Li Ji couldn't take advantage of any loopholes in what Li Ji said. If it is said that Er Gouzi is unwilling to take people, it is better to say that Li Ji hastened to help speak, and even the rescue of Er Gouzi can be carried out.

But Li Ji meant that the high Hunter's strength is not so fast that it can't run fast when encountering large beasts and there is no way. Gao Liehu can't be fat.

Gao Liehu was still a bit unwilling, and said: "Would you not go far? Just walk along the periphery. There are at most wolves there. I dare not alone, and the two of them also said it."

Li Ji wanted to go home. He turned his head and said, "It's nothing, but when you look at it now, it's almost winter, the grass is dead, and those rabbits and deer eating grass must hide less. Those tigers and cheetahs living deep in the woods are hungry, why are they hungry? It must be to go out to try their luck. It is the same reason that we can go inside if we can't catch prey. If you didn't meet it, you didn't meet it. destroyed."

Isn't the one case that people fear the most in their entire life? It is possible to go to the depths of the forest a hundred times to encounter a beast that cannot be resisted once, but because of the probability of that one time, it is enough for people to have the guts to enter in this life.

Li Ji quickly walked away from Gao Liehu with two steps, went home and fed the chickens to the fire. There are not many pickles at home, so Li Ji went to Zhao Qian's house in the village to buy a jar. Zhao Qian's daughter-in-law was married from another place, and the pickles were good at pickling. The thick-skinned people in the village asked Zhao Qian's wife to help pickles.

There was nothing to live inside and out. Li Jixian was fine, so he cooked melon seeds on the kang. The melon seeds were bought when they went to the city. They were all fried. He also bought two catties of salty and salty ones. Time is not bad.

Waiting until the afternoon, Li Ji was a little bit distressed. The more he ate the melon seeds, the more unpleasant he was. He made the rice stuffed and made a cold potato shreds and cabbage fried pork. Put on the lid of the pot and warm it up, put on a thick cotton coat and go to the entrance of the village to wait.

The weather was cold these past two days, and the children who came out to play were forced to wear thick clothes, and they were all covered with patches of various colors. The colorful ones looked pretty good when they came out.

Some children would stop to call Fourth Uncle or Fourth Grandpa when they saw Li Ji, and they heard a lot from childhood.

After waiting for a while at the entrance of the village, Li Ji couldn't wait to go straight up the mountain to take the people down. He said he would come back soon, but he hasn't come back yet.

After waiting for a while, Er Gouzi really said what he said today. After a while, Li Ji saw him walking down the mountain, carrying the roe deer in one hand and the blood-stained bone spear in the other. When he saw Li Ji, he would treat him. Barely smiled.

Li Ji finally let go of his heart, and walked in to see Er Gouzi that although the cotton coat on Er Gouzi's body was dirty but not torn, it meant that the person was not injured.

Roe deer generally don't grow up. This weight of 50 or 60 catties, if the roe deer meat is ready, it is really rare and delicious.

Carrying home, he found Gao Liehu's wife again, and still used two catties of meat as a reward, so that Gao Liehu's wife would handle all the meat.

Roe deer meat is the most delicious jerky. Leave a few catties to eat. The rest is cut into strips and marinated. When the marinade is done, it is not easy to dry at this time. Don't worry about eating it and hang it outside for a few months. It's also freeze-dried. If you are anxious, you can hang the meat with a rope in a wide area outside the fire wall. After a few days, you can eat it.

A whole piece of roe deer skin was peeled off, and it was taken directly to Gao Liehu's house and asked Gao Liehu to estimate the price, and let Gao Liehu tanning by himself. After the sale, the price was still twenty-eight.

The estimated price of such a piece of leather is six yuan, and the specific price is still to be sold.

In the evening, Li Ji stewed the roe deer meat again. Stir-fried bacon with cabbage on the dinner table, kimchi, and another roe deer meat. There are too many dishes. Today Er Gouzi is destined to eat it.

Anyway, Er Gouzi went up the mountain today, it must have consumed a lot of physical strength, eating more should not gain weight.

The two sat opposite each other and ate their mouths full of oil.

The roe deer has a lot of meat, but it has a strong smell. It is good to eat it fresh, and it is unbearable to eat it every day. However, after the jerky is made, the fishy smell will be much smaller, and it can be eaten directly as a snack.

"I came back early today." Li Ji was very satisfied with this.

Er Gouzi smiled and said: "I saw the big one in the morning and ran fast. I didn't catch it. I saw this in the afternoon. I caught it in the morning and came back."

Er Gouzi's words are strange, but understandable. Hearing Er Gouzi's words clearly, Li Ji nodded and smiled: "You still have the ability, come and eat more."

Pick up a piece of roe deer meat and put it in Er Gouzi's bowl. Er Gouzi looked at the meat in the bowl and then at Li Ji who was smiling brilliantly. He picked up the meat and put it into his mouth to chew slowly, and then he also gave Li Ji a piece.

After eating, Er Gouzi washed the bowls and Li Ji threw on the kang, the kang and the fire wall were warmed up, and it was okay to even sleep naked without covering the eiderdown quilt.

The two lay on the kang, covered with the newly bought quilt, and bought two new quilts. Finally, the two of them no longer need another quilt.

Just when Li Ji was about to fall asleep, he heard Er Gouzi's soft voice saying: "I miss my mother."

Li Ji was taken aback, stretched out his hand and patted Er Gouzi's chest: "Tomorrow I will take you there."

Li Yan's grave was set up by his brother. Although her family blamed her for her waywardness and non-compliance, she had a love for her since she was a child. Now Li Yan's brother died of illness last year. He had two sons and a daughter. The daughter was married. The two sons were in the village. He saw Er Gouzi returned. Although he did not pick him up, Er Gouzi brought something to Li Ji's place. It's kind of sentimental.

Early the next morning, I ate a lot before going to bed last night. This morning I simply ate a light bite. The millet porridge was just pickles, and the soup was full and easy to digest.

Er Gouzi was obviously not satisfied with this kind of meatless life, but didn't say anything.

After dinner, Li Ji went to the small grocery store in the village to buy two wads of paper money. I said it was a grocery store, but I didn't actually buy anything, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tobacco, and wine. The rest was paper money. All of them are definitely needed in the village. There is no trick, and it is convenient at any rate.

I took Er Gouzi to the grave circle on the east side of the mountain. Li Yan returned to the village with a big belly and got pregnant before she was married. The family considered her to be married. A married woman belongs to her husband's family and cannot enter her family's ancestral grave, and she doesn't know who her husband is, so a solitary grave was set up not far from her ancestral grave.

When Li Ji was a child, he heard his father say when he followed his father to the grave, so he had an impression. Soon I found the tomb bag that was overgrown with grass. The grass on the tomb was more than one meter high. From the time the tomb was erected, almost no one was taking care of it. That is to say, there are many trees in the mountains, otherwise the tomb bag will be gone after two years.

Bringing a sickle and a spade, he cut all the grass, and asked Er Gouzi to add soil to his mother.

Er Gouzi didn't understand why this mound was a mother. Li Ji explained to him that after a person died, there would be such a tomb with bones buried here.

Er Gouzi's eyes were wet, but he didn't cry. He choked with sobs to add soil to Li Yan according to Li Ji's instructions, and said, "Why did my mother die? Why didn't you find me."

Er Gouzi and Li Yan depended on each other when he was a child. When he was five years old, he lost his way to the jungle and never found it back. Li Yansi'er became ill and went there soon.

It is not difficult to imagine the despair and fear of a five-year-old child suddenly lost. At the beginning in the jungle, it must have been particularly difficult.

"Actually, your mother has always been looking for you." Li Ji couldn't help but comforted, "Is there a mother who doesn't care for her son. It's just that she missed you too much, and people went there soon. Although people are dead, they are just Exist in another way. Maybe you can live on the mountain for so long, but it's your mother who will bless you secretly."

Er Gouzi seemed to understand this. After finishing the tomb, Li Ji told Er Gouzi to kneel down, and then began to burn the paper. Li Yan does not have a tombstone. Li Ji is thinking about waiting for the next spring to go to the city to make a tombstone for Li Yan. Although he did not enter the ancestral grave, it was considered a lonely grave, but the son was still there, and this monument had to be erected.

After burning the paper, Li Ji made Er Gouzi kowtow, and when he left, he said to the grave bag: "You can rest assured that Er Gouzi is here with me. I will definitely not let him suffer any more. But your son does. Ability, I will definitely live a good life in the future."

After returning home, Er Gouzi's mood was a little depressed, saying that he was looking for his mother, but in fact he was looking for nothing more than a mound, not the living person who depended on each other when he was a child.

Li Ji watched Er Gouzi sitting on the kang without speaking. He used to sit next to Er Gouzi and patted Er Gouzi on the shoulder: "With me, let's live a good life together. Up."

Er Gouzi looked back at Li Ji with red eyes, and immediately smiled comfortingly at him. Er Gouzi didn't hold back the emotions in his heart, opened his hands and hugged Li Ji in his arms.

Suddenly being hugged made Li Ji stunned, thinking about Er Gouzi's emotions at this time, and acquiescing to Er Gouzi's actions.

In Li Ji's feelings, perhaps Er Gouzi's mind was still stuck when he was lost at the age of five, when he was just a small child, how vulnerable it is to lose his mother. Now that my mother has become a mound, it must be uncomfortable in my heart.

Children need a hug most when they are fragile. When adults need it, they often lack someone to hug.

Both Li Ji and Er Gouzi belong to this kind of person, and it's okay to hug and warm each other.

Thinking of this, Li Ji reached out and hugged Er Gouzi back, and the two of them hugged him for a while.

There was not much water at home during lunch, so I took Li Ji to pick up water from the stream. Snow fell on the road 110 on the way back. Snowflakes are overflowing, and it looks very good when you look up.

Li Ji rarely appreciates such scenery, and can't help but stop and take a look. Er Gouzi looked back at Li Ji's serious appearance, feeling a little weird in his heart.

Li Ji retracted his gaze, smiled at Er Gouzi, and walked back straight on the burden on his shoulders.

It's all snowing, and enough water must be stored. The stream will soon be frozen, and the water source in winter is only snow water, but sometimes there will be very little snow, or when the heavy snow comes late, the draught That's the problem.

Fortunately, the water tank at home is big enough, if you don't take a bath or wash your clothes, it will last for more than half a month.

If the snow falls late this year, buy another big water tank next year. 

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