Deng was going to find Shao Xun's footsteps to stop, and the wind was a little loud, so she simply lifted the felt, and walked out and just leaned against the door, standing at the gate of the palace and looking at the three people not far away.

Princess Kejing held only a glimmer of hope to the emperor: "You… you really want to abolish the Empress Dowager, right?"

There was no expression on the emperor's face, and he slowly said to her: "Go back and say goodbye to the Empress Dowager, go out of the palace immediately…"

Zhao Ruozhen listened, and the faint light in her eyes dissipated. She slowly bent her knees, knelt on the ground, and pleaded with a weak voice: "Father, daughter please… please, let go of the mother…"

The emperor just looked at the daughter coldly, his expression didn't waver.

Zhao Ruozhen walked a few steps on his knees and begged: "Father, your majesty, please grant me a death, don't dethrone my mother, because she is your wife, your wife who accompanied you in childhood…"

Shao Xun instinctively took a step back, but was firmly grasped by the emperor.

Zhao Ruozhen couldn't help being even more desperate when he saw this scene. The floor tiles were soaked in the coolness in this weather, but not as cold as her heart. She gritted her teeth, turned to Shao Xun, and said in a hurry: "Noble concubine, noble concubine, courtier please… The mother and Empress have nothing, if you hate me, you will kill me!"

Shao Xun took a deep breath: "Your Royal Highness, you get up first…"

Deng stood there, and a palace man saw it behind her and said: "Manny, why are you standing on the vent…"

She raised her hand to signal the other party to silence, her calm and focused gaze bet on the bottom.

Zhao Ruozhen couldn't help crying. The former prince of heaven closed her eyes and kowtoed to the emperor and Shao Xun: "I beg you, your majesty, empress, this is the only dignity left by the Empress. I, I will definitely treat the seventh brother in the future. Respectfully, if you want him to be a prince, you will be a prince. We support him wholeheartedly, and we will not be two-minded!"

She lifted her face, her face full of tears, her eyes closed tightly and she waited for her hair to fall. Those sharp eyes that resembled a Empress were closed, making her facial features look very soft, letting go of all dignity and falling into the dust. mercy.

The emperor looked at this face with a solemn gaze, and the hands he shook with Shao Xun suddenly grasped.

"You… get up first."

His tone eased a little, not as cold as he was at the beginning, Zhao Ruozhen keenly felt it, she almost cried with joy: "Father…"

The emperor finally shook his head and said: "Get up, Empress… I will move her to another palace, and the cost will not be reduced."

Deng originally watched all this with cold eyes, but at this time she couldn't help but clenched her hand.

The emperor felt it was a very difficult step backward, but in Zhao Ruozhen's eyes, it was a bolt from the blue after hope was broken.

She widened her eyes: "Father, what is missing for the Empress is the cost?"

She couldn't help but laughed: "It's ridiculous, you are mean and widowed. If you want to give up your wife and establish a new love, you just give her a little bit of charity? Are we rare?"

Her eyes looked at him directly: "There are too many Empresss without children, and…"

She pointed to Shao Xun said: "All the children in this palace, including the two born to her, can only be called the Empress'mother'. Her belly is the mother's concubine! And I, the mother and the Empress have worked so hard to give birth to you. Isn't the next daughter a child?!"

The emperor's heart of compassion disappeared so silently at that moment, but he lowered his eyes and kept telling himself in his heart-she didn't know anything, she didn't know anything…

Reluctantly pressing to his lips, the emperor did not look at Zhao Ruozhen, and squeezed Shao Xun's hand: "Let's go."

Shao Xun remained silent, turning around at this moment and said with concern: "Your Majesty, are you uncomfortable?"

The emperor shook his head calmly, did not respond to Zhao Ruozhen's hoarse call behind him, and took Shao Xun to sit on the imperial court.

Zhao Ruozhen was about to rush over to stop people when he stood up, but was stopped by several servants. One of them was sturdy, and one of them said blankly: "Your Majesty, you better not keep up."

Shao Xun originally wanted to stay with the Empress Dowager in Ningshou Palace, but she noticed that the emperor's mood was a bit wrong, and she couldn't take care of anything else when she was worried, and was dragged by him to go to the imperial court and did not refuse.

After the emperor got on the sedan chair, he was silent for a while, knocked on the side of the window, and He Jinrong's voice immediately came: "Your Majesty?"

The emperor said in a deep voice: "You go to Tiren Pavilion and tell the cabinet not to wait for tomorrow. Use the seal now to issue the imperial decree."

He Jinrong didn't ask what purpose he was talking about, and he responded neatly and ran all the way to the cabinet.

But the emperor's expression was still tight, his lips pressed together tightly, Shao Xun couldn't help but touched his face: "Your Majesty…"

The emperor held her hand against his face: "I am a little angry, don't be afraid."

Shao Xun felt a pain in his heart, and went forward to put his arms around the emperor's neck, ignoring his decision not to explore his past: "Your Majesty, what the hell is going on… Just say it. Look at you like this. I ,I……"

I feel bad…

The emperor held her back and held her tightly in his arms. After a long silence, he just said: "Let Ke Jing go out of the palace, never come in, I… can't bear it anymore… "

In the eyes of this child, she was very high-spirited when she was young, and wise and steady when she was old, how could she resist the shame, telling her that she thought the perfect lover was once a loser who was incompetent enough to be betrayed by the most trusted person.

Failed to be a man, as sons, brothers and husbands all failed…

He pushed Shao Xun away, held out her face and looked into her eyes with a very rare gloom and uncertainty: "Will you be by my side forever?"

His appearance was very scary to others, but Shao Xun couldn't help but wet his eyes somehow.

——Not fear, but pity.

She was pitying this man when she was supposed to be afraid of avoiding him.

The emperor thought to himself, how ridiculous and innocent, like the girl who fell into his arms in a panic.

Shao Xun rushed into his arms, tears streaming down and hitting the skin of his side neck, almost with hot heat that made him shudder.

The child in her arms, no, the woman choked and promised:

"I will, I will, Zhao Huan, I will always follow you, didn't I say it a long time ago… Everything about me belongs to you, and I will never leave you!"

"Go away!"

Zhao Ruozhen struggled frantically: "You eunuchs don't touch me, get out of here!"

The head servant's face changed, and then he showed a trace of coldness: "Your Majesty forbids you to follow, do you want to resist?"

Zhao Ruozhen recognized that this person was from the Ganlu Temple, and said cruelly: "The imperial concubine's words are the imperial edict?! She has such a big tone, go tell her…"

At this moment, she had no scruples in despair, and cursed hysterically: "——Let her wait, the fox charms the lord, the concubine's body is delusional, and sooner or later there will be retribution!"

The imperial servants left long ago, and the people who were left were very panicked, regardless of their superiors and inferiority, they were about to gag her mouth: "Your Majesty, you are crazy, you want to die, don't drag the servants together!"

At this time, the two princesses and the fourth princesses just arrived at the door, and they happened to hear Zhao Ruozhen's curse.

The four princesses were so excited that they couldn't wait to cover their ears and pretend not to hear them.

Her mother concubine Feng Zhaoyi offended her when she first entered the palace, and was kept in the palace for nearly two years. It was not until the seventh prince was one year old that she was remembered. The concubine raised her hand and let go. From then on Feng Zhaoyi He didn't dare to approach the Empress anymore, and shrank in the palace tremblingly, and didn't move anyone to provoke him.

Later, I found that the imperial concubine didn't remember her at all, and the offense at the time didn't seem to mean turning over the old account. This was a little relieved, but the Empress was completely disconnected, and even when she saw the second prince, she turned her head and left. .

The same is true for the fourth princess. She is not only afraid of the imperial concubine, but even the second sister, who was not seen in the past, is even more afraid of the eldest princess.

At this moment, hearing such words, couldn't help but look at Zhao Ruotong, and was immediately shocked by her ugly expression.

Zhao Ruozhen broke away from the person who pulled her, and no longer wanted to chase the emperor. She looked up and saw Zhao Ruotong standing there, seeming to hear her own words, but she was not afraid of any guilty conscience.

She thinks she is not afraid of anything now, and there is nothing to make her worry about.

She sneered immediately, looked at Zhao Ruotong sarcastically, and saw that the other party's eyes were rounded and his face was pale. Only then did she feel a little more relieved and turned back to Ningshou Palace.

She and Fei Deng passed by, and the other party gave her way.

Zhao Ruosang looked at her second sister cautiously: "Let's go in too."

Zhao Ruotong took a deep breath and nodded.

The two walked to Deng Fei's side and went in together. Zhao Ruotong was still thinking about Princess Kejing's words, worried that the other party would do anything bad again.

At this time, Fei Deng whispered beside her: "Are you angry?"

Zhao Ruotong looked over with a bit of surprise, and saw that Deng's expression was still soft, but her eyes were heavy, as if something invisible was rolling violently, she seemed to sigh, "I will only be more angry…"

Zhao Ruotong opened his eyes slightly, and looked at each other in a puzzled manner: "What did you say?"

Fei Deng chuckled slightly: "Go and see the Empress Dowager, I have something else to do."

Her words were quite plain, and it was the same as talking about what to eat at night, but Zhao Ruotong's thinking was far more sensitive than ordinary people, but somehow, she seemed to slam a certain string in her head, and she stared blankly. With Fei Deng's elegant and light back, she felt that she had overlooked something for a while.

She turned her head and walked a few steps, before entering the sleeping hall suddenly said: "Sister Si, I want to change clothes, you can go in first."

Zhao Ruosang didn't doubt he had him, didn't dare to think about it, nodded and walked in.

Zhao Ruotong stopped in place, and randomly found a little eunuch and asked, "Who is in the side hall now? Is Princess Kejing?"

The little eunuch replied: "No, the princess has just returned to the dormitory, and the side hall is now Young Master Lin who is taking a lunch break."

Zhao Ruotong's eyebrows trembled violently, she turned around and walked quickly to the side hall, standing on the pillars, and she saw Deng standing stupefied at the door for a while, pushing the door in.

Zhao Ruotong's heart was pounding and almost came out of his mouth, and many clues that had been ignored in the past flashed through his mind quickly, and he immediately shook his heart and called to go forward.

But after two steps, she stopped, her expression changing rapidly in a short time.

In the end, he was frozen in a cold indifference.

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