The next day, there was no need for Li Ji to deliberately inquire about it. The rumors that raged found Li Ji on his own.

Erying brought Yingzi over to sort out the hay that he had recently purchased. There are a lot of them, and Li Ji and Er Gouzi both get irregular for a day or two. This time is the slack again. Erying remembered Li Ji's kindness for giving Xiao Tudou to study, and when he had nothing to do, he brought Yingzi to work together.

Li Jishou feels at ease, let them do the work and provide them with food. The food at Li Ji's house is good, and the two of them can still make up for themselves here.

"You said that the eyes of the rich people are different from ours. We can't wait to take a kerchief thrown by others to sew the hat and show the eye. People don't know how much the waist-wrapped young master has moved to the girls in our village. Don't open your eyes." Erying was not idle while working.

"If you say it is fate, anything is possible." Li Ji knows the tricks, of course he won't say it.

"Tsk, it's weird to talk about fate. A few days ago, I watched Uncle Shui Sheng and wanted to have Li Qiao'er learn from those nonchalant things like crazy. People in the village said that he was hit by ghosts and gods. It's going to ruin Qiao'er. Now that I think about it, God might have arranged it. Even if Li Qiao'er didn't have the life of the young lady, it would be the life of Mrs. Dang."

"It doesn't matter whether it's a young grandmother or a concubine, it's not a good place to be honest." Li Ji said, "There is a lot of right and wrong in the door of the mansion. This has no background to go in, and it is dead and disabled. People lightly write it and pass. Those who want women to become successful. Feng's, to put it bluntly, either too naive or crazy for money."

This is actually a bit cheating on his wife's tongue, which means talking to his niece and daughter-in-law. Li Ji was also afraid that Erying looked at Li Qiao'er with eyesight, and in a blink of an eye he learned Li Shuisheng's heart to marry Yingzi into the house.

In terms of customs, Tongyang's wife is a half-servant, and it is normal to resell it a second time if it doesn't go well. Although Erying is good to Yingzi, and his mother is not good enough, you should always be on guard. If Erying really planted any thoughts in his heart, only Yingzi would suffer in the future. After all, it is not crawling out of the stomach, the thing to pay attention to is still to pay attention.

"Sixth Uncle, you are right. I'm just talking twice. If I give birth to a girl, I must be looking for a good house to live a safe life. Even if I eat chaffy vegetables, I will eat well." Then, Erying touched Yingzi's head and smiled, "By the way, if I really had a girl, I would definitely be reluctant to give my Xiao Tudou a skin monkey. That is to say, the Xiao Tudou has a good life and can have Yingzi."

"Not at all." Li Ji took out a piece of candy from his sleeve and stuffed it to Yingzi. "Xiao Tudou has read a book now, regardless of whether he can read anything, it will not be difficult for him to get married in the future. This Yingzi has taken possession of it in advance. No one can take away the position. Is it not Yingzi's blessing."

Erying belittles Xiao Tudou, and Li Ji is about to hold it. Erying herself said nothing, but Li Jiruo agreed, and there was nothing right now. When Xiaotudou came back from studying for a year and a half, she was angry with a book. It was definitely the sweet pastry in the village. I don't know how many girls have them. They regretted that they were too late, and Yingzi took the lead.

Now, the more he belittles Xiao Tudou, I feel that Yingzi is wronged. When I think about the present at that time, the more Erying feels that it is Xiao Tudou who has been wronged. Why are you not worthy of Yingzi? Now it's Yingzi that can't go with Xiao Tudou.

This is not necessarily a person who thinks too much, but a person's heart. When there is a gap, there will be a comparison, and once the comparison is confirmed, the mood will change with the change.

This is the truth that Li Ji realized by himself.

These words sounded smoothly. Erying's eyebrows were open and grinning, and she didn't forget to say something modestly: "Look at what you said, it's good to spend money to go around in the library? How to learn is a naughty bag."

After talking about Xiaotudou, Erying turned the topic to Li Qiaoer again: "I heard that the rich young master should have left today. His home is not far from ours, but it is a big one in a neighboring county. Merchants. The neighboring county is richer than ours, and that family is one of the best. But the young master was so fascinated by Li Qiao'er that he refused to leave, but he was so anxious that the people he brought with him made him kneel. Knock him down."

What Erying said was too graphic, and Li Ji couldn't help but laugh when he heard it: "How can it be so powerful."

"I'm not lying." Er Ying said, "You'll know if you go to the village to find out. Li Qiao'er is still ashamed, hiding from the house and refusing to go out. The young master shook off his subordinate and went to block Shuisheng's door to find someone. Uncle Shui Sheng also really wanted to do this, or the wife of Shui Sheng said that Li Qiao'er hadn't married yet, so it's not good to be with a big man, so let's just give up. It depends on Uncle Shui Sheng. That's hard to say."

Qiao'er can really be said to have been twists and turns, and it was a fate. No matter how hard it is, people will have to live without death. No matter what, there must be a place to go.

"If Li Qiao'er married out, it would be a relief to marry wherever she is. As for Brother Shuisheng's current posture, I can't catch this. Jia Minger can take Li Qiao'er to Kyoto to hook up the emperor's old man, so that he can also be a countryman. Father-in-law."

When Li Ji spoke, both of them laughed. Yingzi didn't understand, so he tilted his head and asked what the father-in-law was. Erying only said something children don't listen to.

Li Ji wanted to say, and was afraid that it would make the child want to split, so he confuses it: "It's the marriage when you grow up. You are Xiaotudou's daughter-in-law, so you don't have to worry about it. Come, help your uncle go to the bale of hay over there, arrange it well, and it will be convenient for you to take it in winter."

With an answer that was not an answer, Yingzi stopped asking and listened to Li Ji's command to work.

In the next few days, the young master stayed in the village. The remaining caravans left by themselves, leaving two family members to wait on the young master. The young master was walking around in the village, and when he was tired of watching, he went to play with Li Qiao'er.

Li Qiao'er looked out through the window every time. She was embarrassed to go out to meet, and she was still very tangled in her heart.

The young master is the elder brother in the house, and he has a big family. For ordinary girls, this kind of person is the worst candidate for a husband.

Because a woman without a backer married him, only the husband's favor is the only one who can rely on him. If one day the young master is lucky enough to have a new love, it will be the new one for the old one. At that time, I really didn't know how to die.

Although Li Qiao'er had never seen anything in the world, the old ladies in the village chewed their tongues and listened. Although there are exaggerations in it, one thing is correct, that is, rich people may not be a good destination.

The young master has a good life and has a cute character. No matter how good a person is, it doesn't mean that his family is easy to get along with.

Even if Li Qiao'er really had some thoughts in her heart, she didn't dare to really get into trouble with the young master.

Li Shuisheng scolded Li Qiaoer several times for nothing, but in a blink of an eye, it was a way to get caught. Hanging deliberately like this, the more you hang it, the more it itches in my heart and the more I want to get it.

This is more beneficial to Li Qiaoer's marriage.

After figuring it out, Li Shuisheng stopped forcing Li Qiao'er to go out to meet. That night, I fought two catties of wine and went to find the young master, pretending to be helpless, Haosheng talked about it.

What Qiao'er is confused and doesn't know the truth, his father is also anxious about Li Qiao'er's marriage. These words are poking the young master's arms, when even saying that he is going to marry Li Qiao'er.

The word marry is very good, and Li Shuisheng was taken aback. Marry a wife and take a concubine, the higher the status, the better understand the meaning. Marriage is the three books and six rituals on the household register and carried the sedan chair from the front door into the house. As a concubine, she gave her a betrothal gift to her husband and came to welcome her. A small pink sedan chair was brought into the house from the side door, and the wife in the main house was given tea. After listening to the training, he could send it back to the yard to wait. It is unknown whether the husband will go or not. If you meet someone who doesn't give a face, you won't even have a kiss. Just carried in a pink sedan, silent.

Li Shuisheng quickly determined that Young Master was really going to marry? The young master was obviously taken aback, his face tangled a little, as if he knew that he had said the wrong thing.

Li Shuisheng was disappointed and said hurriedly: "It's okay. It's just a couple of sips of wine. It's normal to fail to speak. Besides, you are not married and you are not a big husband. You can take it back and let's drink."

These words just irritated the young master, with a red face on his face, and said horizontally: "Who said I am not a big husband? I can do what I say. If I marry her, I will marry her!"

Li Shuisheng's heart almost exploded when he heard these words! That's the young grandmother of a big family! Serious master!


The little young master was a little bit up, and said vaguely: "Of course it's true, my husband keeps his promises."

Seeing the young master's unconsciousness, Li Shuisheng's eyes turned sharply, and he calculated: "But we have nothing to say. If you later say that you are drunk, what should you do?"

For fear of being underestimated, the young master slapped the table and ordered: "Come here, bring me a pen and paper for my little master! My little master, I have a lot of words, since you don't believe me, I will write a marriage letter for my little master! If I don't marry in the future, If you get her, you go to the government to sue me!"

Jia Ding wanted to persuade, but was sternly scolded by the young master, so he didn't dare to stop him anymore. I was offered pen and ink to the young master, and the young master struggled to write a large number of characters, and finally put a handprint in the corner.

The young master pointed to the bottom of his handprint: "You also press one! I will put it here in the future, and I will exchange it with Geng Tie in the future!"

Geng Tie is the first step in marriage. The birth date is written on it. The man and woman exchanged to find Mr. Shanming to join the horoscope. If the agreement can continue, if the horoscope does not agree, then there is no marriage, and the marriage will naturally fail.

The village does not pay attention to this, at most it is just to let the matchmaker tell it, but the big families in the city pay attention to it, and the exchange of Geng Tie is like a status symbol.

Li Shuisheng hurriedly pressed his handprints, the baby dried the paper and folded the ink and put it in his sleeve. Then he faced the young master and smiled more enthusiastically.

The young master stayed in the village for three days in a row, but was finally arrested by someone sent by the family.

The attitude of arresting people was tough, and he didn't care about the young master's struggles. At first glance, the family was determined to bring the people back.

The villagers watched the excitement once again, and when the young master left, Li Shuisheng became a joke again.

When Li Ji heard about this incident, it was Erying's credit.

"You didn't go to the village to see the fourth uncle. What you said is terrible. Why did Li Shuisheng think he had caught the golden turtle son-in-law, but he didn't know that the young master was confused and his family was not confused. After only a few days of being confused, he was arrested. No matter how big people love their children, they won't just give them to the young master. This Qiao'er marriage might be blown up."

"How do you say Qiaoer?" Li Ji was more concerned about this.

"I don't say much, I feel sorry for the girl. She is a rare good girl, but she has a father like that. With this method of Li Shuisheng, Qiao'er's marriage will be really hard to tell in the future." , Erying also sighed. They all belonged to women. Although I like to chew on the root of my tongue when I'm fine, but to be honest, watching Li Qiaoer's life is uncomfortable.

"You are not afraid of not marrying for the rest of your life. If you are afraid, you will be pushed into the fire pit." This is Li Ji's true thoughts.

"I haven't thought about this in the end. It's just that there are little girls who don't marry. If there are girls who don't marry in their twenties or thirties, they are not the girls in the temple, or the fools no one wants. I really can't find a good one, and some parents will find someone to marry their daughter in order not to be pierced." Yingzi's words are truthful.

I heard that a hundred years ago, there was also a law stipulating that if a woman is 15 years old and has not married, the family tax will have to add five people's tax, which may be the entire harvest of the land.

Even when they are eighteen years old, people who have not married yet will come to the yamen forcibly to take them away to marry those who have no daughter-in-law. In short, there can be no daughters who do not marry.

This law was determined when the population was too small when the country was founded, in order to increase the number of newborns. Afterwards, everything was fine, so this rule was removed.

Although it's illegal not to marry a girl, it still sounds bad in the village.

"That's what I said." Li Ji sighed. Li Qiaoer's marriage should have been her parents' thoughts. But now her father is unreliable, and Li Shui's future is at a loss despite Li Shui.

Li Ji was worried about this, and after careful calculation, it was purely nothing to look for. But now that Li Ji has started to intervene in this matter, there must be a head and tail.

"I also hope that Uncle Shui Sheng can converge this time. How can there be such a good thing as a pie in the sky?" Erying sighed.

"I hope." Li Ji knew that this matter was not over yet.

The village went viral for two days. The young master is back again. This time it was a person who came here, looking a little embarrassed. But despite the embarrassment, the clothes he wears are still so valuable.

As soon as I entered the village and went straight to Li Shuisheng's house, he was almost starving, and while eating the multi-grain buns from Li Shuisheng's house, he stuffed his mouth with disgust.

Wait until you are full before you speak clearly.

It turned out that after the young master came home, he remembered the marriage contract he had made with Li Shuisheng and told his family. Of course, the family did not agree, and locked up the young master.

The young master escaped by jumping over the wall. It's all like this, and also solemnly promised Li Shuisheng that he would marry Li Qiao'er.

Li Shuisheng's heart is really mixed. In the past two days, he listened to the rumors in the village for a long time, and he was also wondering whether this young master would never come back. When I came back right now, I was hitting the villagers in the face severely.

But the young master ran away from home because of the marriage, and the young master is someone's baby bump. Going back and scolding and hitting it is still a baby bump, but the family hates Li Qiao'er. Will Li Qiao'er get through the house easily in the future? ?

The young master has no place to live. Li Shuisheng originally wanted to keep the people in his own home, or Li Qiaoer said that if the people were kept, she would go to the neighbor's house and live with the neighbor's girl.

Then the young master was placed in the small yard where he lived before. It is not clear what the young master said. Early the next morning, Li Shuisheng went straight out of the village to Li Ji's house, who lived outside the village.

"Hey? Brother Shuisheng, why are you thinking about it?" Li Ji put down the knife that was cutting forage grass, wiped his hands with a rag and smiled.

With embarrassment on Li Shuisheng's face, he followed Li Ji into the house, waited for Er Gouzi to bring tea, and took a sip for a while before he said, "Isn't this a bit embarrassing? The village will count you and Er Gouzi has the ability, and others who can't do this, that's you."

Li Ji put down the sunflower seeds in his hand: "What? Qiaoer's dowry isn't enough?"

Li Shuisheng shook his head repeatedly: "Of course not, but it's a bit related."

"Talk about it." Li Ji leaned back.

Li Shuisheng sorted out his thoughts and said from the beginning: "The young master, you know, his name is Wang Ansheng, he is the eldest son of a wealthy Wang family in a neighboring county, and the future owner was born with a golden spoon. I have accumulated eight lifetimes. Dede, the girl he gave birth to was scorned by him, and she wants to marry home to be a serious grandmother."

Li Jiwei was stunned: "As the main house?"

Li Shuisheng nodded, with a little more complacency on his face: "The eight-hundred-hundred-hundred-hundred-hundred-hundred-hundred-hundred-hundred-hundred-year-old grandmas, not aunts. From now on, we will be able to call grandma openly.

Li Ji hurriedly said: "Congratulations, brother, you also got what you wanted."

After listening to Li Ji's words, Li Shuisheng thought of his intention, his smile faded a little, and he sighed: "It would be nice if it was so smooth. The young master of the other family is a kind of heart, but where would his family be willing? The more particular he is. People like you, the more you want to be in the right place. We are a small family, where can people look at it?"

Li Ji rolled his eyes: "Then you come to me…"

Li Shuisheng smiled politely: "That's the case. I was not so greedy. I told him that a good wife would not be a good concubine for my family. But the young master said that their family was a businessman and wanted a bite. Bronze mouth and iron teeth, you will honor what you say. To marry you must marry Qiao'er, and the rest is to convince the family. He ran away from home and couldn't go back empty-handed if he wanted to go back, but he went out in a hurry and didn't have anything. I didn't have any money to bring it out. So I wanted to pool a few ounces of money to buy good things and go back. His family sighed and talked about the future things slowly."

Li Ji suddenly realized: "You don't have enough money to take it from me, right."

Li Shuisheng nodded again and again: "I also know that this is difficult for you. But there is no way. The whole village has more money in Xiaoji. I also know that you are eager to buy livestock recently, and you are using a lot of money, so come and borrow money. It's hard for you . But I promise you that when Qiao'er passes the door, I will return the money immediately and give you some more profit, how about?"

After hearing what Li Ji Ansheng said, he frowned and hesitated.

Li Shuisheng said again: "I also know you are embarrassed, but Qiao'er is Er Gouzi's sister. Her lifelong event is related to the happiness of her life. The Wang family has a family property that can't be eaten for several lifetimes. Qiao'er married it. It's better to drink spicy food every day, in front of the young lady, than to nest with us. You say yes."

Li Ji nodded: "Indeed. Er Gouzi is just such a girl. If she wants her to have a good home, Er Gouzi should do some effort. How much money do you want?"

Li Shuisheng stretched out five fingers: "Five taels of silver."

"So much?" Li Ji was astonished. "Is it possible to buy some gifts without filling them with gold? Do you know that ordinary people may not save these silvers for ten years."

Li Shuisheng nodded with difficulty: "Of course I know that it is too much, but I can't look down on it if it is missing. The young master ran away from home, that is a big dishonor. If you don't buy a decent thing and go back, people Where is the family willing to forgive?"

Li Ji also feels reasonable. After struggling a little bit, he gritted his teeth and said: "You haven't helped me less in these years. Don't talk about five taels. I don't want to take the five dollars out of my hand. But brother, you, I will pay the money. But we are First of the villain, then the gentleman. Let's hit the IOU. Once we have written the IOU, let's take one. When you pay back the money, let's tear it up together. Will it work?"

If you don't need to write an IOU, you don't need to pay an IOU. This is five taels of silver. If you don't write an IOU, it's really impossible.

Li Shuisheng nodded again and again: "We are not literate, so let's let the young master write it for us, and we are putting on the fingerprints. In fact, you won't be worse off without me, so you can feel at ease."

Li Shuisheng breathed a sigh of relief, and went back to call the young master over.

Come, the young master, this is how Li Ji saw the young master for the first time. The young master's red lips and white teeth are very delicate, just like what came out of the New Year picture, Li Ji was taken aback for a while, and it took him a while to relax.

He took out his pen and ink, talked to the young master, and asked the young master to write.

The young master wrote halfway through, and thought about it: "There is always a mortgage for borrowing money. I think Dad has to mortgage something for borrowing money, such as houses, daughters-in-law, and girls. If you don't have enough money, you can use this ceiling. ."

Li Shuisheng shook his head repeatedly: "Why is my broken house worth fifty taels of silver? Even worse for my wife and children."

Li Ji thought about it: "Since the rules say that there is a mortgage, let's listen. What you say will not work. If you want me to say it, just work. It's not enough, so come to me to help raise the animals. I count two pennies a month. Five pennies are a few months' wages?"

The young master calculated it, and said, "Twenty-five months."

Li Ji nodded and praised: "It's really worthy of being a businessman. I will wipe a fraction. Twenty-four months will be exactly two years. How do you think this is?"

"Okay! It's enough to pay the bill." After writing the IOU with the tip of the pen, "Just press your fingerprints on both."

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