Su Clan's voice fell, ushering in a suffocating silence, she was shocked, hurriedly turned her head, and then couldn't help staggering to the side.

"Your Majesty……"

The emperor didn't take into account Zhuhe's dissuasion anymore. He kept the others in the room, and he slowly walked to the point where Deng could barely reach under the crowd.

The darkening night cast a dark light on the man, his expression cold and indifferent, as if he was watching a ridiculous but not ridiculous comedy.

His family…or rather, his own scandals have been completely offended in front of so many people, and getting angry is what ordinary people should do.

Most of the people present were also in panic, wondering if after listening to so many royal secrets, could I live to see the sun tomorrow.

His wife has an affair with his elder brother. What kind of mentality does he use to watch the jealous struggle between his wife and his sister-in-law?

"Your Majesty, you just stand there and don't move." Deng Clan didn't dare to let him come close, and immediately held Zhao Ruozhen to stand far away.

She knew that Su Clan was deliberately obscuring the heinous crime she had committed, and deliberately brought the topic to her side, but Deng Fei still felt that her chest was tight and uncomfortable, and she couldn't help taking a deep breath.

She likes Zhao Ying, admires him, and wants to get him. Is it so outrageous?

"I admit that I did take advantage of his weakness in character." She didn't know whether it was facing the Su family or the emperor, saying every word: "But if I know that he has another love, I will live forever and never die. !"

For so many years, she dreamed back at midnight, depicting Zhao Ying's appearance over and over again, and sometimes masochistically recalled the scene when she learned the truth, and imagined dozens of reasons why they did it.

For example, losing morality after drinking, such as someone framed, such as Su's initiative to hook up but Zhao Ying can't hold it, another example… Zhao Ying hates his younger brother and intends to retaliate.

But he did not expect that Su Clan was actually his original love.

how can that be possible?

He is so gentle to her and always considerate. She knows that he may not love herself as much as he does to her lover, but it is such gentle and caring that makes her willing to spend her life's patience to wait and wait for him. Love yourself a little bit.

Deng's hand clenched more tightly unconsciously. He didn't like himself, so why did she make her look forward to it like this!

She was disturbed, but the eldest princess calmed down. She looked at her father, and saw her husband who had been eagerly shaking his head at her behind the window, and finally looked at her mother in a daze, "Is what she said is true?"

The empress was trying to hold on to Deng. In fact, she didn't know whether she was right or wrong. At this time, she looked at her daughter almost lost her soul and couldn't help avoiding her sight and whispered. Said: "That…that was just an accident, we…"

"Enough!" Before Deng had an attack, Zhao Ruozhen couldn't stand it first. She screamed, "I don't want to hear this!"

Deng found the long-lost joy from this scene. She smiled and said: "Look at who your mother is…"

"Then who are you?" Zhao Ruozhen tremblingly looked at Lin Qun, and she did not cry: "Even if the Empress can't help you, what's wrong with Abo?"

The curvature of Fei Deng's jaw became more obvious: "His biggest mistake is to be reborn in your stomach."

Shao Xun inside the house couldn't help but close his eyes tightly when he heard this sentence. After opening it, he walked to the door and was stopped by Zhuhe and said, "Get out of the way."

"The imperial concubine calms down his anger." Zhuhe bit his scalp and said: "Your Majesty ordered…"

"I told you to get out of—"

Shao Xun's gaze fell on him, and she repeated her words again. Zhu He was stunned. After all he hesitated and raised his arm, Lin Qun was lying on the window sill. I had to turn the window to go out. Before I had time to pay attention to this side, the Empress Dowager tremblingly wanted to go out.

Shao Xun took a deep breath: "Niangniang, please wait here."

Without waiting for the Empress Dowager to respond, she said to Zhu Hedao: "The Empress Dowager and her husband are here, you take care of them, do you understand?"

Zhu He bowed his head deeply and said, "The minister understands."

After Shao Xun went out, he immediately stretched out his arm to stop the Empress Dowager: "Niang, you are offended."

On the other hand, Zhao Ruozhen was stimulated by Fei Deng's words to scream, but she opened her mouth and found that she had no strength to speak out. Instead, Lin Qun gritted her teeth and shouted: "Poisonous woman!"

Zhao Ruozhen struggled. Instead of trying to escape, she slammed into the sharp blade. Deng Fei's hand pinched her firmly like pliers, making her unable to escape or die.

Fei Deng looked at the young man not far away: "The child was so lucky, with a superior family background, and loved his parents, but why is he so lucky, after his grandmother killed my child…"

Su Clan said cruelly: "I said, I never touched your finger!"

"It turned out that my child died, but the evil you were born with survived?" Fei Deng shook her head indifferently: "I have become a total poisonous woman as you wish, but you are telling me. reason?"

"So what did Ashu do wrong?"

A clear and shallow female voice suddenly intervened.

Deng was taken aback, and in her vision, she saw Shao Xun slowly walking towards her from the darkness and blur.

The emperor's expression changed slightly, and he scolded, "Shao Xun!"

But Shao Xun only glanced at the emperor, shook his head slightly to him, and stood not far from Deng Fei.

Shao Xun repeated as if he was really puzzled: "Madam, you said that Abo is the princess's child by mistake, so what is wrong with Ashu?"

"At the beginning, you were the one who sent people away and deliberately led the princess to see A Shu, right?" Shao Xun said softly, "Perhaps you can deny it? If you say it's not you, I believe it."

Deng was silent for a few breaths, and finally said coldly: "There is nothing to deny. I am sure that the pool will not drown people, so…"

"Counting nine cold days, a three or four-year-old child fell into the ice water and may not drown anyone. A wind chill is enough to kill him!"

Deng couldn't tell the sourness in her heart, but she still said forcefully: "That's him…"

"That's because of his bad fate. He was reborn in the royal family and became the child of my majesty and me, right?"

Shao Xun approached her step by step, Deng Fei took a step back cautiously, using her hand to force, Zhao Ruozhen's neck immediately shed bright red blood, but her other hand was controlling her to stop her from committing suicide: "Don't go any further. !"

Her frailty was not known whether it was true or not, but Zhao Ruozhu was indeed unable to move the slightest.

The Empress exclaimed, but Zhao Ruozhen, who was afraid that the injury would be heavier, did not dare to take a step closer.

But Shao Xun didn't see it. She didn't care about the princess's injuries. She still took a step forward: "Is it because I didn't do enough? Did I neglect you? Or did Ashu not respect you enough? So disregarding his life…"

Deng pursed her mouth and couldn't help but sneer at this moment: "You did a good job, but that's because you have everything. If you fall into nothing like me, you will know that in order to make them pay what they deserve. The price of one or two lives is so insignificant."

At this time, Shao Xun thought of what Deng had said before. When the emperor experienced life and death when he was young, he naturally knew how humble and precious his life was.

Besides, it is still a child who is ignorant of the innocent.

It shows that Deng also understands that these words are not used to persuade Shao Xun, but to persuade her herself.

——She may really put it into practice, but it does not mean that she is not tangled…guilt.

Whether it is to Ashu or Lin Bo.

"I have heard your experience just now. I should have sympathized and understood." Shao Xun deliberately suppressed his voice extremely cold, making people seem to be able to hear the perfunctory words: "But now I just want to ask you one sentence.

Does this have anything to do with me? Your husband's betrayal and the child's death have nothing to do with me, "nothing"? When you say this, do you expect me, the mother of the child you calculated as bait, to say anything good to you?

"Say you are so miserable, do I sympathize with you?"

Deng was a little irritated by these words, and her chest rose and fell sharply: "You…"

"Madam, if you make up your mind that you want the princess to make a big mistake, you must continue to increase her pressure in various ways. The Empress has become your accomplice, to make sure that she will be cruel to Ashu, and then use My Majesty's love of son and I came to punish your enemy severely, but when she didn't know whether it was out of fear or compassion, she restrained her evil thoughts and didn't really act. How do you feel when you know."

"She didn't even do it, do you think it's a pity in your heart?"

Fei Deng's face was trembling–no, if she said that it was a pity to have three points at the time, she would be relieved by seven points.

As Shao Xun said, the Seventh Prince had no grudges with her, and there was no place to feel sorry for her. She killed Lin Bo in the name of revenge, but she really experienced a struggle when using Zhao Yanshu.

But she was so uncomfortable, she wanted to avenge everyone.

She has been in such uncomfortable pain for so many years. At first, she may not be able to care about it when she was weak. But as time passed, her hatred increased year by year. In the end, she didn't even want to let the Empress and the wild species. To die happily, I want them to be in pain to ease the hatred in her heart.

In contrast, death is only a momentary thing.

Originally, she thought that perhaps abolishing the Empress's most important post, and letting her and Zhao Ruozhen fall in the mud would make her happy, but I don't know why, when the emperor really started to abolish, he would do it step by step. When it happened, Deng felt that it was not enough.

The crime of "childless" is too light, and Su is completely unworthy. She has to leave her name in the annals of history and swear by eternity.

For example, murdering the prince-she had done this before, and it wouldn't be surprising to do it again. If the mother and daughter really hurt… or even killed the emperor's heart, she would not believe that they could still retreat.

Another example-uncle and sister-in-law adultery.

Killing Zhao Ruozhen is now and the only child in the future, and let her know that her proud progeny is just an illusion, she is just an extremely lowly adulterous child.

It's a pleasure to kill a person

In this way, she may be freed, and seeing her husband under Jiuquan will not be full of hatred.

At the moment when she lost her mind, she slackened with force. Shao Xun felt it for a while. While thinking about it, Zhao Ruozhen exhausted all her strength and slammed her neck against the sharp blade, and Deng moved her arm away reflexively.

The sky is getting darker, and you can't see clearly a little farther away. At this moment, Shao Xun raised his voice: "Come on–"

It only took a moment for the arrow to bend the bow, and the sharp arrow shot from the rear without touching Shao Xun. It brushed Deng Fei's left wrist with incomparable precision, opening the skin of the pierced skin.

She groaned, trying to restrain her body's instincts, but over the past two decades, she has actually lived a life of pampering, and her body's ability to endure pain is not as good as before. After all, the sharp pearl hairpin has been thrown away. On the stone table, Zhao Ruozhen also fell to the ground with great inertia.

When the guards saw the opportunity, Fei Deng frowned. Before she could endure the pain, Shao Xun quickly picked up the pearl hairpin and threw it on the grass beside him before Fei Deng came to grab it, and made a "duh". A soft sound.

Fei Deng was squeezed and pressed onto the stone table, and she was firmly in control.

The emperor frowned and put down the bow in his hand, and Shao Xun didn't think it was a good thing either.

Judging from the scene just now, Fei Deng didn't kill Zhao Ruozhen at all, nor did she want to survive. Her goals may not have been fully achieved, but more than half of them have already been achieved.

Su Clan rushed to hug her daughter, but she screamed and pushed away: "Go away! Don't touch me!!"

Deng was crushed by the stone table with a hideous face, but she was still smiling: "It's a pity… I originally wanted to put the hairpin in my neck… The blood spurted out like this is very scary, sprayed here, On this wild face, I don't know what the scenery will be…"

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