Shao Xun didn't care about the disturbances in the previous dynasty. She knew that the emperor had his own ideas, and they must be more thoughtful than she thought.

She was concentrating on investigating the garden of Ningshou Palace.

This incident is full of strangeness. If there is no testimony from his son, Shao Xun would suspect that the princess herself had premeditated.

But after thinking about it carefully, it was obviously wrong. Not to mention that she was confused at the time and didn't even understand the key person or helping others. It was obviously impulsive and impulsive, and it was impossible to go through careful arrangements.

Furthermore, if Zhao Ruozhen really has such a brain and premeditated, then she can find a dead ghost to do this for her, after all, even the princess Wang and Sun in the palace can use a plan, then arrange another person to murder. It shouldn't be difficult for Ashu, but she wants to do it herself, which is obviously unreasonable.

The nurse was just a few breaths late. If the second princess and Deng didn't go there, Zhao Yanshu was really pushed into the water and something happened. It was clear who did it, and Zhao Ruozhen could be convicted on the spot.

What's more, the fall of the nurse in the fall seemed too coincidental.

This was not done by the eldest princess, she might have happened to be the knife, or a knife that she didn't know whether to stab someone or not.

It is not the eldest princess, and it is impossible to be the Empress. Since the emperor decided to establish the crown prince, the people of Xianning Palace have not been allowed to step out of the palace.

Judging from the beneficiaries with the most vested interests, if it is not the Empress, the most suspected consort is De fei.

Both have conflicts of interest with Shao Xun and hatred with the Empress. If she did it, it would kill two birds with one stone. It made sense.

In fact, according to Shao Xun's selfish thinking, she doesn't quite believe that De fei will do such a thing, but since she has such a motive, she must ask if she is.

De fei was originally angry because of Li Chu's affairs. After seeing Qi's picking up his son, his son turned into a mess of porridge in the backyard, and finally comforted herself. She sat in Yong'an Palace, and disaster came from the sky.

Shao Xun was more polite to her and asked Duan Peng in his palace to ask him, but he didn't mean to interrogate her.

As a result, her reaction was still fierce. She strongly denied that she even swears. She said that if she knew anything about this matter, the whole family would not die, and her tone was so intense that even her saliva was sprayed on Duan Peng's body.

This is all right, not only the elder prince, but also the people in the palace including the emperor dowager Shao Xun have cursed in.

Originally unfounded, Duan Peng apologized in accordance with Shao Xun's intentions and expressed his interest. He poured a basket of good words on De fei Concubine, and then proposed to interrogate her close court ladies and promised. Just ask, never torture.

De fei was relieved by his soft-spoken words full of Shao Xun's style, and recovered the sanity that was lost after being wronged. After thinking about it, she reluctantly said: "This is the face I gave to your concubine, if you change it. If you dare to suspect the good things the Empress has done on me, I will skin whoever dares to come."

Duan Peng wiped the sweat all over his head, and only then took a few court ladies back to the Superintendent of Rites.

After Fan Ke personally went into battle and cross-examined several times back and forth, he had to admit that it had nothing to do with De fei.

Excluding the person with the greatest motivation, you can only consider the matter itself.

There were a lot of people in the garden that day, and the children outside the palace brought their own nurses. There were seven or eight people each. In addition to the original Ningshou Palace, there were a total of 17 people who needed to be interrogated. This was another big project.

When the most suspicious people have been screened out one by one, the abolished edicts will all come down.

Zhao Ruozhen has suffered a lot in the Superintendent of Rites these days. Although no one has used torture her, she has been spoiled since childhood. Even if the place was cleaned up for her, in her eyes, it might be no different from a pig shed.

In addition, in order to find out who led her to the garden, the people who went back and forth constantly questioned her, forcing her to recall what happened before and after her vicious thoughts, which brought her tremendous psychological pressure. They were all on the verge of collapse, unable to sleep all night and all night, and hadn't eaten food for nearly two days.

After hearing the news, Shao Xun thought that although the Empress Dowager did not say anything, she was still not thinking about it for the sake of her granddaughter.

Now that all the questions have been asked, Shao Xun did not have any humiliating thoughts, so he ordered Princess Kejing to be released, dressed up and sent to Ningshou Palace to say goodbye to the Empress Dowager. It was also in order to calm the heart of the old man. You can only stay in the palace for one day, and you must leave the palace before dark.

This way, I am afraid it will be difficult to come in again.

The royal affair was really messed up and messed up. A princess made trouble with them. If the emperor had more such children, Shao Xun would be overwhelmed.

This is not how powerful Zhao Ruozhen is, but because of her blood. She has to take into account the empress dowager and the emperor's very complicated feelings for the eldest daughter. In addition, she is at the juncture of establishing a reserve after the abolition. Reproach, she can't treat the princess who was born in the palace like she did to Libi and the others, and she can send them at will if she feels annoyed, it will take a lot of effort.

In a short while, news came over there, saying that the Empress Dowager had passed out, so the imperial concubine hurried to have a look.

Shao Xun was shocked and anxious. When she stood up, she felt her head dizzy. Her eyes went dark, and it took a few breaths before she came back. She immediately said: "Come on, get ready! Go to Ningshou Palace, and talk to your Majesty by the way. Send a letter."

She arrived at Ningshou Palace at about the same time as the emperor, and knew the whole story on the way.

After Princess Kejing was released, she was still in shock. She was comforted by the Empress Dowager when she arrived at Ningshou Palace for a while, and she was given the abolished edict. After the cabinet has tried it, she will formally announce the affairs of the world. .

She was mentally abnormal, and she couldn't accept the bad news. She broke down and cried in the arms of the Empress Dowager with exhaustion. The Empress Dowager was anxious and distressed. She didn't know what to do for a while, and all kinds of emotions reached the top of her head, and she fainted and went back.

The emperor gave her a hand while she was slumping: "You slow down, are you dizzy?"

Shao Xun shook his head and walked into the hall with him.

The Empress Dowager was already awake, and she was half leaning against the head of the bed, surrounded by Fei Deng who served her to drink medicine and Zhao Ruozhen, who was both regretful and fearful with red eyes.

The imperial doctor saw the emperor and said, "The empress is only a rush of fire, so she wakes up soon. Now it is not a big problem, but you must be careful in the future. Once the liver yang becomes hyperactive, I am afraid that there is a risk of stroke."

"I see." The emperor asked the imperial physician to stay in Ningshou Palace for the time being. The emperor didn't even look at Zhao Ruozhen, but took Shao Xun and sat on the bedside: "How does the Empress Dowager feel now?"

The Empress Dowager shook her head, seemingly pretty good: "I just didn't mention it in one breath. I actually woke up in the blink of an eye. The emperor shouldn't listen to them making a fuss."

She was afraid that Princess Kejing would be charged with her mad grandmother, so she blindly downplayed it.

The emperor naturally knew this. He didn't make any comments. He just said to Deng: "Don't dare to bother your sister-in-law, I have already sent a few princesses and concubines to help you."

Deng shook her head lightly: "I can't rest assured that the Empress Dowager looks like this, so let me stay and take care of it."

The emperor thought for a while: "Then you can talk to her by the side, don't do it."

Deng is already in poor health, and she has to be taken care of by others. Don't be sick again when the Empress Dowager is healed.

The Empress Dowager was sick, and it was the duty of the daughter-in-law to attend to the illness, but the low-ranking concubine wanted to have this qualification but couldn't get it, so she let the second princess, the fourth princess, the De fei concubine and the concubine concubine concubine and concubine accompany the Empress in shifts.

Adding Shao Xun, it's actually quite enough.

Shao Xun thought for a while, and came to the outside room under the pretext of changing clothes. He pulled Mr. Wu and asked: "Mother, how can you tell the princess about the post-revocation now? It's not too late to talk about it when her mood stabilizes. Look at this. It's noisy."

Her head is going to be big.

Wu said: "Who said no, we knew that the decree had been in these two days, but the person who spread the letter was reckless, and it was broken in front of the princess."

Shao Xun was taken aback: "Who said that?"

After learning that this person had been knocked out, the premonition in Shao Xun's heart kept rising. Without thinking for long, he sent someone to guard him and asked them to ask a word.

The emperor had other things. After he was sure that the Empress Dowager was not in serious trouble, he had to go back, and Shao Xun sent him to the door.

"You are not healthy these few days. Is there anything instructing others to do it and you are not allowed to do it personally. Have you heard?"

Shao Xun nodded: "I'm not stupid. Taking care of others must do what I can. Otherwise, I don't want to add chaos to the Empress Dowager. I know the truth."

The emperor ignored the others, leaned over and hugged her waist, and gently kissed her on the forehead: "Thanks for your hard work during this time."

This is at the gate of Ningshou Palace.

Shao Xun was startled, and subconsciously looked at his followers left and right, only to see that some of them tilted their heads, and some of them lowered their heads. They all had a calm expression, as if they saw nothing.

In the past few years, Shao Xun was a bit cheeky after being experienced by the emperor. Others did not dare to look at it, so she assumed that they hadn't seen it. She touched the emperor's side cheek with her toes, generous and generous. Said: "You go slowly, we will help you take care of the Empress Dowager."

The emperor touched her head, and just about to leave, he heard Zhao Ruozhen rush out of the hall door and staggered over: "Father, Father! I have something to say… Please wait… "

This is the second time Shao Xun has heard Zhao Ruozhen's tone. It seems that he has returned to the New Year's Eve banquet a few years ago. The princess Kejing called the emperor this way and begged the emperor to show mercy to her mother.

This time, her purpose should not change.

Over there, Deng saw that the emperor and Shao Xun were not there, so she went to the door and opened the thick felt on the door frame to keep out the wind. What she saw was this scene.

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