Li Ji was taken aback when he heard it. He never thought that Li Shuisheng's heart could be so big.

Li Qiao'er is handsome, but it's a joke to marry a big family in the city. Even if the village leader marries a wife, it depends on the conditions of the other party's family. The richer the family, the more important they are.

Unless it's crooked melons and cracked dates who really can't find the same conditions, I will find a good ordinary or even poor people.

Taking 10,000 steps back, even if someone's man is not sick and has no disaster, a well-looking rich person really marries an ordinary girl in the village, can she be treated as a human being? Ordinary people who marry in the past can still come to judge if a girl is wronged. If you marry a rich person, you will be beaten to death without reason. If you come to the house to make trouble, you may find a relationship and send you to jail.

"Is that the son-in-law in my heart?" Li Ji asked.

The aquatic daughter-in-law shook her head: "He is a mud-legged man. How many good people can he know? I have to learn how to dance and show off. I thought that I would like to go to the city for two laps. You said that except for yes. I'm dying and give people a rinse, or if a fool doesn't understand, which young master is willing to find a wife from the village? I may not be happy to be a young wife. No matter how I persuade, it doesn't work, but I have a woman's hair. Long-sighted but short-sighted. You give a comment to Xiao Ji, what is he?"

Li Shuisheng has a big heart, and always feels that the difficult situation before has let Li Qiaoer pass. Is that because he has been blessed by God? There must be a better way out in the future. Now the boys in ten miles and eight villages can't look down on it anymore. The girl flew up to the branch as a phoenix.

"It's not unreasonable to say that it is high to marry and low to marry. It is not easy for Li Qiao'er now. Now Li Qiao'er is so old, how can I get delayed if he doesn't get married." Li Qiao'er and Li Ji got close, even though they were both. People are short of generations, but Li Ji takes Li Qiao'er as his sister.

I tried my best to save Li Qiao'er's reputation, and gave Li Qiao'er a chance to be a safe partner. Li Shuisheng could not be ruined by this calculation.

"That's the truth, but let's say he has to listen! You said it doesn't matter if he hits a wall, I feel sorry for my daughter. Originally, my daughter was a fate. She was aggrieved by gossip before, but now I find someone who is quite wronged. He used to marry and live a good life. But he didn't do it. It doesn't mean that if he had a girl who could marry a wealthy family, his life would not have been in vain. I think he was so old and lived in vain, so there is no such thing as a girl's life. Go to fulfill his wish!"

The aquatic daughter-in-law can say so much, it means she is helpless. If Li Shuisheng really wanted to marry Li Qiaoer up high, she would be speechless.

This is how the husband and wife have come all their lives. There is always one who has to take a step back to live on, but in this world, women tend to regress more than men.

"Yes, when I look back, I will persuade him to go. Li Qiao'er is Er Gouzi's goddamn girl, she can say a few words, Li Qiao'er is a good girl, and she is a good girl in and out of the house. If you find an ordinary person, Qujin house that is several lifetimes to repair a blessing, why people join in the door ran high that fun, they do not lack wife, can become treasure of a few people?"

Li Ji thought about the countermeasures in his heart, and exchanged a few words with Shuisheng's wife and went back.

Li Ji was thinking about this all the way. He went home and put the washed clothes on the clothes rail. Er Gouzi was not in the house. He should have gone up the mountain to mow the grass. Li Ji went to the cattle pen. I looked at the animals, and when I went in, I saw the boar riding on the sow.

Li Ji's first reaction is that this action is not comfortable face to face. Then Li Ji couldn't look at the two animals directly.

Blushing out of the stables, Li Ji carried the basket on his back and went up the mountain to mow the grass.

As soon as he went up the mountain, he saw Er Gouzi carrying a basketful of grass down the mountain. When he met face to face, he stopped to say a few words.

"Is the clothes finished?" Er Gouzi asked.

"Hmm. Is the meal done?" Li Ji asked.

"Done. By the way, I ran into this on the mountain." Er Gouzi took off the basket and found a snake with a crushed head from it. The snake's body was soft and dead.

Li Ji has never seen a snake, but he has heard of it, so he can recognize it at a glance: "Snake! You haven't been bitten!"

Some snakes are poisonous and will die if they are bitten.

"No." Er Gouzi looked back at Li Ji and saw that he was scared, put the snake back, and said, "The meat is very fragrant, and it is delicious when roasted. I don't know how it tastes when stewed."

Er Gouzi has eaten all kinds of meat on the mountain, and he said that it must be delicious. I don't see the snake anymore. After hearing Er Gouzi say it's delicious, Li Ji's gluttonous worms are also hooked: "Then just roast and eat. We've been eating stewed ones, and I've never eaten roasted ones. How can you cook them? Some of the seasonings in our house are grilled with salt and spicy pepper. The taste should be good. Then I will cut the grass, you go back first."

Li Ji moved his fluttering basket, filling him with a little more effort.

"Yes." Er Gouzi nodded, and the two passed one up the mountain and the other down the mountain.

For a while, Li Ji's mind was about Li Shuisheng's horrible thing, and for a while, it was the pig on his face, and there was a complexion on his face. When he raised his head, he didn't recognize the road, and fell into a cold sweat and lost his way again.

Li Ji just wants to slap himself a few times, knowing that he doesn't know the way up the mountain, why not follow Er Gouzi? Even if they are not together, what is always in your mind? Last time I was lost for a day and overnight without a long lesson, right?

But even if Li Ji beats himself into a pig's head now, it's useless, what he has to do is to find his way back as soon as possible.

Don't make Er Gouzi impatient.

Li Ji turned around and walked back, trying to find the traces he had when he walked over. The cut grass, the broken branches, the footprints that were stepped on, just walked back slowly, looking for the traces, Li Ji finally breathed a sigh of relief as he looked at the more and more familiar surroundings.

At this time, I heard a sound from the bushes. Li Ji thought of the snake Er Gouzi brought when he went down the mountain for no reason. There were snakes in this forest. If he encountered a bite, his life would be over.

If he just died on the mountain, what would the Er Gouzi do?

The more I thought about it, the more I became flustered, speeding up my movements for fear of slowing down and being bitten by something.

Damn next time, he won't go up the mountain alone. He is not an Er Gouzi. He is a blind man with his eyes open when he goes up the mountain. I don't know the southeast and northwest.

As a result, the sound inside the bushes became louder and louder, and from far to near, Li Ji's legs were frightened. After two steps, he heard something jump out behind him. Li Ji shouted and fell backward. For a moment when the hand was on the face, I really thought that this was the end of my life.

After hearing a few milky whimpers, Li Ji was taken aback, put down his sleeves and took a look. It was the wolf he knew with a furry little wolf cub in his mouth. The wolf looked in a great mood and seemed to be laughing, his tail wagging like a little tail, and there was a cheerful feeling all over his body.

Li Ji was relieved immediately, this wolf is familiar to him, and when he encounters it, he is safe.

Li Ji walked over and looked at the little wolf cub. It should be the wolf cub. Why did it bring the cub over?

The wolf put the cub on the ground, pushed the cub in the direction of Li Ji with his nose, then raised his head and stretched his tongue to smile at Li Ji.

For a moment, Li Ji could feel the emotion of the wolf. It seemed to say: "Look, I have a cub!"

Li Ji didn't dare to touch it, for fear that he might have touched the cub wolf desperately. But looking at the performance of the wolf, it seems to be showing him the cub.

Li Ji tried to touch the little wolf with his hands, and the wolf still looked very cheerful.

Li Ji boldly hugged the little wolf in his arms. Little Milk Wolf couldn't even stand, was held in Li Ji's arms and moved twice, and then found a comfortable posture and stopped moving.

Li Jixin was turned away, and he carefully touched the soft little guy with his hand, and then reached out to touch the wolf's head.

"Being a father? Congratulations." The beast on the mountain protects the cub, and can specifically show it to him, that is, he really treats him as his own.

The wolf stretched his tongue and licked his cheek with excitement on his face.

At this time there was another voice in the bush. Li Ji looked over, and soon came out another wolf from the bushes. When he rushed out, he could feel its anger from afar, and rushed towards the wolf beside Li Ji, raising his paws and grabbing them. A violent beating with a bite.

The wolf that Li Ji knew didn't fight back very much, and lay his two front paws on the ground, groaning aggrievedly. The new wolf abused him for a while before he set his sights on Li Ji with a fierce face.

Li Ji seemed to have guessed something. He carefully put the little wolf on the ground and backed up two steps. The new wolf looked at Li Ji with a vigilant face, and slowly walked forward. When he lowered his head, he still stared at Li Ji and stretched out. The tongue licked the little wolf, and the little wolf called out, then the wolf picked up the little wolf and stepped back two steps, there was still a warning whine in his throat.

Li Ji tried his best to make himself look harmless. The new wolf took a lot of steps back, making sure that Li Ji would not run over in a short time. Then he placed the little wolf carefully on the ground and stretched out his tongue to lick and comfort.

The wolf Li Ji knew lowered his body and approached the new wolf, exuding a cautious atmosphere of ingratiation all over his body. He stretched out his tongue to lick the new wolf, and was avoided by the new wolf. The new wolf still bared his teeth. Warn the wolf that Li Ji knows.

Li Ji fully understood that this was the little wolf's mother who came, and the male wolf came with the wolf cub in his mouth to show Li Ji, the female wolf was afraid that the little wolf would be in danger, and chased her for a domestic violence.

Seeing the male wolf being cautiously pleased, Li Ji almost laughed.

To be honest, if this is a human, let alone taking the child out to be seen by outsiders, it is really sent away. If you dare to say anything more, you will have to be preached and not sensible.

Because in the hearts of human beings, children belong to their husbands. It may even feel that the child is only born through a woman, and only the blood of a man is left in the body, so it is said to be "the seed of a man."

In this regard, people are inferior to wolves.

Thinking nonsense in his mind, Li Ji squatted down and watched the interaction of the family of three. He always felt that the she-wolf was a resentful trainer: "You idiot is okay to take my cock out and show off that you have a cub? Right."


Then came another domestic violence.

Li Ji watched the excitement and looked content, and finally the she-wolf left with her cub in his mouth. The male wolf looked aggrieved at the place where the she-wolf left, and looked back at Li Ji.

"Look at what I am doing, chase your daughter-in-law." Li Ji didn't know what to think, and started teaching the male wolf. But probably the male wolf doesn't understand it.

The wolf tilted his head for a moment, walked over and pressed Li Ji's hand with his nose, then turned and ran two steps in the opposite direction of his wife's departure, and looked back at Li Ji.

Huh? Is this to guide him?

Li Ji hurriedly followed, and followed the wolf all the way, and soon found the path that people often stepped on on the mountain, and was able to find home.

Li Ji's breath was completely relieved, and he squatted down to beckon the wolf to come over, rubbed its two furry ears, and kissed its wet nose: "Thank you."

The wolf stretched his tongue and licked Li Ji's face.

Then Li Jiyi looked up.

Well, I saw Er Gouzi.

…Li Ji hurriedly got up and ran over: "Er Gouzi!"

Li Ji's nervous heartstrings were put down, and finally they were found back.

Er Gouzi stretched out his hand and hugged Li Ji, his hand was a little harder, and said quietly, "Don't you kiss him, just kiss me."

"Huh?" Li Ji didn't react, and then remembered that he had just kissed the wolf in excitement.

This is delicious.

This is the entrance to the mountain. Er Gouzi should have been waiting at home and went out to look for Li Ji, but he happened to see Li Ji kiss the wolf at the door.

There are still such coincidences in this world, Li Ji can only say that it is dumbfounding.

"Okay, I'll only kiss you from now on." Li Ji reached out and touched Er Gouzi's hair and gave Er Gouzi Shunmao, "I was lost in the mountains just now. The wolf sent me back. And he showed me the cub. Now, he has a daughter-in-law, and he has become a father."

Hearing this, Er Gouzi felt a little better, let go of Li Ji, took a closer look at Li Ji's face, reached out and wiped Li Ji's still dry face, sticking out his tongue a little bit to lick the place where Li Ji was licked. Lick it again.

Li Ji was so embarrassed that he stretched out his hand and pushed him out: "Don't make trouble, itchy. I'm almost scared to death, let's go home for dinner."

Turning around and waving to the wolf: "I'm home, you go and chase your wife and children, be careful that it beats you again."

After all, Li Ji took the embarrassing Er Gouzi home. The wolf tilted his head and looked at it for a while, then turned his head and quickly went after his wife and child.

Li Ji didn't stop talking all the way back, and explained clearly what he had just experienced. Especially when I really thought I could not see Er Gouzi, Li Ji Qiao Er Gouzi's face turned pale.

When he got home and closed the door when he entered the house, Er Gouzi hugged Li Ji again. I was so excited to see the wolf licking Li Ji before. Now I remembered that Li Ji had told him not to have S*x with him outside the house, Er Gouzi remembered it clearly.

Li Ji was not so embarrassed after entering the house: "Fortunately, I came back, and I will never go up the mountain alone. If I get lost again, I might be scared to death. I was rescued by the wolf again, otherwise I guess the sky. I can come back in the dark."

"I will accompany you up the mountain in the future." After hearing Li Ji's words, Er Gouzi was also thankful that Li Ji met the wolf and was brought back by the wolf. But this does not mean that wolves can get Li Ji's kiss.

"Okay, let's eat." Li Ji let Er Gouzi hug him for a while, but he was really hungry.

Er Gouzi was reluctant to let Li Ji be hungry, so he loosened his hands, tangled and kissed Li Ji's lips again, so that Li Ji's mouth was covered with saliva before he stopped, and then he took Li Ji to sit on the kang. He went to the kitchen to serve food.

Li Ji just sat there, watching Er Gouzi go in and out. Touching his wet lips, it actually feels good to be so cared and possessed.

After the meal was eaten until dark, Er Gouzi kept filling Li Ji with meat, which made Li Ji's stomach bulge and urged Li Ji to eat more.

This is the easiest way to care that Er Gouzi knows. If you are frightened, you need to fill it with food.

Li Ji was eating, and couldn't sleep at night, so he forced Er Gouzi to accompany him to go out to digest.

All the time, it has been made at sunrise, and rested at sunset. In the past, I didn't have money to buy lamp oil candles, so I was very economical. Now I am used to sleeping at night and wake up at night.

The last time I saw the sky full of stars was when I caught Gao Liehu.

The moonlight was just right, and Li Ji was walking side by side with Er Gouzi, looking up at the moonlight and starry sky, an inexplicable feeling filled his heart. Li Ji has no culture and can't think of any descriptive words. But if he can, Li Ji really wants to freeze at this moment.

This kind of scenery and Er Gouzi would like to see it for a lifetime.

"Actually, I have thought many times about what the consequences would be if we were discovered." Li Ji took two steps forward. "I have even been in fear and thought about many possibilities. Even if all the troubles are resolved. Sometimes, I still can't help but think about it. No way, I'm born a thoughtful person, no matter how good the conditions are, I can't help thinking."

The sky is bright and the moon is bright, and the moonlight is clean and transparent. Li Ji felt that his relationship with Er Gouzi was the same. However, they are all men.

In fact, a lot of people like men, and even marrying male wives was once a trend in wealthy people, but the premise of this is that they will not let their families die, but that there will be female wives and concubines giving birth to continuous children.

Li Ji can marry a woman, treat her well, and treat her parents well. As long as the child is left behind, even if it is spread out, he will be ridiculed at most.

But Li Ji couldn't do it. He couldn't delay the life of the other girl, let alone tarnish the pure relationship with Er Gouzi.

Another major obstacle is that Er Gouzi is a generation younger than Li Ji.

Even if there is no blood relationship, the Er Gouzi are raised under the name of Li Ji. This cannot be avoided.

So there is no solution to this question.

You can only keep it hidden forever, and let no one know.

Er Gouzi thought, but opened his mouth but didn't know what to say.

I heard the wolf howling in the mountains from afar. The night was beautiful, and Li Ji didn't have the slightest fear when he heard the wolf sound. On the contrary, because of his trust in the wolf, he gained a full sense of security.

"So Er Gouzi," Li Ji turned his head and smiled, "I want to give you happiness, I want to live with you forever. Just keep it like this. No one knows, we will live our lives quietly. day."

Er Gouzi stared at Li Ji, then nodded after a pause: "Okay."

Taking the first two steps, Er Gouzi pulled Li Ji's sleeves, put his head against his head, and said softly, "Quietly."

This adjective is a bit strange, and the two paused for a while, and both of them laughed out loud.

"How did I think of such a word." Li Ji grabbed Er Gouzi's shoulders and smiled and bent over, "Okay, I'm going a hundred steps after dinner, let's go back to sleep."

Er Gouzi stopped his movement, put his hand on Li Ji's waist, rubbed his face against Li Ji's cheek, and said in a low voice: "This is outside, but at night."

Li Ji seems to know what he is going to say, regardless of whether he is right or wrong, this kind of scene is really easy to make people want to be crooked.

"What are you doing?"

"You kissed a wolf outside today, I want too." Er Gouzi looked serious.

"Didn't you have kissed during the day?" He still slobbered.

"That was when I kissed you." Er Gouzi emphasized, "So you kiss me once, just once."

Listening to the tone of Er Gouzi's discussion, Li Ji was really dumbfounded. Reaching out and rubbing the back of Er Gouzi's head, the moonlight is dim and Er Gouzi's face is not particularly clear, but it is still beautiful, and it looks good at people's hearts.

Li Ji pulled Er Gouzi and bent down, and his lips fell on Er Gouzi's forehead.

As soon as Er Gouzi was about to speak, expressing his dissatisfaction, Li Ji dropped his lips on the tip of his nose, left cheek, right cheek, chin, and finally left a ringing kiss on his lips.

"Is it enough?" Er Gouzi asked for one, and Li Ji gave her a dozen.

Er Gouzi hugged Li Ji tightly, did not answer, just hugged him like that. Li Ji didn't speak any more, just let him hold it.

Li Ji got up early the next morning with a sore back and came to a conclusion. The bloody young man shouldn't be too hungry.

I slept late last night. When I got up, my stomach gurgled. I couldn't hear the rooster croaking outside. It must have been some time before dawn, and I don't know what time it is now.

Li Ji stretched out his arms and kicked his legs, stretched out, put on clothes, and went to the ground. There was still the smell of rice in the kitchen, the stove had been extinguished, the lid was buttoned, and the rice was kept warm.

Li Ji went out to look at the sun, it was three poles, Li Ji hadn't got up so late for some days.

There was movement in the livestock pen. Er Gouzi should be feeding the animals. Li Ji didn't worry about eating, and walked into the yard sloshingly, squatting down on the ground and pulling out the weeds.

The coriander has just grown with fingers high and is ready to eat. Lettuce is better if you wait. Spinach is a bit early to eat. It's a pity to eat it now. The persimmons and cucumbers I planted have just sprouted, and it's too early to eat. In this yard, everything is planned well, but the process of planting and waiting for the harvest makes people a little anxious.

In fact, looking forward to harvest is a hope for life.

After staying in the field for a while, he went back to the house and had a meal.

Taotao jumped onto the pot table and looked in, as if looking for something delicious. Li Ji pressed his head to the side and brought out the porridge and small dishes inside to eat in the house. After eating halfway, he saw Ergou. Come back.

Er Gouzi came into the house and saw Li Ji was eating. He went to the kitchen to wash his hands before returning to the house and sat opposite Li Ji.

Li Ji gave a spoonful of porridge to Er Gouzi's lips, Er Gouzi drank the porridge, smiled at Li Ji, Li Ji did not lift his head, took two mouthfuls and gave Er Gouzi a bite.

In fact, sometimes happiness is as simple as that, a mouthful of porridge, a smile, two people sitting opposite each other, it is a lifetime. 

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