Shao Xun brought people to make room for Fengjia, turned around and left, but was stopped after walking not far.

Wu's face is not as ruddy as before, but after two days of work he has become a lot of haggard, and his face is full of melancholy: "Manny, the empress dowager is letting you pass…"

Shao Xun didn't move for a while, Wu Shi sighed and said, "My mother…"

This is the empress dowager, nor is it an old man who can just avoid it at will. Shao Xun finally followed Wu's back slowly.

The Empress Dowager was sitting in the seat that Shao Xun had just made, with a thick black fox fur draped on her body and a copper heater in her hand. The moment she raised her head when she heard the sound, even though Shao Xun was prepared, she was still She was shocked for a moment by her decadent look and her much older face.

"Give peace to the empress dowager." Shao Xun was shocked and leaned over to salute.

The Empress Dowager barely smiled: "Sit down…"

Shao Xun sat aside, bowed his head and said nothing, and a moment of silence and embarrassment spread.

In the end, the Empress Dowager said first: "I haven't seen Ah Tang for a few days. Hold me over and take a look."

Shao Xun then handed the child to Wu Shi and he was in the arms of the Empress Dowager.

Zhao Ruotang was quite familiar with his grandmother and was not awkward at all. He couldn't detect the knot of the adult world. He even giggled a few times in the arms of the Empress Dowager.

The Empress Dowager's expression softened, and she touched her granddaughter's soft hair: "…This child is blessed to be born in your stomach, and everything will go well in the future."

Shao Xun didn't speak, but said after a while: "The child sinks, let's hold it to the nurse."

The Empress Dowager nodded, somewhat reluctant to hold Zhao Ruotang to the Qin clan.

"Things…I know…" I don't know if it has passed the hardest and most painful time. Although the Empress Dowager said this very slowly, it still sounded smooth and not too hysterical.

"It's coming, but I still haven't escaped the catastrophe, Abo is gone, A Ting… is not there anymore, and I don't know how many days my old lady can live."

Shao Xun said softly: "Your body has always been healthy."

The Empress Dowager's lips were white, but her cheeks had weird blushes. Most of the shiny silver hair she usually took care of was already gray. If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, probably no one would know that the mental shock can make a person's state. Fading to this point in such a short time.

Even though she was wrong, she had always treated Shao Xun as a kind mother-in-law. She was also a loving grandmother with her two children. Even though Shao Xun was incomprehensible, she would not be indifferent to seeing her like this.

The Empress Dowager shook her head. After a long pause, she said with some difficulty: "I know…you all blame me."

Shao Xun didn't refute this sentence and didn't offer comfort-how can this be said, how could it be possible that they didn't blame her?

The Empress Dowager couldn't help but shed tears: "But, but you are also the mother of two children, if you encounter such a thing, how can you watch it…watching his last bloodline cut off…"

Shao Xun originally planned to remain silent, but at this time he raised his eyes, closed his mouth and looked at the Empress Dowager for a long while, still asking in a calm voice: "Then can I harm my other child unscrupulously?"

The Empress Dowager did not know this, but she couldn't help but sighed deeply with tears in her tears: "I just thought at the time that he was already the emperor…"

"Isn't that your son?" Shao Xun's expression on her face was a bit tight, and she asked bluntly: "This is also the reason? If your majesty and your eldest son moved in a different place, would you get it because of your compassion for the prince? You have been to the throne and your majesty doesn't, so do you think about your majesty wholeheartedly?"

The Empress Dowager closed her wrinkled eyes: "I will try my best to keep his only child."

Shao Xun was not moved by these words. She shook her head and said, "But you will never hide your compassion for the prince, nor will you doting on Princess Kejing to such a degree."

The Empress Dowager opened her eyes and looked at Shao Xun in a daze. Shao Xun couldn't help raising her voice: "Isn't it? You'll bear the heart to hurt him as a mother when he loses his father and is betrayed by his brother and wife together. Has he become a real lonely man!"

"How can you… how can you bear to treat him like this! As a mother, can you gouge your son's heart?!"

She thought of the emperor, who was a few years younger than her now, had undergone sudden changes, and lost most of his relatives overnight and was forced to bear the pressure that ordinary people could almost wipe out. She also discovered the long-awaited first child. It was obtained from adultery by his wife and a close brother.

Then with how silent eyes and gestures he faced the mother who doted on the child in every possible way and almost loved her life.

In contrast, those little things in Shao Xun's own family can really be considered trivial.

"Noble concubine empress!" Seeing the empress dowager's more sullen expression for a moment, Wu couldn't help but plead.

The Empress Dowager waved her hand, wanting to say something, but coughed violently. Wu immediately helped slapping her back, and it took a long time before she came back. She looked up at Shao Xun's red eyes with a three-pointed wry smile. Said: "I am concealing it because I am afraid that he will kill Zhen'er…I can't afford to bet."

It is natural not to hide the mercy of the prince, but the choice to hide the emperor is because of distrust.

Shao Xun pressed her fingers to the side of her head, hoping to relieve the strong sadness in her heart, she asked sharply: "You are your biological mother, don't you know your son!"

Under the concealed bias of the Empress Dowager, the emperor could endure the princess Kejing growing so big under his own nose. It can be seen that his feelings for the pity prince were not as shallow as everyone had guessed.

If the Empress Dowager had chosen to confess to him and gave him even half of the trust in the eldest son, the emperor would surely protect Zhao Ruozhen as she wished to grow up safely, but the Empress Dowager would help the Crown Prince and Su Clan to conceal this. The scandal, for the sake of Zhao Ruozhen's status, he would still maintain the status of the Su clan… What kind of scene did this look like in the eyes of the emperor?

And Deng, the Empress Dowager actually yearned for the bereaved daughter-in-law to live in harmony with the illegitimate daughter, and wanted to comfort her own regrets. In the end, the bitter hatred accumulated over the years eroded Deng's heart. When she started with Lin Bo, she almost didn't hesitate, and she was as if the child was Su himself.

"Even if it's good for Prince Mercy to do so, in order to get comfort, to indulge his daughter without a bottom line, and to raise the children, it should be based on the long-term plan. This indulgence is really for her good or satisfaction. What about yourself."

At this point, Shao Xun was involuntarily sharp in her words, but the Empress Dowager knew that what she said was the truth.

"Do you know?" The Empress Dowager's back collapsed and murmured: "Zhen'er may not live long…"

When Shao Xun looked over, she said very slowly and calmly: "The news from Mrs. Yongxingbo just now says that she has not eaten a sip of water or food since she was out of the palace that day, even if she was forced to infuse the ginseng soup. They would also vomit out, except for the husband, no one, no in-laws, no me…Of course no Su clan. If you see it, it might be another reminder."

Shao Xun was not surprised by this news.

Zhao Ruozhen was originally such a person. He was extremely arrogant because of his protagonist status, and he was extremely inferior because of Su's fall from favor. The two intertwined extremely sensitive personality.

This identity is what she is most proud of. It can almost be regarded as the foundation of her life. Once lost, and knowing that she is not only the princess born by the emperor, but also the adulterous daughter of her uncle and sister-in-law, she is even convicted. Her younger siblings are far behind, and it would be surprising if she could grit her teeth and survive.

This is almost a road that Fei Deng has designed for her, and it hasn't been the slightest deviation until now.

"It's all retribution…" The two lines of turbid tears in the Empress Dowager's eyes flowed down the old cheeks: "It is also A Ting's curse. I can't keep the one I tried so hard to save. I watched. They left me…The kid didn't say anything, but I was the one who complained the most…"

"And you and the emperor…" The elderly Empress Dowager looked at Shao Xun pleadingly: "No parents can treat all children equally… Let the emperor forgive me. I don't have a few days left to live. For the sake of…"

No one can speak ill of such a dying old man, but this is the limit that Shao Xun can do. As for forgiveness…

A drop of her tears fell inadvertently, and Shao Xun quickly wiped it away: "The human heart is born with a bias, but no matter how biased it is, it is the flesh and blood of the person. One should not be the heart and the flesh, and the other should be the grass… You are not sorry for me and do not need my forgiveness."

"As for your Majesty… Am I qualified to forgive him for hurting his mother like this?"

Shao Xun endured it for a long time and still couldn't help but choked up: "Sorry, mother, I, I must be worthy of him…"

She stood up and swallowed her tears as she saluted: "Please forgive the concubine's impoliteness. The concubine is a little uncomfortable, so I will retreat."

Seeing Shao Xun retreat a few steps, but with the back of the palace people leaving, Wu's eyes are also a little bit sour: "Manny, the slave and maidservant are going to invite the concubine back…"

The Empress Dowager was stunned for a long time, and finally shook her head: "It's really retribution…A Ting saw this scene in Tian Youling, I'm afraid she will laugh…"

What the Empress Dowager got was the real news. In the princess's mansion, Zhao Ruozhen had been eating or drinking for two days.

Lin Qun spent most of the day guarding her, taking two sips of ginseng soup while she was asleep, barely hanging on to her life, and ordered all the sharp objects in the main room to be removed, including the root hairpin and a porcelain bowl. I didn't stay, just because I was afraid that I would commit suicide if I missed her for a while.

This time, he really couldn't hold it. He slept for a while in the next room. After waking up, he saw that his sloppy beard was not shaved, so he quickly cleaned up and dressed himself, and put on the best. Clothes, then I have to return to the main room.

As a result, as soon as he left the house, he got a bad news. Lin Qun felt very tight and quickly asked, "Does your Highness know?"

The reporter shook his head: "Who dares to say…"

Lin Qun breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good, never reveal a word."

He straightened his clothes at the entrance of the main room before pushing in, and sent the guarding maid down. Seeing that Zhao Ruozhen was awake and leaning on the bedside, he looked a little energetic, so he was a little surprised and said: "Your Majesty, you Wake up, shall we eat something?"

Zhao Ruozhen's eyes turned, looking at the strong fragrance of chicken soup and rice porridge on his hand, he nodded gently.

This was the first time she took the initiative to eat in the past two days. Lin Qun was so excited that she almost burst into tears. Thinking that she had finally figured it out, she cautiously fed half a bowl of porridge a spoonful to his wife: "Are you still drinking?"

Zhao Ruozhen shook his head, and said in a dumb voice: "Come on…Thanks for your hard work."

"No hard work, no hard work, we are a husband and wife, isn't this all I should do."

Zhao Ruozhen looked at him for a while, then slowly said: "I just had a dream…I dreamed of my mother…she died."

Lin Qun's complexion changed, and then he forced a smile and said, "This is a nightmare that is easy to have no margins when you are hungry. You won't be thinking about it when you eat. The Empress and mother-in-law are in the palace well."

"Really," Zhao Ruozhen twitched at the corner of his mouth and raised his eyes to see the golden crown he was wearing: "Is this…I gave you it?"

Lin Qun was eager to change the subject, and raised his hand to touch the heavy golden crown: "Yes, you dragged someone to bring it to me when I was not married. It's still fashionable now, I don't want to take it."

Zhao Ruozhen looked at the round and fierce chick with the matching crown, "Boss, Abo is dead, do you blame me?"

When referring to Airubao's son, Lin Qun's heart seemed to have been cut, but he pressured and comforted her: "This child has no fate with us. He will be safe and healthy in his next life…"

Zhao Ruozhen closed her eyes, but there were no more tears to shed. She stretched out her hand and stroked Lin Qun's face, then moved to the top of her head to touch his crown. Lin Qun suppressed the sadness and joy in her heart, bowed her head, and let her More effortless.

Zhao Ruozhen grabbed his five fingers, put down his hand, and leaned in his arms: "We won't have any more children in the future."

This is naturally sad, but Zhao Ruozhen is willing to think that "in the future" is already an unexpected joy, Lin Qun hurriedly said: "I still think that children are making trouble, I have so many younger brothers and sisters, they will give birth to many children, don't worry about not having incense. But then… we can save trouble."

He admits that this is humorous, Zhao Ruozhen also laughed in cooperation, and then endured crying and said: "Cock horse, I used to be bad, I didn't have a bad temper, and I always blame you for being incomprehensible and not considerate. Arguing with you, why are you so good to me?"

"Naturally because of your admiration for Your Highness." Lin Qun smiled and said, "You don't know. When I saw you that time, so many people looked up and saw you being led out by the Empress Dowager. Wearing a red dress, it would shine. The same beautiful glare, like a gorgeous and noble phoenix, I only wanted such a girl at the time, there are so many talents in the capital, I am ordinary, I can't be a martial artist, and my face is a little better than others. , Do dreams to get you are self-defeating.

But who knows that the empress dowager doesn't know if her eyes are bad, she really picked me… Your Highness, you said that a golden phoenix fell on a rotten wood that can be seen everywhere, can it not be cherished? "

This was the first time he tried to talk to his wife, and he was a little bit shy in his emotions, but these words made Zhao Ruozhen almost unable to stop.

She closed her eyes tightly-but, she was not a phoenix at all, it was Lin Qun who was blind, and did not see how lowly she was.

Zhao Ruozhen calmed down for a while: "Come on, I'm tired…"

Lin Qun woke up from the memory and quickly flattened her: "You rest, I will guard you and you won't leave."

Zhao Ruozhen opened his mouth and closed it again, only nodding in the end.

She half-closed her eyes and quietly stared at her husband. After a while, she turned over with effort, buried half of her face in the quilt, and slowly took out the contents of her sleeves facing the wall and put it in her mouth.

Tears fell in her eyes, with bitter tears, the blue veins on her head, and her neck strenuously swallowed the contents of her mouth.

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