There was nothing wrong with counting the number. The two sent away Gao Liehu. Li Ji touched the silver and copper plate on the table. He had never seen so much money in his life.

"Er Gouzi, do you know what this means?" Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi next to him.

Er Gouzi shook his head. Li Ji grabbed a string of copper coins and shook them, listening to its sound: "We don't have to be hungry this winter. We can also sell cotton clothes and even buy animal furniture. Do you want anything? Yes, let's go to the city to buy it tomorrow."

Er Gouzi knows what he wants, but he just thinks that Li Ji smiles very beautifully. Look at these shiny things on the table. It must be a good thing that makes Li Ji smile so beautifully. After that, he will play more skinny. Change more, Li Ji can smile more like this.

That night, Li Ji made noodles with noodles. He exchanged two copper plates for a piece of Chinese cabbage with his neighbors. He chopped and fried them with the meat. Then he went to lavish a pound of wine and the two of them ate the noodles. Drinking wine with vegetables, Er Gouzi doesn't know how to drink, and after a couple of sips, he just put it down. Li Ji happily drank a catty of wine.

Li Ji had never drunk so much wine, because he was really happy. After drinking the wine, he poured it on the kang over and over. After eating the rice, Er Gouzi picked up the bowl and washed it clean. He went back to the house to see Li Jizheng blushing and smiling at him.

Er Gouzi couldn't tell how he felt. He just thought that Li Ji's smile was so good that it made his heart beat faster and couldn't look away.

"It's dark, sleep." Er Gouzi said,

Li Ji nodded and reached out to Er Gouzi: "Yes, sleep."

Li Ji just smirked. Fortunately, Er Gouzi was good at learning. He spread all the bedding and carried Li Ji up.

Li Ji took the opportunity to hug Er Gouzi's neck and kissed Er Gouzi's forehead fiercely: "Er Gouzi, hiccup…you are really great. You can hunt, and you are so powerful, 100 catties. The wild boar came down from the mountain on his back. Why did you grow up eating? I can't do it."

Er Gouzi only felt that the place where he had been kissed was terribly numb. This was a feeling he had never felt before. It was wonderful, but not annoying. Er Gouzi's eyes fell on Li Ji's lips. That strange touch is brought by these lips, I want to try again.

"I catch, I resist, I can do it." Er Gouzi's tone increased.

"Then what am I doing."

"praise me."

Every time Li Ji praised Er Gouzi, those eyes were shining, which was so beautiful.

Li Ji was taken aback, and kissed Er Gouzi's Forehead Mountain again: "You are so funny!"

The forehead was kissed again, and now Er Gouzi was pretty sure that he liked this feeling.

Li Ji hugged the God of Wealth fiercely, patted his generous back, and smiled: "In the future, let's live a good life. In the future, if there is more money, my uncle will marry you a fat daughter-in-law, and then give birth to a fat boy. ."

A mouthful of alcohol spit on Er Gouzi's face, and Er Gouzi only felt hungry. Drooling: "What is a daughter-in-law?"

"Women, a woman who wants to live with you for a lifetime, sleeps with you, cooks and washes your clothes."

Hearing this description, Er Gouzi smiled: "You are my daughter-in-law."

Isn't Li Ji washing and cooking for him and sleeping with him now?

Li Ji gave Er Gouzi a slap on the ass: "Is there you who molested the fourth uncle like this? I am your fourth uncle! Remember, it's called the fourth uncle!"

Er Gouzi was patted without pain or itching. Hearing Li Ji's repetition, he called Si Shu.

"Good." Li Ji rubbed Er Gouzi's head, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Seeing Li Ji who was silent, Er Gouzi looked for a while in the moonlight, and finally couldn't help being curious, and bowed his head and kissed gently. After a kiss, Er Gouzi only felt that the place where his lips touched was numb. Sure enough, my uncle's lips were magical, and it was comfortable to touch them.

Er Gouzi licked his tongue and fell asleep contentedly.

After drunk, Li Ji woke up, his head secretly aches, and he secretly said in his heart that the liquor he smashed yesterday was mixed with water? Otherwise, why do you have a headache after drinking.

Turning his head to see that his clothes were half taken off, he stretched out his hand to tidy up. When it was cold, Li Ji was used to sleeping in his clothes, patted Er Gouzi next to him, and woke Er Gouzi.

"Wake up, clean up, and have breakfast in the city today. It's less than an hour to get to the city. Let's go faster and not be hungry."

Er Gouzi stared at Li Ji's lips and nodded blankly. Li Ji finally found two clothes with few patches. The two of them put on them. They washed their faces and combed their hair. They weren't ugly by themselves. It's a bit of a son to tidy up.

Li Ji looked at how Er Gouzi looked and liked. If such a good-looking boy Lang bought a decent outfit, he didn't know how many girls could be charmed.

Er Gouzi carried the money, Li Ji pushed the broken wheelbarrow at home and walked towards the city.

Li Ji's mouth was not idle along the way, regardless of whether Er Gouzi could understand or not: "When I was a child, what I looked forward to most was going to the city. Every time I entered the city, I could coquettishly buy candy with my dad. I was ignorant at the time. My dad is very tall in the year, so I can't go twice a year. For this reason, I have made trouble a few times. No one took me there as soon as my dad left. This is the first time."

Er Gouzi just listened carefully with his head down, maybe because his obsession was too deep when he was a child. Li Ji knew the road very clearly. The two walked fast and arrived in the city in more than half an hour.

Passing a long street, you arrive at the main street of the county. This county is not rich. There are three streets in total for business. One is a restaurant, ranging from small stalls to restaurants, and the other is for clothes and fabrics. One is for all kinds of groceries.

Li Ji sniffed Er Gouzi into a street and entered a noodle shop. The guy saw that the two of them were not dressed very decently. Although they were clean, their temperament was not good. At first glance, they came from the village. Normally such people. It doesn't take a few words, a bowl of rotten meat noodles is the sky.

"Master is here, come in and see what to eat, don't think we are a noodle shop, we have everything." The business man always talks so warmly.

Li Ji chose a larger table and sat down and opened his mouth to order food: "First, let's have five bowls of beef noodles, and then two catties of soy sauce beef. The wine will be fine. A pot of good tea. Are there any snacks that are suitable for after dinner? point."

Unexpectedly, Li Ji was so arrogant. The guy was stunned. Thinking about it, he might have suddenly made a fortune and went to the city to have a good meal. He hit the rag on his shoulder and called the chef to do it.

I thought that the five bowls of beef noodles were for someone else to eat, but when they came up, the two picked up the chopsticks and shook off their cheeks.

The noodles in the small shop are cheap, and the servings are small. Three mouthfuls and five mouthfuls are sucked. It is better than the soup. Drink clean soup and pick up another bowl. Er Gouzi ate three bowls and Li Ji ate two bowls. . Li Ji is full, but Er Gouzi is gone.

Two more bowls of noodles were ordered for Er Gouzi, and Li Ji had already eaten the sweet-scented osmanthus cake. Take a sip of tea, saying that it was Longjing tea, but Li Ji didn't believe it, but at least it tasted better than the one drunk at Gao Liehu's house.

I thought about it for a while to buy two taels of tea and keep it at home. It would be nice to drink it.

I'm full and full. Two catties of beef and seven bowls of noodles are all clean. The dude looks stupid. I have never looked for such an edible one. When I reduced the clean bowl, I couldn't help but sigh. It was really clean.

After the meal was over and the bill was settled, the buddies almost laughed out of their faces. I implore the two to come again next time, not to mention whether they make money or not, because they both have a good meal.

The two satiated and drunk went straight to the street selling clothes and fabrics and first bought two thick cotton-padded clothes and trousers. The craftsmanship of the garment shop is excellent. Seeing that the stitches are dense, you can wear it for a few years without breaking.

The two were replaced directly, and it didn't cost much in total. I bought two thick quilts again. This thick quilt was made of duck down, and it cost a full three dollars, but the quilt is very warm at first glance. After enjoying the warmth, it can still stand the cold there?

Counting the money left in the pocket, then buying rice.

I went directly to the rice store. The two had already put on new clothes. Li Jichao crouched into the rice store and looked around. Er Gouzi looked around at all times, and he didn't look like a rich master.

The guy at the rice grain shop was using a feather duster to sweep the dust, watching the two come in, although they were dressed well, they didn't care too much. Rice shops make small profits because they only sell condiments and rice grains for oil, salt, sauce and vinegar. Households don't buy a lot of oil, salt, sauce and vinegar. If one or two and a half catties are used once, there is no profit at all, and the profit is less. This rice is more profitable, but most of them are good for buying a few catties at a time. .

"Come here." The dude's expression was faint, and the two of them found a place to sit down and didn't come to welcome them. Li Ji took out one or two silver ingots from his sleeve.

The guy raised his heavy eyelids and took a look. He stood up straight and put down the feather duster and walked over: "Yeah, I'm neglecting the two masters. Are you going to buy some rice noodles?"

"Well, how much do you sell for delivery?" Li Ji turned to look at Er Gouzi, and calculated Er Gouzi's appetite. The more the better.

"If you have bought all this silver bullion, we will send it to you in the warehouse at home."

Li Ji took out another silver coin: "What about this?"

My man's eyes are straight, and I can't run into such a big business a few times a year in a small place like this. I ran into the shopkeeper who opened a shop and hired a lot of guys, so I would like to eat some white rice and buns for the guys. Buy more and put it at home.

"Sorry for my clumsy eyes, are you the young master of that house? Look at what kind of business you are. If the restaurant noodle shop will give you some oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, it will save you from buying it, right?"

Li Ji waved his hand and smiled: "Which is a business man, flat-headed people, but my big nephew is a rebirth of a glutton, and one person can support five or six people, so I buy more and put it at home. Anyway, it's for my own use, you see. If you need anything, you can give it away. I have bought some things here. I don't know if I can bother you to give it away."

"That's natural. How can you make the two masters tired? The two will wait a while, and the younger one will make a pot of tea later, and then let's talk about how much to buy and what to buy." 

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