Now that Li Shuisheng looked at Li Qiao'er again, he couldn't find the original appearance. Li Qiaoer, who was originally self-confident, was taught to bow down, learn to look at people, and learn to change herself to please her husband and in-laws who have not yet met.

It's like an accessory created to please others, a puppet that can fully interpret a virtuous wife and a filial daughter-in-law.

Half an hour ago, Li Shuisheng was still proud of such a "work". Looking at it now, only a sad heart is left.

"Something has happened, don't worry about it, don't you want to go to your fourth uncle's house to help? Go ahead." Li Shuisheng finished speaking, facelessly facing their mother and daughter, and quickly walked into the house.

Li Qiaoer and Shuisheng's wife looked at each other, and they didn't understand what medicine Li Shuisheng sold in the gourd. If it is normal, it must come back with joy, and supervise Li Qiao'er's "homework" for a while, and if it fails to meet the standard, he will be severely reprimanded, asking Li Qiao'er to be perfect, how can he be like a person now?

Li Qiao'er didn't dare to touch her father's troubles. When Shuisheng's wife entered the house, she saw Li Shuisheng rummaging through boxes and cabinets. The savings of the family are hidden there, and the Shuisheng daughter-in-law can guess what at this time even if she is stupid.

"What's wrong? What happened?"

"We…" I couldn't say anything like this when I was cheated. Li Shuisheng only felt something in his throat and sighed, "Forget it, it's going to be over. I'll tell you when I'm done. ."

If you put it before, Shuisheng's wife would definitely be making trouble. The money belongs to the family. Even if Li Shuisheng is the pillar of the family, you should tell your family if you want to move. But looking at Li Shuisheng, the wife of Shuisheng always felt that he was very frustrated, and she was inexplicably sour when she wanted to speak.

Having been a husband and wife for so long, not to mention that they are of the same heart, but they are connected to the heart anyway.

The daughter-in-law of Shuisheng didn't speak, watching Li Shuisheng take all the money in the family, less than two taels of money, she put it in her arms and went out.

I was deceived, first in disbelief, then madness, and when the madness passed, there was only regret.

The clues should have been discovered long ago, perhaps this thing was wrong from the beginning.

There are so many girls from poor families, but which girl has really married into the house? At most, it is a concubine, and that is also a concubine who has no background at all.

How could Xiao want to correct the position of his wife and mistress?

On the way to find the village chief with money, many people saw Li Shuisheng open their mouths and said two words of congratulations or even compliments.

If Li Qiao'er really married a rich young master as a young grandmother, then Li Shuisheng would be able to rise again. Not to mention how big the beauties are, but in the future, Li Shuisheng will find a shopkeeper in someone's shop to do it. The dividends that come down that year may be higher than the total income of the whole village.

How can you not congratulate? How can you not fawn?

Li Shuisheng felt more sad and regretted as he listened. So no one stopped greeting, and walked forward sullenly.

Seeing Li Shuisheng walk away, the person who greeted him sipped: "Something, it has climbed up to a high branch, even people don't care about it anymore."

When Li Shuisheng arrived at the village chief's house, he took out all the savings from the family. In fact, he used two ropes to string together two slings, and the extra money was scattered and broken, and he had saved every penny over the past few years.

Although Li Shuisheng is careful and reluctant to spend anything, but if he has a son in the family, if there is a problem, he will use the family's copper plate to help. This is the only thing left. Some of these are still planned. The dowry for Li Qiaoer is now being brought to court.

The village chief clicked on these copper plates and got angry too.

"If in the past, the money was not enough to enter the yamen. There is a way that the county yamen are open, and you should not come in if you have good money or no money. But now the county magistrate is the elder Qingtian, it should not be difficult for us to sue. I'll give you the case again. Add consistent money, let's go to the county and try it. It's better to be earlier than later."

Li Shuisheng took the village head to Li Ji's house again and borrowed a car from Li Ji.

Li Ji looked at Li Shuisheng's pale face and could guess that he knew it. Trying to pretend not to know anything, he asked with a smile: "This is still the afternoon, why are you in such a hurry to enter the city? Is it a happy event?"

Li Shuisheng smiled bitterly and shook his head with red eyes and sighed: "You were cheated! That B*stard is not a prince at all, but a quack. It's just that they act so well, and they are really well-dressed. You borrowed from me. Those fifty taels of silver are gone!"

Thinking of the fifty taels of silver, Li Shuisheng's eyes wet, and tears fell from the corners of his eyes.

Li Shuisheng hurriedly wiped away the tears, trying not to let Li Ji see his embarrassed look: "Don't worry, Xiao Ji, you can't lose you by saying anything. I must pay you back for the silver. Even if the liar who suffered a thousand knives gets caught back If I can't get it back, I'll come to your house as a long-term worker, and those who are greedy for the dark will have to pay back the money!"

Li Ji saw Li Shuisheng like this for the first time. Looking at it this way, I felt really uncomfortable. And all this was calculated by Li Ji. Although the details were arranged by the owner of the leather goods store, Li Ji came up with the idea.

Li Ji's original intention was to teach Li Shuisheng a big lesson, to let him take care of him, and stop trying to toss Li Qiao'er with unrealistic things and ruin Li Qiao'er. But it was one thing to think in my heart, but it was another thing to see Li Shuisheng's appearance after being deceived.

They are all in the same village, and Li Shuisheng grew up watching Li Ji. Except for Li Ji, no one in the village is rich or poor. They all look the same. Between each other, whoever had a hard time, went to give three melons and two dates to help. Life is poor, but not hard.

Fifty taels of silver is nothing more than ten rabbit skins for Li Ji, but for people like Li Shuisheng, they may not be able to leave fifty taels of silver under their pillows when they die.

Li Ji wanted to reach out and pat Li Shuisheng's shoulder, but he felt panic again in his heart. Whenever this matter was said, Li Ji didn't feel that he was wrong, and he didn't really want Li Shuisheng to pay him off his long-term job for two years in vain. He would always find opportunities to make up for it in the future. How much work did he earn? How much money, Li Ji will not miss him a penny.

On the other hand, the loss of these five taels of silver was entirely Li Ji's own, a group of swindlers hired by the silver he drew out.

So, what are you still guilty of?

"It's a good old saying to save money and avoid disasters. Don't get angry. Isn't it good for everyone in the family? You can make more money if you don't have money. What if you rush to your wife and children? Coincidentally? Your child is eighteen this year. If you are in a hurry, Qiao'er will stay and wait for you. This delay will be longer." Li Ji's words went directly into Li Shuisheng's heart.

If something happens to him, it will be more difficult for Li Qiao'er to marry in the future. If he gets angry directly, then Li Qiao'er will have to keep his filial piety for three years, and wait until the filial piety is twenty-one, let alone marry him.

It can only be said that Li Ji has grasped the hearts of the people. Li Shuisheng listened a little bit more vigorously, and nodded again and again: "You are right! Five taels of silver is a lot, but it's not enough to kill people. We just don't want to be reconciled. Bring the deceitful grandson back and deal with it! It's not early, and it will be dark when you enter the city later, and you have to spend money to find an inn. Go hurry up now, and you should be able to file a complaint before the government office is closed."

After setting up the ox cart, Li Shuisheng and the village chief sat in the cart. With a whip, the ox cart left the village and headed straight for the county.

After the person left, Li Ji secretly wiped the sweat from his forehead. He shouldn't be the one who is guilty, and he is not malicious. The owner of the leather goods shop helped to find the one who came to deceive people. That person is safe in his work and should not be easy to find out.

Now those people should have been out of the county. Even if Li Shuisheng could tell the truth about it when he came to the county lord, it would not be easy for the court to arrest people. Moreover, it is five taels of silver, which is not a big sum for the county government, and it shouldn't be spent extensively to investigate.

In this way, Li Ji relaxed. Think about Li Qiao'er, who will never be forced to learn those bad things from now on. From then on, Li Shuisheng shouldn't force Li Qiao'er anymore, let alone look for the golden turtle in the house.

Li Qiao'er is Er Gouzi's god-sister. In the past two years, she has come here to do that. In all fairness, Li Ji wants her to be well, so that she can have a good home, not to mention a lifetime of wealth and wealth, anyway, her life is safe and worry-free.

This is the lifelong wish of most people, and Li Shuisheng is just an example.

From a considerable perspective, Li Shuisheng's idea of ​​wanting to climb is correct. If there were no ambitions in this world, there would be no emperors and officials, and there would be chaos that day.

But what Li Shuisheng shouldn't be using Li Qiaoer to help him fight for. Relying on being a father, he willfully use Li Qiao'er's future happiness to build the foundation for her future, and she has the reputation of being good for Li Qiao'er, but she has never asked Li Qiao'er if she is willing.

In the eyes of most parents, it is the rights of parents and the blessings of their children to take care of their children. But I don't know that this blessing is worthwhile. If it is maintained at just the right level, it means that the father is kind and the son is filial and happy. Beyond this degree, it's just mutual torture.

Of course, in most cases, it is the children who are burdened with filial piety and retreat again and again, in exchange for the increasingly ignorant "love" of the parents.

Li Ji thought randomly, hearing the footsteps, Li Ji looked over, it was Li Qiao'er.

"Fourth Uncle! Have you seen my father?" Li Qiao'er asked before anyone even approached.

"Just left, I went to the county." Li Ji thought about it, and asked quietly, "Your father didn't tell you anything?"

Li Qiao'er nodded, worrying on her face: "I always feel that something has happened. When my father went back today, he told me that I don't need to learn the things that I don't have anymore, so I can go wherever I want, no matter what. I am. You said, this is not an accident. What is it?"

Li Ji looked around and beckoned to let Li Qiao'er come in.

After entering the house and closing the door, Er Gouzi came back after cutting the grass and sat on the kang for a while.

"What's wrong? So mysterious?"

Li Ji thought about it and said to Li Qiao'er carefully: "Wait for me to finish. Then I paid for Wang Ansheng."

Li Qiao'er was astonished, and said in disbelief: "How… how is it possible?"

"Listen to me." Li Ji continued, "Before you were forced by your father to be ruthless, and you are so pitiful. I'm afraid you were really sent to the city as a concubine by your father, so I went to the city. I found someone to perform the show and pretended to be a beloved son-in-law to teach him a lesson. So, the lesson is there. Those fifty ounces of silver are the silver I hired. But don't worry, this silver is from me, your father. By the way, I will let him work to pay off the debt in the future, and I will pay it back secretly."

Li Qiao'er heard the news, took a few deep breaths, and barely digested it: "You mean the young master is fake, you hired it with money?"

Li Ji took the leather goods shopkeeper out. Just tell Li Qiaoer about this kind of thing. Even if the incident happens in the future, it won't involve the leather goods shopkeeper.

"Well, it was the time I entered the city a few days ago, and I exchanged leather for fifty taels of silver."

Li Qiaoer's thoughts turned a few times before she reluctantly asked: "Then…who is that person?"

Li Ji reacted for a while and realized that Li Qiaoer was asking Wang Ansheng.

"You want to know, I don't keep it from you. Wang Ansheng made up casually. I don't know his name. I know that his stage name is Xiaobaiyu. He was hired from a theater troupe. It's a small actor that the theater troupe has been trying to support recently. child."

"Xiao Baiyu." Li Qiaoer muttered, "It's really worthy of him."

The little white jade is as white as jade and has a delicate face. If it is a horn held by a stand, it is convincing.

"Don't blame me for not letting you know in advance. It's because your father watched closely before. And if I told you in advance, you live with your father, if there is something unusual, your father's mind will definitely be able to Look out. That's why I waited until the incident happened before telling you." Without telling, I made arrangements for Li Qiaoer. Speaking of which, Li Ji is no different from Li Shuisheng. It's just that Li Ji made the decision from Li Qiao'er's perspective, and Li Shuisheng was from his own perspective.

Li Qiao'er repeatedly shook her head and said, "Where did the fourth uncle say so. If it weren't for you, my dad might still be thinking about teaching me how to hook up with a man. You did this to relieve me."

After finishing talking, Li Qiao'er actually knelt down like this: "I'm an unfilial piety, and I have nothing to do. Thanks to my uncle who arranged so much for me."

Li Ji was startled, and hurriedly pulled Li Qiao'er up.

"Silly girl, what are you doing! I did it because you didn't come to help less, and you are Er Gouzi's only girl. Of course, you don't see you being abused by your father."

Being helped up, Li Qiao'er wiping away tears and said everything the previous day: "I'm not filial. It stands to reason that I, a daughter, shouldn't have the slightest complaint to my dad, but…I'm an ordinary girl after all. Before. Dad has been forcing me to learn those nonchalant styles, making me think that women are just to hook up men, and even bought some shameful dirty paintings for me to learn. If it weren't for my mother torn, now…"

Li Qiao'er flushed with shame when she said this. It's a private matter, and being able to tell Li Ji so clearly, it can be seen that I have a heart with Li Ji.

Li Ji has tasted meat. Can't you understand Li Qiao'er? And he has done more with Er Gouzi than those erotic paintings.

"Then I did it right. I've seen someone who sells my daughter into a kiln, and I've never seen someone who teaches girls at home. Don't think too much about it, just go back. Your father is my brother, I can't really If you pit him, you just have to teach you a lesson, and the following things take your time, you don't need to rush."

Li Qiao'er nodded, looked at Er Gouzi sitting on the Kang, and then looked at Li Ji.

After so many things, Li Qiao'er really didn't have any hope of getting married. If he could, he really wanted to stay at home and be a girl for the rest of his life. But this idea is probably impossible. Li Ji may support it, but Li Shuisheng and Shuisheng's daughter-in-law, who are parents, would never agree.

So, where will you be married in the future?

After leaving Li Qiao'er, the stone in Li Ji's heart fell. Li Qiaoer didn't complain, then Li Ji had a clear conscience. Seeing Li Shuisheng's embarrassed look, Li Jiyu couldn't bear it, but at this time, all he wanted was to cut the mess with a sharp knife. These things must be resolved, for Li Qiaoer, but also for Li Shuisheng.

The old man at the gate of the house, where is it so good?

Li Ji sat opposite Er Gouzi, with a table in between. Er Gouzi skillfully poured a bowl of tea for Li Ji, the aroma of tea entered his nose, and Li Ji took a sip.

"You said, did I do something wrong?"

Er Gouzi shook his head: "You can't be wrong."

Li Ji smiled: "In your eyes, I said that the moon is square. You nod your head, right."

Er Gouzi paused, and said with a smile: "The moon is always square."

Li Ji was taken aback, laughing softly, lying on the table and looking at Er Gouzi with bright eyes: "You really know how to join in."

Er Gouzi was also lying on the table, staring at Li Ji with a pair of eyes, not concealing the feelings in his eyes.

"Everything you say is right and everything you do is right. I don't know why you think about other things. I think it's simple, I believe you are enough. We are a couple and we all have the same idea. of."

The words came to Li Ji's heart: "Yes, we are a couple, a husband and wife. You believe me, and I believe you too."

The two grabbed each other's hand across the table and took a hard kiss. Li Ji continued to drink water contentedly. Er Gouzi was unsatisfied and stood up and sat in front of Li Ji, deceiving him.

Li Ji pushed twice to no avail, and said helplessly: "We haven't made dinner yet, why are you in a hurry."

Er Gouzi bit Li Ji's ear: "But I'm happy."

"You have to eat if you are happy, be good, go cook, I feed the animals, and it's dark and happy after the meal."

Li Ji was not disgusted with the incident, and was even immersed in it. But doing this kind of thing in broad daylight always feels weird, and if someone or something comes in, the room will make it all that smell, and everyone can see that the two of them are tricky.

So although Er Gouzi didn't pay much attention to day and night, Li Ji tried to avoid it.

In the evening, Er Gouzi endured for a long time, so he tossed Li Ji for a while. Li Jiti's fingers were too lazy to move, and when he was about to fall asleep, he heard his little tail calling, and soon there was a knock on the door outside.

Li Ji frowned and cursed, turning over and didn't want to move.

Er Gouzi is going to sleep at this time, but he has developed a habit in the mountains for a long time. Although he is about to sleep, it is not difficult to get up at this time.

Er Gouzi sat up and began to put on clothes. Li Ji waited for Er Gouzi to stand on the ground, and then sat up reluctantly and put on clothes slowly.

I have just finished strenuous exercise, the sweat on my body hasn't been dry, the things behind have not been removed, and the place of shame still has a strange feeling. This kind of time is really not suitable for going out to meet guests.

Er Gouzi walked slowly, went to the door to open the door, with no expression on his face, and asked, "Who are you."

The people outside did not know Er Gouzi, Er Gouzi only knew that these people disturbed Li Ji's dream, they were bad guys.

"Is your name Li Ji? Our county master wants to see you, come with us."

Er Gouzi shook his head: "I'm not Li Ji."

At this time Li Ji walked out of the house sleepily: "I am Li Ji, what's wrong?"

"Our county master wants to see you and ask you about the liar. After all, the money came from you." The leader showed the token.

Li Ji finally saw the visitor clearly, and immediately shook his head. People from the government, although they are illiterate and don't know what is written on the token, those who come out of the government are all officials!

"Ah! That's it, wait a minute, I'm going now!"

When I came here, Li Ji didn't want to hide. This matter must pass. I hope that the county magistrate will not find out that he arranged it, otherwise it would be a lie even if there is no malice. How does the liar punish people in accordance with the law? Is it a board game or exile? Or both.

Li Ji had no bottom in his heart, tried to make himself look calmer, looked back at Er Gouzi, and smiled: "I'll go with them, and I'll be back tomorrow. You take good care of your home and wait for me to go home."

Others can't tell, but Er Gouzi, who is familiar with Li Ji, can see Li Ji's anxiety. Walked over to pull Li Ji, frowned and said, "Don't go."

Li Ji shook his head and said, "The official man came over to look for me. Can I still go? Don't worry, that is to say I know what I know, and I will be back after I finish talking."

"I'll be with you." Er Gouzi said.

"What are you going, if you don't come back tomorrow, who will feed the animals? Our family is not nothing and can't leave people. You are well at home, I will come back as soon as possible." Li Ji stopped the idea of ​​Er Gouzi wanting to follow. Turning around to catch his head and said: "The officer, let's go."

Head-catcher rubbed his nose, and said politely: "Where is the official or not official, if you like me, call me a head-catcher. My name is Feng. It has been two months since I first came up, and I like to hear people call me a head-catcher. Yes. It is not easy for you. Although the person who was deceived, he did get the money from you. Look at his age, he may not be worth 50 taels of money until he died, and in the end, you are still the most pitiful."

Indeed, according to normal terms, Li Shuisheng's age is equal to half of his foot in the coffin, and a normal family may not be able to save a couple of silver in the first year. If Li Shuisheng pays it back in the future, it's really possible that he won't even be able to die.

"Maybe I can catch the liar and get the money back." Li Ji smiled, trying not to let the head catcher see him in his guilty conscience, "And even if it doesn't come back, it doesn't matter. We signed the contract and he is here to help. Helping, it's not easy. My family's life is better. Although these losses are a lot, I can bear it." 

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