The buddy went to the back, Li Ji stood up and looked at the several kinds of grains on the counter, including rice, millet, black rice, and noodles in several colors, all kinds of noodles.

Li Ji asked Er Gouzi for his opinion: "Let's buy more rice and white noodles, and buy less for the rest. Change the taste when it's okay."

Er Gouzi nodded. He didn't understand this, so he could only let Li Ji come.

Soon the shopkeeper in the shop came out, greeted him warmly, and asked the guy to pour the tea: "Where did you call me, two masters? Tell us a place, and we will also see what kind of car is suitable."

Li Ji told his address. It was not far away. Although there was a lot of food, he took it back with two donkey carts.

The two of them have to buy something, pay a deposit to let them load the car, and then they will buy other things, and then they will come back and load the car together and take the donkey cart back.

There are people selling candied haws on the street, and it is indeed time for Li Ji to think about it. It's such a cold day, so I don't want to be afraid of dipping candied haws.

Li Ji is quite senior, but his age is there, and he can't help but look at it more. Er Gouzi's gaze never left Li Ji, and he naturally noticed Li Ji's gaze.

Looking at the small red fruit that was strung into a string of reflections, Er Gouzi directly pulled Li Ji said closer.

Li Ji thought Er Gouzi wanted to eat it, and wondered how Er Gouzi recognized candied haws. Could it be possible that Li Yan took her to eat it when she was a child? But didn't Li Yan dig a hole in the mountains to live by herself?

"How much is a string?"

"Two copper plates."

"So expensive." Li Ji hesitated.

"I can't say that it's expensive. This year's hawthorn harvest is not good. I don't know how many days I can dip it. Isn't sugar expensive now?

"Yes. Let's have two skewers." Li Ji took out four copper plates from the cuffs, two of them, one for each, picking the sugary ones, first gnaw off the sugar on the side, and then bite off a red fruit, sweet and sour. The crispy outside and soft inside made Li Ji squint his eyes with enjoyment.

Er Gouzi bit off a red fruit like Li Ji, chewed the whole face twice and wrinkled: "Sour."

Li Ji looked back and saw Er Gouzi's embarrassing appearance, and smiled openly: "I don't like it?"

Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji with a brilliant smile, and just forgot to answer for a moment while appreciating.

Li Ji ate bite after bite, and saw the grocery store opposite. Just as he was about to enter the aisle, he heard the sound of a gong at the corner, followed by a neat footstep.

Although Li Ji hadn't seen it before, he had heard of it, and hurriedly pulled Er Gouzi back to the street. The people on both sides of the street backed up one after another, and soon they saw someone coming out with a sign. Li Ji couldn't read and didn't know what was written on it, and then another gong sounded. All the people around knelt down.

Li Ji knelt down in a similar manner, only Er Gouzi looked at the kneeling people around him with a dazed expression. Li Ji took Er Gouzi's hand and let him kneel down.

"what's happenin?"

"Keep your head down and don't talk."

All the people leaned forward, the gong rang once every other time, seven times in total, and left the street.

Li Ji breathed a sigh of relief and pulled Er Gouzi to stand up and patted the dust on his body.

In my ears, I heard the people around me talking about what the grandfather of Xinxian finally arrived.

Li Ji lives alone in the village all the year round. Knowing these things there, he quickly walked the aisle to the grocery store. When he was looking at the goods, he inquired about it with his buddy.

Li Ji has a lot of fancy things, and the guys are also enthusiastic, and answer all questions.

"My lord, ask our county magistrate. Oh, don't you know that the neighborhoods in our neighborhood said that the newly appointed county magistrate is a living bodhisattva mentor. This is also from a poor family background, because when I rushed to the exam to pass through the county, I got drenched. The rain almost burned to death and was rescued by well-wishers. Now let's leave the Beijing officials improperly running here as a small county magistrate for the benefit of the people."

The prefects of the counties will be somewhat infamous, and this county is a poor and small county, there is no oil and water to fish, almost all the crimes and high officials are demoted here, the position of this county has been vacant for a few years. This is just a new magistrate.

Li Ji had never studied, let alone read a word. He had never been an official in his life, so naturally he would not go into these matters. Seeing the large water tank placed inside, I thought that my house was far away from the river. There were no wells in the village, and no water came out of the wells. So the draught depends on the streams left by the mountains. Fortunately, the drinking water is still clean. Drink water upstream and wash clothes and bath downstream.

I always pick water when I drink water. I take a mouthful and two tanks at home. (1) You have to pick water once a day or two for cooking. If you take a bath, one tank is not enough.

"How do you sell this big tank."

Water tanks are the hardest thing to buy. Almost one family can use it for generations after they buy it. If it breaks, it can be repaired, so it can be sold at most when they are newly married, but it is rare. .

"This jar has been in use for two years. If you want to, you can take it for a penny."

Li Ji stretched out his hand in the past and moved it, but didn't move it. This big tank was less than one or two hundred kilograms. Li Ji's small arms and legs that hadn't been stretched really couldn't move.


Er Gouzi went over and tried it, holding the side of the tank with one hand on the ground, and then raised the tank in a daze.

Standing on the side, Li Ji swallowed his mouth, this meal is really not in vain. The grocery store clerk dropped a little and stirred up Thumbing: "This man is really a strong man!"

Putting down the tank, picking out more useful items, and paying the guy to return to the rice store to take it home together.

The two of them swept around, leaving a couple of silver dollars to go home to buy livestock and to buy some odds and ends.

From a young age, Li Ji spent more than 20 cents for the first time. Although this is not a big buck, for a poor person like Li Ji, it is not too much to say this time in a lifetime.

When you have bought enough, those who go to the shopkeeper of the rice grain store are a little bit uncomfortable. There is no other reason, but there are too many. I thought that two donkey carts would be enough, but now I think I need to add another one.

Li Ji threw ten copper plates to the shopkeeper of the rice and grain shop: "Thank you guys, buy some wine and eat a bite as a bit of my heart."

Seeing that the treasurer of the Tongban Rice and Grain Store finally felt better, all three donkey carts were installed, and the dumping position on the donkey cart was specially placed on a cushion for the two to sit. The three donkey carts beat two whips and set off to go back. go.

In the end, the donkey cart walks faster than a human being on two legs. I can see the village in half an hour. Finally, I entered the village directly, and the three chariots helped to unload all the carts. There is a warehouse at home, but it's not too big. The corners are cleaned up. Rice bags are piled up to fill up the corners. There are three bags of rice that have no place to put. Finally, there are two bags in the back room and one in the kitchen.

The big water tank was wider than the door frame, so I couldn't get it into the house, so I just put it next to the door. The two eiderdown duvets were folded and placed in the closet, and the rest was placed inside and out. The small courtyard finally looked like a home.

The driver left and everything was packed. Li Ji moved a small bench to sit in the yard and copy his hands silly.

Er Gouzi squatted next to Li Ji, looking at Li Jile, Li Ji looked down at Er Gouzi, and patted Er Gouzi's hair: "Come on, let's cook, we will make the noodles at noon, and we will steam the buns tomorrow."

No one understands the poor people's obsession with buns, and no one knows how extravagant buns are for the poor.

Add charcoal to the dying stove, heat a large pot with water and rice, and use the stove's frying spoon to make a stew with pickles. Add a few bowls of noodles to that big basin, and top with water.

When Li Ji was very young, his mother was gone, and his father's bones had always been poor, so Li Ji learned about cooking and steaming steamed buns at a young age, otherwise he would not be able to support himself all these years after his father's death.

Er Gouzi looked at it seriously, watching the noodles become a ball intently, thinking about the mixed-noodle buns that I ate the day I first came, Er Gouzi was a bit greedy.

After the noodles are reconciled, put them in the corner of the kang and use the temperature of the kang to make them. If they are made well, you can steam the steamed buns at noon tomorrow.

The two had used lunch. In the afternoon, villagers came to ask what was going on. Three road cars were pulling so many old things.

Of course Li Ji didn't hide it. To tell the truth, the big guy couldn't help but glance at Er Gouzi. Everyone thought that Er Gouzi would be a burdensome to serve in anyone's house, so how could I think that he was so capable.

In the afternoon, Li Ji took Er Gouzi and circled a fast place in the yard. The villagers who knew how to work as a carpenter made a chicken stand and lay a few chicken coops for laying eggs. When it's done, buy a few chickens from the villagers to raise chickens.

Being able to eat meat is one aspect, lay more eggs to supplement the family, as long as there are enough flowers, there is no need for Er Gouzi to go hunting in the mountains.

The weather is getting colder and colder, and the old quilt at home can be covered on the chicken shelf, so that the chicken will not be afraid of freezing to death, and the laying of eggs can be guaranteed.

At dinner, watching Er Gouzi eat twelve dinners in one go, Li Ji watched his rice bowl diminish and then added more food. At first it was really distressing to see him eating this way, but it was really enjoyable to watch him get used to it.

"Do you eat so much on the mountain?" Li Ji asked.

Er Gouzi thought about it and shook his head: "If you eat too much, if you don't eat less, you can eat without food for several days after a full meal."

Li Ji was stunned. He guessed that Er Gouzi could not eat enough every day on the mountain. He just listened to what Er Gouzi meant. He ate so much at once not because his stomach could digest so much, but because he was used to being hungry. After a full meal, as long as there is food, I will force myself to eat it all, so that there is no problem if I am hungry for a few days later.

Therefore, it is not that Er Gouzi can eat more, but that he is trying to eat all of Li Ji's food. Looking at the rice bowl that had bottomed out, Li Ji was very sad.

When I was young, I heard from his father that the wolves in the mountains can eat very well, but they can live well without eating for more than ten days after a full meal. In fact, that's not a special skill, it's just forced out because you can't eat enough every day.

Li Ji stretched out his hand and rubbed Er Gouzi's head: "We can eat every day, so you don't have to force yourself to eat too much. You will never be hungry. I will do less in the future. Let's take your time. It's not good for your body to eat less, and to force yourself to eat so much."

Er Gouzi nodded without understanding, bowed his head and finished the last two bites of rice.

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