As soon as Li Ji spoke, the woman smiled, just about to speak, Li Ji took it off first:

"This time you didn't count the catties and you sent them, we can't let you carry them back. But I am a small business, and the money is also the hard-earned money of me and Er Gouzi. So let's be half a catty. I'll give you a pen. Next time, you can send it more than half a catty. It's only two and a half catty. Your family doesn't seem to be a lack of money, and it won't bear our children. Say yes."

Li Ji directly said that he was dead. Li Ji was the elder in the village, and he was a 19-year-old unmarried. Although he is not young, he is considered a child if he is unmarried. Who would want to be entangled again for half a catty of grass when these words are pressed?

Perhaps Li Ji's life was so good that the villagers forgot Li Ji's identity. He is an orphan without father and mother, without parental love, and the death of his elder brother, so he and a poor nephew who is also an orphan are together to spend a day together. If they didn't earn the money, they would still be hungry.

You can't just pit two orphans who haven't got a family just because they have made a few taels of money.

The woman was choked for a while, didn't take advantage, and couldn't leave with a black face, so she nodded and handed it over and collected a penny, turned around and hurried away.

Li Ji took Er Gouzi's class. In fact, neither of them is a master who can take advantage of others. Er Gouzi absolutely carried out Li Ji's words. Except for Li Ji, he didn't know anyone, didn't talk about his affection, and couldn't say anything to him even if his mouth was broken.

And Li Ji is even more difficult to deal with, just wait for ten sentences to be typed in one sentence, and say something, and it would be considered kind of Li Ji not to let you lose money.

In this way, more than 500 catties of hay were collected this day. Some people were more diligent and sent more than 30 catties of hay at one time, which earned 15 cents.

Almost three hundred yuan was spent on this day, but Li Jihua's happiness, so much grass, can save him and Er Gouzi a lot of work, and can raise more rabbits. Once the rabbits are raised, one or two rabbits can earn back the money for buying grass today.

There is a simple barn at the back of the livestock pen that is specially stocked for livestock feed. The hay is almost full. There will definitely be a lot tomorrow, and more space is needed to store it.

The warehouse was not built in one day. Li Ji simply put the place for hay harvesting tomorrow in the old house, where the warehouses and houses are empty, there are many places, and they can hold the quantity for a few days, and then Li Ji finds a few The young and strong man built a warehouse that could store tens of thousands of kilograms of hay directly outside the yard on the west side. He thought that he would use it frequently in the future, so he bought bricks to cover it all.

Basically, the village is filled with thatched houses. Not only the houses where Li Ji lives are made of bricks, but also the warehouses. I don't know how many people are envied and jealous.

Li Ji worked as a supervisor here, and the work of harvesting grass fell on Er Gouzi again. There are a lot more animals in the house. Sooner or later, I feed them by myself. At noon, Li Qiao'er will come to help, so that this group of open-mouth beasts will not be hungry.

Originally it was not a house for humans, and it was not too exquisite. The tiles were reluctant to use, so they were rough to make a beam, so they used straw to make the roof. Make sure that no grass will fall, so feel relieved to hoard the house inside. It's hay.

The warehouses for storing livestock have been built, and the fodder has been hoarded, and the rest is to build a place for raising livestock.

The warehouse for stuffing can be rougher. This is the place for raising livestock. It must be meticulous and durable. Keep warm in winter and put snow and shading in summer.

Although there is no shortage of silver in the house, you can't use tiles to make the roof. That's too eye-catching, so we still need to use straw. Straw should be replaced in one or two years. Otherwise, the straw will leak and it will be a little to deal with. Troublesome.

You have to make trouble too, so that the people in the village should not feel that Li Ji has built brick houses for cattle but is indifferent to his relatives in the village.

Reasonable money belongs to Li Ji's family. How Li Ji wants to deal with it is his own business, but in terms of love, they are all from the same village, breaking bones and connecting tendons. How can they only give cattle to relatives if conditions permit?

Because of this, Li Ji now doesn't let the villagers know about the food he gave Little Tail.

Afterwards, Li Ji went to the bull market for several days. The harvest was not great. He only grabbed two geese cubs. Fortunately, a male and a female, both of them will reproduce after they are fed.

Li Ji also put aside his words in the village. Anyone who has relatives from other villages will ask if there are sheep or piglets to buy, and Li Ji will have them.

I heard Xin'er only a few days after this statement was released. There are households in the outer village who raise sheep, and there is one ewe and three lambs to sell. Two of them are large lambs that have been weaned, and they can kill the meat-eating ones within half a year.

Li Ji was overjoyed, and he directly asked the place and drove the bullock cart and passed by.

It took a long time to find the family.

"If you sell it, you can't bear it. It's just that there are too many sheep in the family, and the old lady is sick again. She always needs a copper plate to buy medicine. If there are fewer sheep in the family, you can spare more energy to take care of the elderly." The sheep seller is in his thirties. If it is his old lady, she is at least fifty.

It's normal to be sick at such an old age, and it is a filial son to be able to sell sheep for treatment.

"You are a filial one, I won't bargain." Li Ji smiled and glanced at the sheepfold, except for the sold ones, there are still more than ten sheep in the sheepfold. Most people can't eat beef and mutton, even the big families in the city don't eat much. "If you want to sell it in the future, even if you come to me, I don't have too much."

Li Ji directly passed the counted copper plates over and let him count them again.

The sheep sellers counted carefully, and his wife said next to him: "At first glance, you are a capable person. Raising sheep is very good and worry-free. Didn't you say that your home is away from the mountain? Just stay in the mountain. You don't need to worry about putting the sheep in the fence. At most, you can feed some water. They can feed the grass on the mountain by themselves, and they will be able to raise fat and strong bodies."

Li Ji nodded: "It's a good way. I'm afraid that there will be beasts running out of the mountains, but I have been in peace over the years. I should have thought about it. By the way, if anyone nearby has pigs to sell, please trouble me. Ask your sister-in-law to find someone to tell me, it's better to be Piggy, the business has become you hard money."

The daughter-in-law who sells sheep smiles deeper: "Look at you, you are polite. You didn't have to bargain for the sheep. We made a lot of money. How can we make you spend more money? Don't worry, I will help you inquire about it. Although the pig breeder There are not many people, but you can find them if you look for them."

When the sheep seller had counted the copper plates, Li Ji tied the sheep to the cart and drove the ox cart back.

Four sheep is a big gain. When there is nothing wrong with the cattle and sheep, they will go to the mountains to put them together. Seven of them are also worth putting up in the mountains.

The little tail is already calf-high, so it's very strong and looks a bit fierce. Now I can't hide. Someone can see such a fat dog that has been half-old, and he will always say that his dog's food is good.

Li Ji was really worried that Little Tail would be killed and eaten by someone in the village. He deliberately said that Little Tail did not feed much. The point was that he could go hunting in the mountains when he was young, and what? They dare to catch, and the ones that can't be eaten will come back.

He also showed them the blood stains at the gate, which proved the credibility of the statement.

After that, the spread spread in the village, saying that Li Ji raised a head dog, he would go hunting in the mountains, and he raised himself so fat and strong.

When the first pass from the village was just right, Li Ji touched the little tail that was licking in his arms. This is for the little tail, and put all the credit of the wolf on it.

With the name "God Dog", at least for the time being, there is no need to worry about someone hitting him to pay attention. Even if you hit him, pay attention at most to take him as your own, not as a gluttonous meat.

There are not enough pigs, not enough for Er Gouzi. There are only two big pigs and four piglets left in the house. Ordinary people raise only one pig, from the spring to the winter to kill, freeze the meat, eat it slowly, and eat it in the winter. But Li Ji's family situation is different, one pig is enough for Er Gouzi for a few days.

And Er Gouzi likes to eat pork, and it is not too much to raise ten more pork.

But this year is not as lucky as last year, and I can't find a suitable one after asking for it.

Probably because of the impact of the drought last year, pigs can eat and pull, consume a lot of water, and many people who raise pigs directly killed them.

If I really can't buy it, I can't help but feel wronged that Er Gouzi will eat less in the future, keep those two big pigs, and eat the cubs when they are raised. Fortunately, they are no longer small now, and there are one or two more. Can be bred in the next month.

It takes four months to give birth after bringing the cubs, and at least four months before they can eat them.

After such a calculation, we can only eat pork from our own breeding in the coming year.

Until then, I can only try to buy piglets from other people's houses to raise them, or buy grown-up pigs directly.

After Li Ji was busy with this, it was already in June, and the Xiao Tudou thing was finally settled.

I have agreed with the teacher, bought the apprenticeship, and paid the tuition after visiting the teacher. When the school starts next time, Xiao Tudou can go to school directly, so that I am not afraid of not being able to keep up with the progress, and start learning directly from the enlightenment.

Both nephews have gone to school. Regardless of whether they can read it out, there are scholars in the house, which are all things that have light on their faces.

They entered school at the end of June. The two nephews deliberately brought the two little guys who are about to enter school and kowtowed, thanking Li Ji for giving them a good opportunity to read and read.

Li Ji was a few years older than them, and followed Er Gouzi to collect their heads, and said two warning words.

"If we have the opportunity to read and recognize characters, we should cheer up and study hard. Of course, there is no pressure. I don't ask you to take fame and fame. It's good if you don't have to be blind if you recognize the characters. So there is no grade and no need to have. I won't blame it for any emotions. I have to learn to learn, and what we learn is a good thing for our ancestors to accumulate the virtues of our ancestor Li."

Two nephews, a Li Tian, ​​and a Xiao Tudou, will go to the city to study in the future. Although I don't know what they will be like in the future, at least the whole Li family and even the whole village feel for these two children. There is light on the face.

After reading a book, you don't need to work hard in the village. If you can get a fame, you will be a high class person who eats the royal food, and the whole family can follow and enjoy the blessing.

"Listen, but in our village, the two of you will have the opportunity to read characters. Once you learn the characters, you will be a scholar. No matter what you do in the future, there will definitely be more ways out than others." Erying smiled and pushed Xiaotudou again. Kowtowing.

Li Ji helped his two nephews up, feeling contented, and looked at the Er Gouzi standing next to them, and the two looked at each other and smiled: "When I was a child, people often said that I was a seedling of school, but because I had no money, I didn't go. It's a pity to think about it now. Now I have some spare money in my hand, and it's just my wish when I was a child to let you go. You guys study hard, and Grandpa Four loves you no matter whether you learn it or not."

After seeing the two families away, Li Ji stood at the door for a while and took Er Gouzi back to the house to close the door.

"I really envy them. It would be great if I had a rich fourth grandfather when I was a kid." Li Ji said this with a smile, most of which were joking.

Er Gouzi said: "You can too."

Li Ji shook his head: "It's late, it's too early for the good time of enlightenment. I heard that the children of rich people enlightenment are all three or five years old. In fact, every day in our family, he is quite late, and Xiao Tudou is even later. So I say ah. I never thought about what they could learn from me, it would be nice to just go to school."

I can read the word, and it is not easy to be fooled. I can recognize the words on the sign when I enter the city. I don't have to go where I have to catch people and ask what the store sells.

"How about going to school?" Er Gouzi had no idea about these two words.

"It depends on the situation. Of course it is good to be able to go to school, but if a poor family wants to support a student, it will cost a great price. However, there are so many students in the country, how many people can really get ahead? Most of them are foils. I have heard of poor people who tighten their belts and confess to a talent, and I have heard that the same family background confessed to a nerd who can only die studying and fail to pass the test. In the end, it depends on talent." Li Ji explained.

Having said this, Li Ji couldn't help but think about it. If his father had listened to the advice of others and tightened his belt and sent him to read in any way, where would Li Ji be now?

Maybe you will be an official, maybe you have lost all your money, doing the job of helping the villagers and children in the village to get names, and if you listen to them well, there will be a few cents in reward.

Of course, there is no if. Let Li Jixuan, he will choose the present day without hesitation. As long as Er Gouzi is by his side, what kind of life Li Ji will be happy with.

"Let's go up the mountain to see the wolf tomorrow, miss it." Li Ji said.

When I think of the wolf and Er Gouzi, I think of it licking Li Ji, his face darkened, and said: "Okay."

These words came out of Er Gouzi's back molars. Li Ji just found it funny.

"Don't tell me you are jealous." Li Ji smiled.

"What is jealous?" Er Gouzi asked.

"Just seeing me close to others makes you uncomfortable. Although the object is a wolf, I can feel that you are unhappy when I get close to it." Li Ji smiled.

Er Gouzi thought about it seriously, and nodded unsurely: "It may be. The wolf licks you, it's dirty." Then he added, "I'm clean, I'll lick you."

Li Ji's mind began to have charming thoughts again, his face turned red, and he turned away to avoid: "It is a wolf and not a human. Don't think about it so much. Did you see the nest of rabbits that fell yesterday? Pay attention to the mother. Give the rabbit some water. I'll go to the stream to wash my clothes first. You made the meal."

Li Ji began to clean up the dirty clothes of the two of them. The clothes were washed every two days. Compared with the people in the village, it can be said that there is no cleaner. The sloppy people wash the clothes every month, and there is nothing fresh. The materials are dark in color and stain resistant, and you can't see anything if you don't wash them for a month.

However, since I started taking a shower every day, Li Ji would not be able to bear the smell of the clothes he was wearing. One wash a day is too extravagant. One wash for two days is already tolerable to the maximum. When the weather gets hot, I'm afraid it's true. It takes one wash a day.

On days without rain, the weather got hotter and hotter. Li Ji went to the stream with a pile of dirty clothes and couldn't wait to dip his hands in the stream. The stream left from the mountain, cool and comfortable.

Two women by the river were doing laundry, and laughed and teased. The women in the village are basically familiar with Li Ji. There are not many men in the village who wash their clothes by themselves. Some men who live alone prefer to wear dirty clothes all the time and refuse to come to the stream to wash them well. Because they all think that washing clothes is a woman's job, and men's washing clothes is a drop in price.

However, Li Ji's laundry at home is always fighting with Er Gouzi, especially when it is hot, it is more refreshing to come and play with cold water.

It was because I was used to seeing Li Ji coming to wash clothes, secretly the women in the village felt a pity for Li Ji. Such a good man will certainly not treat him harshly when he marries a wife in the future, but his fate is not good, he will be deprived of his wife and child, and he will not be close to a woman in his life, otherwise his family wealth will be lost. What about the wealth of the family, without a child, that is a dead household, and no one knows that money will be cheaper in the future.

From a long time ago, there has been a wicked habit. If anyone has no children, or only has a girl and no son, he will call him a household name according to his surname, as if he could be superior to others by saying that. of.

But I understand the truth, but there will always be people who make a few words behind their backs, then sneer twice, and then boast that their mother-in-law's belly can make you feel good.

Sitting on a stone bench by the stream, rubbing clothes with soap powder, Li Ji is a man, he is stronger than a woman, plus the clothes that have been washed for a long time, knowing the skills, and the clothes are not very dirty. Very fast.

A woman washing clothes couldn't help looking into Li Ji's laundry tub, and smiled with the woman who was doing the same washing next to her, "Look, there's no patched clothes. It's almost like ours. Baijiayi (clothes of various colors)."

"What? Eyes are greedy? Eye greedy is not yours, can you still marry a girl to someone else?" The other person's voice was suppressed very low, his eyes aimed at Li Ji with caution.

As soon as the words came out, the voice was silenced. No matter how enthusiastic Li Ji is, it is impossible to become his own son-in-law. Even if it is cruel to push the girl into the fire pit, the fortune-teller also said that once married, the financial path will be cut off, and there will be no such rich and good conditions in the future. Then what is the use of marrying in the past? Just for the wedding gift?

In fact, something similar happened. Many people who have daughters want to have a son-in-law of a wealthy man, but at first, the lions open their mouths to ask for the bride price. Unless it is the girl who is married and does not plan to go back and forth again, the bride price will be ruthless. It's hard to come and go anymore.

So those put! Girls who marry a wealthy family often don't pay much attention to the gift. What is waiting for the girl-girl to marry someone else to live, it is best to give birth to this kid before coming home.

When the time comes, there are opportunities to ask for money. If the family's first house is broken, the money is not enough for the son to marry a daughter-in-law. The husband's family considers the son's sake, and it is difficult to refuse. This is the greatest benefit of marrying wealthy people.

If this is to marry the girl to Li Ji, even if the bridegroom is for a sum of hatred, the girl died after marrying, and Li Ji is poor. This bridegroom will also be uneasy. While having to be pierced by the head of the village, he must be afraid of conscience. The girl came here in her dream.

Therefore, unless another fortune-teller comes over and says that the fortune-teller in front of him is a rant, and that Li Ji has no such fate at all, or spends some money to break it, otherwise Li Ji is destined to be alone in this life. Up. It's just that the fortune-telling in front hasn't taken the penny, and he left after saying a word. If he was not cheating money, and he had no grudges with Li Ji, it must be true.

After being silent for a while, the woman started chatting on other topics, and the atmosphere soon became hot again.

Li Ji didn't hear what they were up to, even if he heard it, he didn't hear it. He originally arranged this matter himself, and they were afraid of his wife and son not introducing him to the girl. He definitely burned the incense.

Speed ​​up the action to wash the clothes, wring the clothes dry, put them in the laundry tub, and take them back. Just two steps back, I saw Li Shuisheng's wife just coming over with the laundry tub.

"Xiao Ji came to wash clothes, too." Shui Sheng's wife laughed.

Li Ji nodded: "It's nice to come and play with cold water in the hot weather. Otherwise, staying in the house on this hot day would be really boring."

"You and Er Gouzi have to be hardworking. The village can't find a man who is harder than you. Asking them to do some work is not to say that women do it. Men do it, which is actually an excuse for laziness. Don't you do all the work? Who can live a life like that in the village?"

The Shuisheng daughter-in-law said with her words that since Li Ji made an idea to relieve Li Qiao'er, the Shuisheng daughter-in-law's impression of Li Ji is very good. But having said that, no matter how optimistic about Li Ji, it will not be his family. It is like Li Shuisheng wants to marry Li Qiaoer to a widower in her thirties. No matter how resentful Shuisheng's wife is, it is also his own man. Life has to go on.

"Sister-in-law, don't ask any old man to shave me with a stick. It's not a tiring job, and leisure activities are good. What happened to Qiao'er?" Li Qiao'er didn't go there when the farmer was busy. When the farm is slack, at most, I come to help when building the warehouse. I can't see anyone at ordinary times. Li Ji is clearly locked up by Li Shuisheng.

When I said that the aquatic daughter-in-law's smile faded a little, she sighed and said, "Don't mention it, I don't know which idiot in my family is crazy. Er Gouzi can recognize Qiao'er as a sister, that's a blessing, but he just thinks Qiao'er is favored by God and is a good destiny. In the past three days, she has taken her to the city so that Qiao'er can learn from the girls in the city so that she can marry the rich people in the city in the future." 

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