The Empress Dowager dragged the sick body who was temporarily unable to get out of bed, and she insisted on handling Su Shi herself.

Of course, she did not take her life directly, but made a decree to move the abolished and relocated to the Qingliang Temple-in fact, it is the cold palace. She dealt with the maid and maid who knew close to her, and dismissed the few inferior palaces. People, a waiter didn't leave it for her.

Just like that, she was locked in one of the palaces and ordered no one to take a step, except to send water and food, and not to talk to Feihou.

The Empress Dowager is such a person, she may not be able to do any slaps, stick blame, or other fierce corporal punishment, but whatever the crime she has suffered, she wants to make the Su clan also often feel like a soft knife.

Lack of food and clothing, no charcoal fire, and no one can talk to her. They can only move around in this small room. Such days can be regarded as the Empress Dowager's last torture before this extremely disgusting daughter-in-law is dying.

As for the emperor, after handing people over to the Empress dowager, he left it alone, and let her go with how to deal with it, and it happened to share the sadness of the Empress dowager because of the death of Princess Kejing.

Seeing that the new year is about to pass, the first half of the year is peaceful, and the second half of the year is utterly distressed. As the New Year approaches, three people have disappeared in a row. Fortunately, I don't know if the emperor is also concerned about this. In the Qingliang Temple.

But even though they didn't die after the abolition, some clan elders felt that it was not auspicious, and they wanted to have a lively New Year.

The emperor nodded and agreed to the request, because after the new year was about to be registered, he also wanted to use the new year to dispel the previous sadness, so that things would go smoother.

The Empress was abolished, and the Empress Dowager stayed behind closed doors because of illness. Shao Xun was actually the mistress who lacked a title in the palace. She had to lay off most of the New Year's affairs. Even if there were a few other people to help, it was better than I'm usually a lot busy.

Zhao Ruotong is nineteen years old. Now that her marriage is on the agenda, Shao Xun wants to take her to deal with these things as they did in the past few years. I learned it before, but staff scheduling, accounting and auditing are tedious. It takes a few more practice to get familiar with the details.

But Zhao Ruotong is now more sensitive, and when he mentions this, he will become as shy as before, and will not come out to meet people like he is ashamed.

At this time, Feng Zhaoyi approached cautiously and mentioned that the four princesses were about to be married.

The fourth princess Zhao Ruosang will be seventeen after the New Year. Ordinary people may have found a good home. Only the royal princess has always been married late, so at this time he wants to start picking horses.

Except for Zhao Ruotong, who is more stubborn, all the other princes and princes were personally appointed to marriage by the emperor. This time is no exception. Shao Xun has nothing to worry about and will never intervene. Feng Zhaoyi has been imprisoned for a long time. He was very honest, and was frightened by what happened after the abolition. If it hadn't been for Zhao Ruotong's wedding, he wouldn't have the courage to come to Shao Xun.

Shao Xun has half an extra helper.

She didn't feel impatient, but she spent more time talking. The fourth princess is like her mother and concubine. She is a girl who knows the current affairs very well as long as she has learned lessons. She is even too cautious to be a little afraid of Shao Xun. She wants to please her. Don't let her be bothered, her head turned quickly when she followed her, and she seemed careful and smart.

In short, it was ten times more worry-free than when Shao Xun taught Shao Qiong at home. She was afraid that her patience as a husband was learned by that tragic sister.

De fei's mouth can't stay idle, and Concubine Hui will be more nagging when she gets acquainted with each other. With the two princesses and Concubine Gong, the hall of Ganlu will be very lively every year at the end of the year. Shao Xun is busy, indeed, Too much time to think about some.

As the New Year approached, the emperor hurriedly dealt with government affairs to prepare for the end of the year. Shao Xun was also busier than usual in the harem. The two saw less during the day, and at night, when the emperor came back with the stars and the moon, Shao Xun was already asleep. .

It seemed that the two of them were busy with business matters so they didn't have time to get along, but the emperor didn't know if it was a guilty conscience. He always felt that she might have not lost her temper for the death of Deng and Lin Bo a while ago, and was still thinking about it.

Otherwise, the affairs of the palace are far less complicated than those of the previous dynasty. Now she is familiar with it and does not love power. With so many helpers, she will never get tired to this point, I am afraid she is still deliberately avoiding him.

Human temperament is like this. People who lose their temper often can't make it through the night when they turn their heads, and they can forget it cleanly. On the contrary, Shao Xun is a person who can tolerate and don't care about small things, looks gentle and tolerant. , In fact, once you are really angry, it makes you feel at a loss, and it's very tricky.

People don't lose their temper, they don't fight, and it's hard to even ask for peace.

Finally on the twenty-eighth of the twelfth lunar month, the Zhubi in the Liangyi Hall was sealed and no longer printed. The emperor and a group of officials finally took a vacation. He picked up his son from the side hall and returned to the Shaoxun Palace together.

At the door I also ran into sisters Zhao Ruotong and Zhao Ruosang.

The two girls were going to go back to the princess house together. Who knew that they could still meet the emperor before leaving, and immediately felt a little scalp tight.

"Your Majesty, please Wanan."

The emperor let go of Zhao Yanshu's hand and asked him to bow his hands in a salute, "Hello, two sisters."

The emperor's attitude towards his daughters is relatively gentle, far less severe than his sons. However, as a man, he is not a kind of open-hearted and easy-to-please personality. If he is not too close, even if he does not look angry, he will be subconscious. Of fear.

Zhao Ruosang is like this every time. When he can't see his father, he thinks about how to please him, so as to obtain the benefits and dignity that he usually can't get. But when he really sees him, he is restrained and doesn't know what to say. Feeling that the botched flattery in his mouth would laugh generously, and awkwardly wished not to see him.

As a result, when the emperor left, he began to regret it again, complaining that he was clumsy and couldn't even say a good word.

This time it was the same. She stood there tremblingly trying to say something, her mind seemed to be knotted, and finally saw Zhao Yanshu's inspiration flash: "Seventh brother is really getting more and more secure, I, I see. He is smarter and sensible than many older children, and they are all taught by Your Majesty…"

The emperor was in a good mood, and shook his head with a smile: "I don't care about him on weekdays. It is his mother and teacher who are training. The imperial concubine is doing a good job as a teacher. You haven't been out of the cabinet. Just ask more questions."

Seeing that Zhao Ruosang finally got in touch with it naturally, he was happy and felt ashamed of the topic of "Leaving the Pavilion". On the contrary, Zhao Ruotong didn't pay attention to what he couldn't leave the Pavilion. He quietly raised his eyelids and observed the emperor's expression with all his heart. He looked very normal, his attitude towards their sisters was no different, and he didn't know if he should breathe a sigh of relief.

She lowered her head and said in a low voice: "The De fei consort and the mother concubine have already gone back."

After hearing this, the emperor nodded and asked in a low voice, "What is the concubine doing?"

Zhao Ruotong was taken aback, and then subconsciously glanced at the fourth sister. I don't know why she thought this was a bit weird, but she immediately reacted and said calmly: "There is still a little tail that hasn't been fixed. The lady wants to come back. In the study… she doesn't know if she is busy these days and feels a little bored, she looks pretty energetic."

"Boggy?" The emperor paused and looked at his daughter: "Do you think she is uncomfortable because of this?"

Zhao Ruotong was not sure, but lowered his head: "That's why I have to ask my mother herself."

Thoughtful, the emperor asked the two girls to go back first, and walked through the door with his son.

As soon as Zhao Yanshu entered the house, he couldn't wait to see his mother, and was handed to Qin by the emperor with the collar: "Go and see if your sister is not crying.

In the second time, Shao Xun sat cross-legged on the Arhat bed, with one hand propped on his forehead, and one hand was on the Kang table writing on the paper. He heard the footsteps close at hand before he could raise his head, he was held by both hands. Shoulder: "What more?"

Shao Xun turned his head to look at the emperor: "Why are you free now… is it closed?"

The emperor nodded and touched her forehead: "Is it a little hotter than usual?"

Shao Xun said: "You came back from the outside, I'm afraid it's because of cold hands… Did Ashu come back together?"

"When he came back, he clamored to see his sister. I couldn't help but let him go and call him back later."

Shao Xun finally smiled: "Let them play. What's the point of children being stuck all day? I'm not short of this for a while."

The emperor squeezed her to sit with her, and leaned over to see that all the lists in front of her were jewellery, calligraphy and painting: "Why, haven't the rewards for each family been prepared yet?"

"That was prepared early in the morning." The smile in Shao Xun's eyes dissipated, and he sighed softly: "This is an extra thing added to Uncle Yongxing's family in the name of Ningshou Palace… I think about their family, especially the son. It's really not easy. It's normal that he can't stand such a thing for a while."

The emperor asked: "How is Lin Qun now."

Shao Xun shook his head: "It's not so good. Since the princess was buried a few days ago, she gave water and food and knew how to eat, but she was still confused and speechless. I sent the imperial doctor to see it and said it was like loss of soul. , But fortunately it's not too heavy. I will raise it for another ten days and a half and wait for him to get over."

After hearing this, the emperor was silent for a while before he spoke: "Kejing's cruel temperament is not like his elder brother, it must be passed down from the Su clan."

Shao Xuncong disagreed in her heart-she felt that it was nothing else, but what Zhao Ruozhen did this time was carved out of the same model as Prince Huan.

When Shao Xun picked out a thick gift list and handed it to Yuhu for her to pass on, the emperor didn't want to mention the mess of the stall anymore, and saw that Shao Xun was not as complaining as he thought, but looked quite peaceful. He tentatively said: "You have gone to bed early these past few days, and you finally got down to leisure twice. Can you talk to me?"

Shao Xun glanced at him: "I have been sitting for a long time, and I feel dizzy and don't want to talk."

The emperor had a count in his heart, so he nodded: "Then lie down and say."

Before Shao Xun could react, she was beaten up and hugged. She was dumbfounded and beat the emperor's chest twice. Instead, her hands hurt: "What are you doing?"

The emperor smiled slightly, put her on the bed gently, and whispered softly: "You said you were dizzy while sitting…"

Shao Xun was blocked for a while, and when he leaned over, he quickly stretched out his hand to block his chest: "It's really not possible today…"

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