Mistakes make good luck.

Shao Xun felt uncomfortable, not just because it caused such unacceptable results, but because any one of them was honest, maybe he could change this.

The emperor, Deng, and the Empress Dowager stubbornly held the secrets they knew and watched with cold eyes, while some simply wished they even took the initiative to conceal the truth. In short, none of them wanted to speak out.

Until Fei Deng had been depressed for a long time, it erupted like this. After so many years of uncomfortable suffering, a jade and stone burned in the end, hurting two innocent children.

There is also the emperor.

Shao Xun felt abnormally tired, and closed his eyes and leaned on the head of the bed: "Do you resent the prince?"

The emperor was indeed in a bad mood at the beginning of the day because of Zhao Ruozhen's affairs, but seeing that Shao Xun tried hard to unravel him at the time, that breath was not held in his heart, so he was actually a little relieved, except for the death of Fei Deng. It's a little complicated, and no matter how often I mentioned the Prince Merciful, I didn't find it hard to tell.

When he was in the Hall of Two Instruments at noon today, he actually wanted to make it clear to Shao Xun.

"It is not so much hate…it is more accurate to say disappointment. I originally thought that he might not have the skills that he should have as a monarch, but at any rate he is a perfect brother," the emperor said honestly: "His friendship with me. It is indeed true and sincere. During the war, he, as the son of the world and the righteous heir, did not become grudged by some provocative rumors and rumors. Instead, he gave me the greatest support he could give me. This is already a great kindness. Up…

It's just…I don't know how he made this mistake until now, and I regret it later, but later I learned that Su had a good relationship with him for a while, but he was kind to Zhao. Yangchenghou of Yangcheng died in battle, and couldn't stand his sister-in-law's pleading, so he married her… Actually, it's kind of ridiculous. Is it really a muddle-headed feeling that can't help it? "

Shao Xun's ears of the words "I can't help it" made her feel a little nauseous.

There are grievances and grievances, plus more than ten years of brotherhood, mutual support in the flames of war, grievances cannot offset grievances, nor can grievances completely overwhelm grievances. This created the emperor's seemingly contradictory attitude towards his elder brother as a brother.

With such a big brother, everyone is in a dilemma. Shao Xun's own family is a bit complicated. As the eldest brother, Shao Kui is already different and ridiculous, but who knows that the emperor passed by is even bigger than Shao Kui. It's hard to say.

Everyone, including the emperor and Deng, admitted that he was a good person, and said that his goodness is not a fame and fame, but a real heartache, but why a good person can do such a heartbreaking thing.

It is more painful than being stabbed by a vicious person.

Her heart was so angry and painful, her eyebrows were twisted into a knot, and the emperor stretched out his hand and pressed it: "I do have something wrong with me…"

Shao Xun pursed his mouth, but couldn't let go.

"If your resentment towards the first prince exceeds your brotherhood, Princess Kejing has no chance of being born; since she left her life without treatment, if you see her feeling uncomfortable, you should send her out of the palace to find someone to raise her. ; Take a step back, the Empress Dowager is reluctant to bear her, since she has agreed to give her the title of princess, she should be well-trained, so that it is indulgence and ignorance…it's strange if it doesn't cause misfortune!"

The emperor knew that it was indeed wrong, and was speechless.

Shao Xun looked at him: "The most important thing is that you should talk to the Empress Dowager and tell her that you know, so that she will not be lucky."

She didn't speak loudly, nor was she in that kind of angry gesture, but the emperor knew that she was really angry this time, it was only due to her temperament, and the expression of such anger was not obvious outside.

"I haven't said a word for so many years, it's like a teenager who is angry…"

The emperor was silent for a while, and finally sighed: "At that time, I was really young and vigorous, and I did not want to confide in my heart–especially to the Empress Dowager. Now that I think about it, there may be many reasons why I refused to speak. One…"

This was also the first time he saw Shao Xun really angry. He couldn't do anything to coax her, so he could only say: "At that time, I was also a young man. I was overwhelmed by internal and external troubles. I had to face it when I was free. For the sake of the Empress Dowager's infinite preference for Kejing, you should also let your breath go."

Shao Xun was about to laugh at him: "The harder you were at the time, the more angry I became. It doesn't matter if you don't get angry, how can you calm down!"

This shows that she is not actually angry, but distressed. She is so angry with others, and the emperor knows it well.

Two people have already died in this matter. Both the princess princess and the uncle Yongxing are not unknown people, but they are actually very easy for people to connect with each other.

In any case, Lin Bo is a child without any wrongdoing. It is already pitiful to bear the mistakes of his grandmother. If you want to conceal the cause of his death, it would be too sorry for this young child who died at a young age.

The prime minister has much discussion about the case of the former prince, but the prince of compassion is already an ancient person. Whether he has any heirs or not, no matter why his wife wants to kill, it actually has no effect on the government, but the royal family The announced reasons for her murder are very intriguing.

"The old grievances with the commoner Su clan even poisoned his grandson… Su clan held a grudge and was lynched."

The Empress was laid to rest for a few months, and everyone was actually mentally prepared. After Lixin and the crown prince were serious things, Deng Fei's god came and suddenly brought back the abandoned Empress who seemed to be of little value. In everyone's sight.

Not to mention the crime of privately executing Deng Fei in order to retaliate after the abolition. Will she lose her shaky life because of this? These are trivial things. Even if the Empress is of the same origin, but the deposed Empress, is there anything in her own right? It's amazing enough to be a good deed in history, and there are really few people who care about her.

The old grudge between Deng and the Abandoned Post is really curious, the grudge that must retaliate even if he dies…

Is it possible that the deaths of the prince Huai Ping and the little emperor's grandson were not related to the Su family?

In fact, since ancient times, due to various reasons, the emperor who succeeded his brother as the emperor will inevitably be criticized for various reasons. Murdered his brother to the throne.

This kind of thing is forbidden and uncontrollable. People who know the emperor and the old things know that these are just nonsense, but today, more than two decades later, there are still many officials who don't know much about the royal family in private. Guess the emperor killing his brother.

This incident gave them another idea, because Deng did not choose to retaliate against the prince or the princess. Instead, she directly targeted Princess Kejing's only son. This meant that it was the Empress, not the emperor, who had enemies with her. .

Is it indirect proof that it was the Empress who killed the princess and the grandson in the womb of the princess for power and status?

There are many people who speculate like this, but no one has the guts to ask the emperor face to face. Everyone just waits and sees what happens to the Su Clan.

After this incident, the emperor didn't care much about what happened in the past. Instead, it was Shao Xun's turn to worry about it. Dreaming at night was the emperor's difficult situation in the past. He felt uncomfortable in his heart, and he was a little embarrassed.

It wasn't until Concubine Gong came to ask Ann to tell her a piece of good news, and she was somewhat refreshed.

"She said she has someone she likes?" Shao Xun was slightly surprised: "This is a good thing! Why don't you tell me in person?"

Concubine Gong looked very happy, but couldn't help complaining: "Girls are shy about this kind of thing, but with so many children from a family, they will be picky when changing people. This child is good, pick and choose, concubine. How to persuade and force, I have seen so many people back and forth, all reluctantly, and don't look at it…"

When she said this, she realized that she had said the wrong thing when she saw Shao Xun's cold expression, and she quickly turned back: "No, but if Tong is a golden branch and jade leaf, no matter how noble, she should really pick it up…this is not , You will be in the sight of the Dharma."

Concubine Gong was not very good at talking, and Shao Xunkan didn't care about Zhao Ruotong's sake: "Who is that person? How old, what family, and how many people are in the family?"

Concubine Gong shook her head: "She refuses to say, saying that she needs to take a closer look and think about it. She is afraid that she is shy, and her concubine is not allowed to mention this to you… But there are not many people who are capable of our mothers and daughters outside the palace. When the time comes, when she tells who she is, she will have to borrow your manpower from Niangniang to see how much this person is."

This is what a mother should say. Shao Xun's expression relaxed a little: "This is natural. There are as many people as you want. Just looking at it will have an eyebrow. You must not force her to avoid being forced by good things. It has become a bad thing, but it is not beautiful."

"This concubine province."

When Concubine Gong left satisfactorily, Shao Xun hugged the five princesses, and finally stretched his eyebrows: "Finally, there is good news."

Qin said: "That incident scared the second princess. Once a person has experience, his mind will naturally change."

Lizhu said: "It's rare that the lady has the energy. Let's take the princess to sit in the imperial garden and burn the hot stove without fear of cold."

It was a sunny day. It was a rare warmth in winter. Shao Xun was sitting in the pavilion in the garden, watching her daughter stand up under the protection of the jade pot, walking crookedly towards this side step by step: "Manny! Empress!"

Shao Xun sat down and opened his arms, "Atang walk slowly."

It's okay not to say that, the girl got excited when she heard this. She had to learn to run before she walked smoothly. She broke away from Yuhu's arm and threw into Shao Xun's arm twice.

This shocked Qin's family: "Niangniang!"

"It's not in the way," Shao Xun helped Zhao Ruotang: "This child speaks faster than her brother. I remember that Ashu only spoke when he was one year old. Atang could say a few words two months ago."

Qin said, "Girls grow faster than boys."

Zhao Ruotang looks very similar to Shao Xun, Yuxue is cute, and his round face is puffy. Now the teeth have just grown in front of them. It is especially attractive when he smiles, but it is a bit clingy and squeamish. It is not as good as Zhao Yanshu. Worry-free.

Thinking of this, Shao Xun laughed.

Before going to school this morning, my son raised his face and asked Ayu and Abo when they would enter the palace. Since the incident in the Ningshou Palace Garden, he hasn't seen a good friend for several days.

Shao Xun was caught off guard and uncomfortable. She didn't know how to talk to her son who was under four years old about life and death, telling him that his first good friend would never be able to accompany him.

More importantly, a child of this age may have a new friend in a few days. The previous one will be almost forgotten, but Shao Xun knows that Zhao Yanshu is different and he… can't forget it.

Zhao Ruotang squeezed his mother's hand, and managed to get Shao Xun back to his heart.

This is the sound of wordy footsteps coming from a distance. Shao Xun looked up and Qin said in a low voice: "Yes…it's the Empress Dowager's phoenix driver."

Lin Bo and Deng both died in Ningshou Palace. Even if the Empress Dowager drank the Soothing Decoction at the time, she didn't notice it, but the whole hall was her palace people. It would be strange if she couldn't notice anything afterwards, let alone waking up. How long did I call Lin Qun into the palace? I was already asking what was coming.

But Shao Xun did not meet with her in the past two days.

The two seemed to avoid each other deliberately, and Shao Xun didn't want to guess about the empress dowager's mind. She herself didn't know what mood and attitude to face the old lady with.

It may have happened by chance today. Shao Xun took a deep breath, picked up his daughter, and said in a deep voice: "Let's avoid it."

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