9 After thinking about it, the more I think about Li Ji, the more disheartened. With the condition of Er Gouzi, it is estimated that after this winter, he will become a rare item in the village. The mediator can step through the threshold and let his two-year-old uncle's face put his face. . No one has introduced him to a girl for so many years.

Li Ji has always been no one to introduce him. Being poor is not the main thing. Everyone in the village is poor. Who looks down on whom? The main reason is that Li Ji's generation is big, and the village is basically related to relatives. The little girl is either called Li Ji's fourth uncle or his fourth grandfather. Although it is not uncommon for a generation to marry, no one dares to tell the matchmaker. .

Fortunately, Li Ji is still young, so you don't have to worry about waiting two more days.

After a few days, the chicken house in the yard finally came out. It was not too big, that is, it was a chest-high, empty wooden frame, and there were a few simple shelves in which the chicken coop was used for laying eggs.

The two diagonal corners are ventilated to prevent candles and oil lamps. Li Ji found someone to paste a lantern, put an oil lamp in it, and light it up. Once it was fixed, the chicken flew up and fluttered without fear of getting it.

When the preparations are ready, the whole village will buy chickens. Twenty essays for hens, 15 essays for roosters, and five essays for chickens. The price is high, so even if it is about to enter the winter, all the chickens sold by each store are almost sold. When I plan to keep my own New Year and eat meat, I can buy a lot.

Finally, I bought five roosters and ten hens. At this time, there were no chicks, so I bought some breeding eggs.

Seeing the chicken grabbing and clucking, Er Gouzi's eyes straightened, and Li Ji patted Er Gouzi on the shoulder.

"Want to eat chicken?"

Er Gouzi nodded: "The meat is delicious, but it's hard to grasp."

He should be talking about the pheasant on the mountain. The pheasant is indeed better than the domestic ones, but the pheasant flies high and far, and you can only catch it. Er Gouzi's hunting method is simple and rude, so the pheasant is indeed a rare prey for him.

"Then let's kill the chickens tonight, but we have to keep the rest well and eat slowly later. The hens can lay eggs and hatch the chicks. As long as we work harder and give them more food, the chickens lay eggs and lay eggs. Chickens, we have chickens and eggs that we can't finish eating, and we can buy them for copper coins."

Er Gouzi's eyes were bright, and Li Ji looked funny. Er Gouzi is a tall man. Although the appearance of such a child is very contrasting, it is really painful.

Picking out the fattest one from the rooster, Er Gouzi killed him, and stewed it with potatoes that night, then fried a plate of bacon, stuffed it with a pot of rice, and waited to swallow his tongue after a meal.

After dinner, there was no chicken left at all. The stomach was bulging and it was like sleeping. As soon as I lay down, I heard the cry of a girl outside. The sound was not in one place. It proved that there was a girl walking. cry.

Li Ji felt strange, putting on a coat and playing the lantern when he went out, he saw Zhang Baihu in the village leading the twelve-year-old girl Zhang Xue with the lantern. He looked at the time when he left the village.

"What's wrong?"

Seeing Li Ji and Zhang Baihu's face a little ugly, he coughed and said in embarrassment: "It's okay, take a stroll at night."

Zhang Xue's cry was even louder: "Four grandfather, Daddy wants to sell me, Daddy wants to sell me."

Li Ji was taken aback. Zhang Xue was one of the best looks in the village of his age. When buying chickens in the past two days, I heard the women in the village talking about her son like Zhang Xue, and he wanted to ask her to be his wife in the future. Listening to the favored ones, why can't Zhang Baihu want to sell his daughters?

Zhang Baihu's face turned dark, and he pulled Zhang Xue's arm hard, and then quickly walked away with Zhang Xue. Zhang Xue's cries faded away, and Li Ji only reacted. Zhang Zhuzi, the son of Zhang Baihu, was one of the children who watched Li An drown in the first two days. The condition for reconciliation at that time was that every household should pay two taels of silver.

As the saying goes, a penny kills a hero, and these two ounces of silver are in this poor valley and cannot be made back within a few years, so this hundred households have moved to sell girls. This girl looks good, even though she is young, the price is only four or five taels of silver.

Selling a girl is not only a debt exchange, but also a wealthy family for a few years.

This population business is normal. Li Ji is not qualified to take care of other people's household affairs. It's just a pity that Zhang Xue is a good citizen. This sale will cost two grades and become a slave. It sounds like a word difference, but his status is indeed terrible. No, not only can we only marry slaves, but the children born are slaves for generations.

Li Ji tightened his clothes and walked back.

"What's the matter?" Er Gouzi asked in the room.

"Sorry to sell girls." Li Ji said, in fact, it is said that this kind of thing is said by the villagers at most for two days, and the matter will be over after two days. Everyone When there are difficulties, selling wives and princesses is one of the methods. Who can guarantee that he won't have that day?

Those who died of sickness, exhaustion, suicide, and beating these days, all the methods of death are not surprising, just a little girl, not many people will care.

Li Ji teaches Er Gouzi to feed the chickens every day. During the day, the chicken house can be opened. There are beams inside to let the light through. When the sky is dark, you can watch it. The corner is lit by an oil lamp. Bright and ventilated.

Er Gouzi almost drooled every time he looked at the chickens, staring at them, and the whole flock of chickens was trembling. Two days later, Li Ji forbade Er Gouzi from approaching the chicken house. Go on like this. The group is scared, don't expect to lay eggs.

The breeding eggs that Li Ji bought are placed on the kang. In fact, this time is no longer suitable for incubating eggs. Li Ji didn't expect to be hatched. It was entirely to accumulate experience. I asked my neighbors what to pay attention to when incubating eggs, keep the temperature at all times, and don't know if you can hatch them, and you can grasp them when the spring starts next year, and then you can hatch more.

Five days after the chicken was bought, perhaps the continuous light during the day and night made the chickens full of feed and finally began to lay eggs. In the cold weather, they were afraid of freezing, so they didn't leave them any eggs to attract them, and they took them all when they saw them.

When he had saved ten eggs, Li Ji beat all the ten eggs into flour and spread them into egg pancakes. After a meal, Er Gouzi finally stopped focusing on the poor chickens, and started Specializing in eggs, I have to ask several times a day whether the chicken has laid the eggs?

Of the ten hens in the family, only four lay eggs, two of them one a day, and the remaining two are one every other day, so there are not many. If a normal family of three is enough to eat, but Er Gouzi will come again. Neither is enough.

"When the spring comes next year, let's hatch more eggs, and there will be more eggs in the fall. Don't worry, let's take your time." Li Jimao sat cross-legged on the kang, smiling and showing his big white teeth.

Since Er Gouzi came, Li Ji has not eaten badly. He has gained weight two laps, because Er Gouzi's meals are so delicious, and he eats with him. Li Ji can eat a lot more every day. People get fat, and there is no way at all.

"It's going to snow soon." Er Gouzi said.

"How do you know." This season is indeed approaching the snowy season.

"Clouds, it will snow tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. I want to go up the mountain."

Er Gouzi wanted to go up the mountain again, Li Ji straightened up and frowned and said, "It's too dangerous. Are you greedy for meat? We still have a lot of bacon."

Er Gouzi shook his head and said: "I want to go, I haven't gone for a long time."

Li Ji silently, if he is greedy for meat in the future, he can use the money to buy skin to sell meat so that Er Gouzi can eat enough, but Er Gouzi grew up in the mountains. For him, the mountains are his hometown. Who can stop a homesick People?

There was a little silence, and Li Ji nodded: "Then you must make sure to go early and return early. If you come back in the dark again, you will not be allowed to go up the mountain in the future."

Er Gouzi nodded like garlic, remembering Li Ji's words to death.

Seeing the appearance of Er Gouzi, Li Ji felt even weaker, and could only pray that Er Gouzi would still be in peace when he went up the mountain.

The next morning, Er Gouzi pulled out the old quilted jacket and put it on her body. Last time he entered the city, he forgot to buy Er Gouzi a handy weapon, so Er Gouzi still used his own bone spear, although Rough, but Er Gouzi used it smoothly, which is good.

Li Ji sent Er Gouzi out of the village, and when he was walking back, he ran into Gao Liehu. Now it's cold, and there are fewer and fewer prey around the mountains. The high hunters don't have the guts to go deep in the mountains, so they have not hunted at all these days. Anyway, the money earned by helping to buy leather is enough for the family to eat and drink for a year.

"Fourth Uncle just sent Er Gouzi to the mountains?" Gao Lie asked with a smile.

Li Ji nodded.

Gao Liehu said again: "Fourth Uncle can discuss something with you."

Li Ji is not a fool, he guessed a little bit, his face did not change: "You said."

Gao Lie scratched his head and said with a smile: "I can't talk to Er Gouzi, Er Gouzi listens to you, so I wonder if Er Gouzi will take me next time I go up the mountain. I have bows and arrows at home. He can hunt long distances and catch traps, just because he is afraid that there are too many dangers in the mountains and dare not go in. Er Gouzi has the ability, so he won't be afraid to follow him, and he can catch more prey."

Er Gouzi basically ignored everyone except Li Ji. Gao Lie didn't find Er Gouzi privately, but Er Gouzi couldn't make a sullen fart in front of him, and there was no way to discuss it.

After listening to Gao Liehu's meaning, Li Ji's first thought was that it didn't work. Think about Er Gouzi's strength and the speed at which he can run. If there is a wild beast in the mountains, it will be no problem to escape, so he can move freely in the mountains. This is the fundamental reason why he can go in and out of the mountains freely.

But it is a burden to bring the flowers of the high Hunter. It is true that the high Hunter has the bow and arrow and the technology, but those are all relying on external forces. The high Hunter does not have the capital to escape at all. It can only be a burden if something really happens.

Thinking of this, Li Ji smiled bitterly: "How can I do this, Lord, I still want to go up the mountain with me, but Er Gouzi thinks I am running too slow. You haven't seen him running," It's like a leopard, faster than a rabbit. There are no three or five guys in our village who can lift the big tank in front of my house? He lifted it up with one hand. He walks in and out freely in the mountains, and we can't run. It's not enough, how can you easily enter the mountain."

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