The atmosphere suddenly became cold, and everyone closed their mouths unanimously.

Feng Zhaoyi's face paled, but in the emperor's slightly impatient expression, she really did not dare to speak.

The fourth princess also felt fear at her mother's side, shivering with fright by the solemn atmosphere, but her eyes were red in the blink of an eye, and she couldn't help but choke.

In the silent moment of silence, this sob was especially obvious.

Feng Zhaoyi covered the fourth princess's mouth to prevent her from crying, and confined her in her arms, with a little bit of cold sweat on her forehead unconsciously, and she raised her head to look at the Empress.

The Empress's eyes were slightly cold, and she stared at her silently.

Feng Zhaoyi's sweat flowed down, and she didn't dare to explain even once, and immediately knelt down and pleaded guilty: "It's the concubine's rudeness. I love the concubine and empress forgive me."

Everyone looked at Shao Xun and wanted to see what she would do with her, but the emperor solemnly rebuked, "I want to punish you. What do I ask the concubine to do?"

Feng Zhaoyi was really wronged this time. When the emperor opened his mouth, it was as if she had deliberately raised the imperial concubine, but in fact, she was really panicked now, and instinctively realized that only Shao Xun could save her, so she went subconsciously. I beg her, as everyone knows, in the eyes of the emperor, this is even more sinful.

It's a big trouble.

De fei Shu fei and the others kept silent, but in fact there was also a panic in their hearts.

In fact, the main dispute was not on Shao Xun, but the confrontation between De fei and the Empress. This is already commonplace. It is only because Shao Xun has been in the limelight recently. Therefore, deliberately or unconsciously, everyone always talks about it. Going to her, in fact, it is not painful or itchy, and it will not cause any substantial harm to her, and even in the strict sense, there is no bad thing about her in the words.

The concubines mentioned Shao Xun only because they didn't want to put her out of the way, they wanted to involve her, to test her handling habits and temperament-of course, they also meant to test the emperor a little bit.

However, this is all about to stop. Even Shu fei's words that were a little too overwhelming were immediately pushed back by the Empress Dowager, which almost prevented her from coming to Taiwan, and De fei was even more obscure, and could hardly hear any maliciousness. I can't say anything to blame for being impatient with such a thing.

But who knew that when Feng Zhaoyi saw Shao Xun's theory, the emperor hadn't moved for the time being, and he suddenly overwhelmed the matter.

The imperial concubine is pregnant, who are you, dare to persuade you to drink?

The emperor didn't speak at first, so that the originally cautious person temporarily forgot his appearance. When he suddenly attacked, everyone was shocked and realized that Feng Zhaoyi had not grasped the measure for a while and could involve them all.

This thing turned out to be a bad ending.

Shu fei was okay. Her words had already been reprimanded by the Empress Dowager. It was passed. De fei closed her eyes calmly, but she was already a little panicked in her heart.

At this time, Feng Zhaoyi knelt on the ground and listened to the emperor: "Didn't you hear what I said?"

If this is really kicked out at the New Year's Eve banquet, then there will be no face. In the future, no one can look up. Feng Zhaoyi dare not explain or beg for mercy, so she quietly raised her head and looked at Shao Xun imploringly. Now only the imperial concubine has the face to ask the emperor to spare her this time.

But Shao Xun is not a muddlehead. How could he intercede for Feng Zhaoyi?

She looked at the emperor quietly, without seeing the Empress or Feng Zhaoyi, her expression focused and calm, it seemed that the woman kneeling down was not because she was about to lose her face.

Not to mention that Feng Zhaoyi took the initiative to provoke, but that the emperor is now fighting for her. If she pleaded with her at this time, wouldn't it be a favor of the emperor's face?

Feng Zhaoyi is not really ignorant of current affairs, that is, in the blink of an eye. After realizing that the imperial concubine would not be such a good person, she did not dare to do more entanglement. Before the emperor lost his patience, she bowed her head and pleaded: "The concubine loses her courtesy after drinking. , Your Majesty Xie admonishes."

Speaking, he pinched the princess in his arms, pushed her out, and slowly got up, with makeup that had been soaked in cold sweat and shaky and messy hair, he awkwardly withdrew from the hall alone.

In the silent and terrible atmosphere, the palace people she left behind endured fear, picked up the fourth princess and quietly covered her mouth, and returned to the place where she should sit.

De fei lowered her head. When the emperor looked over, her heart almost jumped out of her chest. It was as long as a year for an instant, until his sight was removed and she held it without moving, but in fact, a basket of cold sweat flowed. A big sigh of relief.

She knows that she was lucky this time because she didn't really say anything bad, at most when she talked back to the Empress, even with the concubine, and she was still on the side with her on the face. The emperor could not find any reason to deal with her.

The singing and dancing in the hall had already stopped. The dancers and musicians knelt on the ground scatteredly. Everyone stared with bated breath and did not dare to give another glance. Even the Empress Dowager was speechless for a while.

The emperor was silent for a while, and finally seemed to calmly say: "Go ahead," he said to the sects: "It's hard to celebrate the New Year's reunion, don't sweep the elders for the sake of a few unruly people."

The clan members also breathed a sigh of relief, saying that they were afraid-even if it was not against them, it was not the kind of thunder anger hanging over their heads, but the emperor's suppressed and silent anger still made people feel hard to fight.

The singing and dancing started again, but the musicians were obviously lingering. At first, they even made a few wrong notes. It took a while before they calmed down and returned to the proper level.

Shao Xun had not said a word about Feng's treatment just now, which made people unable to understand her thoughts. Only then did he lift the wine glass again and said to the Empress: "Please forgive me, Niang."

This time the Empress didn't say much, but calmed down and said with relief: "You don't need to take Feng Zhaoyi's words to heart. People who are pregnant should naturally be cautious, and dragon heir is the most important thing."

Speaking and drank the wine in the glass: "The concubine is free."

In fact, Shao Xun's cup was already empty. At this time, he took a sip as a gesture, which was considered to have saved the Empress's face.

After this time, the scene was no longer so tight, and even De fei didn't say anything that shouldn't be said.

The singing and dancing in this banquet were all top-notch, and everyone tried their best to forget the scene just now. The atmosphere gradually loosened. There were whispered conversations, singing and dancing, and toasting with each other. Although it seemed a little deliberate, it seemed good or bad on the surface. It's normal.

After the Empress drank the glass of wine, her face became flushed uncontrollably, and she looked a little healthier.

She looked at the dance, as if she was appreciating it intently, her mouth moved slightly, and she said in a low voice, "The concubine did not instruct Feng Zhaoyi to do anything."

The emperor heard her clearly, but didn't even move his eyes.

"The concubine wants to see what kind of person the Shao family's child is like," the Empress said, regardless of whether the emperor responded or not, "but believe it or not, the concubine really didn't ask Feng to persuade the concubine to drink."

She looked at the Empress Dowager: "The Empress Dowager must be annoyed, but if I explain to her that I didn't encourage Ruozhen to enter the palace, she can't believe it."

The emperor drank a glass of wine and said calmly: "But she came, it's your reason."

"Yes," the Empress chuckled: "The concubines all look like this, and there is still value in letting the family calculate this. It's an honor."

The Empress's temperament was a bit stubborn and paranoid, and being able to speak such words was actually proactively showing weakness, but the emperor didn't catch it, and his sight didn't even touch her from beginning to end.

The Empress's expression was bleak, watching not far away Shao Xunzheng turned her head to talk to the Empress Dowager, with an affectionate and natural expression. The Empress Dowager who had been sullen all night looked at her with a gentle expression.

"You have a good vision…" the Empress murmured: "This child is very likable."

The emperor's sight was also on Shao Xun's body. She seemed to feel something, and looked up here, and happened to look at the emperor.

The girl couldn't help but smiled at him, seeing that the sweetness in his heart seemed to drip with honey.

The emperor's gaze suddenly became gentle, and he said without shy: "You are right."

Doing the math, this is the first time the emperor has echoed the Empress in so many years, and it is still to praise other women, which makes the Empress frowned involuntarily, "Your Majesty…"

When the emperor finally took a look at her face, the Empress's words seemed to be stuck in her throat and eyes, and she couldn't say anything.

The seat of the empress is at the top, and no one knows the brief exchange between the two, but the dark tide underneath is surging and the thoughts are flying, but it is no less than above.

In fact, everyone knows that the emperor's pampering concubine for a while, although the Ganlu Temple is closer to the former court, it is only separated from the Liangyi Hall by a wall, and everyone inquires about it, but after more than three months, the emperor has been almost daily Overnight in the Ganlu Temple, there are always a few times that people know.

An emperor who has rarely entered the harem recently has frequently favored a concubine, and no one believes if he does not do so.

But the number of pets and love in such petting is really unknown.

After all, even Shu fei and Libi have been "favored concubines" for a period of time. In fact, everyone knows how much water they have.

But from tonight, this time is really different from the past.

The emperor's attitude towards the harem was very clear before, that is, letting his concubines and concubines autonomy, and going to the Empress dowager if they could not deal with it. It is really a big trouble, such as murdering the emperor's heir, he will intervene, and other trivial matters such as quarrels and babbles. , He didn't even have the qualifications to pass in his ears.

But tonight's matter is blunt, and it's a big trouble for the sesame seeds. Several concubines and the Empress fought against the concubine, which slightly affected the noble concubine's clothes. Although Feng Zhaoyi seemed rude, the wine was just delivered. If the concubine is If you don't drink, no one can pour her into her mouth, and it doesn't matter how serious it is.

Originally, the emperor usually didn't raise his eyelids when encountering such things, except for occasionally complaining that he was too noisy and would hardly interfere with affairs in the harem, but today he is really angry, and even the imperial concubine himself did not have time. When he spoke, he personally intervened and drove Feng out.

Such a move… To say that he didn't have any sincerity towards the concubine, that would be too self-deceiving.

The concubines have different feelings in their hearts, but the princesses are very interested in this matter, and they can't help spreading some eyebrow lawsuits in private, trying to understand the charm of the imperial concubine, which can make the iron tree bloom.

But as soon as I saw Shao Xun's face, such doubts seemed to be superfluous-to be like this, no matter how strong your Majesty's concentration is, it is natural to be tempted… right?

With a common topic, this topic is interesting and at the same time cryptic and cannot be stated clearly, but it is more energetic.

This palace banquet greatly satisfied the curiosity of the clan who was present, and when he was excited, he drank more wine, and the voice of the drunkenness gradually became louder.

The emperor was toasted back and forth tonight, and he really drank a lot. Although he was not drunk, he was already in a slightly smoked state.

For the most part of the banquet, the singing and dancing were almost over. The emperor wanted to say something, but with his wide sleeves, he might as well wipe down the wine glass and wet the dragon pattern embroidered with gold threads on his clothes.

Upon seeing this, the Empress quickly wanted to wipe him off, and said: "The concubine will help you to change clothes, right?"

The emperor shook his head and rubbed his forehead: "No, please let everyone go."

The Empress is going to help him: "Send a concubine…send you back?"

The emperor pushed her hand away and said loudly, "…girl."

Everyone looked sideways, not knowing what he was talking about, only Shao Xun hesitated and stood up: "Your Majesty?"

The emperor opened his eyes, realized that he had called the wrong name, and changed his words: "Come here, noble concubine."

Seeing that he seemed to be drunk, Shao Xun quickly stepped forward to help him: "Your Majesty, why are you uncomfortable?"

As a result, as soon as she touched her, she found that although the emperor was next to her, he was actually exerting force and did not put the weight on her.

The emperor shook his head: "I am a little tired, let's go back…"

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