It rained heavily that night and it didn't stop when I got up in the morning. Fortunately, I prepared a firewood room at home, which can put a lot of firewood. Therefore, it is cold and cold in rainy days, and there is no need to save firewood too much for heating.

Yesterday's tea eggs consumed half of the remaining tea leaves at home, and I didn't drink the rest, so I kept the tea eggs for later cooking. The two made the new tea they bought yesterday.

It was the same tea leaves, and Li Ji took a sip while blowing the froth on it, not to mention much satisfaction. This kind of tea is not as good as the good tea I drank yesterday, it's basically a heaven and an underground. But the peace of mind of drinking this kind of tea is incomparable to that kind of expensive tea.

No one came here yesterday, and Li Ji was still a little strange about Ergua, but it was raining outside, so it was hard to go out to inquire.

After drinking two sips of tea to quench his thirst, Li Ji stood at the door looking at the curtain of water flowing from the eaves, thinking about something in his heart.

Er Gouzi just came back from outside, took off his clothes and asked him what he was thinking.

"We were defrauded of five dollars, but our nephew and grandson still have to pay for their studies. Of course it is good to be able to provide a talent, even if we fail to learn, it is better to learn arithmetic and help us settle the accounts. We have to save more money for retirement. Then we must raise more animals. If we raise more, we can't take care of it. We always have to help raise them. People beside me can't believe it, and my nephews and grandchildren can trust them. I cultivated them by myself, so I feel more at ease with people."

Er Gouzi hung up the fur coat and hat, put it there and put it in empty water, and put it away when the water dries.

"Well, everything is fine."

Er Gouzi's unwilling character is now going to give Li Ji a headache. No matter how clever Li Ji is, there are times when he takes a nap. If Er Gouzi could be shrewd, how good would it be? Can also remind him well.

"You are trying to save trouble, so you can't help me think about it. I will decide everything. You are almost a little daughter-in-law."

Er Gouzi smiled and said: "You said that you are my daughter-in-law, and I am your daughter-in-law too. You know what I don't understand, and you are the master of our family."

Er Gouzi had never been in contact with the world when he was a child, so he didn't understand anything. Nowadays I don't bother to learn, and I can do things with peace of mind.

At a deeper level, Er Gouzi means well-developed limbs and simple thinking. It's not that I'm not smart, but I don't want to think.

The two happened to have a very complementary state. The strength of one body, the ability to work can hunt, and the one who is skilled in calculations, and can arrange most of the things without leaking.

Er Gouzi is Li Ji's right-hand man, and Li Ji is Er Gouzi's mind, helping him arrange everything.

Li Jishen felt a heavy burden on his body, so he reached out and nodded Er Gouzi's forehead. As a result, his fingers touched the skin, which was rare. He pulled Er Gouzi and lowered his head, and kissed the place where he had just tapped.

"The first time I heard that laziness was so nice. Okay, I think about everything. Then we'll make the decision. We will pay out all the money for our grand-nephew to go to school. Li Qiaoer can come and help when she's okay, but the eldest girl will stay. It will not be two years. But if there is an outsider, we have to find a way to prevent people from discovering what happened to us. If we are discovered… then we can only go back to the mountains."

Er Gouzi wanted to say that it would be better to go back to the mountains, and remember that Li Ji said before that if he lived alone with two people, he would be very lonely. So when I reached my throat, I swallowed it again and said, "We can build another house specifically for raising animals."

I just said that Er Gouzi doesn't care, so I thought of a good idea.

"I didn't expect it. But it can't be in our yard, and it can't be too far away. It's not good to look too far away to recruit thieves. Let's circle a place on the west side for breeding. Let's Go to work during the day, and go home at night without delay. The gate of the yard is locked all the year round, and whoever comes will open it again. Let's close the door and live, and we won't find anyone who comes."

Speaking of this, Li Ji whispered: "You will remember it in the future. When you go out of this door, don't kiss me or hug me, and don't call my name, my uncle, let alone say you are me. Daughter-in-law, I am your daughter-in-law, you know?"

Er Gouzi said something similar before, nodded in response, and finally couldn't help but ask: "Why."

Li Ji opened his mouth and thought for a while before he said: "In their eyes, it is not good for us to be together. Of course, we don't have to live for their ideas. Let them know that we are protecting us. Therefore, we must not be allowed Outsiders know our relationship, do you know?"

Seeing Li Ji being so serious, Er Gouzi nodded vigorously.

Who would want his feelings to be intolerable by the world? But fate is such a thing, wherever you want to do it.

Li Ji took the initiative to pull Er Gouzi's head and kissed him. Li Ji has been avoiding things like this, one day is one day, and the best way to avoid it is for a lifetime.

The rain only came down in the afternoon, and it was already a hazy drizzle in the evening. The yard was extremely muddy. Taking advantage of the little rain, the two went to the outer wall and moved the unused stone paving before building the house. Hearing the children's laughter from a distance, Li Ji laid a stone and went. Who is it from outside the yard?

It turned out that Xiaotudou was pulling Yingzi over, and the two of them didn't know what they said, and laughed all the way.

"Run slowly, don't throw Yingzi." Li Ji hurriedly stopped the two little ancestors.

Xiao Tudou's eyebrows stretched: "Four grandfather, you are partial, so you love Yingzi, don't you love me?"

"It's okay for you to fall from the roof of the house and smash it." Li Ji brought the child in with a smile, grabbed some candied fruit from the cabinet and put it on the table, making the children think Take it yourself after eating it.

"Why are you thinking about it?" Li Ji asked.

Xiao Tudou is not at all polite, and said with a snot: "I want to eat something at Grandpa Fourth's."

"You're really welcome." Li Jiqi smiled, "but you didn't happen to be here. Yesterday, I made tea and eggs with your Uncle Ergou. You can also eat two of them. Today, there is no one. Up."

Due to last year's drought, Xiao Tudou didn't even have a hen in his house this year, and hadn't eaten eggs for half a year. Li Ji feels distressed for the growth of the child's body, and sometimes send some, but he didn't send more. For two children, he can't eat a few points.

Li Ji didn't dare to send more, because he was afraid that others would come to ask for fairness, so he told Li Jin that it was okay to let the two children go to his house. There were many delicious foods at home and the children couldn't eat much. However, Li Jin was very polite since he was a child, and seldom let children come over.

"When will it be stewed next time? I will bring Erying over to eat." Xiao Tudou asked with a grin.

Erying straight to the side shaved her face with her finger: "I don't know how to be ashamed."

Li Ji smiled and shook his head. After watching them eat for a while, he asked Xiao Tudou: "What did your mother say to you?"

Xiao Tudou was stunned for a while, and after a moment of reaction, he remembered: "It's okay, I always hear her mumbling that it's a pity that Ergua is the second child of Uncle Ergua. I originally went to study in the county to read and read. Such a good opportunity was ruined by him. Xin's father is ruined. I don't know what's the use of telling me, what's the relationship between Uncle Ergua's life and our family."

Li Ji smiled and understood that Erying was actually quite savvy. He might be a little confused in major matters, but he is not bad at all in the world.

The cause of Li Ji's giving Xiao Tudou to school was Ergua's family affairs. Now that Ergua's cheating of money has been exposed, Erying is worried that Li Ji will become angry because of Ergua's matter and refuse to provide Li Ji.

It's not good to come and ask directly, so it's not easy to say it. So usually mention a few more words in front of the child, and tell the story when the child is chatting.

Li Ji knew it in his heart, but couldn't tell the children on the face. He just joked, "You said you are going to study with your eyes on your face, and you still don't know how to restrain yourself. Be careful when you get to the husband and hit the palm of your hand."

"I don't know how to constrain." Xiao Tudou said unconvinced. "Besides, going to school is not going to be beaten. He charged me to teach me skills, so why beat my palm?"

Li Ji didn't understand why. He hadn't read a book, and of course he didn't know how to respect the teacher. He just listened to such a mouth, Xiao Tudou said so, Li Ji didn't take the word.

Yingzi thought for a while, and whispered: "I want to read, too."

Li Ji paused, reached out to touch her hair, and sighed: "The school does not accept girls, otherwise Grandpa Four will definitely let you go."

"Why don't you let me go?" In fact, Yingzi said this at home, but Li Jin and Erying laughed at her after hearing them, and didn't make it clear.

Naturally, because women are ignorant is virtue, and scholars think that women's publicity is vulgar, and they strictly emulate the predecessors. Women will be scolded for not observing women's way when they go out of the two disciplines. Naturally, it is impossible for the school to accept female students.

"If you really want to learn, wait until your Tudou goes to recognize the word, and when you come back, you will give it all to you. It just so happens that you also urged him to study hard." Li Ji couldn't explain the reasons, so he simply diverted his attention.

"I don't teach, she is too stupid." Xiao Tudou stuck out his tongue.

"If you don't want to teach it or not, if you want to eat another snack, just give it to me honestly, otherwise you won't have yours if you eat anything that has your daughter-in-law."

This snack obviously works better than anything, Xiao Tudou muttered something, and ate melon seeds.

After eating two handfuls of melon seeds, Li Ji took the Xiao Tudou out to help move the stones together, and pounced a way from the door to the gate so that he would not be afraid of wet shoes when he went out. These shoes are all mullet bottoms, and they will get soaked after stepping on wet mud, and it will be better if stepping on wet stones.

Xiao Tudou with sugar in his mouth, unwilling to go out to help, such a big young man has some strength, and after a while, Li Ji sent him to feed the animals, Yingzi wanted to help, Li Ji looked at her I thought for a while with my small arms and legs, but I couldn't think of anything suitable for her to do. In the end, I simply gave her some useless seedlings picked out from the ground and let her play with the rabbits.

The rabbits are cute, especially the little rabbits that have just grown hair. The fluffy ball pokes Yingzi's heart, and they don't stop using the stick to tease the little rabbits to eat.

Seeing Yingzi really liked it, Li Ji picked out a pair of newly weaned rabbits and gave it to Yingzi when they left. Tell her that Xiao Tudou will only come back once a few days from school in the future. She will let the little rabbit accompany her when she is bored. If she raises her cubs, she will send them back when she is raised again. Li Ji will give her copper plates.

Yingzi was very happy holding the two little rabbits, and bounced away.

This is the first time that Li Ji sent out rabbits, because rabbit skins are the main source of income for the family. The high price can be bought because it is the first one in the county. If you sell live rabbits, they will be reproduced for generations. Then the value of the rabbit will be greatly reduced, then the family will lose a lot of money.

It's really selfish, but no one has stipulated that they must influence their own interests to help others. No one will starve to death. Now the world is peaceful, and those who care about it will not be hungry. Even if it is a widow and lonely old man, the neighborhood will help. The food and clothing of the three melons and jujube is not a problem.

The two rabbits were sent out, and one was really afraid that Yingzi was boring all by himself. The second is to help Li Jin's family. Li Ji has a lot of juniors, and the one who cares about him most is the Li Jin family. Some go there, and the left and right do not directly give them money. They will breed rabbits in the future, and Li Ji will buy them back here without any loss. And being able to feed less rabbits is good for both sides.

Go back to the house to clean up the two kids and eat the leftovers. It's raining heavily outside.

The rain stopped for three days before seeing the sun and when the dark clouds dissipated, the whole village was relieved. This rain is a good thing, it can make crops grow in the ground, but if it rains too much, it will cause waterlogging. This is much worse than drought. Drought can be harvested somehow, but after a flood, there will be no harvest.

Fortunately, the terrain is high here, but it's not afraid of floods.

When the ground was dry, Li Ji went to his original land to see that all the seedlings in the ground had come out. The growth was not bad, except that the one looking down was a bit waterlogged, and walking inside was quite decent.

And the land he reclaimed new wasteland may be because there are many trees in the mountains, which are not as good as the previous land, but if there is enough fertilizer to fertilize, the harvest should not be too small.

There is a lot of fertilizer at home, and there is more than enough for the field, and the rest is poured into a ditch.

Some people have no livestock and few people in their homes, and they don't have much fat, so they pick up the dung thrown by other people's houses or the animals on the road.

Although it's a bit more troublesome, as long as you are diligent enough, you can also pick up fat.

This was the case with Li Ji a few years ago, but almost no family would throw out their own dung. Mixing manure into the field can make the field fat. Few households will have surplus. If any neighbor's house is missing, it will be sent to him. Li Ji picks up all the animal manure on the road, but recently there are not many people with livestock. Sometimes Li Ji goes out with a basket on his back, and it takes more than ten miles to get a half-frame dung.

Li Ji was quite satisfied at that time. Now that the animal dung in Li Ji's house is distributed to his nephews, there will still be surpluses, so throw it out to whoever uses it.

I found a rock in the ground to sit for a while, the sun became hot, and it became a little sultry, so I went home.

Ergua was not sent to see the official, and was put into the ancestral hall by the village. In the ancestral hall, there is a small black room dedicated to people who are not sensible and make mistakes. In the past 20 years, this is the first time that people have come back.

Perhaps Ergua should be grateful to Gao Liehu, because Gao Liehu has just renovated the inside and outside of the ancestral hall, and the small black room is still comfortable, and it will not suffer too much.

This kind of thing is lynching, but in the village and in the family, the law is not completely feasible. Even if this kind of thing goes to the government, it will turn a blind eye.

There was a period of time in the previous dynasty when women were fashionable to observe festivals. Even if they showed their arms, they would be out of control, and they would either marry or die. Widows marrying another are regarded as unfaithful and disloyal by their deceased husband's family. Drowning in a pig cage is commonplace. Who is sentenced for it?

Later, Li Ji took a look at the two melons. The door was made of bamboo slats. It was very strong and could see the inside, and it was not easy for the people inside to get out. There is also a layer of doors outside, thick wooden doors, unless it is a strange force like Er Gouzi, otherwise no one can open it.

Er Gua saw Li Ji and ran over to pat the window to admit his mistake, saying that the money owed would be repaid soon, whether it was a lie or not.

"Don't play anymore?" Li Ji asked.

The two melons nodded again and again: "Stop playing, don't play anymore, the fourth uncle begs you to intercede and let me go, I really dare not. There is still work in the field, I can't let my wife and children do it by themselves. ."

The wife and children were moved out, but Li Ji really didn't believe what he said. When he borrowed the money, he said it was for children to study, and he said that he had a nose and eyes, which convinced Li Ji. What happened?

Now Li Ji doesn't care if the two melons really regretted it, but for the five dollars, it is not too much to keep the two melons for a year or two.

"Now I think of my wife and children? Don't you want to steal your girl and sell it? You don't have to tell me anything. I was not involved in this matter. If you cheat money, you should squat in the fence. It was your mother-in-law who pleaded so hard for several years that you were locked up here. It's not bad here, it's better than the prison. Every day someone delivers water and food, so you can regret it."

People have seen it, and Li Ji has become a pity for his wife and children. Without a man in the family, a woman with two children must be very difficult, but it is better than bringing this gambler to lose. Without the Second Guara famine, the mother and son would be better off.

And there is an eldest son who has become a family, it will certainly not be too difficult.

Li Ji turned around and left, ignoring the begging of the two melons behind.

Li Ji was responsible for collecting money for Xiao Tudou's schooling, and Li Jin and his wife took care of the rest. You can figure out how to get it when you enter the city left and right, and the rest is up to Xiao Tudou's own strength.

Take five silver coins first, and then take them again when you pay the tuition fees. The Xiao Tudou are the same as Li Tian from the elder nephew's house.

There are a lot of vegetables in the yard at home, and weeds must be pulled out at any time so that the leaves can grow fat and tender. And in some places, there are too many sprouts, so it is necessary to cut off the excess seedlings to save nutrients. Seedling shortages should be replanted in time, and the same is true in the fields.

When the work is finished, Li Ji will take Er Gouzi up the mountain to dig wild vegetables together in the morning when the weather is good.

I have dug wild vegetables for a few days while observing the rising trend of grass suitable for feeding animals on the mountain. When they are more than two feet high, they can be harvested and dried.

At this time, Li Ji also spoke out in the village, collecting dried hay, two catties and a penny, unlimited collection.

In fact, this work is not very cost-effective, because the grass is dried and it has no weight. Although the work of mowing is not tiring, it is not light. You can make a few cents in a day. Even if you have extra income, it is the best and can be done. There is not much life.

More are some half-elder children who are still relying on their parents for money. There are males and females. Every day in groups of three to five, they go up the mountain to mow the grass, take them home and dry them, and they can sell them for a few words from Li Ji. money. If you are greedy and buy some snacks, the little girl who loves beauty buys some rouge paper, which is enough.

In the first few days, Li Ji and Er Gouzi went up the hill to mow the grass early in the morning, and the nearby grass was almost cut. They went to the mountains to mow, and the mountains were big from right to left. The range of the deep mountains was to walk a few miles in, as long as they didn't want to go, yes. There is no danger.

After waiting for the mowing people to dry the grass and bring it to sell, Li Ji and Er Gouzi went up the mountain to mow it less exhaustedly. It is enough to put some fresh grass that is fed now, go up the mountain and mow twice together, and spend the rest of the time in the field to deal with the seedlings.

I taught Er Gouzi to look at the scales, put the copper plate into his pocket, and asked him to see the scales for money, no one can give more, and children are not allowed, just two catties and a penny.

Then Li Ji drove the bullock cart to the bull market by himself.

At this time, there are a lot of livestock cubs. The most prosperous business is to sell chicken, duck, goose seedlings (cubs), because the big guys either have no livestock at home or they are missing, and they need to buy some to go home. I can eat eggs.

Therefore, the seedlings are usually sold out after a while, but Li Ji tried several times but failed to grab them.

Reluctantly, he turned his gaze to the pig and the sheep.

There happened to be a family selling pigs, but there were only four piglets left, and they were still very thin, and the stout ones were picked away. They all picked the rest.

Li Ji looked at him, although he didn't look like him, but he didn't look fatter.

After a lot of bargaining, it was clear that there were fewer animals this year and all the animals had increased in price. Li Ji Leng bought all the four piglets at the same price last year. Directly catch up with the bullock cart and tie it to the top, Li Ji will look for another one.

I met a cow seller, but the cow looked like an old cow. It wouldn't be long to buy it back to feed it. It only had the life of eating meat, and I also met two dog sellers. Li Ji raises his own dog, looking at poor, but raising a new dog, and a big dog coming home, will definitely be at odds with the original little tail of the family. If it is really bloody, it would be better not to show this kindness.

After looking for two laps, there were no sheep sellers, and I shook my head after asking a few more. In the end, I was disappointed and returned with four piglets who were not fat.

Er Gouzi, the head of the family, was still harvesting grass, and a woman was still arguing with him. She would get a penny and a pound and a half, and she would sell it here in the future. Er Gouzi shook her head stubbornly, without showing any affection.

Two catties and a penny of grass cut in the mountains are already collected in vain. If it is all like this, it will take advantage of it. Where can Li Ji let it go?

If this precedent is opened, then the harvest of grass will be directly changed to a catty and a penny.

"What's the matter? How long have I just been away? Er Gouzi, you go and drive the pigs you just bought to the pigpen, feed them, and there is me here." Er Gouzi was arranged, and Li Ji turned around and smiled. Looking at the entangled woman, "They are all from the village, and everything is easy to discuss." 

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