Hearing what Li Ji said, the head-catcher felt that Li Ji was a kind man.

Consolingly said: "The master is a very powerful man, and he will surely find you money and give you justice."

Li Ji smiled bitterly in his heart. He would rather not find out about this matter in this life, and then he was willing to put in five taels of silver.

Li Ji wanted to cry without tears, and went out after catching his head.

Er Gouzi arrived at the door, and Li Ji saw that he was reluctant. I felt sour for no reason: "You go back to sleep, it's okay, don't worry about me."

Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji in this way, and in the faint light of the catchers' torches, he could still see the worry in Er Gouzi's eyes.

Li Ji turned around and stretched out his hand to rub Er Gouzi's head: "Hey, obedient, it's not that you won't come back."

Er Gouzi obedient, nodded, looked at Li Ji, and took a half step back, which meant that he would not follow.

Li Ji turned around and explained to the head catcher: "It's just my big nephew, who is more clingy. I usually go into the city to sell leather goods, and he can send it far away."

When he was far away, the head catcher asked in a low voice, "Your nephew, I see it is different from ordinary people."

The head catcher also didn't understand what was different. If it's a fool, it doesn't look like it. It looks pretty good, but the speech is different from normal people.

Li Ji truthfully said: "It's not the same. He was lost in the mountains when he was five years old. It was not easy to feed himself in the mountains for so many years. Two years ago, he was caught in a trap set by hunters in the village. I was rescued from the injury, and I was eighteen. I remembered a few things in my childhood, and I have been living with me."

The head-catcher was stunned, and then spoke with some admiration: "If you change to an ordinary person, you will definitely be afraid that he will have a bad temper with the wild beasts on the mountain. You can adopt people, so you can see that you are a good person."

Li Ji thought about it, shook his head and said: "In fact, I can't say that I am a good person. I am really alone. At that time, the hunters looked for people with the same surname in the village, but they were all dragging their families, and it was almost winter. Whose family? He doesn't have a lot of food, and it's normal that I don't want to keep it. I just happen to lack a companion, and I don't want him to be sent back to the mountains because no one has adopted him, so he recognizes my name. Seriously, he is two years older than me. It."

"This makes your heart better. The life in a village is almost the same, not to mention that you are a person, I am afraid that there is no food to save." Head catching laughed.

"It was true at the time. There were a dozen copper plates in his pocket, and it cost him half to buy medicine. At that time, I was still planning to chew Yiwinter's bark. I just didn't expect my big nephew to have great ability to go hunting in the mountains. The skins that are beaten are enough to sell some silver for us to eat. It is said that Er Gouzi was lucky enough to be left behind by me. In fact, I am even more fortunate. With him to live with me, we can still earn money and live a good life together. It's a gift from God." Li Ji thought of Er Gouzi, feeling extremely comfortable all over.

The head catcher thought and thought, and finally only said one sentence: "This is really good people get good rewards."

After hearing these words too much, Li Ji accepted it with peace of mind. Because Er Gouzi was adopted because of temporary kindness. As a result, up to now, Li Ji is actually relying on Er Gouzi more.

If there were no Er Gouzi, there would never be such a rich family background.

This may be fate, it is destined for the fate of two people

The group did nothing, just walking to the county government. When a horse is cheap, it costs tens of taels, or even more than a hundred taels in wars. If Fu County can raise ten or eight horses, but in such a poor ravine, three or four horses are the limit, and that is also for the county magistrate to pull a cart as a car.

Therefore, officials can only rely on two legs to walk.

Li Ji had just finished with Er Gouzi. At this time, he was uncomfortable walking, his thighs were sore, and the place behind was really awkward. Li Ji can only walk as little as possible, don't be seen by others.

Just walk all the way to the county office, and more than half an hour has passed.

After entering the county office, Li Ji entered the lobby and saw two rows of officers and soldiers standing on both sides like pillars, holding the killer sticks in his hands, one by one fierce, and Li Jiguang felt his calf tremble when he looked at it.

Trembling to the front of the hall, he didn't see any outsiders. The county magistrate sat on it, and Li Jiren dared not look up.

When he got to the front, he knelt down and said, "Caomin Li Ji, knock on your lord."

The county magistrate was not in a hurry to get him up, but instead called the head catcher over, whispered a few words with the head catcher, and suddenly slammed the startle.

"Bold Li Ji! How did you collude with a liar to swindle money? You haven't actually recruited it!"

The gavel rang, and the killing rods on both sides knocked on the ground at the same time, and the sound of the prestige accompanied by the sound of the wood hitting the ground, agitated in the lobby.


Li Ji almost didn't urinate.

People who haven't experienced it can't experience that feeling. It's not the coercion of one person, but a group of people overwhelmed with blazing righteousness, as if any filth has appeared in its original form, how majestic and serious.

Li Ji had a ghost in his heart. When he was so scared, he couldn't make it out of his mind at this time. He squatted his head and confessed on the spot: "Caomin is guilty!"

Admitting it so quickly saved a lot of trouble. The county magistrate waved his hand to stop the crowd.

With a cold snort, the voice came out with a rainbow of momentum: "You are clever, free from the suffering of flesh and skin. Say, say everything you know."

Li Ji didn't dare to conceal it, and even didn't dare to think about how he would be punished. He said something like a peasant man: "Go back to the adults! There is no way for the villain to do this. Then there is a daughter, Li Qiaoer, in Li Shuisheng's family. My nephew's god-sister. She usually takes care of the villain and nephew, saying something that shouldn't be said. Although there is a difference in generation, in the bottom of my heart, I regard her as my sister's pain."

"Go on." The county magistrate nodded and asked Li Ji to continue.

"It's just that Li Shuisheng's ghosts have become obsessed recently, and I feel that Li Qiao'er is the life of a young grandmother. He has to train Li Qiao'er to marry a big family in the city. shame another way unsightly. Li Qiaoer is a girl, but suffer from filial piety can not resist, very painful and bitter. villain helpless, this came up with such a bad idea, just to make aquatic brother scrap the whole idea, they must not because of selfish , Ruined the girl's lifetime event."

Li Ji explained the cause and effect clearly, and admitted that the liar was hired by him.

The county magistrate sounded a little surprised, but after all, he was a big man and quickly recovered. The voice was softer: "So you bought the outsider to arrange everything and cheated Li Shuisheng's money? Just to make him dispel his thoughts of tossing his daughter?"

Li Ji nodded and said truthfully: "The Cao Min convicted, and it stands to reason that Shui Sheng, as a father, has the right to influence the marriage of his children, but this idea is really confused and wishful thinking. He is just a hot head, and may be sober after a while. Come here. But Li Qiaoer will get married before she is awake. What will happen until then? Cao Min knows he is guilty, but from the beginning to the end he didn't have any thoughts of harming Shui Sheng. The silver is the price for hiring someone to act. The fifty-two silver IOU is just to scare him."

This is what Li Ji said from the bottom of his heart. For so many years in the same village, Li Ji has been familiar with Li Shuisheng since he was a child.

The two are relatives and peers. As family, they meet a lot on weekdays.

Li Shuisheng is a good calculation, but also stingy. To be honest, the reputation in the village is not good. But these are all minor problems. Being in the same village, so many years have passed, somewhat emotional.

Li Qiao'er is a one-sided relationship, and Li Ji also doesn't want Li Shuisheng to regret it. The daughter was born to him, and who he wanted to grant was his freedom, but after ten or twenty years, will he really have no regrets?

When Li Ji said so, the atmosphere on the scene was a bit stagnant.

After a while, I heard the county magistrate ask him: "You didn't mean anything to that girl?"

Li Ji was slightly stunned, and he did not expect to ask such a question: "Return to your lord, Cao Min dare to swear to the sky, Cao Min has absolutely no bad thoughts about Li Qiao'er, purely when he is the younger sister who came to hurt him. To be honest, it was because there were people in the village before. There are false rumors that I fell in love with Li Qiao'er, that's why I presided over her to become the righteous sister of Cao Min's nephew. Although Cao Min's nephew has no blood relationship, it is my junior in the household registration. Li Qiao'er has already bowed to my nephew, that's my seriousness. My niece, how can I feel bad about my niece?"

"Then why do you think that your parents are not in control of your children's marriage?" the county magistrate asked again.

Li Ji sorted out his remarks, and then said: "Returning to my lord, Xu is a grassroots who is free and lonely and lacks parenting, so he often has a lot of rebellious ideas. It is said that the husband and wife are one body, so it is not just the two names on the household registration. It should be that the two of them are connected, respect and love each other. Li Shuisheng is playing a child's play with his daughter's lifelong events because of his own selfishness. Perhaps this is something that should be done, but the grassroots feels that something has been violated. That's why the Caomin made his own claim and did these silly things."

After Li Ji finished speaking, there was another silence. Li Ji didn't understand why. At this time, he only hoped that the county magistrate's sentence would be lighter so that he could still see Er Gouzi.

After waiting for a while, the grandfather of the county sighed, "Look up and see who I am."

Li Ji slowly raised his head to see that the county magistrate's face was fixed there like a thunderstorm, and then slammed his head on the ground: "The Caomin didn't know it was the county magistrate! Last time the Caomin talked nonsense, but I hope the adults can atone for it!"

"What's the sin? Your statement at that time was really wonderful. Now if you listen to you, you will still feel that your ideas are beyond ordinary people, and you are indeed a talent."

What do you mean by listening to the words, are you talking while holding Li Ji? Li Ji didn't know, so he peeked at the county magistrate's face, but the county magistrate's face was so light that he really couldn't see anything.

"These thoughts of yours seem to be rebellious and inconsistent. When you calculate them deeply, they are in line with God's way. Parents are more gracious than the sky, so the children's marriage has become the right to be parents. But think about it from the beginning, God made the male and female Yin and Yang blend. The original intention is really just for marriage and childbirth? Not at all. Even if it is the mind of the parents, they must pay attention to fate." After the county magistrate said this, he brought the topic back to the topic.

"Although your actions are unreasonable, you can also tell a three-point truth. Thinking that you are the first offender, and you have good intentions, this time I will spare you for the time being. Just don't let him pay back the five taels of silver. His daughter's affairs can replace beatings, but the five taels of silver are enough to overwhelm an old man."

"Cao Min didn't want him to pay it back. We signed the IOU, and if it was not repaid, we would work as a long-term worker to repay the debt. A total of two years. During this period, I will find excuses to give him his salary several times. He would never let him do a day's work in vain. Five taels of silver is a lot, but the grassroots are willing to bear such a loss." Ten skins are just enough, and Er Gouzi will eat a few more stewed rabbit meat. Li Qiao'er is Er Gouzi's younger sister, and this silver flower is not distressed.

"I am also a lover of personality." The county magistrate slapped the startle and made a judgment: "Today's matter must not be spread out. Reporting the order to the family dispute is that. After a few days, the county will send five taels of silver back. He was caught as a liar. Li Ji, the county is not favoring you in this matter. Listening to your testimony, Li Shuisheng is also suspected of forcing a good as a prostitution. I don't think you have any malice in your heart, so I won't pursue it for the time being. If there is a recidivism, even the capital and profit will be recovered."

After speaking, the county magistrate stood up and said, "Leave the hall."

There was another wave of prestige, and Li Ji was relieved.

I never dreamed that it would pass so easily. I thought that even if I was not exiled, a board was indispensable. He Chengxiang just said a few words to the grandfather of the county you came to me, just let him go!

The county magistrate has the absolute right to speak in the county. Whether a person is guilty or not depends on how the county magistrate decides. Regarding the judgment conditions, each official is different.

Take the case of Li Ji. If you change an official, you might think that Li Ji caused these incidents for his own sake and should be punished heavily. But in the eyes of the county magistrate, Li Ji was a man of temperament, but he used the wrong method, thinking about the first offense, and let it go for the time being.

Moreover, the county magistrate covered the results of the investigation. This is not to let Li Shuisheng know, so if they meet again in the future, the two are still family members in the same village and will not be affected.

With the effort of going out from the lobby, Li Ji's thoughts have been vividly understood before and after.

He was smart, he was scared just now, and he is okay now, and his mind is much clearer than usual.

As soon as Li Ji walked out of the lobby and was about to leave the county government office, he was stopped by a government servant: "Prince Li, you have love."

Li Ji didn't understand what the county magistrate meant, after the fall? Unlike, is it possible to invite him to drink?

This is the site of the county magistrate, and it is naturally subject to manipulation.

Li Ji didn't dare to have the thought of resisting, and followed the Ya Ya to the back hall.

In the lobby for the trial, the back hall is not only the office of the county magistrate, but also the place where he lives. However, most of the county magistrates have other residences outside the government office, and it is rare to see the county magistrates here.

Of course, I was talking about the former county magistrate. Today's county magistrate, it is still unclear how people are.

Following the people from the county government, a study room was brightly lit, and more than a dozen candles were lit in the room, making the room as bright as daylight.

The study room is not small, there are five or six book shelves full of books. On the side near the door, there is a generous table with a few dishes and two wine glasses. The county magistrate is sitting there.

Li Ji is looking at the county grandpa, and the county grandpa is also looking at him.

Li Ji was stunned, and he wanted to kneel down to meet him.

"This is not the lobby, get up."

Li Ji got up and looked at the county magistrate with a puzzled look. In the lobby, he was neither beaten nor punished, and the matter was resolved with a few words, and Li Ji, the mastermind, did nothing.

"Come and sit down." The county magistrate said again.

Li Ji walked over. He didn't understand the rules, and no one taught him politeness. The county magistrate asked him to sit, and he sat down.

Sitting opposite the county magistrate, with a glass of wine in front of him, Li Ji understood that this was to drink and talk to him.

The county magistrate did not speak, Li Ji did not dare to ask, watching his nose and nose, quietly pretending to be a quail.

"Don't be nervous, this is not the lobby, I am not interrogating you." The county magistrate took a piece of beef and ate it into his mouth. "Speaking of which, it was the most enjoyable meal with you that day. Your thoughts seem absurd. But it coincides with some of the official's ideas, so at that time I would recommend you to donate to an official. Although you don't know how to write, sometimes you look farther than too many people."

Li Ji was still nervous, and it was impossible to find the joy that the two of them could speak freely on that day.

"The grass people are just grass people in the final analysis. The idea is unique, it is lack of education. You listen to it fresh, just because it is different from others. In the village, if it is not because of the seniority, who can stand me up to now?" Li Ji knows himself. A few catties and a couple of taels, he was not promising, he just wanted to live slowly with Er Gouzi while staying at home.

"I'm very curious, how did you come up with this method to teach that person." The county magistrate saw Li Ji's nervousness and added, "Don't think too much, don't care if you don't say it in the hall."

Li Ji thought about it and told the truth: "At a young age, I didn't have the confidence to fool Brother Shuisheng, so I found a friend in the city and asked him to find a special acting performer in the village. Will be suspected."

"Your plan is indeed perfect. From beginning to end, you are only available when you pay for it. For Li Shuisheng, you may never have thought of you in it in this life." The county magistrate nodded and made no other comments.

Li Ji brewed for a while and asked boldly: "Can the lord tell the Caomin, how did you think it was a Caomin?"

A shrewd person like Li Shuisheng never thought it was Li Ji. How did the county magistrate think of it?

"It's not difficult. When I first heard the report, I suspected that there was a supporter in the village. Otherwise, how could the foreign liar know that someone in the local family wanted to climb that high branch? Since colluding with outsiders to deceive, it must be There is a picture. The only one in the village who may profit from it is you. So the officer thought of you before and after hearing Li Shuisheng's words." The county magistrate finished his thoughts, and Li Ji only felt that his calves were weak. It is obviously not empty talk to catch the head and say that the county magistrate has decided the case like a god.

"Since the adult is sure that it is me, why didn't you just take the person? Instead, let the head catcher come to my house and bring me over?" Taking the person is the catch, and the lead is the please. Although it is a word difference, the difference between them is really huge. Farewell.

"I've heard of you." The county magistrate took a sip of wine and said: "You adopted a nephew under your name. When you adopted him, your family was on the whole side, and you could not eat enough. This made your nephew uneasy and aggressive. This Under this circumstance, you are still willing to raise him. Based on this alone, I don't think you are a real evil person. There must be a hidden feeling in this."

So he didn't tell the head catcher that this was a suspect, but just invited him over as an important witness. He especially asked the head catcher to ask a few more questions. After hearing the head catcher's answer, the county magistrate was even more sure that Li Ji did the job.

"Even so, Cao Min knows that what Cao Min does is enough for adults to convict. That marriage is the freedom of other parents, and Cao Min is guilty of defrauding marriage. Why…" There must be a relevant treatment statement in the law, since the law does. Then why is it not implemented?

Li Ji Xingqing had escaped by himself, but it was also terrible to think about it. If every item of the law cannot be enforced for various reasons, wouldn't it be a mess? Those corrupt officials can indulge their children and grandchildren in Yurou Township even more honourably.

"If you round up these fifty taels of silver, then you won't violate any laws." The county magistrate motioned to Li Ji to accompany him to take two bites, "The liar is based on the premise of deceiving people's property in exchange for benefits. Your original intention of this matter is With kind thoughts and repentance in the heart, according to the Daxia Law, he can be generous outside the law. And what Li Shuisheng did is indeed suspected of being a prostitution."

"Forcing your own daughter to count?" Li Ji was puzzled. The parents who had been persuaded when they were young are the gods. Whatever parents do is right, even if they are wrong, they cannot refute them as children, otherwise they will treat them as if they were wrong. For unfilial piety.

The county magistrate shook his head, with a bitter smile on his lips: "Of course it is wrong. To tell the truth is that the law is above the law. It is a sin for parents to sign a contract of sale for him to serve as servants without their children's consent. It is also a sin for parents to hurt their children. Parents' faults cause damage to their children, and they are also punished. But for hundreds of years, have you heard of people who went to jail for the above reasons?"

The county magistrate paused before spitting out four words: "No one."

There is love outside the law, roughly the same. It is written in the above boxes, but it is really implemented, but it is not applicable. The shape is like a fiction, but it can only be like a fiction.

Li Ji was stunned there, he would never think that these things that should be a crime turned out to be crimes, or crimes that will never be investigated.

The county magistrate looked at Li Ji's expression and chuckled: "I have had the same expression as you. The first time I was a county magistrate was 20 years ago. I went to a better county than this one. That was probably It happened ten years ago, when I was young and frivolous. An incident happened there."

"Huh?" Li Ji answered, indicating that he was listening.

"There are people from poor families who can barely support one child. When the mother gave birth, she couldn't afford a stable mother. The mother-in-law delivered the baby herself. She was born and looked at a girl. She hadn't stripped her baby but she threw it into the stove and burned it. The woman had just given birth, and she could hear her crying from being burned alive while lying on the kang." 

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