Satiated and full Li Ji stood in the yard and looked at everything in the yard, but felt that the yard was too clean.

His family was separated before he was born, and his family was poor. At that time, his eldest brother was the eldest in the family, so his parents took out almost all of his belongings to his eldest brother, so there was nothing in the family since Li Ji was born.

When Dad was gone, all the things that could be sold at home were sold for Dad to see a doctor. As soon as Dad left, the only thing left for Li Ji was this broken house. The eldest brother had not eaten for the first year, but the eldest brother was gone, and the fourteen-year-old Li Ji could only hold on to it by himself.

He is a senior in the village, and he can't just go to other people's homes to be raised by others, but can only support himself.

When the rice was cooked, Er Gouzi almost started cooking with the smell of the rice. Li Ji urged him to put on a cotton coat. Er Gouzi moved around uncomfortably, but finally did not take it off.

After the two had eaten, Er Gouzi felt his stomach thoughtfully. Er Gouzi is a simple person, everything is on his face Li Ji asked him what's wrong, Er Gouzi pouted for a moment and said a word.


Li Ji knew that he wanted to eat meat. Yes, Er Gouzi has never lacked meat in the mountains because of Er Gouzi's ability. But when I get here, I have porridge and side dishes every day. No, it's porridge and pickles. Li Ji thought about it: "We will buy more when we get the money in two days. For chickens, kill two to relieve your greed, and save the rest to lay eggs. Eggs are similar to meat, and they make up for it."

"I'll catch it." Er Gouzi didn't understand Li Ji's words. After all, in his impression, the meat was caught.

Li Ji thought about the distance from the place where there are many prey on the mountain, and was a little worried: "Forget it, looking at the winter, let's not go."

Er Gouzi listened to him and thought it meant two people. Er Gouzi shook his head and pointed at himself: "I'm going, you're not going."

Knowing that Er Gouzi misunderstood, Li Ji didn't know how to explain it. He wanted to cry without tears, "Is it really greedy?"

Er Gouzi nodded. Li Ji thought about Er Gouzi's birth in the mountains and said that for so many years, there should be no danger, so he had to agree. There were rough weapons brought back by Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi was not suitable for the clothes he was wearing, so Li Ji sternly reminded him that he must not take it off.

Li Ji directly sent Er Gouzi to the entrance of the village, watching Er Gouzi go into the mountain and not forgetting to say not to go far, and come back early.

I went down to the coal kiln to have a look. I didn't want to make it very well because I used it for my own home. After a day's effort, the charcoal was able to behave. I opened the kiln and looked at the situation inside.

The kiln was left to dry all morning, and when it was over in the afternoon, it was so cool. Li Ji pushed a broken wheelbarrow and transported it to his home by himself. After the transport was finished, Er Gouzi didn't see Er Gouzi come back.

After Li Ji made the meal early, he went straight to the entrance of the village to wait for someone. Li Ji stood at the entrance of the village and looked into the mountain, regretting that he agreed to Er Gouzi to enter the mountain in the morning, knowing that it is one thing that he is not afraid of going up the mountain, but it is another thing not to go home.

Now that he decided to live together, Li Ji was ready to be responsible, and Er Gouzi had only stayed in his house for two days, so he couldn't just lose it like that.

Li Ji sighed. It's been half an hour since I was standing at the entrance of the village. People who came and saw it and asked what was going on. Li Ji truthfully informed that someone gave an idea for Gao Liehu to go up the mountain to look for it.

Where can I find it on such a big mountain? Li Ji thanked the person who had given his idea, sitting on the fairly clean stone at the entrance of the village, tightly holding the cotton-padded coat, and his heart became more and more anxious.

The sun was about to set, and before seeing anyone came back, Li Ji could not sit still, stood up and stomped to look at the woods, and finally saw a figure coming out of the woods.

Li Ji hurriedly went over, and he was indeed a second dog. At this time, Er Gouzi's body was full of blood, and the cotton flew out with two cuts in his clothes. He carried a large wild boar weighing a hundred jin on his shoulders, and the wild boar was still lying with blood.

Li Ji hurriedly went over to take a look, and looked through the clothes where the meat was not broken, and then he was relieved that the blood on his body was from a wild boar.

"Why didn't I come back so late!" With a sigh of relief, Li Ji began to teach this ignorant big nephew.

Er Gouzi pointed to the wild boar on his shoulder: "It runs far."

Looking at Er Gouzi's innocent face and chest, the anger couldn't get out. Sigh, it's a good thing for people to come back regardless.

"Okay, if you can't guarantee that you will come back soon, you won't go up the mountain. This time you have a big one that should be enough for us to eat in the winter, and we won't go up the mountain in the future, be good."

Er Gouzi did not answer, and the two went home carrying the wild boar. In the yard, they watched Er Gouzi tidy up the wild boar. Li Ji sat and watched, and couldn't help but admire Er Gouzi. Don't look at this wild boar, which is only more than 100 catties. It is still a piglet, but the strength of the wild boar is never to be underestimated. This wild boar is enough to knock people out. At any rate, ordinary people have to run when they see it, let alone bring them back after being killed.

Er Gouzi has the habit of bringing prey down from the mountain, so he took out the viscera and threw it away. Li Ji hurriedly picked it up: "Why threw it away, meat eats meat."

Er Gouzi frowned: "Smelly."

Li Ji just remembered that when Er Gouzi caught the prey on the mountain, it was roasted and eaten. There was no seasoning, so how could he know how to eat the offal. Li Ji doesn't know how to do it either. He hasn't eaten meat much since he was a child.

Li Ji gave Er Gouzi two pots and told him to put the manure in a place, and put the other cleanly without the manure. He went directly to Gao Liehu's house and asked Gao Lie's wife to come over without helping with the internal organs. It's best. Marinate all the meat that you can't eat today, and make less meat every time you eat one meal a day. This winter's meat will be enough.

The daughter-in-law of Gao Liehu can be said to be the most frequently exposed to meat in the village, and knows how to deal with it best. She uses two catties of meat as a salary. The daughter-in-law of Gao Liehu who has not eaten meat for some days is very happy.

It's getting darker and darker. I have the oil lamp ready. I will light it when I can't see it. The wife Gao Liehu rolled up her sleeves. Er Gouzi will take over whatever he has done, and give some advice on Er Gouzi. How to cut is better.

On the mountain, Er Gouzi always cut the piece and ate that piece. It was the first time to do it like this. From dawn to dusk, the lamp oil was burned for most of the time. The wife Gao Liehu decided to take it away. The meat and the meat they are going to eat today, the rest is marinated with salt and pepper, put in a jar and pressed with a stone, the remaining internal organs are also washed and cut, anyway, it's cold now, and it takes two days to eat. It's not bad, save it and eat it tomorrow.

After sending away the wife of Gao Liehu, Er Gouzi sliced ​​the two pieces of front meat and fried them all, then poured all the rice in between, stirred evenly, and then poured it into a basin. The whole house was fragrant and fragrant. Just smell it and let the population flow.

Looking at Er Gouzi who kept swallowing his saliva next to him, Li Ji asked him to set the table and arrange the chopsticks, and put the meat fried rice on the table. The two uncles and nephews shook off their cheeks and lifted away the teeth and wiped out all the food.

The meal was so fragrant that Li Ji, who had a bulging stomach, leaned against the wall of fire (the wall connected to the stove in the northeast, and the fire wall was very hot when the stove was lit) and didn't want to move.

I'm used to eating rice porridge and pickles. It seems that I have never eaten meat as much as I do now.

Looking at Er Gouzi who was still eating, Li Ji tilted his head and smiled at him. Thanks to Er Gouzi, it's so happy to have meat.

After tidying up the table, the oil lamp is still on. Li Ji, the Kang admiral, repairs Er Gouzi's torn cotton clothes. The fire in the room is very hot and hot, so I don't feel cold if I don't wear cotton clothes. With less cotton, it will definitely not be as warm as before.

Li Ji was a little anxious when Gao Liehu could sell all those leathers so he could buy two thick cotton clothes to wear.

Others bought fabrics and cotton and made them at home, but there was not even a woman in the house, and Li Ji's slits were all crooked, let alone errant.

I made up my clothes and went to bed with candles. The room is warm, and you will soon fall asleep when you close your eyes.

When I got up in the morning, Gao Liehu's wife came here and told me that Gao Lihu went to the city to buy leather today and would be back in the afternoon. Li Ji was very happy. He cooked the pig's heart and sliced ​​it in soy sauce, and then fried the pig's lungs. The porridge was specially cooked in the morning. After the two had finished eating, they had nothing to do in the afternoon sitting on the kang in the house and chatting.

In fact, basically only Li Ji was talking about it, and no matter whether Er Gouzi could understand it, how to spend the money after selling it to how to live in the future.

In the future, if Er Gouzi insists on going up the mountain, wearing only cloth clothes will definitely not work. You have to find a way to get him something like armor. Iron is too heavy to affect your movements. Leather, bamboo or wood are still good, so buy again. With the two handy weapons, it must be too late for him to learn bow and arrow, and he can't find a decent master. Then use a spear and hit the head with iron, which is definitely sharper than Er Gouzi's bone.

In fact, Li Ji also wanted to go hunting in the mountains, but he didn't have the courage, thinking that if he had money, he could buy some animals in the yard, so that he could sell them to supplement the family after he was raised.

The two talked for an afternoon. In the afternoon, when the shadow was pulled by the old man, he saw Gao Liehu come back. When he came back, the smile on his face couldn't be covered, his waist was bulging, and he knew that he had a lot of pretense. silver.

When Gao Lie came back, he went to Li Ji's house first, and called his fourth uncle in the yard, and then warmly greeted Er Gouzi. Welcoming into the room and poured him a bowl of boiling water for him to drink to get away from the cold, Gao Liehu took out a cloth bag from his pocket and opened the shiny silver. It was three silver ingots of one or two weights and many stringed ones. Copper plate.

"A total of six taels of silver were sold. I took away 20%. This is the remaining four hundred twenty-eight dollars. I know you must buy a lot of things, so the one twenty eight dollars of silver was replaced by copper plates. You spend it. It's also convenient."

This is high enough for Hunter. He earned a couple of dollars from a run, and he might not be able to win so much silver for three or five months of hunting and greedy.

The smile on Li Ji's face looked at the money that was spread over the table, and there was no reason why Li Ji was a layman not to be greedy for money. 

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