Shao Xun quickly tuned people to find someone, so that they must find the two and bring them back as quickly as possible. On the other side, they walked to the emperor's side, grabbed his sleeve and pulled him to the small hall next to him.

The emperor's expression was calm, and he could not see any sadness. He lowered his head and looked at Shao Xun: "What?"

Shao Xun opened her mouth. She originally wanted to spend time organizing the language, but when she reached her lips, she realized that it was really difficult. She said hurriedly, "Is there any grudge between Empress Deng and the Empress or Princess Kejing?"

When she asked this, she didn't expect the emperor to have such an obvious reaction. He was always calm and unobtrusive, but now there was obvious consternation in his eyes.

Although this emotion is fleeting.

"Why ask?"

Shao Xun stared at him, as if he wanted to see something more: "The only people who have entered Abo's room are her, except for a few palace servants who guard him."

The emperor did not speak for a while. He stood far away, his expression unchanged, but Shao Xun found that his pupils were shrinking violently.

This is a manifestation of his emotional ups and downs.

"She has gone out with the eldest princess now, I sent someone to find it," Shao Xun said solemnly, "Your Majesty, this is very bad."

Just as he was saying this, an attendant from Ganlu Temple arrived. He looked at the emperor and did not speak, but Shao Xun looked at the emperor without replying and said, "Say."

"…The little eunuch woke up, he said that Empress Deng asked him to pass on the news of the abolition."

To be honest, this can no longer make Shao Xun a little surprised: "You can withdraw."

"I've been thinking that in the garden that day, who has the skill and skill to use such a short time so that Princess Kejing was hitting the single Ashu, not the De fei, not the Empress." Shao Xun He pursed his mouth, and his chest rose and fell sharply: "Did you know, I even suspected the Empress Dowager."

But Fei Deng was missed.

"She likes Ashu very much, and more importantly, she has no grievances and no conflicts with me. I believe her from the bottom of my heart. But I thought that the incident was mainly aimed at Ashu, and I didn't expect it at all. … The princess is her goal, they turned out to have hatred."

Shao Xun paused and said, "But, you know it clearly."

The emperor shook his head. He touched Shao Xun's shoulders, but was avoided. This was the first time Shao Xun was really angry at him: "You know, why don't you say it! Let the children fall into that way. Dangerous situation!"

The emperor grabbed her arm and said before she struggled: "I thought she didn't know it!"

Shao Xun looked at him, the emperor closed his eyes, and opened his mouth when he opened them.

At this time, the guards came to report in a panic: "Your Majesty! Empress Deng has kidnapped Princess Kejing!"

Shao Xun said with an expression: "Where are the people?"

"In…in Xianning Palace."


The door was knocked open all of a sudden, and the Empress Dowager was supported by Lin Qun with a pale face and stood there: "Yes, who is holding Zhen'er?"

Xianning Palace is now lenient in entry and strict in exit, and it is difficult for people inside to get out, but because of the need for daily things, as long as there are signs, they can still enter.

Deng carried the token of the Empress Dowager and brought Zhao Ruozhen in in the name of the Empress Dowager.

Emperor Shao Xun, as well as the empress dowager who must grind their teeth regardless of the body, and the Ma Lin group arrived when Fei Deng was firmly controlling Zhao Ruozhen and the empress facing each other at a stone table, surrounded by nervous servants, and then outside. It was the guard who was attracted by the Empress's loud voice.

The arrow in the archer's hand was facing Deng, but they neither dared to actually shoot her, nor dared to ignore the princess's life, so they could only let it go.

Deng encircled Zhao Ruozhen's neck with one arm, and one hand held a sharp bead hairpin tightly against her side neck. Her hand was very stable, which made Shao Xun think of when she picked up Zhao Yanshu. Effortless look.

The sky was a bit dark, but the sharp end of the pearl hairpin was still glowing with chilling cold light.

The Empress used the table to support her body with difficulty and gritted her teeth and said: "What do you have against me, first Abo, then Ruozhen, will you only anger the innocent?!"

Deng smiled lightly: "The Empress Empress… shouldn't be the old Su clan, what are you anxious about? Why, I want to see the emperor, are you panicking?"

The emperor watched this scene through the opened window. He was going to go out, but was stopped by the rivers commanded by the forbidden army: "Your Majesty, Deng is holding the princess and asking to see you. This situation cannot be what the criminals want, otherwise I am afraid it will happen. Backfired."

Lin Qun almost lay on the window: "The princess is there!"

The emperor's expression was a bit solemn, and he stretched out his hand: "Bring the bow and arrow."

When he really opened the bow, the Empress Dowager panicked: "What are you going to do, Zhen'er is still in her hands!"

The emperor was unmoved, he said indifferently: "I will not hurt anyone."

He swayed his arm gently, and skillfully pointed the tip of the arrow at the outside of Fei Deng's wrist. At such a distance, he almost didn't need to look closely, and he knew that he couldn't make a slight deviation.

But Deng, who was facing the crowd, seemed to notice the coldness of the weapon. She closed her smile and changed her posture sensitively: "Your Majesty, isn't it you?"

Deng's natural eyesight was not as good as that of a normal person, and she couldn't see clearly when it got dark, but she was able to find the right place keenly, and it was the direction of the emperor.

She turned her hand and placed her arm and other places on her chest. In this way, it would be almost impossible to force her to let go without hurting her life.

But the emperor's hand did not let go, and the arrow was still on the bowstring ready to go.

He is looking for an opportunity.

Zhao Ruozhen's eyesight was normal. She saw the emperor and immediately shook her head and struggled violently, "Father, leave me alone, it's her! She killed Abo."

Deng squeezed her hand and immediately pinched Zhao Ruozhen into speechlessness, almost asphyxiated, but she still shook her head desperately with all her strength.

Su Clan looked at the bruise that followed his face, and could hardly help rushing forward: "What are you going to do?!"

Deng pursed her lips and no longer smiled: "Your Majesty, no… it's Ahuan, have you already arrived?"

"If you arrive, either kill me or come out," she raised her voice: "Are you going to kill me? Do you still remember how my dad taught you horseback and archery when you first arrived at the barracks? Soldiers fight…"

Shao Xun looked at the emperor: "Your Majesty!"

His lips were pressed tightly, and the tip of the arrow in his hand dropped slightly.

"He likes you so much, he almost treats you as his own son, and asks me to treat you as a brother. Why, Zhao Ying is your brother, but I am not your sister?"

The emperor looked at Deng with a deep expression, and finally let down the bow and arrow.

"A Huan, you can really bear it," Deng Fei sneered: "I remember that when you were a child, you must repay you. You have to report back to the child on the spot. Now you can endure being the king of life for half your life!"

"Deng Ting!"

"A Ting!"

Two horrified female voices rang indiscriminately, trying to stop her from speaking next.

Shao Xun on the side seemed to be hit by a thunderbolt, and almost all doubts from the beginning to the present were solved at this moment.

The emperor's attitude towards the Empress was his wife, but he was able to shut her down for half of her life, making her look like she is now skinny, not a human or a ghost, who wants to die but is reluctant to die.

The eldest princess is her eldest daughter. The Empress Dowager dotes on her more than all the emperor grandchildren. However, as a father, while giving her a good material life, she is extremely indifferent to this once-awaited child, and even suffers from the loss of her son. Pain can't give even a trace of warmth.

In fact, the emperor was never a good father. He could not and could not do this, but he treated his children indifferently, but he was secretly distracted at a certain critical time.

The princesses selected by the princes were all low-status but most suitable for them. Knowing that Zhao Ruotong was treated harshly by his subordinates, they also believed that "Diao Nu is not worthy to confront my daughter."

He did not allow the Empress Dowager to intervene in the marriage of his children, but when the princess arrived, he did not pay attention to it. Lin Qun was selected by the Empress Dowager from start to finish, and he did not ask a single word.

This is a gesture of hope that this child will have a good life, but not reconciled to watch her.

He said to Shao Xun, "Leave me a bit of face."

At this time, Shao Xun felt that he had no brains, what kind of mistakes could be described by the emperor, should she say that she was young and ignorant at first, and she had not forgotten this thought at all.

The Empress… actually had an affair with someone?

As for who that man is…

She looked at Deng's tight face and the empress dowager's horrified expression-this, does this still need to be said?

Fei Deng heard the empress dowager and Su's screams and couldn't help but laugh. The more she laughed, the louder she laughed, and her laughter was unstoppable. If it weren't for her hand to hold Zhao Ruozhen tightly and not relax at all, others might have done so. Thought she was really happy.

Deng finally stopped laughing: "The empress dowager…Are you afraid that I will explain your scandal? Why don't you ask your son whether he knows it or not?"

The Empress Dowager looked at the emperor blankly, her expression turned from fright to unbelievable.

The emperor looked forward without any response.

The Empress Dowager got the answer from the silence, she couldn't help but put her head aside and dared not look at anyone.

The forbidden army commanding Zhuhe was stunned by the sudden turn of the stone and the shocking scene. He almost wanted to cut off his ears as if he had never heard a word.

He tried his best to keep his expression calm. He looked at the guards and housekeepers around Deng Fei, and his heart relaxed a little.

Su Shi was trembling all over, she didn't dare to turn her head, her eyes were fixed on the daughter in front of her.

Zhao Ruozhen's expression slowly changed from anger to doubt, and finally she relaxed. She looked at Su clan blankly: "Mother…what does she mean?"

Su Clan closed his eyes, gritted his teeth and asked Fei Deng, "What are you…what do you want to do?!"

"Of course it is to let this child know what his parents are like an adulterer and adulteress." Fei Deng lowered her head and said in Zhao Ruozhen's ear: "You mean it is a sin kind?"

Zhao Ruozhen blinked and seemed to come alive: "You are talking nonsense…you are talking nonsense!"

Su Clan gritted his teeth and said, "Since you hate me so much, come to me for revenge. Why do you want to kill Abo?"

The hairpin in Feida Dengdao's hand moved forward, and the end pierced Zhao Ruozhen's skin and shed blood: "Then why are you harming my child?"

Su Clan really froze for a moment. After realizing who she was talking about, she couldn't help but collapsed and grabbed the stone table and lost her voice: "Then what happened to me! I didn't let you give birth prematurely, nor did I let him. dead!!"

Fei Deng sneered: "If it wasn't for the child in your stomach, how could A Ying die in shame and anger? How could I be born prematurely."

When she closed her eyes, it was the scene from that year.

The two of them went to the Ganlu Temple to attend to the seriously ill Emperor Xian. Deng Fei was pregnant, and she only lasted for a while. She was persuaded by the prince to rest on the couch in the cubicle.

She slept shallowly, was awakened by the slight movement, got out of bed lightly and walked out, and then saw a situation that would never be forgotten for a lifetime.

She and the prince's younger siblings, Princess Qin Su's face panicked at him, confessing to him that the child in her womb was pregnant "that night", and begging him to give an idea about what to do when the child is born .

The prince may have just learned about this. He was shocked and ashamed, and was chased by Su Clan for a few words, and even spit out a mouthful of blood.

Su Clan was terrified, but the prince was in good condition and did not fall down. He tried to say something, and the emperor exclaimed that he was not okay.

As the son of man, it was too late to say anything to Su Clan, so she could only drag her already a little bit strong and flew to the sleeping hall to guard her father, leaving the woman squatting on the ground with her belly and crying.

Whether she was afraid or ashamed, Deng couldn't tell, she just knew one thing.

Her husband had an affair with her younger siblings and betrayed her.

She was like a thunderbolt in the blue, hardly able to react to feelings, and could only be stunned until her aching stomach awakened her, and then she found a familiar figure flashed by not far behind the door.

It is King Qin.

Su's family was exposed to the biggest and most shameful thing in her life by Fei Deng in front of so many people, and she did not dare to look at her daughter's incredulous eyes.

"Why," Deng said, "Uncle brother and sister, an adulteress, do you know how to be ashamed?"

The sound of "prostitute," made the Empress suddenly raise her head. Now she has the daughter who was held hostage by Deng. There is almost nothing to lose. Instead, she said loudly, "I am an adulteress. Then I am only sorry, your Majesty, what good thing are you, and you are worthy to blame me?!"

Deng didn't expect that she would have the face to look up in front of her at this time, and she disdainfully said: "Why can't I? I am…"

"I'm the one who agreed with Zhao Ying for life!" The Empress interrupted her: "He was going to propose a marriage, but you were the one who stole the husband and wife!"

Deng was stunned, and then became even more angry: "You, you two have a tail? You guys…"

"Why do we have a tail? We male and unmarried woman are unmarried, why can't we be together on purpose, but you," the Empress sneered: "Guangdong Jiyue has been a good person for too long, forget how we used Chengyang in the first place. Hou's death is used as a bargaining chip, and with tears of tears, Emperor Qiu Xian will marry you to A Ying."

Deng's hand shook, and then she tried harder, almost piercing Zhao Ruozhen's neck.

"I don't know at all! If he has another love…"

"Haha, don't know? You don't want to know?" The Empress sneered: "Chengyanghou just passed away, he made a great contribution and died before the founding of the country, and he was kind to the Zhao family, when Ah Ying wanted to turn you down. , Are you holding him and crying bitterly and crying about your sadness of losing your father?"

"Everything is like this, always like this! We all know that you have a good father, and you just had to pull the dead out to make your Majesty feel guilty… His cold heart is still like this, you don't know Ah Ying's temperament?" Su His voice grew louder and louder: "You take your dead child to swear to heaven-swear that you don't know what kind of person he is, saying that you never expected that after you cried like that, he would never refuse it anyway! "

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