Princess Kejing's character is ten times stronger than her second sister, but this time she is not much calmer than her.

She looked at Zhao Ruotong with confidence and fear, but in fact, after returning to the temple with Lin Bo, her heart kept trembling, guarding the Empress Dowager absent-mindedly, and couldn't answer the question after being asked several times.

The Empress Dowager was confused at first, and then suddenly displeased: "What's wrong with you? Did the Empress tell you something?"

She didn't even lower the volume. The few princesses and princesses who were close by her heard clearly. It also gave them a deeper understanding of the Empress's current situation. They looked at each other tacitly. He lowered his eyebrows and pretended not to see.

If Zhao Ruo had been irritated by this in normal times, but now she was up and down and couldn't care about anything else. At this time, she heard the word "Empress" as if she had been reminded.

That's right, you can't tell the emperor grandmother that she loves the seventh brother too much, and she doesn't know how she will react. After going to find her mother, she is the one who will turn to herself anyway!

Zhao Ruozhen swallowed, without delay, and immediately said to the Empress Dowager: "I, I remembered that I pulled the stuff from the Empress Dowager and got it back…"

The Empress Dowager's gaze condensed and she realized that something was wrong, but it was impossible for her to open it up in front of so many people, so she said calmly: "Look, look like a man who is okay with her husband, what is so important. ."

Everyone heard that they began to play fun with the princess and the princess. Unfortunately, Zhao Ruozhen had no time to be proud. She didn't even notice that the empress dowager's expression was wrong. She greeted a few absent-mindedly, leaving her son in Ningshou Palace and quickly went to Xianning Palace. .

As soon as Zhao Ruozhen saw the Empress, he could no longer suppress the panic in his heart. Although he did not cry like the second princess, the panic was beyond words.

"What? Are you doing something against the Seventh Prince in the Garden of Ningshou Palace?!"

The Empress couldn't believe her daughter could do such a stupid thing: "Are you crazy?!"

"I was faint at the time," Zhao Ruozhen bit his lip to defend, "I stopped after I reacted…"

"Then I just wanted to be a good person again when I was hit by the second princess?" The Empress's voice was a little cold.

Zhao Ruozhen couldn't help closing his eyes: "He, he doesn't have Aboda…"

"Then you are going to harm others?"

Zhao Ruozhen was already squeezed into a headache by all kinds of thoughts and thoughts. It was the kind of sharp, with a violent buzzing pain, which made her voice crying: "I don't want to… how can I? Start with a child, he is my brother…"

Unbearable flashed in the Empress's eyes, she hugged her daughter in her thin arms: "You are for me, not your fault… You just want the mother to have a good life…"

Her embrace was neither uncomfortable nor warm because there was not much sensuality, but Zhao Ruozhen was close to her mother but felt that a little pain was finally relieved.

At this time, the Empress worried: "If your father knew…"

Zhao Ruozhen froze, "Will she say it? There is no evidence at all."

The Empress knew the emperor quite well: "It's okay for the second princess to have scruples, if she doesn't care about it…what kind of attitude your father will be."

In the past, Zhao Ruozhen felt that Zhao Ruotong did not have the guts to file a lawsuit, but thinking of her fierce gaze today, she suddenly felt that she had never known this sister.

Does a cowardly person have such a look?

At this moment, a panicked voice suddenly came from outside the door: "Niangniang, Fan Ke from the Superintendent of Rites is here and says to see the princess!"

Zhao Ruozhen shook violently.

The Empress Dowager got the news because the superintendent sent a few people to invite the princes and grandsons out of the garden in a good manner, and then searched inside, almost to the bottom.

When the Empress Dowager saw this, she immediately found a reason to send the guests away, and only after she inquired did she know that Princess Kejing had been "invited" by them to the ceremonial supervisor to take care of her.

She was shocked and immediately thought of her granddaughter's abnormality at the time.

"Abo, what the hell is going on, tell me carefully."

Lin Bo can only think of his mother's stern expression when he told him not to talk nonsense. He didn't need Zhao Ruozhen to tell him anything. He couldn't explain it himself. After asking the Empress Dowager for a long time, he only knew that Princess Kejing was a sister. There was a fight.

Where is Lin Bo's sister, he is the oldest in this generation except for a few distant relatives and Zhao Yu.

"Also, there is also Ashu… he told me not to cry…"

As soon as the Empress Dowager heard Zhao Yanshu's name, she immediately snorted in her heart, and had a bad premonition – not only Zhao Ruozhen was abnormal today, but Zhao Ruotong took the two children away without saying goodbye, and it seems abnormal now.

She fell into a chair all of a sudden, making Wu hurriedly help her: "Niangniang!"

The Empress Dowager's throat moved with difficulty: "Don't ask the emperor, go to Ganlu Hall and ask what happened to the concubine…Don't be Ashu…"

She is getting older and can no longer withstand the big setbacks.

As a result, the servant who went to Ganlu Temple not only returned by himself, but Shao Xun also arrived.

She still feels a little uncomfortable, but I don't know if it's related to the safety of her son. She felt a lot more energetic in a short period of time. She had been unable to raise her energy before, but now she is much better, making her wonder if the illness is too idle. So I came out of my spare time.

She knew that the Empress Dowager might be more worried now, and someone had to explain her words to her, otherwise the old lady was thinking about it, and she might not think of anything.

Deng, who had taken care of the palace affairs for the Empress Dowager, greeted me: "The Empress Dowager just remembered and asked me. I couldn't get over it, so I just said a few more or less, go and elaborate."

Shao Xunying arrived, and the two entered the hall together.

The Empress Dowager knew from Deng that Zhao Yanshu was safe, and half of her heart was relieved, but the other half was still hanging high in the air. Seeing Shao Xun, she hurriedly said, "Ah Xun…"

Shao Xun shook his head and said seriously, "Don't rush to intercede for the princess."

The Empress Dowager opened her mouth, and finally sighed deeply: "I just want to know if she really wanted her brother at the time."

Deng served tea to the two of them at this time, and heard the words: "Don't worry, empress, no one can tell what happened at the time. You have to listen to what the princess says."

The empress dowager knew that Zhao Ruozhen wouldn't admit it even if she really had that thought, but she still looked at Shao Xun looking forward to it.

She didn't want to believe that her beloved granddaughter was so vicious, but she had to admit that she did have this motive.

Shao Xun paused, and there was no point in using this to scare the Empress Dowager, so he bluntly said: "Your Royal Highness may not want to make a move in the end."

The empress dowager's tense face was slightly loosened, and Deng Fei asked softly: "Is Zhen'er who doesn't recognize it?"

Shao Xun shook his head and repeated what Zhao Yanshu had said.

"Oh…" Deng Fei murmured: "This way…"

Before the Empress Dowager was happy, Shao Xun's voice fell cold: "But she was really moved at first, madam, this time it was a fluke. Your Majesty calmed down her malice, but what about next time?"

The Empress Dowager said anxiously: "No, she knows it's wrong…"

"She knew who was right and who was wrong!" Shao Xun also accelerated his speech: "But evil thoughts are not "knowing" and they won't happen… Empress!"

She grabbed the Empress Dowager's hands all of a sudden. The delicate and slender hands that originally looked like they had archery calluses. They were powerful and firm, making the hesitant Empress Dowager had to look directly at her unshakable eyes: "Ashu It's also your offspring, you don't want him to really fall into the cold water in the cold winter, do you?"

The Empress Dowager was shocked by the imagination induced by these words: "Of course not…"

"Then promise me!" Shao Xun grasped the old man's hand, giving her strength and pressure: "Let us investigate this matter and let us deal with it."

The Empress Dowager's hands trembled involuntarily: "Is the emperor going to do what? That is him, his… does he want Zhen'er's life?"

The tray in Fei Deng's hand rested gently on the table, making a small but crisp sound.

Shao Xun couldn't and didn't want to say anything nasty to the Empress Dowager, so he only used a little skill to verbally oppress her to make her concession, but at first glance, the effect seems to be surprisingly good.

…Even if Zhao Ruozhen had malicious intent this time, he finally restrained himself in time. He didn't touch Zhao Yanshu's finger. How could the emperor give his birth daughter to death for this?

Not to mention Zhao Ruozhen, even if it is a better-behaved concubine or a few other princes, it is unrealistic to see Zhao Yanshu alone at this time, so that they can not afford to have evil thoughts.

Why did the Empress Dowager suddenly think of her life?

Such doubts flashed in Shao Xun's mind, but she had another purpose at this time, and the other party's misunderstanding was more beneficial to her. Therefore, before she had time to think about it, she slowly said, "Don't worry about it during this time, wait. Check carefully over there to see if there is anyone else disturbing it, and after the results are revealed, the princess will be enlarged and come out. Then, in the past few years, she will be invited to stay at home and stop entering the palace…"

If it was placed in the previous sentence, it would be impossible for the Empress Dowager to accept it. She would definitely oppose it fiercely, but the fear made her subconsciously relieved when she heard this sentence.

Shao Xun's tone eased in due course: "As for the empress, you know, Your Majesty has other plans, this is not something we can intervene."

"It's my fault," the Empress Dowager relieved her breath and couldn't help crying: "I shouldn't let her do everything, but… the child may not be easy to accept that he can't enter the palace."

For a royal princess, all her glory comes from her blood and holy family. Once her maternal family refuses to accept her, it will be a shame and a denial of her identity. For the proud princess Kejing, it is indeed not easy to accept.

The Empress Dowager thought again that the child didn't know whether she was more reluctant to bear herself or the Empress, and she couldn't help but feel even more sad: "This is really… a grievance…"

Shao Xun made the decision for the harem. In the previous dynasties, the emperor finally took the abandoned Empress to the table.

In fact, everyone knows that there will be this day. The emperor insists on establishing the seventh prince. Since this will is unchangeable, all they can do as courtiers is to reduce the risks and future problems.

Lidi's eldest son is the prince, and his name is right.

The Empress's maternal family has long since fallen, and most of her close friends are just a few small officials. Only a few people can enter the center and participate in the reserve. These people are not very courageous, and they only dare to be dissatisfied privately and face to face. But he didn't even take the initiative to speak for his own Empress.

On the contrary, the opposition of King Wei's party was more fierce. Unfortunately, King Wei himself has not been in the court for a few years. In addition, he has an elder brother before and a younger brother. There are not many people who are optimistic about him, so he can't make any waves.

The elders of the cabinet fiercely opposed the establishment of the reserve. They did their part, but they didn't say much about the abolition. This represented acquiescence.

The early layers of foreshadowing finally showed its effect, and the emperor was rewarded for his amazing patience as the emperor.

The Empress was deposed on the charge of childlessness, but within a few days, it was a foregone conclusion.

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