The new cattle pen next to the new warehouse not far from the house is about to be finished. The roof is still made of straw, but it is more delicate than the warehouse. There are more places inside, which are used to raise all kinds of livestock and divide them into pens.

The female rabbit with the cub must be separated, and it must be in a quiet and not easily disturbed place to prevent her from being frightened and eating the cub.

There is no need to worry about chickens. There are very few xenophobics. Just eat it when you encounter a thorn. There is no problem with the remaining piles together. Pigs are also suitable for group living, but in order to prevent a certain pig from eating more feed and causing others to grow slowly, so they are raised separately when they grow to more than 100 catties, and fed with similar feed to grow up together.

Both cows have grown up, and cows are very gentle animals and do not need to be separated. Four sheep do not need to be separated.

The big cattle pen is bigger, and the rest is to wait for more animals to breed. If you raise more, you will have more money.

Li Ji is not just greedy, he thought, if he really raises so many animals in the future, the two of them will definitely be too busy. At that time, you can let your nephews and relatives come and help you in an upright manner.

Let them help, but also help them.

Li Ji can also save more money. When I really get older and can't do anything, I'll go to sell a house in the city and go out to buy food, clothing, shelter and transportation. As long as you have enough money, you can eat out in a hurry.

In the morning, buy a few hot meat buns, go to a restaurant for a good meal at noon, and a few bowls of beef noodles in the evening. One hundred cents a day is enough, and twenty cents less is enough. This kind of life is a luxury for ordinary people, but for two people, this kind of life is easily available.

As long as they have enough money, they can live like this for decades.

Li Ji closed the door and counted the money he has saved. Recently, the cost of buying livestock, building warehouses and building sheds is not small, and now he counts it up with odds and ends. There are still thirty-two twenty-seven dollars left, absolutely. It's a wealthy family, and in this barren village, he is the richest man.

This is rare in the entire county, but this county is also a barren county.

Li Ji used to have no chance to go out in this small mountain village. In the past two years, I have been to the city several times because of Er Gouzi. Not to mention many, at least in this village, it can be regarded as a high-level vision.

But Li Ji's knowledge is still superficial. He doesn't know how high the sky is and how far the earth is. Sometimes Li Ji thinks about what the outside world will be like? This county where you can buy everything is a poor place. Where is the really rich place? What does it look like?

Can everyone eat? Is there no human trading? No one sells their wives and sons because of poverty, nor does anyone give up their dignity to do those sad things because of poverty?

But no matter how much Li Ji thinks, no matter how active his mind is, at least for now, he can't do without here. Here is the root of it. He and Er Gouzi have a good day.

The newborn rabbits can be weaned. Separate the little rabbit and the female rabbit with a few branches. They are still in a cage, and they can be seen through the gaps, but they can't be close together, and they can't eat milk.

For the first two days, the mother and daughter of the rabbits were not used to it, and they were all biting the branches. After changing a few batches of branches, they became accustomed to this separation. After another ten days, it doesn't matter where the little rabbit is sent, and then arrange a target for the mother rabbit to give birth to the cub.

Rabbits are rare here, but they are really raised once a month. The terrifying reproduction speed creates an absolutely considerable profit. It's even a huge profit.

It is precisely because of this that Li Ji covered the rabbit to death. Some people actually come to the house to have a baby, saying that it is for the children of the family to play, and they have to be one to one male and one female. But Li Ji is so smart, he can push, he can't hide, and he can't hide.

Relief is okay, but if you give the cash cow to someone else, then Li Ji can't do it.

After the livestock barn is finished, there will be nothing to do with sugar, so those who come to work should have a good meal. Sufficient salary and fast completion.

In the last meal Li Ji had no pigs to kill, he killed six rabbits and invited the whole family to eat.

The place to eat was in the courtyard of Li Ji's hometown. The new home, Li Ji, is more resistant to outsiders. The main reason is that there are too many good things. I am afraid that people will be dazzling and there is no free space in the yard. People are walking around either planting things or stacking fodder to be fed to the animals. Without delay, it will be difficult to put the table for dinner.

Li Qiao'er was finally released by Li Shuisheng to help. Seeing Li Ji was full of gratitude.

Li Qiaoer, who had been eating their food, finally had time to relax, just in time to see Li Ji coming.

Li Qiaoer almost cried: "Fourth Uncle, that is, you can call me out, my father…he…"

Li Qiaoer wanted to say that Li Shuisheng was crazy, but this was not what his daughter said about his father, but Li Qiaoer was really going crazy.

Originally, her reputation was restored, which was a great happy event. She was finally able to discuss marriage like an ordinary girl, so she could find a safe family.

But Li Qiao'er's reputation has improved, and Li Shuisheng's heart has grown! Nowadays, even Er Gouzi can't look down on it. I have to find someone with better conditions than Er Gouzi!

"I know everything, otherwise I won't go to your father to ask you to come and help. Your father… I won't say more, it's just a ghost. Maybe it will be fine after a few days. I'm afraid he will be unconscious. I gave you permission when I came!"

"I'm afraid too! I mean, I've heard it from my father's mouth. I have to find me someone with better conditions than Ergou. It must be said that God can make me miss Ergou, for sure. He prepared a good man for me. He even said that I should learn from Zhao Feicui. They made the official aunt, so can I. Even the official aunt is better than the yellow-faced woman in the ravine. Listen to what this is saying! The family is not too poor, so what concubine I want to do!"

And even if it is a concubine, it is not necessary. So where is Zhao Ruyue (Zhao Feicui) a concubine? It's just a maid. The belly is more angry and has a handle, and the master is kind and promoted as a cheap concubine, which is also a bit shorter than the ordinary concubine's room. If you meet a jealous mistress, with a child in your belly, you can find a way to get rid of it.

If this is the case, the best result is to be able to give birth to a child and be a nanny when there is still milk. It's just that the nanny usually hired by the big families are all the blessed women who go to look after the decent people. And it's just for employment. No contract is signed. The nurse is also a mother. Those who are lucky enough to feed the young master will receive a generous reward after weaning. After returning home, he is still a farmer, not a slave.

If you sell yourself directly to someone's family at this time, and you have the name of a lactating mother, it will also be higher than the other servants. If the master who has milked becomes the master of the family in the future, then the lactating mother is half the master, and the future mistress must respect three. The concubine room is vying to win. It can be said to be a very important color correction.

If it was said that the maidservant from the house was driven out by the mistress, who would look for such a woman as a nanny when she had a child? That's because children are afraid to seduce their father when they are young, and when they grow up they are afraid to seduce them.

Regardless of whether the maid is willing to be with the master, as long as she has been with the master and is sent out, it is the Hu Meizi who seduce the master.

Of course, this is a long way off, now Li Qiao'er can't touch it, and Zhao Ruyue may not be able to touch it either. But if Li Shuisheng continues to do this, Li Qiaoer might become like this one day.

"Fuzzy! How can a good girl be someone's wife? Don't look at it. How many of those good people have concubines? Those who are killed are all better-paid minions! Don't worry, two The dog is your brother, so I won't watch your father get confused and ruin you."

Li Ji frowned, his thoughts turned sharply: "It's not that there is nothing to say, it's just…"

"Just what?" Li Qiao'er asked hurriedly, "Don't worry, as long as I can cut off my dad's thoughts. So I would rather stay at home for the rest of my life, even if I don't marry and stay at home for a lifetime, it's better than tossing and tossing. of."

She was a girl who was pregnant with spring, and she had an illusion about the future husband, but this illusion was shattered by Li Shuisheng's greed. If Li Qiaoer was asked to pour cold water on Li Qiaoer when she married the widower, now it would completely wipe out her thoughts of marrying.

Li Ji was also sad to hear these words: "You don't know me yet? I'm a terrible person, what crooked idea can't you think of? Go back and live your life with peace of mind, and wait for me to think of a good way to help you out. ."

These words made Li Qiao'er laugh with tears: "Look at what you said, my uncle, how can you say that you are so bad? You are clearly a living Buddha who saves suffering. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't dare to go out yet. You are also in the village. The most enlightened person at the beginning was rumored that no one wanted me. I asked someone to complain about my grievances, but I was taught a lot and said that my girl's house should not go to a man's house. You said, we are not a lady, where is it? It's my fault to go out and wait for others to get gossips, so I'm still alive."

After speaking, Li Qiao'er's smile faded again: "It is the blessing that Qiao'er has cultivated in his previous life to meet the fourth uncle on the left and right. Just this kindness will not be repaid in this life."

"That's just polite, you call me uncle, it's my niece, reach out and help out there? Take a ten thousand steps away, we are my own family, I don't want people in other villages to think that our old Li family belongs to me. Aunt and grandmother are both good-looking and low-handed. I still have nieces and nieces who are not married, so I can't let your father be ruined for a while." Li Ji said two more reassuring words, and asked Li Qiao'er to continue to help.

There was a thought in Li Ji's heart. Two days ago, I thought about letting Li Qiao'er pretend to be crazy and hide. But this is too bad for Li Qiao'er's reputation. If he can't get it right, Li Qiao'er will really not be able to marry in the future.

You can't start from Li Qiao'er, and Li Shuisheng is a lard. The best way is to completely cut off Li Shuisheng's thoughts, or give him a stick.

Didn't he want a golden turtle son-in-law? Just find one for him. The streets in the city are full of people. Just find someone who looks good and buys a good skin, and that is a ready-made golden turtle son-in-law.

It can be reasonable. Although Li Shuisheng has been stunned recently, he is shrewd, and Li Shuisheng can't be deceived by ordinary tricks. It's like saying before that Li Qiao'er looks like Li Yan, so I asked her to come and help. The village believes it. Li Shuisheng doesn't believe it. After living for so many years and knowing so much, Li Ji wants to play tricks with him. It really has to be weighed.

So this is where Li Ji is embarrassed. How can I fool Li Shuisheng and make him suffer?

Li Ji may not be able to beat Li Shuisheng, but Li Ji can find a helper who can beat him to think about it.

Suddenly, the treasurer of the leather goods store flashed in Li Ji's head.

That person is definitely a good individual, and he is good at calculating, and has seen the world. I must know how to play the role of a rich boy, at least it's okay to fool Li Shuisheng, who has never seen the world.

When the last table was finished, Li Qiao'er was sent away. Li Ji discussed with Er Gouzi at night. Er Gouzi was not worried that Li Ji went up the mountain alone, but Li Ji went to the city so many times, and it was not bad this time.

Hesitated and nodded again and again, like Li Ji agreed to Er Gouzi going up the mountain to hunt.

"That Li Shuisheng is a genius. If he can't lie to him, but he hasn't seen a good man, and we have never seen it. If one is pulled and punctured, we can't put down our face. It's better to be safe. Don't worry, I'm too familiar with that road. It's okay."

The next morning, I set up the ox cart, and Li Ji sat on the mat. This mat was still cushioned by the restaurant in the city last time. It is very comfortable to sit on. Even if the road is more bumpy, I won't be able to sit down. Comfortable, better than the cushion Li Ji bought before.

There are ten rabbit skins in the car, and of course there are more than that at home. These rabbit skins are not for sale, they are used to buy through the treasurer of the leather goods store.

These leathers are worth three or four taels of silver, in exchange for Li Qiao'er not to be ruined by her father, this is a better deal.

When he arrived at the leather goods store, the guy at the door saw Li Jida calling from far away, and knew that it was the God of Wealth.

In the past, every time Li Ji came, the guys in the store would get some rewards for him to drink and eat meat, so it was not only the rare Li Ji who was the shopkeeper, but the guys too.

"It hasn't been long since I came back last time. Today, I thought about taking care of the small business? Or you are a living Bodhisattva, and you always want to take care of our meal." The man graciously helped Li Ji get out of the ox cart. And also led the cow to the shed on the side to feed some grass.

The man who opened the door and entered the room called the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper seemed to have just woke up, came out lazily from the inner room, and yawned.

When I saw Li Ji, he was taken aback, and he immediately became energetic.

Stepped forward and said something apologetic: "I'm really sorry for being rude, I drank two more sips of horse urine yesterday, and I fell asleep a bit today, don't you wonder. It's been a few days since I came back, what did you get? Good skin?"

Pulled Li Ji to sit down, and ordered his buddies to bring good tea and snacks.

Li Ji opened the package, and there were only ten rabbit skins inside.

The shopkeeper thought he looked bad, and looked carefully, there were ten ordinary rabbit skins, no precious skins.

Turning his eyes, "Is this really short of money?"

Li Ji shook his head: "I won't change the silver today, this is for you for nothing."

The shopkeeper is not in vain, the eyelashes are all empty when they are plucked, and they have many eyes. She didn't rush to put it away, and she didn't even put her eyes on the leather anymore.

"Then what is your use?" the shopkeeper asked.

Li Ji nodded: "You are the shopkeeper, so I won't go around with you. To be honest. This leather wants you to help prepare for the show."

The shopkeeper raised an eyebrow: "Let's talk about it."

"I have a niece, who was good at first, but I just met a high-hearted dad. I didn't think she had the life of climbing dragons and phoenixes. I wanted her to learn from the best daughters in the city, and later marry a good man in the city, even if she is an official. It's also good to be a concubine at home. The shopkeeper, you are from the city. Does it make sense for you to come and listen?"

The shopkeeper didn't dare to say too much, thinking about it: "There are many rules in the door of the house, and the wild girl in the village is really not suitable."

"That's what I'm talking about. I'm a nosy, and if I have this condition, it's okay to reach out and help. But my brother is a clever master, and most people can't fool me, so I want to let you help and treat it well. He. You are from the city, and you know what it is like to be a young master. You find a portrait for him, dig a hole for him to jump. This golden turtle is not hanging, and he will naturally be honest in the future." Li Jijiang Pi Zi pushed over.

Speaking thoroughly, this leather shopkeeper can take it with ease.

Touching the leather with his hand, the shopkeeper's heart has already begun to calculate. This is very easy to sell. Ten skins are gained for nothing, and Li Ji's favor can be obtained. It is simply a worthless business and pure profit.

Li Ji said, "Think about it, what decent way is there to tell me. But let's say it, no matter what the idea is, it can't ruin the reputation of other girls, it's best not to involve me, don't let others. I think it's my calculation."

At this time, the shopkeeper had already typed a draft in his heart, and said with a smile: "This skin, I will count you five dollars, and give you five taels of silver."

Li Ji thought he would not do it, and just about to talk about it, the shopkeeper reached out and stopped: "Listen to me and finish."

Li Ji came out of the leather goods store with a smile. He carried the five taels of silver from the shopkeeper in his pocket. He sent it down from the bottom of his heart. He drove the bullock cart to buy some snacks and went back to eat with Er Gouzi.

No one knows what Li Ji had calculated with the leather goods shopkeeper. As usual, Li Ji went to a noodle shop and ate a bowl of beef noodles, and then took a half-carriage of good things home.

Li Qiao'er recently heard what Li Ji said and knew that Li Ji was capable, so she relaxed and stopped struggling with those things.

If Li Ji really solves the matter, Li Qiaoer naturally doesn't have to worry about it. If this matter can't even be solved by Li Ji, then no one can solve it. Li Qiaoer has no reason to be embarrassed by the present.

Li Shuisheng asked her to practice walking with her waist twisted, and she would walk with her waist twisted, and she would do the same when asked her to shake her kerchief. How many times does Li Shuisheng go to the city, where can he see the real ladies? And even if the ladies go out, they are in the street of the powder shop ready-to-wear shop. Where has Li Shuisheng been?

And Li Qiao'er did not have that family background, so after a long time, Li Shuisheng's mind gradually became crooked. I heard that Liuxiang often buys fireworks! Some young girls go to the Goulan, and they are raised just like the girls when they are young. When they grow up, they will be like the girls of good people. There are many outrageous guys who can't touch their daughters, and they can save a few years of silver. Going to be the bridegroom in the building for a whole night, I was willing to bankrupt my family for this.

And it's not uncommon to hear that big families accept fireworks as women's concubine rooms, which means that although prostitutes and women are lowly, it's right to learn something from them.

Li Qiao'er can't learn from the beautiful girl who can't get out of the door, but can always learn from the charming and moving girl of fireworks.

Some men are fascinated by the firework women, but they are afraid that the firework women will not be clean.

Li Qiaoer has a clean life, if she learns to be charming and moving. Which family's son was fascinated by Sister Yao's mind, and sent Li Qiao'er over to bear it, and the masters of those rich people would definitely be willing.

The more I think about Li Shuisheng, the more I feel that he is right. If the girl can be a concubine at the official's house and have a son and a half, Li Shuisheng will always have her chest straight in the village.

So how proud is Zhao Ruyue every time he enters the village? It's just a grandma and aunt who gave it up. She was just a maid who was swayed by the master all night, and she didn't even have a title.

If Li Qiao'er can be a serious aunt, it is best to be the wife of the family in the future. Not only Li Shuisheng, but also the older brothers and sisters of Li Qiao'er who have become a family can be touched. At that time, Li Shuisheng himself felt that it was to win honor to the old Li family, and he would die without regret.

The more you think about it, the more crazy you become, and there is only one way left in front of you. I didn't even think about how Li Qiaoer would meet the rich man, and how could the rich man like a woman who came out of the village with a dusty atmosphere.

It seems that God has given me a way to give directions. As long as Li Shuisheng tunes and teaches Li Qiao'er, there will only be a bright prospect left, just waiting for him to step on the gilded road and then ascend to heaven alone.

The girl belongs to him, and it is not easy for others to intervene. The aquatic daughter-in-law is soft and dare not speak. In this way, Li Shuisheng's ridiculous thoughts took root in his heart, and he wished Li Qiao'er would get acquainted quickly and quickly hook up a rich man back.

Li Ji deliberately went to Li Shuisheng's house twice, and saw with his own eyes how Li Shuisheng taught Li Qiao'er, what made Li Qiao'er's eyes squint a little bit more charming, and the walking crotch was twisted a little bit bigger. Li Ji just glanced at it, feeling in his heart that if Li Qiaoer really did this in the future, let alone the rich son, the widower would not need her.

No matter what kind of family, marrying a wife always pays attention to Yishi IKEA. This is not to pick other people's daughters, but simply not to provoke Hu Meizi to enter the house and disturb the house.

Everyone has the love of beauty, but everything has a degree. It's as if the family of generous men and women like it, but if the prodigal son is spending money like the earth, the girl in the family will find a pauper and will not marry such a person. This is a truth.

How could Li Shuisheng, who had given birth to several children, forgot such a simple truth? 

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