All the fingerprints were pressed, and the two copies were kept separately. Li Ji just took out the silver that had been prepared for a few days.

There are a total of five small silver ingots, one or two each, a total of five.

"This is five taels of silver, don't worry about me short of you. It is cast in the bank, and each size is the same." He returned the silver to Li Shuisheng, and Li Shuisheng looked at his eyes straight.

If people really bite their teeth to accumulate a lifetime's worth of silver, five taels of silver can be seen. The key is to have Lee aquatic sons, but the marriage was to build a house is to be organized, back and forth at home to save money are consumed Qi Qiba Eight, now head of the family does not have much left, and had a little rest It's for Qiaoer's dowry. But if you go to be a grandmother at the gate of the house, you won't have too much money, and the money at home is small, but you won't be able to get a decent bride price.

Li Shuisheng carefully picked up the silver one by one and touched it one by one. To be honest, even if you really sell a living person, it may not be worth the money. If you want to start a small business in the city, it is enough. If it weren't for the young master, in exchange for Li Qiaoer to marry into the house, Li Shuisheng would really not bear it.

After some reluctance, he handed the silver to the young master.

"An Sheng, I'm taking you as a son. You may not think anything, like our poor people, you may not have so much silver in this life. You can spend the silver, and it's better to go back and admit a mistake. If you really want to marry Qiao'er, don't force your family head to admit him, find a chance to take Qiao'er over and let your parents take a closer look. Although we are ordinary people, Qiao'er people are well-behaved and filial, and we don't have those. A squeamish temper will surely be a comforting daughter-in-law."

After saying this, he released his grip on Yinzi. The young master nodded his head: "Don't worry, they always love me. This time I will pick up the girl as soon as possible when I go back. You can wait for my good news."

Li Ji received the receipt, and listened to the words of their son-in-law and Weng, without interrupting.

Five taels of silver is not a small amount. After Li Shuisheng gave the silver, he was nagging again, which almost bored the young master. Finally, the young master was sent out, the young master did not delay, and he had to leave after taking the silver.

Li Shuisheng felt distressed that the delicate young master had to walk back, and wanted to entrust Li Ji to take him to the city in an ox cart. Li Ji lent the bullock cart to Li Shuisheng on the grounds of having a lot of trouble at home, and asked Li Shuisheng to take him away by himself.

Li Shuisheng sent the young master Wang Ansheng out of the village to the county, and then hired a car from the county to go to Wang's house in the neighboring county. When the young master returned, everything was easy to say.

Wang Ansheng is the eldest son of the Wang family. Although he didn't tell his parents that running away from home was a rebellious thing, he went back well. At most, he was swearing twice. When he turned back, his children were hurt by their own family and they were not afraid of anything.

Just waiting for Wang Ansheng to get forgiveness from the family, and then find an excuse to take Li Qiao'er back, let them see how sensible and virtuous Li Qiao'er is. It is said that if you marry a wife and marry a virtuous person, the girls who come out of the big family will inevitably be squeamish, those with poor tutoring will be willful and reckless, and the honest duty of common people will be good for being filial and virtuous. From this perspective, Li Qiaoer still has some advantages.

Thinking like this, Li Shuisheng felt better in his heart. After returning home, he would no longer force Li Qiao'er to learn those fireworks styles. The left and right have fascinated Wang Ansheng. What Wang Ansheng seems to like is Li Qiao'er's difference, so what I have to let Li Qiaoer learn later is how to please her in-laws.

Without background, the only honourable people at the gate of the house are husbands, in-laws and old people. As long as he grasps the heart of the old man, he will be able to gain a firm foothold in the house in the future.

Li Qiaoer finally got rid of the shameful Fengyue style, and now she has to learn how to be virtuous. Li Shuisheng didn't know what kind of virtuous big family likes, in short, what kind of woman he wanted most in his heart, and what women should do most, so he taught Li Qiaoer.

Then Li Qiao'er felt that it was better to learn the firework pie before.

Of course, Li Ji would not deliberately inquire about Li Shuisheng's affairs at this time, because things are basically done, and the rest is only waiting for Li Shuisheng to recognize everything, and then he will be completely safe.

When the matter is over, Li Shuisheng should give up completely. I just don't know what kind of marriage Li Shuisheng can arrange for Li Qiaoer after he gives up, I hope it will be more reliable.

Er Gouzi is going up the mountain again. Li Ji prepared dry food and water for him one day in advance, and sent Er Gouzi up the mountain in the morning. Little tail was about to follow, but Li Ji stopped him. The little tail is long and big, and fierce enough, but for the beasts in the mountains, it is still not worth mentioning.

Hunters often train hounds to help find prey, which is not necessary for Er Gouzi. He has absolute survival experience in the mountains. He knows where the prey is and what kind of prey is easier to obtain, he knows better than anyone else.

It will be time to shovel the ground in a few days. The weather has been smooth from this year to the present, and the crops in the fields are gratifying. As long as the crops are maintained, this year's harvest will probably be more than normal harvests in previous years.

As long as there is enough food, people can't be hungry, and they can sell the excess food to save the copper plate.

Land is the root of farmers. As long as there is still grain growing in the land, this day will not endure.

Li Ji went into the yard to pull up the newly grown weeds. Both Li Ji and Er Gouzi are diligent, they clean up a lot of the ground, and there is no weed in sight. There is no nutrient for weeds to snatch seedlings, and the seedlings grow very big. The newly sprinkled green onion seeds grow a row of green onions. When the white onion grows to the thick of the fingers, it is the best time to eat the green onions.

The green onion leaves can be pickled and eaten, and the white onion dipped in the sauce is the most crunchy and sweet. The green onion pants between green onion leaves and green onion are the best place to make scallion noodles. The green onions are the best in this place. Stir the chopped green onion with oil and pour it into soy sauce. If you like the sweet taste, you can add some sugar, boil the color and pour it on the cooked noodles and mix well. This is the easiest way and the best to serve.

Sometimes Li Ji and Er Gouzi were too lazy to cook, so they made a pot of meat that was fried and sealed before eating to relieve hunger and hunger. It is best to eat when the farmer is busy.

Li Ji pulled out a green onion, set it up, put it in his mouth, and took a bite. It was white and sweet, with a faint fragrance of green onions. Children from poor families don't have any decent snacks. This tender green onion is not too spicy and tasteful. It is the easiest snack for children. There is one on the side of the road. If you are greedy, some children are careful. Green onions can be eaten for a long time.

After a long time, there have been some weird ways of eating, one green onion leaf is torn into several pieces, and one by one is eaten, and you can eat and play.

Next to the snack, there is a kind of sour wild vegetable on the mountain, the children call it sour, and there is a kind of sour weed on the riverside, called sorrel pulp. The sticks in the field are sweet when they are immature. Every year, a few naughty children sneak into the fields to steal the sticks and sticks to relieve their greed.

In the autumn, there will be some wild fruits in the mountains, but most of them are sour and less sweet, even if it is sour, it is also a taste, which is enough for children to gather to comfort the gluttons.

After eating scallion white and green onion leaves, the place on the scallion pants was spicy. Li Ji was too lazy to dip in the sauce to relieve the spicy, so he threw it directly into the pigpen and fed it to the pigs.

Li Ji still felt puzzled by the green onion flavor in his mouth, so he went into the house and grabbed a handful of sour plums, sitting in the shadow of the tree in front of the door, eating slowly to pass the time.

This tree was deliberately left when the house was built. It is a poplar tree. It grows very straight. Li Ji stayed to block the sunshine. In spring, the elm tree has fallen and I can pick some cleaned egg pancakes to eat. Be regarded as an additional gain.

Li Ji had two sour plums left. When he was about to eat, he heard the little tail screaming twice. Li Ji stood up and looked out. It was Li Shuisheng who came here with singe on the corners of his lips. No less getting angry.

Wang Ansheng had been away for seven days, and there was no news. He didn't even send a person to report. The more Li Shuisheng waited, the more anxious he became. Hearing the congratulations from the village one after another, Li Shuisheng's anxious thoughts could not be said.

Thinking back and forth in the village, Li Jiren is the safest one. He never goes like those who don't, and he never spreads nonsense. He is also smart. You can see three points when you see anything.

Therefore, with the heart of seeking comfort, Li Shuisheng came to find Li Ji, hoping that Li Ji could help him analyze it and give him a reassurance by the way.

"Brother Shuisheng? Why did you think about it?" Li Ji stuck the remaining two in his mouth.

Li Shuisheng looked at Li Ji's leisurely look and felt his eyes hot. He could only say that Li Ji was too lucky, and he didn't have to worry about anything, and he sent a lot of money to the door.

"I don't know what to do, come over and chat with you. I can trust you in this village. I won't spread nonsense or believe rumors." Li Shuisheng said as he walked in.

"You call me a saint." Li Ji smiled and greeted people into the room, put some snacks, the boiling water did not boil, it was not an outsider who was not in a hurry to give tea, and pouring some plain water would not matter.

If in normal times, Li Shuisheng could eat at least half of the dim sum, he didn't even look at it today, it can be seen that he was really caught by his mind.

"Originally, I didn't want to trouble you with this matter, but who will let us make it? Brother, I can tell you what I think." Li Shuisheng took out a piece of paper from his arms, spread it out and handed it to Li. Ji said, "This is the marriage letter written by the child An Sheng, as well as the handprints of the two of us. He is a business man, and he must do what he says. This marriage letter is also here. Even if he doesn't recognize it, we can still sue when we go to the government. He came down. But seven days after he went there, he didn't get any news at all, so he was in a neighboring county, and he was murmured in his heart after all."

Li Ji took it over and took a look, and smiled: "If you don't say I thought it was the IOU, don't say it, it really looks like it."

Li Ji said so and made Li Shui angrily smiled: "You can change the way to remind me, can I really owe you back?"

"How can you, you will still be short of those fifty taels of silver in the future, but just casually say it. Since there is a marriage certificate, then you don't have to think about it too much. If you can write a marriage certificate, you will be moved if you want to come to Qiao'er. Truth. The best is what the saying goes. He hasn't got Qiao'er yet, how can he easily break his promise when he is most interested?" Li Ji comforted.

"You said that I feel more comfortable, and you are right. Although my family Qiaoer is not a god, but she is also a beauty. He also said that he liked her special. Since it is special, no one can compare it. Yes, before he fell in love with other girls, my Jia Qiao'er was his heart, but…" Li Shuisheng paused, "Somehow bring a letter back, it won't make me so worried."

"Maybe people didn't think of this at all." Li Ji continued to comfort, "Don't forget, they are a child, and a child of a big family. Everything has been arranged by someone. When clothes come to stretch out their hands and open their mouths, what's the matter? Is it thoughtful for himself? He didn't expect to pass back a letter at all, which is understandable."

Li Shuisheng finally breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this. Li Ji was a few years older than Wang Ansheng, and was closer in thought, so Li Shuisheng believed half of what Li Ji said.

"It's you who are smart, so I figured it out. I think about it, what people say is the eldest young master. Even if we meet a nonchalant in our village, I can't think of this. That's good for someone like me. Think about it, young people who want this to go."

"Then don't think about it. It's not funny. Even if he is ungrateful, he will regret it when he gets home. You also have the marriage certificate. You can take it to the office to tell you that you will not be able to run away." Li Ji said.

"Yes, yes, you are right." Li Shuisheng nodded repeatedly, thought about it and said, "Really speaking, it is the last resort to sue. If you really sue, you are offending others. At most, I would hire someone back with a bride price. Not only will I disconnect from here in the future, it won't be nice to Qiao'er. This is something I don't want to see."

Which old man is willing to sue his son-in-law? That's all being forced to do nothing.

Li Ji nodded: "Then it's good to come to the door with a marriage certificate, and to show him to his parents. The businessman has a high reputation, can he still deny it?"

Li Shuisheng nodded his head again and again, his thoughts turned, and he had new worries: "You said I really came to the door with this marriage certificate, what should they do if they took it and tore it and didn't admit it?"

"Probably not." Li Ji thought for a while, and said, "Then you can find someone who can read and copy it for you. In the future, take the copied copy and say that the real marriage certificate is in It's well preserved at home, just waiting to invite the young master's Geng Tie, and then take it and change it."

"Good idea! If you don't say anything about your head, I didn't expect it. I'll find someone to help write another copy." Li Shuisheng stood up and left.

"Who are you looking for? Is it possible to find the talent in the village?" Li Ji asked casually.

"The talented talent is exhausted, and I am afraid that his ink will stain my marriage book. Although our village chief can't recognize a few words, he is better than the average person. It shouldn't be difficult to copy a copy. I'll go now. Go to the village chief." After speaking, Li Shuisheng left and went to the village chief's house.

As soon as Li Shuisheng left, Li Ji grabbed a handful of melon seeds and ate, the smile on the corners of his lips became more successful.

Li Shuisheng hurried to the village chief, where he explained his intentions straightforwardly.

"Village chief, I have something to trouble you today. I wrote the marriage letter with Wang Ansheng again. I want to keep a spare copy. Could you please copy it for me."

This is not a big deal, and there is no shortage of pens and papers at home. The village chief welcomed Li Shuisheng into the house, put the table and felt, put the paper and the pen, and waited for Li Shuisheng to bring him the marriage certificate.

Baby Li Shuisheng took out the marriage certificate and spread it out to him: "This is the reassurance in my heart. With it, Qiao'er will be able to marry and enter the door of the house safely. In our poor mountains, which girl can It is a great honor to serve big people, let alone be grandmothers for big families."

The village chief listened to Li Qiao'er recently and nodded: "So I also congratulate you for finding a good son-in-law. With such a marriage, you don't have to worry about it in the future. Even Qiao'er's brothers and sisters can also be touched."

Li Shuisheng listened to this comfortably and nodded in response.

The village chief took the marriage certificate and was about to put it away. He was taken aback when he saw the words clearly.

"Did you make a mistake?" the village chief asked.

Li Shuisheng didn't know, so: "How is it possible? There are two pieces of paper in my house. One is an IOU from Xiao Ji. I borrowed 50 taels of silver from him and gave An Sheng a gift. The kid went home and admitted his mistake. The rest is An Sheng. Give me the marriage certificate."

The village head hurriedly asked: "What is the full name of your future son-in-law?"

Li Shuisheng said truthfully: "Wang Ansheng! He is the eldest son and grandson of the Linxian Wang family, and the future head of the Wang family."

The village head's eyebrows deepened: "This…we are all from the same village. I can't lie to you. Tell the truth. You… are not a marriage certificate at all, but an evidence of proof! It says that you owe Wang Ansheng five taels of silver. Return it in ten days! It's not a marriage certificate at all!"

Li Shuisheng's head buzzed!

"It's impossible!" Li Shuisheng's voice was a little broken.

The village head could also understand him, and he wanted Pan Gaozhi to marry his daughter to a rich family, but he didn't expect this to happen.

"If you don't believe me, there is still a talent in our village, or go to the city to find a teacher. I don't have to lie to you. Shuisheng, are you…you have been cheated." Although these words are cruel , But after speaking out, I can persuade Li Shuisheng to report to the official.

"Impossible! Impossible! I instigated this marriage letter when he was drunk and unconscious. How could he still think of lie when he was drunk? Maybe I got it wrong, this is me and Xiaoji's!" Li Shuisheng muttered deceivingly.

His eyes were bloodshot almost instantaneously, and his brain buzzed. He talked with a vibrato, and he looked like he was going crazy.

The village chief couldn't bear it, but he still said, "The name above is from you and Wang Ansheng. Don't say I'm cruel, Shuisheng, now you can take this and find two witnesses to the county's chief reporter. People hold it!"

"The newspaper official is in charge! He is the grandson of the prince's family, who would dare to judge him! And the black and white letters and my handprint on the top, doesn't this indicate that I owe him money? Maybe he will wait until then. I still have to pay him back!"

Li Shuisheng almost cried. Although there was a suspicion of being deceived in the past two days, the moment he was confirmed, he still broke down.

"Why are you confused!" the village chief said, "Think about it, if you really are the princes of the family, their great cause can make you a mere five taels of silver? You still have to drag the family and spend a lot of money to pay. You act like this? Obviously you met a liar! Or a large group of liars, organized and premeditated cheating!"

Listening to the village chief's analysis, Li Shuisheng finally recovered some of his mind.

"Yeah! How could the Wang family be short of these fifty taels of silver? But… but it's been seven days, if you really leave the province, it will be possible! Where can I go to chase people back!"

"That's a way after all! There is still some hope to sue the officer! You hurry up and collect some money. You need money to sue the officer to bring the lawsuit."

Li Shuisheng's face was white again: "Where do I have any silver! I still borrowed this money from Xiao Ji! I don't know how to pay it back!"

"One thing counts! If you sue the officer earlier, there is more hope, so don't worry about it!" The village chief was anxious for him.

Li Shuisheng's calves were weak, and he almost fell from the village chief's house.

Just coming out of Li Ji, his face was still full of spring, and now his face is pale, as if he is more than ten years old all of a sudden.

I was full of joy thinking that God had opened his eyes to his son-in-law, but he didn't expect that the knife that fell from the sky was cutting his meat!

On the way back, Li Shuisheng was all about Wang Ansheng's various things he wanted to meet. In fact, it is not without flaws. For example, how could Wang Ansheng suddenly appear in this village. It is obvious that the caravans should be in various places, and they live in this poor village grandiosely, and they are allowed to be surrounded by the villagers like monkeys. Look.

Although Li Qiao'er is pretty, it is impossible to say that a flower in the village is more beautiful than Li Qiao'er. What's more, what kind of beauty has not been seen by Wang Ansheng in the flower world in the city? How could it be possible that Li Qiao'er could be seen in the crowd at a glance, and a few words would decide for life?

After thinking about it this way, Li Shuisheng couldn't wait to slap himself even more! When Wang Ansheng came back to ask for money, he should have known that he was a liar! How could a young master be short of money? Even if you didn't bring money with you when you went out, any pendant you brought out would definitely be more than 50 taels of silver. How could you be so short of money to borrow money from him?

Usually, people are so thorough in their calculations, so why are they confused on this matter!

The more I thought about it, the more regretful he became. When he got home, Li Shuisheng saw his wife supervising Li Qiao'er practicing walking and talking.

Since there was a "marriage letter" with Wang Ansheng, this marriage has become a certainty. Shuisheng's daughter-in-law can't stop her, all she can do is to teach Li Qiao'er with Li Shuisheng. Maybe this will make Li Qiao'er look up a bit after entering her husband's house, so that she won't be viewed as a person.

Li Qiaoer's heart was still entangled in every possible way. She was in love with Wang Ansheng because he was really handsome, but with such an identity, it was really not a trustworthy person.

"Father." Li Qiao'er lowered her head slightly, with a kind of Xiaojiabiyu temperament.

Li Shuisheng looked at it this way now, only to feel very sad. Half a year back, Li Qiaoer is still a girl who doesn't care about world affairs. He has a free and easy personality, many ideas, and is often taught by their husband and wife that they are not honest and stable, and will not find a good husband's house in the future.

Looking back now, how comfortable is Li Qiao'er like that? That's what it really should be. 

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