The nursing mother couldn't help but shed tears, but she did not dare to argue with her face, because it was indeed her careless moment.

In fact, apart from Ganlu Temple, Ningshou Palace is the easiest place for them to relax, because they are too familiar, and the prince and princess will come once a day on average, and the Empress Dowager is one of the people who can never hurt the prince. Let them slack off day after day.

The two of them are considered good, and the waiters of the other young masters and ladies have long been chatting, and those who can see the figures are considered loyal to their duties.

Who knows what the eldest princess is suddenly going crazy, in such an occasion where normal people would not choose to harm others!

Deng looked at Zhao Ruotong's anger, but she was actually a little surprised, but she didn't show it. She patted her shoulder and said, "Ashu is okay. It's a blessing for you to calm down. Zhen'er may not be…"

"It doesn't have to be anything! She is absolutely ill-intentioned, you saw it just now, she is so close to Ashu silently!"

Deng was a little embarrassed: "But…this doesn't explain much…"

Zhao Ruotong kept trembling all over, and it was even more uncomfortable to hear this.

The palace people quickly hugged the five princesses. Behind them was a group of maids who were ordered to follow the prince and the prince. They didn't know what had happened. They looked at the two who were kneeling underground and sobbing softly.

Zhao Ruotong looked at them and wanted to get angry, but in fact, he knew that these people couldn't be blamed. Ningshou Palace couldn't hold them down, and had always kept most of them out of the hall.

She didn't say anything else, even rather rudely, she didn't say goodbye to the Empress Dowager, and went back to the Ganlu Temple without saying a word.

Deng, who was left in place, was stunned for a while, then turned her head to look at the shallow pond, with no expression on her face.

A court lady came up and said in a low voice: "The second princess has been quiet and quiet, and I can't see that she is so temperamental. It's a pity that it may be the reason why she doesn't talk very often. The princess is blocked by the princess."

Deng lowered her eyes and concealed her expression: "What if she would quarrel, what if she comes early and there is no evidence at all, will people still stand there without refuting?"

The palace man hesitated for a moment, and still said: "Actually, it is just right. If it is a step late, I really can't see anything."

After speaking, he whispered a few words against her ear.

Deng's eyebrows finally wrinkled tightly: "So…"

Over there, Zhao Ruotong left Ningshou Palace, and the tears he had endured for a long time finally fell.

She was not a strong person, she just supported the quarrel with Princess Kejing, but did not hold the handle of the other person, and watched the other party go away. Now the kind of sorrow and fear still persist in her heart. Once the first tear came down, it couldn't stop.

Zhao Yanshu was pulled so that he could only trot to keep up with Zhao Ruotong's footsteps. At this time, he looked helplessly at his sister walking and crying, and was blown by the cold wind again, and even the nose was red, very embarrassed.

"Sister, don't cry, let me think again…"

The crying Zhao Yanshu was at a loss, and she couldn't calm down to think.

Zhao Ruotong kept walking, rubbing her face and sobbing: "What do you, a child know, do you know how dangerous it is just now." She choked: "If I hurt you, how can I explain to your mother? …"

She really cried all the way back to the Temple of Ganlu. As soon as she entered the door and put down her younger brother and sister, she went straight to the bedroom where Shao Xun was.

Shao Xun has been ill for a while, but it is not serious. The cough has been healed a long time ago, but recently he always feels headache and tired, lingering, and always unable to cut his roots. At this time, he was leaning on the bedside in awe, eating the Emperor Yi. Spoon-fed meat porridge.

The emperor frowned: "I told you not to ride a horse against the wind. It's better for you. Just let it be your ears. Atang is more obedient than you."

Shao Xun sighed, "My Majesty, you have said this ten times, I really remembered it, and I will never commit it again…"

She has a sad face from drinking all kinds of porridge in the past few days. Fortunately, she doesn't need to take medicine, but she does regret that she was playful at the time, and she can't stand the emperor's nagging over and over again. She can't wait to engrave this lesson on her forehead. That's good.

The emperor leaned over and touched her forehead with his cheek: "Fortunately, it doesn't get hot."

Shao Xun rallied and retreated jokingly: "Farewell to you so close, what should you do if you are sick?"

The emperor raised his eyebrows: "It's too early to pass, do you have to wait until now? The night before…"

"…Okay, okay, I see." Shao Xun interrupted him hurriedly.

The emperor was silent, but a faint smile appeared in his eyes.

Before the Great Zhou New Year, he was about to start abolishing it. He was in a good mood, but Shao Xun's illness made him a little worried. Fortunately, the doctor said it was not serious, otherwise he would not be able to make a joke.

Shao Xun's mouth was a little dry and peeling. The emperor stretched out his hand and stroked it. Just as he was about to say something, he was suddenly interrupted by a voice outside.

"Your Highness! You…"

The door was violently opened, making a loud noise, and the emperor sank his face, but before the sound of humming, he saw his daughter rushing in.

Yuhu quickly added: "The second princess is here."

Zhao Ruotong's wind-blown hair was a bit messy, and his eyes and nose were red. Shao Xun was taken aback when he saw it: "Ah Tong? You are…"

Zhao Ruotong was about to complain, but when he saw the emperor was there, he could only salute quickly: "Your Majesty Wanan…"

Shao Xun straightened up, "Come here, why are you crying? Who is bullying you?"

In her heart, she subconsciously thought that Concubine Gong was angered by Zhao Ruotong. After all, except for her relatives, she had never been so embarrassed when she was bullied by the nanny in the first place.

Zhao Ruotong suffocated, but couldn't help but threw himself in front of Shao Xun's bed: "Xun'er, you believe me!"

Shao Xun glanced at the emperor who was squeezed aside by his daughter, and said in surprise, "Don't worry, what happened? Who is bullying you?"

Zhao Ruotong shook his head vigorously, leaned against the bed and buried his face in the quilt on Shao Xun's lap, choked and said: "You believe me… she, she…"

She was emotional, and Lienba's old problems were guilty.

Shao Xun touched her hair to comfort her, with a surprised voice, softly soothing: "Of course I believe you, how could I not believe you? Let's talk about it slowly…"

These words slowly stabilized Zhao Ruotong's emotions. She lifted her face and the first sentence was: "Zhao, Zhao Ruozhen are going to murder Ashu!"

Shao Xun and the emperor's faces sank at the same time.

Shao Xunmeng straightened up: "Ah Tong, what are you talking about?"

Zhao Ruotong couldn't help being afraid when she thought of the situation at the time. She calmed down, narrated the matter one to five to ten, and sniffed: "I know this is not in harmony with common sense. Normal people would not be like that. The situation is fierce…but it is impossible for a normal person to stand silently behind a child, there is no one around, and there is a pool in front. How could there be such a coincidence?"

Shao Xun's hand on the quilt slowly clenched, and her voice rarely cooled down: "How about Ashu, are you frightened?"

Zhao Ruotong smoked, but thinking of his younger brother's calm appearance at the time, and a little proud, he barely smiled: "He is a kid, better than me and better than me…"

She is so big that she is still so angry that she can't speak clearly, but Zhao Yanshu's puppies are very calm from beginning to end.

Shao Xun pursed his lips and glanced at the emperor, "What should I do about this? Is it you or me?"

Zhao Ruotong said this alone, and most of it was speculation, which was far from convincing as evidence, but it was absolutely impossible for her to just let it go.

The matter must be clarified.

If she doesn't provoke her bad intentions, others will treat her as a soft persimmon, and her temper is so good that anyone can pinch it?

It actually hit the child's attention!

The emperor saw that Shao Xun was actually quite angry, but he didn't put his emotions on his face like Zhao Ruotong.

This is not surprising, because he is no less angry than her at the moment.

He called in a deep voice: "Duan Peng come in!"

Shao Xun took a deep breath and pinched out a not shallow fold on the satin quilt. She closed her eyes tightly, and calmly assured Zhao Ruotong, who was still uneasy: "Don't worry, this will definitely happen. Don't just leave it like that! We have to figure it out."

Duan Peng was waiting outside the door. He suddenly heard the emperor call him, and he heard his voice dull. He didn't dare to neglect and walked in immediately.

The emperor looked at what he was about to say, and saw Zhao Yanshu walking in behind Duan Peng, a little older boy standing by the door, "Father, I have something to say."

Shao Xun hurriedly recruited his son to the bed, touching his hands and then touching his face: "It didn't hurt you there, right?"

Zhao Yanshu shook his head, "Mother, big sister didn't push me."

Zhao Ruotong said angrily: "That's not too late to push!"

Zhao Yanshu was a little embarrassed, watching her stop talking.

The emperor said: "Just say what you have, the emperor father knows that you understand it in your heart."

Zhao Yanshu said: "I didn't notice it at the time, but just thought about her actions carefully. Big sister probably didn't want to do it…"

He blinked, and the scene at the time was like a re-enacted picture scroll, one by one unfolding before his eyes.

He was really just playing in the garden and did not notice anyone coming behind him, but his memory, which is far beyond ordinary people, can make him recall from his mind what he could see with his eyes at the time, even including the peripheral scan. All the pictures that have passed.

It's as nuanced as if you were concentrating and observing at the moment it happened.

A few months later, he could remember clearly that a few months ago, at the birthday banquet, a few beads fell on the head of an inconspicuous concubine at a certain step.

This ability becomes more obvious with age, but it takes a little time to remember and complete the picture.

At that time, the sun was shining obliquely, and Princess Kejing left a clear shadow on his side, and she couldn't notice when her attention was not on it, but now that I think about it, the other party's actions can be said to be clear at a glance.

She first walked silently behind him step by step, raising her arm slightly, but stopped when she approached.

After a few breaths, Zhao Ruozhen put his hand down and made a gesture that was obviously about to turn around. At this time, Zhao Yanshu moved a few steps forward, accidentally tripped by his clothes and almost fell. Zhao Ruozhen was reflexive. Reach out…

——Compared with the scene at the time, this is an action that is more like a support.

But it was just such a coincidence that when Zhao Yanshu stood firm on his own, and before Princess Kejing's hand had time to withdraw, Zhao Ruotong and others arrived.

He remembered this, so he told his parents the truth: "So I think the big sister might not be pushing me."

Zhao Ruo's eyebrows were very tight, and she couldn't believe it at all: "I didn't notice it at the time. How could I remember it after so long, Ashu, did you remember it wrong?"

Zhao Yanshu was a little confused: "No matter how long it takes, how can you forget what your eyes see?"

Zhao Ruotong's mouth opened slightly, and he was overwhelmed by his words, but…

——There are so many things in her eyes, and all she can remember is just the one or two that she focused on…. Let's not talk about it. Now let her remember what exactly Zhao Ruozhen's hand is doing. Some can't remember…

Shao Xun and the emperor were also very surprised. They knew that Zhao Yanshu had the ability to never forget, but… Was the genius to such a level? This can't be summed up in one sentence of cleverness.

He was so young that he didn't even know what kind of talent he had. He thought that everyone in the world was like himself. Even if he had been exposed for a little while, the things he remembered would have long been forgotten by others, and he would inevitably be regarded as small by everyone. The child could not speak clearly and missed it.

This is the first time he has shown such a difference in front of others.


The emperor stared at Zhao Yanshu's eyes, and Shao Xunxian reluctantly recovered, remembering what had happened before, and her son's words calmed her somewhat from anger.

Even if Zhao Yanshu said this, but remember that he is only a young child, and he has very little experience with people. You may not be able to understand what a person's actions represent, just like Zhao Ruotong's suspicion. With subjective judgment.

Perhaps only Princess Kejing herself knew what happened, but there were many people in the garden at that time, and there might not necessarily be no witnesses, besides…

She looked at the emperor, and the other party knew what she meant, and nodded and said: "There are too many coincidences in this matter, it's very strange."

Zhao Ruotong tightened her lips and said stubbornly: "Take a ten thousand steps back, even if she ends up later, what will she do at the beginning? You know in advance that Ashu will fall, so you want to help?"

Shao Xun had a look on his face–this is a very good statement. Princess Kejing might have really moved her mind at the beginning, but it was not impossible to choose to stop after weighing it.

But this does not mean that she is a good person anymore. Who knows what will happen next time?

Can she take the safety of her child to bet on whether a person's conscience is not clear?

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