Being pulled into the jungle by Er Gouzi, Li Ji was nervous and scared at first. After more than half an hour, he didn't have so much thoughts. He had already worked for most of the day. Walking deep in the woods with one foot and one shallow foot. It should be said that it is a forest now. The trouser legs have been cut with two holes. Li Ji looked at thinking about going back and patching with thread. It shouldn't waste cloth patching.

"How long will it take?" Li Ji couldn't help asking.

Er Gouzi turned his head and looked confused, Li Ji then asked, "How far is it?"

Er Gouzi pointed to the distance: "Over there."

The communication with Er Gouzi was obviously very difficult, and Li Ji could only recognize it, and it was all here. Intuition told him that Er Gouzi would not harm him, but Li Ji, who had pain in his feet, could only pray to get there quickly, or else he would suffer if it really blistered.

Li Ji never expected that the two of them walked like this from afternoon to evening. The trees blocked the sun and the light became darker. When Li Ji asked when it was the twelfth time, Er Gouzi finally stopped, pointing no. The cave in the distance said: "Home."

Li Ji glanced at it and saw that it was a cave half-covered by stones, and only the upper part could faintly see the inside of the black hole. There was still a bit of ashes at the door, and a few pieces of skin that couldn't tell what animal it was. Obviously someone has lived here, and this person is Er Gouzi.

Er Gouzi has lived here all these years?

Did the two walk over? Er Gouzi picked up a dirty leather that couldn't see the original color and said, "Here you are."

Although Li Ji wasn't a cleanliness person, he didn't dare to take it when he looked at it. It was really dirty.

"Put it there first." Although it is dirty, it is leather anyway. You can buy some money after you take it back and wash it clean. "Do you have anything else?"

Li Ji sat on the fallen tree trunk by the cave and looked at the ashes on the ground: "You can make a fire?"

Er Gouzi nodded, and Li Ji asked, "Who taught you?"

Er Gouzi red eyes, and said dumbly: "Mother."

Li Ji's heart jumped and remembered that Li Yan had taken Er Gouzi and dig a cave in the mountains to live alone. Many things are inconvenient and can only be solved by himself.

Li Yan used to be the heart of his parents in the palm of his hand, but the person was too hard, and I don't know how much she had to endure in the mountains with Er Gouzi, so that when Er Gouzi left him at the age of five, he was able to have one. People have lived in the mountains for so many years.

Li Ji didn't want to know what happened almost 20 years ago. It was enough for Li Ji to admire Li Yan just by giving birth to Er Gouzi.

"What else did she teach you?"

Er Gouzi thought very seriously, and turned his head to move the stone at the entrance of the cave: "The entrance of the cave must be blocked." He said as he moved.

Li Ji has no experience of going up the mountain to survive, but he can guess that this is to prevent wild beasts from entering.

After Jiang had moved away from the road for humans, Er Gouzi went in and took out a few weapons that seemed to be used for hunting.

Sharp animal bones are tied to the straight wooden sticks, and it has been used for a while, depending on the degree of wear. To be honest, it's rough and powerful, but it's very practical.

Li Ji unconsciously became curious about how Er Gouzi ran near the village and fell into a trap that day, but he would not ask, because he knew that Er Gouzi must not be able to tell.

The sun is almost out of sight, and the temperature is also dropping. Autumn nights are difficult to survive, because the gap with the day is too big.

Er Gouzi took out the dry wood from the entrance of the cave, and did not know where to take out two Flintstones to start a fire. Watching the smoke rise slowly, the body warmed up by the fire light.

I have to say that all the movements of Er Gouzi made Li Ji admire, surprised but not surprised. A five-year-old child can already understand a lot, but how does one spend these years alone? Who will accompany him when he is lonely?

The more I thought about it, the more pity in Er Gouzi's heart.

"Do you prefer to take it here or live with me?" Li Ji asked suddenly.

Er Gouzi tilted his head and thought for a while before he arrived: "Where are you, I will be there."

"Why?" They knew each other in just a day.

Er Gouzi grinned brightly: "I like you."

Li Ji dumbly said that he didn't know where Er Gouzi learned these four words, and it didn't seem like Li Yan could teach them. Knowing that maybe Er Gouzi himself didn't know the meaning of these four words, but it was enough to warm Li Ji's heart.

"From then on, let's go back to where I live. Living in a cave for a long time is not good for your health. There are so many people in the village. It's going to be a lot of fun this winter. Let's have a variety of foods, and we will have a full meal in the coming winter."

Li Ji has lived alone for two years and has been alone since he was fourteen. Is he lonely? That's for sure. No matter how good the relationship between the people in the village is, there is a little distance. Every day I cook rice and fire by myself. Every time the rice is cooked, I must carefully consider how much rice is cooked. Sometimes I think that raising a dog is a companion, but Li Ji is inherently afraid. Dog, I can't force it.

When Er Gouzi heard Li Ji's full stomach, he began to play drums, and then stood up: "I, find food, wait for me."

Er Gouzi tried his best to find the words he knew to express his thoughts. Li Ji wanted to help, but he remembered that this is a deep mountain and old forest. Er Gouzi has lived here for so many years. If he wanders around and gets lost, he will even hurt Ergou. See him.

So just sit by the fire and watch Er Gouzi leave.

Er Gouzi has a lot of life experience, and there is a lot of dry wood in the cave. Li Ji took out a burning wood from the fire and went into the cave to take a look. The innermost one is barely a bed. It is made of messy branches. It is covered with a layer of skin that can no longer be seen as a beast. There is also a thick skin that should be used as a quilt.

Er Gouzi did not lie to him. He does have leathers, or they are leathers that I don't know how long they have used and have not been maintained. The whole leather should be a large beast. If it is a good piece of leather, it is also worth a lot of money. Now the price is huge. Discounted. I don't know how Er Gouzi was killed.

I didn't see the bowls, chopsticks, nor the clothes. It seems that Er Gouzi was only wearing the rags tied around his waist when he first met him. Then how did the winter pass?

After watching a circle, Li Jichai went out of the cave and added some firewood to the much smaller fire. His feet were boringly sweeping the wet soil on the ground, and when it got dark, the sound of the beasts came to him for a long time. Er Gouzi finally came back.

At this time, Li Ji's heart is a little bit shocked, no more than in the village, there is not even a reassuring house.

"Er Gouzi?" Li Ji called. Er Gouzi answered, and came over with a rabbit whose neck had been twisted off in his hand, and a big leaf in his pocket.

Er Gouzi came over and put the big leaf in his hand on the ground. There were some nuts in it. Er Gouzi had seen it before putting it down. He went to one side to bleed the rabbit skin. Li Ji got a stone and knocked the nuts out and put the nuts together, looking at Ergou. After he finished plucking the rabbit skin, he threw the rabbit skin aside, and then found a branch to put the rabbit on and bake it on the fire.

Li Ji divided half of the nuts to Er Gouzi, but Er Gouzi shook his head: "You are not hungry, you eat."

I don't know whose belly is drumming. Li Ji couldn't help but put the nuts into Er Gouzi's hands: "I know you have a big appetite, and you can't get enough of all these foods. I want a leg. You can eat more. Let's go back tomorrow morning. Go back and I will give you a flatbread to eat."

Not knowing that Er Gouzi didn't understand, he took the nuts and stuffed them into his mouth, then concentrated on roasting meat. Li Ji had another bite and chewed the nuts every bite, so he didn't feel so hungry. After a while, the meat was cooked. Er Gouzi gave both hind legs to Li Ji and opened his mouth to gnaw the remaining meat. Li Ji took a bite of the meat. The meat was very tough, although there were no condiments. But it is also a delicacy for Li Ji, who has not had a meat star for some days.

A rabbit ate up quickly, Li Ji ate half-full, and Er Gouzi was stuffing his teeth at best. A fire was also lit in the cave, and all the firewood that could be removed from the fire outside the cave was pumped away and sent into the cave, and the rest would not last for a while.

Li Ji was very uncomfortable with the peculiar smell when the two of them lay on the pile of branches that could be regarded as a bed for the first time in the cave.

The fire is near the entrance of the cave, in order to smoke the people in the cave inside. Li Ji had always loved being clean, but in the mountains, the ghosts and wolves outside the cave were disturbing and quiet, and couldn't sleep at all.

"You have been here for so many years?" I couldn't sleep and had no choice but to talk.

"In many places, it's safe, there are plenty of meat, and fruit."

With a few simple words, it is not difficult to guess what life Er Gouzi has had over the years. Li Ji licked the oily flowers on the corners of his lips, suddenly his brain was bright, and finally he could react.

"Why did I forget! Er Gouzi, don't you know how to hunt? If you do more hunters, we will allocate money to sell the skins and marinate the meat to sell game. Not to mention too much, but one will be enough for three to five days. Let's eat and dress warm all winter."

When I first ate the rabbit, my brain was full of meat, and I would remember it after I finished eating. Why bother with these two dirty skins that I don't know how many years they have used? Er Gouzi is familiar with the mountains, and his hunting skills are estimated to be no worse than that of Hunter, and he can go to places where Hunter is afraid to go, and he will definitely be able to catch more prey.

He was afraid of danger. Although Er Gouzi had been living a dangerous life for more than ten years, Li Ji still wanted to keep Er Gouzi from leaving as far as possible.

"What do you want, I will catch it."

Li Ji couldn't wait to kiss Er Gouzi, he stretched out his hand and rubbed Er Gouzi's head vigorously, smiling and sighing in relief. When looking for a home for Er Gouzi, Gao Lie looked for people in the village surnamed Li and finally found him here. If Li Ji did not accept Er Gouzi, Er Gouzi would have to be sent back to the mountain.

At that time, everyone thought that they must have been drinking blood on the mountain, and sending them back was no different from dead. Li Ji had few relatives and lived alone. When he decided to leave Er Gouzi, he even prepared to eat Yiwong's bark, but he didn't expect Er Gouzi to bring him such a big surprise.

Li Ji now especially wants to know what the people in the village feel when they are related to Er Gouzi by blood.

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