I fell asleep unknowingly, and was awakened by the padded animal skin early in the morning. Li Ji sat up and carried the dust on his body. Looking back, I saw Er Gouzi squatting next to him and tilting his head to look at him, and then listened. To the sound of Er Gouzi's belly barking.

Li Ji smiled unnaturally, sat up and stretched out: "Should we go to find food first or pack our things and go down the mountain and go home?"

"Are you hungry?" Er Gouzi asked.

Li Ji shook his head: "It's your stomach that screamed, so let's clean up and go back. Let's cook more food when we go back."

Er Gouzi nodded and agreed. The two of them tidied up all the skins inside and outside the cave. In addition, there were more than a dozen rabbit skins last night, but most of them were very dirty. Whether it's worth it depends on what it is after cleaning. kind.

Using the largest piece of leather to hug the others, it was quite heavy, Er Gouzi took the initiative to carry him on his back and walked back quickly.

Obviously Er Gouzi was carrying things on his back. Li Ji froze all the way to keep up. Li Ji couldn't help wondering whether it was because his phrase "Go back and let's cook more" stimulated Er Gouzi's bottomless stomach, so he Just so active.

The two went back to the village on an empty stomach until noon. The hungry two arrived home and went straight to the kitchen. Li Ji used three bowls of rice to cook a large bowl of rice porridge, and the two of them took a little pickle and rolled the rice. The porridge is clean.

After eating and drinking, Li Ji felt his bulging belly. He had never felt so satisfied. It was also because Er Gouzi sat opposite. Er Gouzi was so sweet that Li Ji couldn't help but eat more.

After eating, the two sat on the kang and digested for a short time. I don't know who has passed down a saying that I'm full and I'm tired of work, and it's true. After eating, I feel a kind of fatigue from my bones, just like having a good night's sleep on the kang.

Li Ji forced himself to stand up: "Okay, let's go and wash the skins. Tomorrow, we will go to the mountains and watch some firewood, so as to burn a kiln charcoal."

Even if you don't sell charcoal, there is indeed less firewood at home, because Li Ji is lazy and prepares the same things. That little firewood only burns morning, afternoon and evening three times a day in winter, and the rest can be passed by wearing a little nest. Now that there are many Er Gouzi, as an elder, he can't be wronged.

So this year, Li Ji made an exception to prepare more charcoal. In winter, the stove burns warm, and you can drink hot water anytime and anywhere with water on it.

There was only one washboard in the house. The two of them took the leather, washboard and soap powder together to the lower reaches of the river, washed the skins, and gave the washboard to Er Gouzi. Li Ji casually found a stick.

Without much experience in washing clothes, it took a few hours to wash the leather out of its natural color and take it back to hang it on the clothesline to dry before Li Ji could tell what the leather was.

There are eight rabbit skins, two squirrel skins and one fox skin. The remaining two belonged to remnants of leather. Fortunately, they looked good quality, and the ones that were not worn out were not particularly bad. I bought them for at least a winter.

The smile on Li Ji's face made no secret of it, and he almost hugged Er Gouzi for a kiss. This is a burden, and it is clearly a blessing. With these skins, you can eat rice every winter, and you can buy two decent leather jackets and a new set of quilts.

At this time, it was cold, and the skin dries slowly, and it was not completely dry when the sun went down. The two were not in a hurry, and made a big pot of porridge to eat again in the evening. The skin was dry the next morning, and they chose a good color rabbit skin to go to Gao Liehu.

No matter how good the leather is, Li Ji is too lazy to find a buyer. It's better to ask the high hunters in the village to buy it. Then sell as much as the high hunters and give them some commission. The high hunters' homes will have fewer prey. Will not refuse this door-to-door sale.

At the door of Gao Liehu's house, Gao Liehu's son Chuan Zhu was squatting at the gate to play with the ants. He looked up and saw Li Ji and called to Grandpa Fourth.

Li Ji is no stranger to it. Basically, in the village and Li Jiping's generation, there are basically old people in their 50s. There is only one village older than Li Ji, who is the old man of his own family. When it comes to generation, Li Ji is called an uncle. This year is 72 years old with a high collar.

The daughter-in-law of Hunter who entered the house was washing clothes again. Seeing Li Ji for a moment, she put down her clothes and wiped her hands. She asked a little anxiously: "Fourth Uncle is here. Isn't that Er Gouzi?"

Look at this, I'm afraid Er Gouzi will have any problems before sending it back. Er Gouzi also understood his feelings, and said: "Nothing, what about your man? I'll ask him to do something."

Hearing it was not sent back, the wife of Gao Lie breathed a sigh of relief and shouted to the back room: "Dead ghost, my uncle is here, I have something to look for you, don't sleep."

Soon there was movement from the back room, Gao Liehu came out sleepy, and saw Li Ji calling his second uncle.

The two entered the back room, and Li Ji straightforwardly handed the rabbit skin to Gao Liehu: "Help me see how much this skin can sell."

Gao Liehu's eyes lit up, saying that he was an Hunter, but the lessons learned by his ancestors made Gao Lie very jealous of the deep mountains, so he only hunted at the edge of the forest. Over a long period of time, the prey that can be hit is very few, and one or two pheasants and hares in a month is considered good.

"I met when I was cutting wood on the mountain? It's not like it. This leather has been looking at it for months."

Li Ji smiled, and didn't hide it: "It's Er Gouzi. His mother taught him a lot how to live in the woods when he was there. He remembered that after he got lost, he took me to his home in the mountains yesterday. He still makes a fire. He eats meat in the mountains by grabbing himself. He saved the skins and picked them. There are a few complete skins. You also know that my family's life is difficult, and Er Gouzi can eat it again. The leather has been shot for a good winter, and you will have a way out after thinking about it."

Hearing this, Gao Liehu was stunned for a while, and did not react for a while. When he finished speaking immediately, Gao Lie said: "You mean… Er Gouzi can hunt and save a lot of skin?"

Li Ji nodded and did not hide it: "It's just that he doesn't know the leather is valuable. When he comes back, he picks up the unworn leather and brings it back. Otherwise, if you keep it well, there will be a lot of it now."

Hearing that Er Gouzi found out that the cave was settled later, I didn't know how many skins I had thrown away before, and Li Ji felt distressed just thinking about it.

Gao Liehu slapped his thigh and said nothing, but the regret on his face could not be concealed. Thanks to the Er Gouzi that God asked him to save, he froze from house to house crying and begging for Er Gouzi. The God of Wealth gave it away.

After Gao Lihu's regret was over, Li Ji said: "You can help see how much you can sell, quote a price and give you 20%. One is your hard work, and the other is thank you for saving Er Gouzi. ."

Twenty percent is already a lot, but it's just a run of errands to help buy it, which is quite a bit.

What else can high Hunter say? Fortunately, Li Ji and Er Gouzi are willing to give 20% of the leather money, but it is better to run errands than to find prey all over the mountain.

"That's it. Give me all the leather you have. Your rabbit fur is quite complete, but the color is a little mixed, and it's worth four dollars."

Li Ji went back, took Er Gouzi and brought all the skins washed yesterday. When he came back, he smelled the fragrance of tea in the house, and poured the tea when he was the daughter-in-law of Kang Shanggao.

Poor people don't have a lot of tea, and their family members are reluctant to drink it, so they just wait for the guests to come. When it's hard to be addicted to leisure, I pinch the tips of various leaves and dry them in the spring when the leaves are just coming out. In fact, there is no taste, but maybe there are few tea leaves, which also complements the goodness of tea. The poor drink leaves. The rich drink tea, which is also something everyone believes.

Gao Liehu's family is not wealthy, and he can use tea to entertain him, and he does not know whether it is facing Li Ji or Er Gouzi.

Using a stoneware bowl, Li Ji passed the skin over and drank tea with the bowl. As a vulgar person, he couldn't tell the quality of the tea.

Gao Liehu looked left and looked again. He only felt that his eyes were so hot, he regretted it more, and was more polite to Er Gouzi: "The rabbit skin has the least miscellaneous hair and it is the most valuable. It can be worth six bucks. This fox skin is The rare thing is that it has worn out so badly, and there is only one piece. I use too much waste, I should be able to buy eight dollars."

The total value of these is about to catch up with the money saved in one year of farming and buying vegetables.

All the leathers have been quoted, and the flowers sold can make at least four or five taels of silver. This is barren, and the money saved is enough for ordinary people to live a good life for a few years. It's just that Er Gouzi can eat too much, so these are enough for Li Ji and Er Gouzi to eat for a winter.

Coming out of Gao Liehu's house, Li Ji almost burst into laughter on his face, and reached out and patted Er Gouzi on the shoulder: "You are too good."

Er Gouzi knows what Li Ji is thinking about? He didn't speak, just looked at Li Ji and smiled, and Er Gouzi also smiled.

With those skins, I don't have to worry about eating this winter. Li Ji went home for extravagance, cooked a pot of dry rice, bought some peanuts and half a catty of wine with the only copper plate in his pocket, and went home with Ergou He ate and drank, burped on the kang to sleep, the smile on his face did not fade.

The next day, when the temperature dropped, Li Ji shivered when he got up in the morning. He put on a cotton coat and looked at Er Gouzi who was sleeping on the kang. He folded the half he had covered and put it on Er Gouzi's body. There is only one quilt at home, which is not very thick. Last winter Li Ji spent the whole winter wearing all the clothes and quilts. This year, I finally don't have to continue to suffer from the cold.

With such a junior, Li Ji couldn't be lazy. Yesterday I didn't go to the mountain to cut firewood. I think about burning the half kiln firewood into charcoal first. The quantity should be enough for the winter, and it is not time to open the kiln.

Li Ji went to get bored with rice again. There were Er Gouzi, so there was nothing left at home. The little pot at home was filled with a pot of rice. Li Ji was full after eating two or three bowls, and the remaining Er Gouzi were cleaned up. Those little eyes were still shining at Li Ji, as if expecting Li Ji to take out another pot.

Fortunately, Er Gouzi has skin, or they are really going to be hungry for a winter. 

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