The news of Princess Kejing's death came to the palace at the beginning of the middle and late twelfth lunar month, and it was only a day after Shao Xun talked with the Empress Dowager.

At that time, she was holding a booklet with De fei and Concubine Gong to suggest the second princess to consider the candidates for the consort.

These are the lists of noble children from the right-age family. They are all young people who have no obvious mistakes in character selected by the superintendent of ceremonies, and whose literary talents and martial arts are still attractive.

Although Concubine Gong said that Zhao Ruotong seems to have someone he likes, there is no wrong way to pick a few more. What if the previous one is inappropriate?

Shao Xun had just had an unsatisfactory conversation with the Empress Dowager not long ago. He was not very interested when De fei came to visit. It was not until Fan Ke sent over the list of young people who had already started to investigate. , Send someone to invite Concubine Gong to come over for details.

This is something to be happy about. Shao Xun guessed which one of his friends' favorite sons would be. The frustration in his heart finally dissipated twice, and someone came to report the news of Zhao Ruozhen's death.

The three people present were stunned when they heard it.

De fei said incredulously: "Who did you say is dead?"

She turned her head to look at Shao Xun: "Noble concubine, you heard, the princess…"

Concubine Gong whispered: "Don't hear the news that you will be gifted to death after the abolition. You can't think about it for a while, just suicide…"

Zhao Ruozhen's temperament and temperament Shao Xun also knows seven or eight points, and guessed that she was unbearably unbearable by Fei Deng in the most tragic way, plus the death of her only son, with her pride and fierceness, she may not be able to bear it. After such a blow, but… Shao Xun always felt that the meticulous care of her husband might make her more nostalgic.

The servant in the report came from the torture room. In fact, many people who commit suicide like this are seen, but this time it is still rare to move a little compassion, but it is not for Zhao Ruozhen.

"Princess Kejing killed herself by swallowing gold, using the real gold crown beads on the head of the horse. At that time, the horse had been by her side. As a result, the painful thing was like swallowing gold. She just endured a word without saying a word until she finally vomited blood. I was only discovered when I was convulsed, and when I opened the quilt, everyone was already dead-the horseman can no longer speak."

This is true.

Shao Xun thought of Lin Qun's current mood, and felt that if she changed herself, she might not be able to survive on the spot, or Lin Qun was not far from the collapse now. She thought of one thing at this time, and said in horror: "Don't go. Ningshou Palace is passed on…"

The reporter was a little embarrassed: "You don't know, the princess's mansion is all gifted by the Empress Dowager, she is afraid that she knows it faster than us."

Shao Xun took a deep breath, and De fei also said, "Don't have any more accidents. Didn't you mean that the Empress Dowager is showing signs of a stroke? This is the great-grandson again and the daughter-in-law… This time the granddaughter…"

Shao Xun is also afraid of this, but I don't know if he was mentally prepared, or it may be because he was a little bit discouraged. At first, the Empress Dowager heard the news that she had a heartache and almost fainted, but the imperial doctor used acupuncture and decoction. Actually it slowed down slowly, not to the worst point.

Shao Xun opened the curtain to take a close look at the Empress Dowager's face. She saw that although she was still asleep, but her breathing was still stable, she half-hearted was relieved.

Wu's gratitude said: "Thank you for visiting the Empress Dowager, she is much better."

De fei tugged on the veil: "The previous time I only said a few words to the princess and it was very serious. This time I heard the news of… the death, the empress did not react so much."

Wu's eyes were red, and it seemed that she was crying too: "I don't know if De fei concubine was caught off guard last time. She was irritated. She looked dangerous. In fact, it's okay to have a good health and recuperate. But this time, she has had it. It is expected that the impact will not be great, and it is a slow grind."

There is no life-threatening for a while, but it is impossible to restore health.

"The maidservant was still thinking about it. Maybe the Empress Dowager was thinking too much. The princess thinks of her, for the sake of her husband, and she should be more self-respectful. Who knows…" She sighed and took a little With a wry smile: "The kindness of nurturing for so many years and the companionship of the husband and the horse are not even useless…"

There was a little bit of unnoticeable grievance in her words, which was actually understandable.

De fei tentatively said: "This is strange. The princess who hated me before the abolition felt that her mother was not wrong. What is the reason for this time to make her even swallow gold so painful? You can bear it, you must die? Not to mention that she is not dead now after the abolition, even if she is dead, it will not stop there, right?"

After Wu's meal, Shao Xun said calmly: "Her only child is gone. As a mother, I can't even think about it for a while."

De fei knew that Shao Xun was making a prevarication, but she was also admonishing her not to go into it, so she gave a "tsk" in her mouth, not daring to say anything more.

Shao Xun said to the Wu family: "The Empress Dowager is fine, so let's not bother for now, and take care of my mother."

The Wu hurriedly grabbed Shao Xun: "Your Majesty, he…"

Shao Xun said: "He should be here soon."

Regardless of the grievances between mother and child, the Empress Dowager is the mother of life after all. As the king of a country, the emperor should be more filial, at least on the bright side, and should not be criticized for this kind of thing.

On the way back, Shao Xun told De fei: "To the outside, it will only be said that the princess can't stand the blow of the bereavement, and she will die in depression. Don't talk about suicide anymore."

"Do you still need to talk about this?" De feifei glanced at Concubine Gong: "You should ask other people to do it."

Concubine Gong said hurriedly: "This concubine knows too, so don't worry about her."

When the Empress Dowager woke up from her drowsiness, her presbyopic eyes saw her son sitting next to the bed.

"A Huan…" The emperor's name was called out, she was already so unfamiliar, the Empress Dowager thought of Zhao Ruozhen, who had left her behind, and her heart hurt as if she was being twisted with a knife.

After the emperor heard it, his expression didn't move, but he ordered the decoction to be brought up and watched the Empress Dowager drink it, and then said quietly: "The Empress should cherish the body, and don't mourn excessively for the sake of the junior."

Now the Empress Dowager doesn't care about his attitude—or she doesn't care about that face anymore. She shook her head weakly and said, "I raised that child once. If I don't feel sad, wouldn't my heart be made of stone? Up?"

Looking at the emperor, she couldn't help her words become choked up with difficulty: "Even you, from her birth to marrying a child…for more than 20 years, could it be that she was completely and completely indifferent when she heard the news of her death? Move?"

The emperor narrowed his eyes and covered the light brown pupils. He didn't answer his words, or he didn't know the answer.

"…Body matters."

"It seems that I can't die." The Empress Dowager's mouth was as bitter as huanglian.

When her husband died, she wanted to follow her in sorrow. It didn't take long for her most beloved son to vomit blood in her arms and died. It happened to survive like this again.

Later, Deng's son died within two hours after landing, and a few days ago… The deaths of Lin Bo and his daughter-in-law were all sad things that made people unable to survive.

But she, who should have followed her husband and son a long time ago, couldn't die if she lived at such an age.

Now that even the granddaughter raised by one hand has left her behind, she can actually survive the ghost gate again, what kind of a disgusting hard life.

However, there is still one benefit to her survival.

The Empress Dowager took a few breaths before saying: "You are going to send the will of Su Clan to death, right?"

Seeing the emperor nodded, the Empress Dowager said: "Then deal with it after a while."

The emperor raised his eyebrows slightly, showing a look of surprise-after Zhao Ruozhen's death, the Empress Dowager should have waited for the Empress to live.

Seeing his expression, the Empress Dowager slowly shook her head: "I didn't mean to ask for affection. You can guess if you want to. I hate her no less than you, and maybe even more than you… But recently, too many people in our family have died…"

Just like the previous time, I lost three relatives in one day.

She wondered if she remembered the past more than 20 years ago, and her red and swollen eyes became more serious. She said these words with a sigh of relief: "You may have to stand up and save for the sake of Ah Xun. Okay, Ashu, move this matter back first, and wait a few months for everyone to forget about it, and then quietly deal with her."

It is also true that the place where the emperor is thinking these days is also here. Zhao Ruozhen has not had an accident before, but Fei Deng and Lin Bo are gone. He has waited long enough. The following matters have long been set up by the regulations, and they will definitely not go. Postponement, and then after the death and abolition at this juncture… I am afraid that it will cause bad discussions.

However, he considered it for a while and felt that it was acceptable. Shao Xun's interest in the past two days has not been high. He can't wait to turn this matter over and stop making troubles. Therefore, he decided to deal with the other things first. Let's talk about other things after Su's.

As a result, at this moment, news of Zhao Ruozhen's death spread.

To say that the deaths of Deng and Lin Bo can still be perfunctory. One is the former princess who has rarely appeared in front of others, and the other is a child who has not yet established herself. But Zhao Ruozhen is different. She is the biological daughter of Su. When the mother and daughter passed away at the same time, the gaze must be different from what they are now.

This is also the reason why the Empress Dowager was glad that she had survived this time. She was an incompetent mother who made her children resentful for half her life. She didn't want to drag others down when she was about to make people complain that her death was not the right time.

In fact, it was not a big deal when the Su clan died. The emperor agreed, and there was no need for the Empress dowager to say anything more: "She will be dealt with by the Empress for the time being."

The Empress Dowager's eyebrows jumped, and she raised her eyelids laboriously: "Emperor, for so many years, our mothers have thought about one thing…"

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