "You, you better not get a step closer to Ashu, otherwise I will, I'm not welcome."

Zhao Ruozhen sneered and said, "If you say that, I would like to learn your kindness even more."

Having said that, she never looked at Zhao Yanshu's side, and her eyes fell directly on Lin Bo: "Abo, what are you still doing in a daze? Follow me!"

Lin Bo couldn't understand what they were talking about. He was so scared by the storm that he didn't dare to make a sound. Only tears flowed down his pale little face. When he was called by his mother's unkind tone, he subconsciously looked at Zhao Yanshu with teary eyes. .

Zhao Yanshu was not afraid. He had been reminiscing about what happened just now in his sister's arms. At this moment, he noticed Lin Bo's sight and smiled comfortingly at him, and signaled him to leave with Princess Kejing.

Lin Bo really stopped crying, and was led back by her mother.

The two passed by with Zhao Ruotong, and Princess Kejing said coldly: "Being Shao's attendant has become arrogant. You are now proud, but be careful and protect your bargaining chips. All right."

Zhao Ruotong was so angry that her chest was ups and downs, and tears were in her eyes, but she still gritted her teeth and said softly: "Big sister, take care of yourself, don't you have children?"

It was Zhao Ruozhen's impression of this younger sister that was completely subverted today. She was still surprised by this sentence. She looked at her in shock and anger: "What did you say? You say it again?!"

Zhao Ruotong twitched the corners of his mouth: "What the parents did, the heavens are watching. It's impossible to say that the retribution will be on the child. Big sister should be careful."

Zhao Ruozhen also gritted his teeth, but knowing that there will be no more accidents today, he swallowed his breath, turned his head and took Lin Bo away.

The other children seemed to gather on the other side of the garden for some reason, and hadn't seen any figures for so long. Zhao Ruotong didn't take care of them, and ordered the people around him: "Go to the Empress Dowager and bring the five princesses to them. All the entourage members who came here said that there was something urgent in the imperial concubine palace, so let us go back as soon as possible."

When someone should have gone, Zhao Ruotong turned his head and stared at the two kneeling on the ground.

It was also a bit of a mistake just now. The little masters played hide-and-seek. Naturally, the subordinates couldn't follow too closely, and they just watched from a distance.

At that time, Zhao Yanshu hurried forward. Just turning a corner, the nurse didn't know what she had stepped on. She fell and broke her arms. She didn't dare to make a statement. She consciously came out of Zhao Yanshu in Ningshou Palace. No matter what happened, he endured the pain and greeted the little eunuch to help her. It was a short time when the two bowed their heads to deal with the injury and were distracted, and lost the little master as soon as they looked up.

After that, it didn't take long to find someone. It was just a short time before the princess Kejing got a kick.

The nurse was frightened by Zhao Ruotong's solemn gaze, begging for mercy and quickly explained, but in Zhao Ruotong's eyes, their explanations were useless, just shirk responsibility again.


Zhao Ruotong's full of anger made her look completely different from usual. She couldn't help but slapped her face on the nanny's face: "Fall? Don't say her arm is broken, even if her hand is chopped off. You have to follow the prince without leaving a step. How dare you hold yourself first? Who gives you the courage!"

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