Li Ji gradually put the separated rabbits one by one in a specially-covered large herd pen, and feed them during the day. They feed them directly from the nearby fodder warehouse, and lock them with a lock at night.

It can't be said to be a guard against the villagers. If the beasts come down from the mountain, there is a lock that they can't get in anyway.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi had a good life for a few days, and met a few borrowers, but they didn't have too much money. I borrowed three to five dollars. I first said that I had borrowed two melons before and what was the problem at home. It will definitely be back in the future.

Li Ji knew that this matter could not be the first. If you borrowed Ergua's money, you won't be able to return it. If you release the debt and collect the debt, they will all deal with it with such clumsy remarks as "Ergua's family pays us back again."

Then there is no end. Three or five "borrow" money, and the whole village comes to borrow money. Li Ji can't stand this even if he runs a bank.

In the end, Li Ji simply put aside his words and borrowed money. He would go to the city to find literate IOUs and write down the IOUs. As long as the time limit is given, he would work hard to pay them, and when will they be approved? When does the money count?

This is what Li Ji just thought of, the face of the person who came to borrow money changed when he said it.

"Don't you just see what you said? It's not an outsider. We are in a village, and I don't have a lot of five dollars. How can I write an IOU?"

Putting on a hat of his own family, it is still moral kidnapping. I don't know how many people fall into this sentence. When I borrowed money, I didn't have any evidence of it. It was useless to refuse to admit that they went to the government to file a complaint. I was in vain.

"Then you can blame my unlucky boy for sharing his life with his own life. I was cheated of five bucks and learned a lesson. You said that I can't trust you for making an IOU, but you don't even make an IOU. I don't know. I thought you were here for not paying back the money." Li Ji finished jokingly and took out a blank piece of paper.

"If you are really in a hurry to spend money, you can take the silver." Li Ji pointed to the corner, "You leave a handprint first, and I will find someone to fill in the note. Don't worry, I won't write more. A penny. My family's money is not brought by the wind, and you don't have to say that to suppress my lonely child, to support an older generation, and it will not be able to reach you in the field of preaching."

After the exit, I finished speaking. I prepared the inkpad and white paper. I pressed the fingerprint and took the money and left. If I refused to press it, the family was not in such a hurry to spend the money, so I just left. Li Ji also saved the trouble.

The face of the person who came to borrow the money is not bleak, and he wants to say a few words more than "one village", but he has already been overwhelmed by generation. Even if it's a preaching between peers, it's almost done. It's a sin for the juniors to say more.

So no matter how unwilling he is, I dare not really press my fingerprints to get money.

Borrowing money with the intention of not repaying it is a black heart and does not intend to repay it. In my mind that black others are black, he was so afraid that Li Ji turned around and asked someone to write a few taels of silver for him to pay. That is really falling into the pit.

The person who came to borrow the money did not speak, Li Ji smiled and pushed the note over: "Isn't it anxious to wait for the money? Don't delay things. I will not cheat you in one of our villages. I will give you money if I press my fingerprints. ."

The borrower just used the words "a village can't harm you" against Li Ji, so the more you listen to Li Ji at this time, the more you feel that Li Ji is unkind.

With a dazed look, he stood up and said, "I just remembered that your life here is not easy for your uncle, isn't it troublesome for you to borrow money? Blame me and blame me, only to remember that the things my daughter-in-law married are still worthwhile. I'll go back and follow me. The daughter-in-law discusses and discusses.

After sending away the borrower, Li Ji sneered and put away the note. As early as when he knew Ergua cheated money, Li Ji had let go, but the matter of the IOU was just remembered.

Because the people in the village are poor, they really can't live anymore and borrow ten or twenty copper plates from others. There is no need to write an IOU. Very few people lend out if there is a lot of money. Those who can borrow are really trustworthy people.

So IOU is a rare word in the village. Speaking of which, I still have to thank the leather goods shopkeeper for reminding me.

"Er Gouzi, you can see clearly what I did just now. In the future, if someone comes to ask you to borrow money when I am away, then you can do it. It's really troublesome to reach out, but it's not just a fool to take advantage of it. Yes. My own money is so tight, no one will want to take advantage of the two of us in the future." Li Ji still did not forget to educate Er Gouzi.

It's just that Li Ji has forgotten that Er Gouzi is not a person who pretends to be a snake at all.

"I just don't borrow it. You said, you can't refuse, I can."

Li Jiza forgot this.

Li Ji squeezed the white paper and shook it: "Look, the money we made early in the morning has become a bun on the ground in the eyes of others. It is cheap and not worthless. If we borrow the money today, the ghost will pay it back. Money. Not only that, more and more people will borrow money in the future. As long as there is one who does not borrow, it is equivalent to completely offending him. Why do you borrow others and not borrow him, you can deal with us behind your back in the future."

Li Ji said that these elements are a little vent, and when he finishes speaking, he can react to it. This sentence has an innocent element.

This is just to complain to Er Gouzi. Who else would you dare to talk to after going out?

"It doesn't matter if you borrow it out. If you don't come back, I can come back." Er Gouzi cleaned up the paper and inkpad. "On the mountain, if you can't beat others, you will be eaten. Here again, if you can't beat me, I will be eaten. obedient."

I was amused by Er Gouzi's domineering and childish remarks. Li Ji also knew that Er Gouzi's words were half-truth and half-truth. At that time, Er Gouzi would really use his fist to retrieve his hard-earned money.

"What if you break someone and want to arrest you and go to jail?" Li Ji asked jokingly, leaning over.

"Then I will go back to the mountain. On the mountain, no one will catch me." This is not empty talk. Er Gouzi has been on the mountain for 13 years. I dare not say anywhere else, at least in the mountains, it is Er Gouzi's world.

"It's still you smart." Li Ji stretched his hand over Er Gouzi, so rare.

After another two days, there were waves in the remote village. In the evening, there was a nuclear caravan in the village. The leader was a young master of seventeen or eighteen. The greasy face looked like a spoiled lord. There are four or two carriages full of goods with the twenty-odd people. Seeing that it was getting late, there was smoke on the side, so I came over and stayed overnight.

There were a few people in the village who couldn't hold back, but they couldn't live too loosely. They were worried about the goods, so they only asked for two yards, one larger and one smaller.

The bigger one is seventeen or eight people together, and no one lives in the house, because the house is really not what it looks like, and I always feel that it will fall if I live in it.

So just set up a tent in the yard, surrounded by a car to protect it.

And that young master is a spoiled one. He sleeps several times on the road. He says he refuses to sleep in a tent, so he wants a comfortable place to sleep well.

The small yard that I wanted was just a few years after it had been empty, and it was still solid. There were small mice in it, and they were all cleaned up diligently by the servants. I cleaned it two or three times inside and out, but those who didn't know thought I was going to live here for a long time.

When the reflective satin was carried out, the setting sun was still shining with golden light, and it was embroidered with gold thread. The young master still disliked that the cushion was not soft enough, so he bought two clean and fresh beds from the village. After the thick cotton quilt came to cushion, this was barely satisfied.

The young master was squeamish, standing in the yard gesticulating the servant. There were a lot of villagers watching the excitement outside the yard, and they didn't dare to point at them, they just whispered to each other.

The younger children are very envious. Because the young master's appearance was too dignified, and the clothes he wore were too glamorous. Compared with his coarse cloth clothes with patches on his body and considered new clothes, I just felt that it might not be necessary for others to wipe their feet.

The villagers ran around and told each other, they all came to see the rare rich people. Obviously, this young master was trained by his parents and can lead the caravan to do business. It must be the future head of the family, the eldest son and grandson who inherited the family business.

Then, when you look at it this way, it has more background.

The village is poor, no outsiders have been here, let alone nobles. Such a small caravan and a well-dressed young master may be the richest person some people have seen in their lifetime.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi were also told. Li Ji took Er Gouzi to see the excitement. When it was a long time, it was already surrounded by three floors and three floors. Some people struggled to squeeze inside, wanting to see what this rare rich man looks like.

Some people watched enough of the excitement and squeezed out from the inside to see Li Ji and Er Gouzi, their faces still full of freshness: "Sister Uncle, you guys should go over and take a look? Oh, you have never seen a face like this. The little white boy has a tenderer face than any other girl in the village. He looks like a little porcelain doll. At first glance, he can eat good food and snacks. None of us can compare to one of them."

"So good-looking?" Li Ji looked at the surroundings as if he was juggling and surrounded the place tightly, only to find it funny. Those who knew this was a glimpse of the rich man's demeanor, but those who didn't know thought it was a monkey show.

"Isn't it? People's clothes are good, reflective, just look at it, you know it must be very comfortable to touch. It's like us, you can't wear clothes without patches a few times in a lifetime." Then I remembered Li Ji's clothes without patches, embarrassing. Smiled, "Of course you don't include Fourth Uncle. You have the skills, Fourth Uncle, you wear good clothes."

"No matter how good the clothes are, isn't it beautiful without the inside?" Li Ji joked, watching so many people around, it must be hard to squeeze in, so I don't have to go over and watch it, just stand here for a while, who is passing by Let's talk about a sentence or two.

At this time there is more pink in the country filter. Li Ji blinked his eyes to see clearly that it was Li Shuisheng who was pulling Li Qiao'er over.

Li Qiaoer was wearing a set of pink clothes. Although it was just ordinary fabric, it was brand new. Some girls can wear brand new clothes when they get married for the rest of their lives. They are really poor and may not be able to wear them for the rest of their lives. Li Qiao'er looks pretty good, but she makes people shine. Rouge paper is also used on the lips, which is tender and dripping, with a touch of grace and touch.

"Father, wait a little longer." Li Qiao'er gasped to persuade Li Shuisheng.

Li Shuisheng's eyes were red, looking at the congested crowd, he couldn't wait to get in the middle and grab the golden tortoise his son-in-law sent by God.

If Li Shuisheng thought that God had arranged the destination for his daughter and waited for him to teach her daughter, now he feels that God is merciful and paving the way for him. Directly sent a rich young master suitable for marriage!

Opportunities are all here, where is the reason to let them fly away? After getting dressed up with the Shuisheng daughter-in-law, Li Qiaoer pulled over.

Li Shuisheng had prepared so much before, and this sent a ready-made rich young master, regardless of whether the other party has a marriage contract, as long as he is attracted to him now, it is worth marrying and being a concubine!

Li Qiao'er raised her eyes and looked at Li Ji for help. Li Ji gave her a relaxed look, and then asked Li Shuisheng with a strange expression: "Brother, what are you in a hurry? Look at the young master? I am anxious, they will stay overnight and leave early tomorrow."

Li Shuisheng had a calculation in his heart, and at this time he didn't have the face to talk about the bright face. He pulled Li Qiao'er and nodded perfunctorily to Li Ji, then walked in and started to squeeze the crowd away. Li Qiao'er was pulled several times. His wrists were almost purple, and his aching eyes were stained with mist, which was a bit more tragic.

Li Shuisheng was the elder in the village. No one dared to face him when he saw him. They all stepped back and let Li Shuisheng in.

After so much effort, Bara finally squeezed to the front.

Li Shuisheng raised his eyes and glanced, his eyes were almost straight.

The little young master had a golden crown embedded with a big orb, and his hair was combed like ink. The brocade clothes on his body were covered in layers, transparent like thin insect wings, and thick water-like silk.

A pair of shoes underneath each had half a pearl sewn into it, spotlessly clean and reflective of light.

The young master seemed to enjoy everyone's scrutiny, with his chin lifted up and arrogant, he drew a folding fan from his waist and slapped it. The fan embroidered with gold silk dazzled people in the setting sun, so noble.

With just one look, Li Shuisheng recognized the son-in-law. He has lived for most of his life. Maybe the good things he's seen in this life are not as valuable as the little young master. If he becomes his own son-in-law, he will also get him such a outfit.

What Li Ji, what Er Gouzi. You don't need to put it in your eyes, even when you get to the county, that's also a rich and rich man.

The more he thought about it, the more anxious he became. Li Shuisheng stretched out his hand to poke Li Qiao'er beside him, and asked her to quickly attract the young master. As long as he hooked up, the whole family could follow him to heaven.

The more I thought about it, the more I pushed Li Qiao'er eagerly.

"How did my family teach you? Hurry up and wink!" Li Shuisheng was really anxious, but don't miss such a good opportunity!

Li Qiao'er just recovered from seeing the young master, she was shocked by Li Shuisheng several times, biting her lip and couldn't help but feel aggrieved.

I just got angry with Li Ji, so I shouldn't be afraid of anything. But it's not one thing to be afraid. If Li Qiao'er is really going to hook up with a boy who is one or two years younger than himself, there is a hurdle in my heart.

So no matter how Li Shuisheng urged, Li Qiaoer stood there like a stone. Moisture gathered in a pair of eyes, and the tears were pitiful.

The young master's eyes were swept over, his eyebrows were slightly furrowed, and he walked over with a fan, with a pretentious smile on the corners of his lips, and the greenishness on his face.

"Why is a good girl crying? Although Jiaohuaranlu is the most delicate, but Bai provokes a beauty to weep, but it also disappoints."

The words of the young master were beautiful, but Li Qiao'er didn't understand it well. She was originally a girl from the village. She counted the number of times she left the village with one hand, not to mention the words, where she knew the romantic sentences of the young master.

"You mean I am a flower?" Li Qiao'er asked carefully.

The young master closed the fan, his face was full of interest: "Interesting and interesting, I saw such a funny girl for the first time. You are much more interesting than the two concubines my mother gave me. Come over and talk to the young master. Sentence."

Li Shuisheng trembled with excitement and almost laughed. There are also a few girls around here. The young master swept around and saw Li Qiao'er alone. If this is not fate, what is it? This is a good marriage from God.

Li Qiao'er flushed with shame, was pushed twice by Li Shuisheng, and walked in half-pushing.

The young master is so good-looking, Li Qiao'er has never seen such a good-looking person. The young master's skin looked like a doll, and the doll was dark after two days of exposure, and the young master was white and beautiful. And the young master's facial features are extremely exquisite, as if walking out of the poster, like a golden boy.

There is no girl who is not pregnant, such a delicate man stands opposite, saying that not having a deer in his heart is a lie. Li Shuisheng pushed hard from behind again. She walked along the wall to the door and squeezed in from the door. Li Shuisheng wanted to go in with him, but was afraid to disturb the relationship between the two. Just stand at the door, looking at them expectantly.

Li Qiao'er looks top-notch in the village, but there is nowhere to stand with the young master. His face was shy and timid, and he dared not raise his eyes to look at the young master.

The young master was not afraid of life at all, and asked directly: "You are from this village?"

Li Qiao'er nodded: "Yes."

"What did you cry just now?" Young Master asked.

"I didn't cry." Li Qiaoer denied.

"When I said you cried, you cried. Say, why are you crying?"

Li Qiao'er looked back at Li Shuisheng in embarrassment, but didn't pay attention for a while, and the truth slipped out: "Daddy is in a hurry to let me talk, I can't say it."

The young master raised his eyebrows: "What do you want to say?"

Li Qiaoer came back to her senses, wishing to slap herself, and hurriedly said: "Father thinks you have a good-looking life, and I am embarrassed to speak."

The young master laughed: "Why don't you say that you are interesting, it is really interesting."

Li Qiao'er was consciously confused. Is it interesting to tell a lie?

Li Ji could hear a little bit from a distance outside, nodded gently, and took Er Gouzi back.

This matter was half, and Li Ji did not participate in the rest of the matter, and Li Shuisheng must not let Li Shuisheng think of him. Li Ji helped Li Qiaoer to help her, and the price of ten skins was also paid, but the premise of all this was that Li Shuisheng did not know Li Ji.

If Li Shuisheng knew that Li Ji was so deliberately calculating him, he would be so capable of calculating Li Shuisheng, and Li Ji would not be better in the village in the future.

Therefore, Li Ji must stay out of the matter and leave it to the leather goods store manager to make arrangements. Of course, Li Ji knows all the arrangements, and knows all the routines and methods.

Li Ji took Er Gouzi home, first gave the newly born female rabbit a handful of fresh grass, and then went to see which trough was empty and added it.

Songsong and Taotao once went into the village and were stoned by bear kids, so they never went to the village anymore. At most they went to play in the forest. Sometimes they went to the forest for a night and stayed in the house during the day. Sleep, wake up and play with Li Ji and Er Gouzi for a while. After dark, he left again.

The little tail has become thinner recently, which may be due to the fact that he grew up and his appetite has not been small, but he has become stronger.

After feeding the two animals, they opened the cooking pot and set the table for dinner. Because I went to see the excitement for a while, it was dark when I finished eating. Li Ji lit three oil lamps. Although the room was not brightly lit, most of the places could be seen clearly.

Picked up the bowl and made the bed. As Li Ji unbuttoned his clothes, he still gloated a little while saying: "This time is definitely enough for Li Shuisheng to drink a pot. If he can wake up and stop, then it will be fine. But if he pushes Li Qiao'er into the fire pit with all his heart, Then wait to get a gray nose."

Er Gouzi knew Li Qiao'er and was also called sister Li Qiao'er. But speaking deeply, for Er Gouzi, it was at most a familiar one among the strangers in the village, and it didn't make much difference. In his eyes, Li Ji is important.

"We don't need to do anything in the future?" Er Gouzi asked.

Li Ji nodded and shook his head: "It's not doing nothing. Wait, we will borrow him fifty taels of silver in seven or eight days."

Er Gouzi is not clear, so: "Didn't you say you don't want to borrow money?"

"Let's make an exception for him, just this time." The bad boy Li Ji stripped off his clothes and sat there with a grin. "This money is not for nothing. Don't worry, we can't lose it no matter what. It will affect Li Qiao'er's reputation a little bit, but it won't affect Li Qiao'er's future marriage. This pot is something that Li Shuisheng has on his own."

Li Ji has a lot of bad eyes, but look at his age, as long as there are not too many bad ideas, he won't be a young man in vain.

If you don't see it, you can reach out to help, and Li Ji will do what you want to do.

I used to have no money and forced myself to mature to face anything. Now that he has money, Li Ji wants to make up for the willfulness that was missing in his childhood to the utmost extent.

Just be a bear kid.

Theoretically speaking, it is the right of others to arrange the marriage of their children when they are fathers. But Li Ji couldn't see it, so he made some calculations.

The calculations are happy, Li Ji can't say that the road sees unevenness, anyway, he has a clear conscience.

Go into details. There were really bad results, and that was the reason Li Shuisheng planted it himself, so he naturally wanted to eat the fruit himself. 

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