In fact, after Shao Xun experienced these things, there was such a elder brother who couldn't say a word and couldn't beat him. She might not handle it as neatly as the emperor, but this did not prevent her from pissing him off.

Listening to the meaning of Su's words, the two people should have had affection long ago, but Fei Deng begged Zhao Ying for love without knowing it, and Zhao Ying's indecision made him unable to refuse a kindness to his family. The daughter of the elder who had just died on the battlefield responded with half a push.

As for how Zhao Ruozhen came in the future, whether the two of them were premeditated or accidental, it is not known who took the initiative first, but no matter what happened at the time, as brothers and wives, they betrayed and concealed the fact that the emperor was beyond doubt. .

If it was an accident, Su Clan would leave it alone, but Zhao Ying didn't mention a word afterwards, perhaps because he wanted to protect Su Clan, but she didn't expect that she would be pregnant because of this.

The emperor knew Shao Xun's thoughts in his heart and touched her head in a low voice: "Look at others clearly, and it's your turn to realize that there are too many involved. After the most angry moment, it faded later."

After all, the prince Mercy died simply and neatly. Except for this one thing, according to what he had done before, he is simply a good brother that the whole world can't find anymore. Once people are gone, everything will be empty naturally. Others think of him. When, always think of his benefits first.

Shao Xun can also understand the difficulties of facing such relatives.

You will feel sad and angry because of his betrayal, but you can't completely deny all your past friendships because of this.

This kind of person is not as good as a completely bad person at some point. If there is hatred but no gratitude, it will naturally be much easier to deal with.

The sun has risen for half the sky, and today is a sunny day, which can somewhat ease the coldness of winter.

Shao Xun still felt cold in his hands and raised his head to look at the emperor: "I'm looking for a warm place, can't you agree?"

The emperor heard that her tone was different from the previous one, and the brooding breath was almost disappeared, so he opened his hands generously and said: "I am here, where can you not touch it?"

Shao Xun snorted, staring into his eyes and slowly stretched a hand into his front, always paying attention to the man's expression, whether he was afraid of freezing him at all.

But the emperor smiled lightly, his eyebrows didn't move. Shao Xun's palm was pressed against his shirt, and he only gave a slight meal when he touched his warm body temperature, curling up his fingers to take it out as if he had been scalded.

But before he could completely pull it out, he was crushed in his clothes by the other party.

Shao Xun's fingers pressed against his chest and exerted some force, but it didn't work. The opponent's hand pressed him firmly.

"What do you do? Aren't you cold?"

The emperor held her other hand and tucked it into the placket together, covering her palms with both hands: "What's cold? Only if you don't wear clothes well, you can get cold hands and feet. Look at this ice. "

Shao Xun was held tightly by him and couldn't get it out. He was nagged as soon as he passed away. He couldn't help but laughed and said, "I am an ordinary person. It is common for me to be cold in winter and be afraid of heat in summer. You are not afraid of cold or cold like this. Hot ones are rare."

The emperor smiled softly: "I worked so hard as a heater in winter and an ice basin in summer, but I was blamed by you, but it was not a loss."

Shao Xun was startled slightly, feeling the comfortable temperature under his hands, and remembering the meticulous care of this man.

Although he is not a perfect saint, he also has the indifference and arrogance as the emperor, but in the face of Shao Xun, there is nothing to blame.

In front of Shao Xun, he was already a perfect husband.

Shao Xun hesitated and whispered: "Your Majesty, I'm sorry, I have a bad temper these days…"

A smile suddenly appeared on the emperor's face, and his whole heart was relieved, and he even teased: "It's not easy, our noble concubines will also apologize."

It is Shao Xun who sincerely admits his mistakes. At this time, he still couldn't help but sighed: "No, I will naturally apologize if I am wrong… But I am less wrong."

When she said this, she kept rumbling through her mind to find out if she had made any mistakes in the past, but all she thought of were trivial things. Consciously she didn't make any major mistakes, and she immediately became confident.

The emperor couldn't help but laughed, released his hand and held her in his arms again by holding her waist: "Yes, that's right, there is nothing better than our girl."

Shao Xun curled his hands on his chest. In fact, he had already warmed up for a while, so he confidently and boldly posted it on, and he moved his fingers involuntarily, trying to find the most comfortable place.

The emperor's eyebrows twitched insignificantly, he thought for a while, and asked calmly, "I just apologized?"

If the two had just met a few years ago, Shao Xun might have to be bluffed by his serious tone, thinking at a loss what to do and how to continue to apologize, but after a few years of getting along day and night, she understood. I know what kind of temper this person is, and I also know that sometimes he deliberately put on a calm and serious look, but he is not necessarily thinking about something in his mind.

Her hand ran upward along the emperor's placket, and finally circled his neck and stood on tiptoe close to him.

The emperor looked calm, but he subconsciously held his breath. He watched Shao Xun's face only a few minutes away from him, waiting for her sincerity to apologize.

But Shao Xun stopped, just turned his head slightly to paste his face with his face, and said with a smile, "Can this work?"


Without saying a word, the emperor directly pinched the back of Shao Xun's neck, twisted her face slightly, and kissed the vermilion soft lips.

Shao Xun didn't expect him to move so quickly. He didn't give her a chance to continue to play tricks. Before he could react, he was firmly pinched in his palm, and he couldn't move anything except his lips.

The emperor moved very steadily, and his strength precisely controlled the range between restraining her but not causing her discomfort, but the strength of the kiss was far less gentle and restrained than usual.

This time his kiss had a bit of rashness, and the sucking force was much stronger than before. Shao Xun couldn't stand it in a short period of time, and the tips of his lips and tongue became numb.


He supported her as easily as he was holding a light fleece. It didn't take much effort. Shao Xun's toes were almost off the ground, and he couldn't find a place to stand. His whole body could only cling to the emperor involuntarily.

The emperor's hands did not move randomly, but were confined to the back of her neck and waist, but the numbness from her lips and tongue quickly spread to her whole body, and Shao Xun's slender fingers, as thin as green onions, involuntarily pinched into his. If she were a cat on her shoulders, she would probably explode the hair all over her body at this moment.

It seemed that in the blink of an eye, and it seemed that after a long time, the emperor gradually let go of his movements, gently comforted her for a moment, and then retreated.

Shao Xun stared blankly at the bottomless eyes of the other party, panting for a moment, completely unable to distinguish the north, south, east, and west. He was gently held on the ground, and he gradually recovered his senses when he stepped on it firmly.

The emperor just now deliberately taught her a lesson, so he didn't have any strength at all. The feeling brought to her by letting go was even stronger than the usual little restraint in bed matters to a certain extent.

Once the sanity returned to her mind, Shao Xun realized that this person was deliberate and made her almost…

The embarrassing energy also came up, she pinched the emperor's shoulder but couldn't move it for a long time, and immediately became even more annoyed: "You, you…"

The emperor's breathing was obviously heavier than usual, but he said nonchalantly: "You come to provoke me first."

The wicked person sued first!

Shao Xun looked around, and as expected, the group of people who followed didn't know where they were hiding: "Then you can't…this blue sky and white sun…"

Just kiss her and she will recognize it, but the emperor has just used techniques intentionally to make her, let her…

Shao Xun unconsciously tilted his body on the emperor. The corners of the emperor's mouth turned upside down, and then he flattened off again. He seemed to ask with concern: "What's wrong, is it uncomfortable?"

This is a questioning knowingly. Shao Xun really regretted teasing him on purpose just now. Now his legs and feet are soft.

She is now beginning to suspect that this man intends to avenge her indifference during this period of time.

The emperor held back for a while, but couldn't help but laugh. He squeezed Shao Xun's face, with a deep doting and smile in his tone: "I don't know how many catties I have, and I have to provoke others. , Will have a long memory next time."

Shao Xun's face bulged: "I've seen enough, I want to go back!"

The emperor helped her and said jokingly: "Do you want me to hold you?"

Shao Xun must not bear his hard work before changing, but now she simply nodded: "You turn around!"

She just held her with one hand without any effort, why should she cherish his strength!

The emperor was not at all embarrassed. He immediately turned around and bent down. Shao Xun deliberately pressed on his back. Unfortunately, no matter how hard she was, her weight was only that little. The emperor didn't feel any difference at all, so he straightened up to support her. Put her higher at the base of her legs and walk back steadily.

Several accompanying people quickly followed, trying to be able to see the two of them without embarrassing the thin-skinned concubine.

The viewing platform was not far from the Jinguang Temple, but there was some distance in the end. The emperor carried Shao Xun on his back for most of the time. He didn't breathe any breath. Instead, Shao Xun became more and more uneasy. She asked awkwardly in his ear: " Tired?"

The emperor replied solemnly: "It's a bit… if I hold you, I might have to save effort."

Shao Xun didn't know if he was confused by what happened just now, but he actually subconsciously followed his words and thought for a moment whether he really wanted to hold him…

Then he immediately realized that the emperor was talking nonsense with his eyes open, and gritted his teeth again, lying firmly on his back: "Tired? That's right!"

The emperor didn't care, and he put her down after carrying her all the way to the gate of Jinguang Temple.

"Why, don't you go down the mountain?" Shao Xun asked.

At this time, the closed temple door opened from the inside, and the emperor said when he saw him: "Let's go see Master Huiyuan."

Saying that Cao Cao had arrived, the gate of the temple was wide open, and the presiding monk Huiyuan brought a few disciples close to him out: "The distinguished guest came to visit, and Lao Na had missed a long way to welcome him, which is really impolite.

The emperor walked in with Shao Xun, waving his hand at will, saying, "It was also what I ordered, everything should be simplified."

He turned his head and whispered to Shao Xun, "His medical skills may not be better than Zhang Lao, but he is knowledgeable. After all, he is unique. Now that he is in front of the door, let him show you."

Shao Xun's footsteps caused the emperor to turn his head: "What?"

Shao Xun looked at him: "Well… it's okay."

Hui Yuan led the two to the room that Shao Xun had visited a few years ago.

This monk is also interesting. He is as old as he is, but it seems that he has been like this since Shao Xun was a child. He was still like this a few years ago. Now, he is still the same, not even the long beard on his chest.

Now the furnishings and furnishings in the room where he meets the guests are the same as before. After people come in, there will be a few years of time that have not flowed in this person or this room.

Indeed, being good at health preservation is also Huiyuan's housekeeping skill. The emperor's theory that Shao Xunchi can't be happy even if it is crooked is from his mouth.

Upon entering the door, Shao Xun felt stunned by the scent of sandalwood in the room. Hui Yuan watched his words and thoughts, and quickly asked Xiao Sengmi to extinguish the spices and opened a few windows for ventilation.

"Your Majesty and the noble concubine are here to come, Lao Na is really terrified."

He has compassion on his face, and he hears more polite words than others.

The emperor took Shao Xun and sat on the futon: "Master, there is not much gossip. Today I mainly want you to show the concubine to see her. Is it okay to see her body recuperating?"

Master Huiyuan was deeply impressed by the pair. At the beginning, he secretly guessed whether the girl was the emperor's daughter-in-law or daughter-in-law, and it was only determined when Yingguo public girl was registered as a noble concubine.

This is not surprising, the two had a feeling of intimacy and ambiguity when they got along. If it was a daughter-in-law… Tsk tsk.

Fortunately, what he saw was not a royal secret.

When Hui Yuan smiles, he is more confusing than the emperor. For so many years, no one has ever guessed what thoughts came out of his mind when he was approached by all kinds of weird people.

But this was in front of the emperor, and Hui Yuan didn't dare to think that there were so many things, and he immediately set the pulse for Shao Xun seriously.

Not long after the fingers were put on, he blinked, and then asked about Shao Xunyue without much evasiveness.

But since Shao Xun gave birth to the five princesses, his menstrual period has been inaccurate. In recent months, he has been disturbed by one incident after another. It is even more messy to tell which day is which day. This is also the doctor Zhang. Out of caution, I only dared to say the full five points, and have not dared to determine the reason.

But Hui Yuan is more decisive than the imperial physicians in the palace. He bluntly said: "Although your pulse is not as obvious as ordinary people this time, you can still get it out with more care. This pregnancy has been three months-eight. Nine points. ."

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