His voice was low, but Zhao Ruozhen heard it. She suddenly broke free from the shackles, ran to the bed and hugged Lin Bo: "Abo! Abo!"

Lin Bo was of course motionless.

Zhao Ruozhen stared at the son in his arms in a daze.

When he grew up to such a big age, she has personally raised him, breast-feeding, watching the night herself, holding him to coax him, and carefully raising him from a cat-like stumbling to the present.

Zhao Ruozhen still remembers the child's appearance when he was born. He was bruised and cried all night. She couldn't sleep all night, and when she woke up, the first thing was to lie on the child's chest and listen to his breathing. Such a small child didn't even have the energy to gasp, so he died in his sleep.

But he has grown to four years old, and he can start to read, write and play like a normal, healthy child. Why should he do this?

She was in a bad mood during this period and always reprimanded Lin Bo, but the child had a temper with his father and was very soft. Whenever she regretted that she should not scold him, she saw Lin Bo smiling and standing behind her in a blink of an eye. , No grudges at all.

Such a child is innocent and innocent, his eyes are pure and have not seen any ugliness, and he is more innocent than anyone.

Princess Kejing stopped screaming, and a drop of tears fell from her eyes. Holding Lin Bo's limp body, she turned her head to find Shao Xun, and whispered: "Noble concubine, isn't it you?"

Shao Xun's nose was sore, she shook her head.

"If it's you, save him." Zhao Ruozhen said dumbly: "As long as he wakes up, I won't blame you. I will go out of the palace and take away my title and status, or take my life. You can go as long as you can save him."

Shao Xun doesn't like her, but he has to admit that Lin Bo is a likable child. He and Zhao Yanshu are different types of well-behaved, clingy and squeamish, a little silly, but kind and indifferent, and follow Zhao Yanshu as a kid. At the tail, Zhao Yanshu said that he disliked him, but in fact cherished this friend very much, and the first thing he thought of was to share it with him.

The son's breathing slowly weakened, and Zhao Ruozhen seemed to have lost his soul: "Let me die for him, he is too young, let him grow up a little bit…"

Shao Xun is a woman, and even a mother. She couldn't accept this picture at all. Her eyes were sour that her eyelashes were wet. She turned her head and asked Doctor Zhang, "Is there a way to do it? Think about it again, maybe some medicinal material, We have everything…"

Doctor Zhang was accustomed to life and death, and shook his head quite calmly at this time: "Prying open his mouth can barely pour in some common detoxification potions, but this is all in vain… the poison is in the viscera and cannot be vomited out. , The gods are also hard to save."

Shao Xun couldn't believe it, but it was just a few hours' time. The kid who was still alive before was dying in a blink of an eye. Just like Zhao Ruozhen said, he was still so young.

Who can kill such a child so cruelly?

Zhao Ruozhen held the child and walked to the emperor: "Father, come, you come to hug him, you are the emperor, omnipotent, please save him, order him to live!"

She sent Lin Bo to the emperor.

The emperor didn't push him away, he really stretched out his hand to take Lin Bo over.

He was also used to seeing life and death, quietly watching this dying grandson, the sadness in his heart surged into his heart.

He is just a secular emperor, not a true son of heaven. He can neither save nor protect anyone who is about to die.

Lin Bo grew up so big that the emperor never hugged him several times, but at the last moment of this child's life, he quietly stopped breathing in his arms.

Zhao Ruozhen hasn't moved, her eyes are woody, until Ma Linqun crawled through the door: "Princess!"

Her eyes finally moved, and she raised her face and looked at her husband in a daze: "The horse… Lin Qun, come and see Abo… he's dead…"

Lin Qun was eagerly looking at him while he was on the road. He already knew that his son was in an accident. Hearing the bad news at this time, tears burst into his eyes.

He walked in step by step, took his beloved son's body from the arms of the silent emperor, who had already begun to turn cold, walked to Zhao Ruozhen's side, and hugged his wife and children together.

Zhao Ruozhen grabbed his clothes, and the late, heart-piercing heartache finally spread throughout the limbs.


Zhao Ruotong stood at the door with an insignificant tremor, and she stared at this scene with wide-eyed eyes.

Shao Xun seemed to be crying. She did not disturb the family aloud, but leaned against the emperor with her mouth covered.

Zhao Ruotong thought, what did he do before?

She couldn't stop shaking, turned and ran to an empty room lying on the table.

It's hard to say regret or regret, she still has no feeling for Lin Chen at all.

She had always felt that she was fine before, just a little flustered, but when she really saw the family of three hugging each other, the parents were heartbroken for their children, she realized what she had done.

She didn't start it personally, but she closed her mouth and didn't do anything, knowing that something would happen if she let it go.

What is the difference between seeing death without saving and killing?

She was not quite right, Zhao Ruotong thought to herself, she was madly scared now, but this kind of fear was not for the dead child, but for her indifference.

When she stood at the door, she thought of her childhood for the first time.

At that time, Concubine Gong was angry when she came back outside, always scolding her for venting her anger. Although she didn't want to do anything, but the anger came up, and the words were very unpleasant. One of them has been remembered by Zhao Ruotong until now.

Concubine Gong scolded her, "Since she was born, she has brought no good things. She is a born bad kind, a born bad body."

At that time, she was standing there cringingly, and all the palace people she saw were a little pitying, persuading Concubine Gong to say how well-behaved and good she was, and don't say that to her.

But until now, until now, she was shocked to find that what Concubine Gong said was actually right.

Should I say that she is the wise woman Moruomu? When she was so young, the other party had already said it, and she was sure that when she grew up, she would be a villain that couldn't be more vicious.

Sure enough, it was… a natural bad species.

The grandmother Qiu, who was next to Zhao Ruotong, found the master after searching for a long time, and hurriedly came in and pressed her shoulder and said eagerly: "Your Royal Highness, something happened over there…"

She was taken aback for a moment, and her body was trembling non-stop: "You know? Go now, De fei has passed by… Don't be sad…"

"I'm not sad," Zhao Ruotong raised her head, her eyes were dry, without a trace of tears, but she couldn't stop her trembling, to the point where people could see what was wrong at a glance.

"What's the matter with you, are you afraid or uncomfortable?" Qiu Shi was a little panicked: "I, I will tell the concubine empress…"

"No!" Zhao Ruotong's voice was suddenly high and sharp. She woke up immediately as if she had finally woken up. She sat there and grabbed Qiu's waist clothes: "No! Anyone can do… You can't let the noble concubine. know……"

The Qiu family caressed Zhao Ruotong's head: "Your Majesty, Your Highness, don't worry, the slaves don't say what's the matter with you?" Zhao Ruotong is relieved now, even the trembling is much better. She has been stunned for a long time, and suddenly looked at Qiu: "Mother Mother, you came out of the Hall of Two Instruments, your master is me or your majesty."

Qiu gave a sigh in her heart, but she thought about it for a while, and said with three points hesitation: "Your Majesty is the prince of everyone in the world, but if he allows slaves to serve you, then you are the master of slaves."

Zhao Ruotong doesn't know if he believes it, maybe it makes no difference to her whether what Qiu said is true or not.

She calmed down, and simply said: "I know who killed Lin Bo."

Qiu was taken aback: "This is a good thing, you go quickly…"

"But I just watched and didn't stop it."

Qiu's eyes widened: "What did you say? Why?"

What flashed in Zhao Ruotong's mind was the princess's silently raised hand behind Zhao Yanshu, and she hysterically cursed Shao Xun for "sooner or later there will be retribution."

She spoke softly: "Since I was young, I have been grieving for a long time."

When she was young, Zhao Ruozhen was very much loved, but she always saw her younger brothers and sisters not pleasing to her eyes. In fact, she would not take the initiative to bully. After all, these people are not worthy of her deliberate teaching, especially Zhao Ruotong. A child who doesn't know how to scream, she only expresses contempt and contempt with her verbal expressions.

When Wu Wang was young, he often fought with Zhao Ruozhen because he was not convinced, but Zhao Ruotong had long been used to this kind of painless sarcasm in his biological mother. Zhao Ruozhen would not take the initiative to get up when she pushed her down on the ground. This kind of child treats her. It is a kind of condescension to deliberately bully her as an enemy. Most of the time she is bullied even with ease. They are not sisters, but they are not for the enemy's sake.

But Qiu didn't know this, she easily believed it, and immediately became impatient: "This, this…"

Zhao Ruotong no longer trembles, she said: "If you are your Majesty's person, go and report to him, if it is my person, shut up, I will tell you the matter, and the decision is yours."

Qiu is just like the ant on the hot pot: "You, are you trying to kill me?"

Zhao Ruotong closed his eyes: "If you want to report, you can only tell your Majesty for the sake of our master and servant."

Let the emperor deal with her, so that she would not tell her the truth for fear that Shao Xun would be sad. Maybe he would find a reason…

As long as she doesn't let her know, she knows that she is disgusting and she is not worthy of being her friend. She saved the wrong person and believed in the wrong person completely.

Princess Kejing cried until she fainted, Lin Qun could only wipe away her tears and settle her wife, and then deal with his son's funeral.

Lin Bo died at a young age and could not hold a big funeral. Moreover, Lin Qun was a child of Lin's family. In any case, Lin Qun hoped that his son could be buried in Lin's family. In the future, their husband and wife could accompany him forever after a hundred years. The emperor respected him. Choose, order people to arrange the coffin shroud.

De fei and others arrived at this time. She looked at Shao Xun's red and swollen eyes, shook her head and sighed, "This is really a sin."

Shao Xun watched Sung Il follow behind Zhao Yanshu. The child who was about his age was breathless. He felt an indescribable infarction and uncomfortable feeling. It was the same idea as De fei. For the death of this child, with her mother. The grievances don't seem to be so important anymore.

"Have you found out anything?"

Shao Xun said: "There will be news soon. It's too blatant. It's almost as if it's done right and right."

De fei said: "I said let the eldest princess restrain yourself. She has offended even us people a lot for so many years. She has a temperament and likes to take people down, and she has a heavy hand…"

"It's too late to say this now." Shao Xun finally got dizzy and guilty again: "The Empress Dowager doesn't know about it yet, and she can't hide it. She must be revealed to her a little bit. Who will tell?"

De fei was the first to say: "Whoever loves to go, I won't go!"

Concubine Gong and Concubine Hui lowered their eyes too busy, for fear of being named by Shao Xun.

At this time, one of Fan Ke's eunuchs came over and said a few words in Shao Xun's ear with a solemn expression.

Shao Xun was stunned for a moment, "Are you not mistaken?"

The eunuch shook his head slightly.

A look of horror appeared in Shao Xun's eyes, and he turned his head suddenly in De fei's puzzled eyes.

The emperor was standing in front of Lin Bo's small coffin, with his eyes down not knowing what he was thinking.

Shao Xun's throat rolled, and she said with difficulty: "Quick! Don't, don't disturb other people, arrest her."

The eunuch left as it should, but immediately returned in a hurry: "Manny, she is not in Ningshou Palace…"

Shao Xun raised his head and listened to him: "She just arrived at the princess's place. After waking up the princess, she didn't know what she said. The two went out together…"

Shao Xun's heart sank straight.

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