Yu Nian did not carry it into the Temple of Ganlu. When the emperor came down to Shao Xun, she did not reach out to support, but directly hugged her in his arms. She did not realize what he was going to do.

Liangyi Hall was the place where the emperor summoned his officials, and also the place where the Yan's bed was buried, but the emperor did not take Shao Xun to the apse, but went directly to the study.

It is said that it is a study room, but it is actually a hall. The most important political affairs of the entire country are reviewed and used here, from military ceremonies to culture and education, but all major events that reach the center will make decisions in this palace.

This is the center of the entire Great Zhou politics.

The emperor carried Shao Xun all the way into the hall, and the entourage behind him was habitually about to follow him. Kang Li's eyes quickly stopped him, and he quickly closed the two doors with everyone's unknown eyes.

The sound of closing the door was so loud that the emperor's footsteps were paused, and then he continued forward and went straight to the imperial case, and placed Shao Xun directly on the wide chair with sandalwood and gold.

Shao Xun immediately reacted. Underneath his body was the dragon chair representing the nine-fifth supreme. He opened his eyes and struggled reflexively, but he was forced back by the emperor effortlessly.

"Your Majesty!"

Shao Xun had just cried, and now his eyes are still slightly red, his eyes widened as black and bright as if they had been washed by a stream, without any impurities.

The emperor pressed her shoulder with one hand, and slightly lifted her face with the other hand. He seemed to smile calmly: "You should call my name again."

"I…" Shao Xun felt vacant: "I'm in a hurry…"

The emperor's thumb was pressed on her lips: "It sounds good…"

He leaned down, pressed his face to her face, and finally whispered: "You should always call me like this, let people listen…"

The last four words were almost silent, but Shao Xun still heard them. She opened her eyes wide and realized something in an instant. As soon as she raised her hand to push him away, she was struck hard under her ear…

More than just a moment.

Shao Xun couldn't move away. He was firmly trapped in his arms. His ears were red and spread along the side of his cheeks. After a long time, almost even his eyes were red.

"Your Majesty! Your Majesty!" Her face turned almost unbearable, and finally asked for a detour: "Don't be here, I'll listen to you, just don't be here!"

The emperor raised his head slightly, took a few breaths, and said, "Okay, can I take you away?"

Shao Xun didn't expect him to talk so well, so he nodded hurriedly because he was afraid that he would regret it.

The emperor lifted his upper body and chuckled lightly, his eyes were completely different from the past, with a little flirtatious arrogance, which almost made Shao Xun a little surprised.

He raised his voice and said to the people outside the door: "Kang Li, take a ride, the imperial concubine is going to the Taiji Hall with me."

The meaning of the three words "Tai Chi Palace" made Shao Xun's dizzy mind immediately clear up. She looked at the emperor in disbelief, "Are you kidding me?"

The emperor was still smiling: "Why are I kidding?" He touched her hot cheek: "Because I look like a serious person?"

Shao Xun was a little dazed, and the emperor said softly, "Did you know that, but no man in the world is a good person, and I am no exception."

After all, I really wanted to pick her up.

This time Shao Xun didn't even struggle anymore, but gently put his hand on the emperor's arm, making him startled for a moment, and turned his face to look at her.

"Are you still sad?"

The emperor's smile faded slightly: "Why should I be sad?"

Shao Xun looked at him quietly for a while, suddenly stretched out his hand, slender ten fingers across his handsome face, and continued to pull the hairpins with golden crowns on his head upwards, threw them on the ground, and then climbed him. Putting his arms around him, he whispered softly: "It's okay there, or here, or Tai Chi Hall. I just said that I will always be with you…"

The emperor tightened his lips. If he only looked at his somewhat indifferent expression, almost no one would know that his body was trembling slightly.

But Shao Xun could feel it, and she continued: "It's just that before that, you have to answer me one thing."

The emperor's voice was not as aggressive as before, and he muffled: "What?"

Shao Xun let go of his hand to look into his eyes: "You are so sad and angry, is it for the Empress?"

This was another unexpected question. The emperor was surprised. He paused, and the frivolous temperament that had just disappeared again. He couldn't help but ask with curiosity: "If I say yes…"

"Then I will regret it," Shao Xun said with a relaxed tone, and she smiled and said, "Don't take me, take your Empress and go wherever you want."

The emperor was stunned for a long time before he loosened his whole body. He hugged Shao Xun and leaned on the back of the chair together, and couldn't help but laugh.

Shao Xun stayed with him until he stopped laughing, and then whispered: "No, I am not for the Empress."

He leaned over and kissed her face: "Sorry, did you hurt you just now?"

Shao Xun finally breathed a sigh of relief. She shook her head: "It doesn't hurt, but you scared me."

To be honest, he was a bit like a willful child, and to a certain extent, the lethality of the child is far more than that of a mature man.

They often hurt everyone around them unconsciously because of their own pain.

While apologizing, the emperor kissed her tenderly, seeming to return the tenderness that had just been owed to her. Shao Xun accepted the apology and began to respond to him.

After a while, the emperor grabbed her touched hand and breathed a little messy: "Aren't you…willing to be here?"

Shao Xun said: "Then you are going to Tai Chi Hall?"

The emperor looked at her, and the two of them stuck together again, and he said: "The days to come will be so long, take your time…"

Shao Xun thought it was his turn to take the initiative this time, but found that he was really spared and lacking energy. After a while, he fell asleep and was hugged by the emperor on a dragon bed. He lay down for a long time before he came back.

She opened her somewhat vague eyes and saw the emperor wearing a coat, leaning on the bedside in a leisurely posture, looking at a miscellaneous book without a glance.

Seeing that Shao Xun was awake, he put the book aside and helped her up: "It's not that I said you, this is not useful, but I want to provoke people."

Shao Xun also felt a little embarrassed, she had never been so easily tired before.

The emperor kept in good health all the time and was afraid of old age. Shao Xun comforted him. As a result, his family was no different from a few years ago. He actually lost energy when he was only a double ten?

Shao Xun found it hard to accept this thought, and he made up his mind to never steal the emperor's snacks again.

The two were close together, even if they didn't talk, they felt comfortable. Shao Xun regained his energy and straightened up and asked the emperor to take her clothes over: "I have to go, otherwise De feie won't be able to see me. I don't know. What do you want to say."

The emperor said: "Aren't you tired if you care about what other people do?"

"I slept all afternoon, how tired this is."

Shao Xun took the clothes and put them on her body awkwardly. The emperor had no choice but to help her wear them together: "You go and stay away from Kejing… Forget it, I ask someone to send her out."

Shao Xun nodded: "The consort has been begging outside the palace for several days, let him come to pick him up, maybe the princess will feel more comfortable when they meet each other."

The emperor had just been coaxed by Shao Xun, and when he was in his best mood, he responded with an indifferent attitude, and immediately called someone to pass Lin Qun into the palace.

After Shao Xun puts on his clothes and combs his hair, not a short time has passed.

But before she left the house, He Jinrong hurriedly sent a letter.

The abolished edict had already been issued, and the emperor frowned and said, "What's the matter?"

He Jinrong let out a sigh of relief: "Something happened!"

"Kejing again?"

"No, no! Young Master Lin is not good!"

The hosta in Shao Xun's hand accidentally slid to the ground and suddenly broke into two halves.

An adult is an adult and a child is a child. The emperor does not want to anger a young child, and Dang Even went back to Ningshou Palace with Shao Xun.

Suddenly, the Empress Dowager was also ill. No one dared to tell her about it, so she drank a dose of tranquilizer and fell asleep. It happened that Lin Bo was placed in the side hall, and even if there was any big movement, she couldn't disturb the Empress Dowager. .

Rao was so, when Shao Xun walked to the door of the Piandian, he could still hear the painful cry of the woman inside.

She was also a mother, and she stopped immediately before pushing the door to enter.

Several imperial doctors have formed a circle outside, and they are discussing something, each with a solemn expression.

Princess Kejing lay on the side of the bed, crying, and squeezed her son's hand: "Abo, Abo, open your eyes and look at your mother… don't you want your mother to hold it the most? You sit up, mother just Is it okay to hold you home? Abo…"

She said that she couldn't cry, but she raised her head unintentionally, but saw Shao Xun standing with the emperor.

"You! It's you!" Zhao Ruozhen screamed, her tears hung on her face, and she couldn't stabilize her body when she stood up. Still staggering, she rushed towards Shao Xun: "You want to kill my son!"

Shao Xun frowned and didn't move, Zhao Ruozhen was grabbed by his arm after two steps.

Lin Bo was motionless on the bed, and Shao Xun ignored Zhao Ruozhen's sane complaints, and quickly walked to the bed to look at the child.

I saw the thin little boy lying quietly on the bed, his face pale, and except for his slightly undulating chest, he could barely see that he was a living person.

His lips are jet-blue.

Shao Xun took a breath and looked at the emperor. He looked solemn and called the emperor's doctor over: "This child is…"

Grand Doctor Zhang looked at Zhao Ruozhen, who was crying too hard and then scolded, and nodded softly: "It's poisoned, now it seems…"

The emperor closed his eyes and said, "Do your best to save his life."

All the imperial physicians were trembling and refused to speak. Upon seeing this, Mr. Zhang said:

"Your Majesty, the poison in the little boy is very obvious. At first, his heartbeat speeds up and he is restless, and then he feels nauseous and vomits, but he can't induce vomiting, but he is unconscious after a short time… but compared to the usual poisonousness. It will not cause pain. This is a poison commonly used in the palaces of the previous dynasty. It is specially given to death for some concubines who shouldn't die or the emperor can't bear to die."

He whispered: "Although the poisoned person doesn't suffer much, but…there is no cure."

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