It was raining lightly outside, and the weather was pre-cold, but at least half of the people in the village did not light up the stove. Now it is more luxurious to burn the stove.

The fire in the room is hot, and you can stay without wearing cotton clothes at all. Li Ji kneaded the dough into a long strip, then cut it into small pieces with a knife and placed it on the curtain. Er Gouzi stood aside and looked carefully, tilting his head and looking at Li Ji with questions.

Li Ji read the doubts in his eyes, and said: "You can eat it once it's been steamed. There are some potatoes at home. Victory's wife sent two spicy cabbage. Let's make spicy cabbage and stir-fry potatoes for later."

Er Gouzi nodded repeatedly. The smile on Li Ji's face also reached the bottom of his heart. When Li Ji lived alone before, Li Ji always fooled. Usually rice porridge is just pickled vegetables, and the vegetables collected in the ground are always kept, and I can't think of eating them for three to five days.

When these Er Gouzi came, what Li Ji thought every day was to change and make good food. He thought that as an elder, he could not treat his nephew harshly. In the past two days, Li Ji felt that he was cooking more and more. It's delicious.

After steaming the buns in a big pot, Li Ji tore off a few slices of spicy cabbage and shredded them. The remaining one was sliced ​​and fried with potato slices.

Today I steamed a big pot of steamed buns, but half of them were left outside to cool. The steamed buns are relatively small. There are also 20 half pots, but they are enough for two people, and they are less than in the morning.

Li Ji has said that he will slowly test Er Gouzi's appetite. Every meal is less. Now Er Gouzi will get a little fatter every day. Obviously he eats more. When Er Gouzi maintains a similar body shape, he will basically be I can be sure.

As soon as the two of them ate halfway through their meal, they heard someone calling Fourth Uncle outside. Li Ji put down the half-eaten steamed buns in his hand: "You eat first and I will go out and have a look."

Er Gouzi watched Li Ji go out to see the buns left in his hand. The sweet Er Gouzi that he had just eaten would not even be able to swallow it in his mouth.

When I arrived at the door, I saw Victory's wife who had just delivered spicy cabbage to his home in the morning.

"What's wrong?"

"Fourth Uncle, it's amazing. The Li Gao family's children are gone. Several children watched him drown, but he was called an adult. Now Li Gaozheng is arguing with the village head for his life. You are the older generation of the village and even the generation of Li's parents, the head of the village. It's impossible to say that it's not you."

Li Ji wiped the chili noodles at the corner of his mouth, nodded and said, "Wait for me, I will go with you right away."

After turning around and entering the house, Li Ji put on the newly bought thick cotton-padded clothes: "Er Gouzi, you eat first. Something happened in the village. I will check it out. Don't walk around when you are at home. Just call me if you come. Go to the village chief's house."

Li Ji went out again and went to the village with Shengli's wife.

Then I heard the voices of Li Gao and his wife crying and cursing. There were still several parents and children in the house. The children's faces were a little swollen, and they were crying tremblingly. Obviously, they all suffered a lesson.

Li Ji didn't go inside at first, looking for someone to ask what was going on. There is a fish pond at the east end of the village. It belongs to a family named Chai. Today the family went to the city to buy something, and a few little eggs were naughty to steal fish.

The fish pond was deep, and Li Gao's son Li Ang drowned with cramps. The remaining children were so frightened that they swam ashore. As a result, no one dared to call an adult for fear of being scolded, because the adults had repeatedly ordered them not to let them play in the fish pond. . Even less dare to go down to save people, afraid of drowning. The result was that several children watched Li Ang drown.

Then the children were afraid to go home, and were timid to tell their parents, and then to the fish pond, Li An's body was frozen hard.

Li Gao and his wife only had such a baby after four years of marriage. They usually hurt like eyeballs. Now they can bear it without them. When they were just drowning, even if the children on the shore yelled, the villagers heard Li Andu in the past. He wouldn't be drowned, because he was afraid that he would be scolded twice and Li Ang was killed.

Li Gao and his wife tried hard to make the children pay for their lives. The parents of the children repeatedly said good things, so that the children sometimes knocked their heads and slapped their mouths. They all knew that their children killed human lives, but how could it be true? Fate for life?

When Li Ji came over, it was actually just a cutscene. He didn't have enough seniority there, so he just stood and waited for them to solve it.

The voices of Li Gao's husband and wife's crusade were mixed with the struggle of a group of people. Li Ji is only sixteen years old, and he doesn't like this noisy environment. If he heard from the outside, he would definitely say to let the children who were unable to save their lives to pay for their lives. But he was really watching the begging of the parents and the children on the spot. Fear and trembling, I couldn't say anything.

For children, parental scolding is the most terrifying thing, and slap on the butt is the most painful punishment. Because no one has taught them what to do when they are in danger, because when they did wrong things in the past, they only got scolding and beatings.

They couldn't change the killing of Li Ang, even if they were children, they had to bear it. What the children cannot afford, the parents bear.

Li Ji sat in a corner for an afternoon, only to hear that they had a solution. Things in the village generally did not disturb the government. Whether this incident was Li Ang alone in an accident, or if his partners were unsuccessful, it all depends. How did the village chief report it?

According to the law, if you don't save yourself, the whole family will be degraded. This is something that everyone except the parents of the deceased does not want to see.

The solution is to give two taels of silver from each family to Li Gao and his wife. In fact, no one does not have these two taels of silver, so they owe them first, and it must be clear within three years.

It is not difficult to come up with two taels in three years. If the village can't make a long-term job, there is no way to get two taels of silver for a month. It's just that no one has surplus food, and all three years of income have been repaid. These families will have to live in poverty for at least a few years.

But no matter what, things were settled like this. Everyone had more than ten taels of silver in total, but the child was still alive, and selling five as slaves would not be able to sell for that price.

Life is not worth money. It is a villager who is valuable, and it is the lifeblood of Li Gao and his wife.

When the matter was resolved, Li Ji's body became stiff. After doing one day at a time, the village head's house was cold and he didn't even drink hot water.

When Li Ji arrived home, he found that Er Gouzi was still sitting on the kang, and the steamed buns and vegetables on the dinner table had not moved, that is, half of the steamed buns he had eaten before were gone.

"Why didn't you eat it?" Li Ji was surprised.

"Waiting for you." Er Gouzi smiled, grabbed a steamed bun and took a bite.

Li Ji stretched out his hand to touch the steamed buns and it was completely cold: "Don't eat it now. The cold steamed buns are not delicious. Let's warm them up first. You said you were sincere. Didn't you tell you to eat first? It's all afternoon, for a while. It's dinner, you really don't feel hungry for such a big appetite."

"You didn't eat either." Er Gouzi stubbornly said.

"I'm forced to be helpless. You are looking at the buns and hungry." Li Ji knocked Er Gouzi on the head, and the two of them continued to eat after picking up the food and heating it up.

After eating, the two of them saved dinner and cleaned the dishes and chopsticks. Li Ji not only sighed that Er Gouzi was too fast to learn things, but after only a few days of work, Er Gouzi was already very comfortable with chopsticks. I also use the stove to make a fire and add charcoal.

Such a good brain is simply the seedling of studying. Unfortunately, he grew up in the mountains and is now 18 years old. He is too late to recognize characters, let alone take a fame.

When I was a child, Li Ji thought about studying, but the family was too poor. Every time he heard that he was going to study, he would wipe his tears.

Together with Er Gouzi, he filled the water tank at the door. When it was filled, let's say a few hundred catties. Looking at the slightly turbid water inside, Li Ji knocked on the side of the tank with satisfaction, and went to the neighbor's house to see the chicken rack. How's it going.

Li Ji used to raise chickens when he was a child. At that time, he volunteered to feed the chickens every day. It was actually quite easy to wait for him. It's just that afterwards, there was feelings for being served, and finally those chickens were sold for sale. When he was a child, Li Ji cried softly for several days, and then he never raised chickens until his father died at home.

Now Li Ji regrets his intestines when he thinks about it, eggs, chicken, because of his brain convulsion when he was a child, he hasn't eaten chicken for so many years.

The chicken rack has just been punched out, and the rest must be covered with barbed wire. The barbed wire is bought in the city. The price is quite expensive, but it is convenient. In summer, the chicks won't be hot, and in winter, they are covered with unneeded torn quilts to expose a little bit of air and they won't freeze.

Li Ji talked with the neighbor for a long time, and the neighbor shared some experience of raising chickens with him.

"In fact, this chicken is willing to eat when it sees the light. You can only place an order if you eat too much, but it's not good when it's cold. So you said that the quilt is warmed up and the chicken lays eggs. It's a bit mysterious. If you have spare money to build a chicken house. And then light a candle or an oil lamp on a higher place, don't let the chicken have a chance to mess it up, but it can look bright, so that part of it is happy to eat during the day and night, and there will be more eggs."

Li Ji's eyes lit up: "If that's the case, let's stop playing chicks. You can go to my house and help me build a small house. Half-person height should be enough. You also know that I don't understand this."

Looking at the half-finished chicken rack, the neighbor felt that he had dug a big hole for himself.

Li Ji went home and worked out an account. Whether the lamp oil is worth the money or the eggs, obviously it is the latter. Even if you spend all your life and light candles, if you have five or six eggs a day, you can still make more money. .

Li Ji thinks a long way about changing the chicken rack to the chicken house. It is impossible to rely solely on Er Gouzi to make money from hunting. Not to mention the danger. After Er Gouzi merges into the village and becomes a family and starts a business, he will move out to live. Li Ji cannot always rely on Er Gouzi. The dog eats.

Therefore, taking advantage of the conditions, we must pave the smoothest road for the future.

When Li Ji has nothing to do, he likes to teach Er Gouzi to speak. Er Gouzi can speak without falsity, but he lacks vocabulary and can't express himself. This is not a big problem, just talk more.

Er Gouzi looks good, strong and strong, and although he eats a lot, he can earn more than he can eat. As long as it is left to speak unfavorably now, it is not a major problem.

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