Nodding his head and remembering the name of the tea, Li Ji froze to drank a pot of tea before leaving.

It just happened that there was only drizzle left outside, I believe the road is not difficult to walk.

The cows were served very well, looking at the spirits of the recent past, they were still chewing grass fodder in their mouths, and they enjoyed it very much.

The original wood on the driver's seat was already wet. When Li Ji went to see it, there was a thick layer of grass material underneath and a clean soft cushion on it, making it very comfortable to sit on.

Before leaving, Li Ji couldn't help but sigh. In the end, he is a big business man, and he is not making a hundred taels of silver a day because of the satisfaction of the waiter.

After the person left, the guy breathed a sigh of relief, shook the towel on his shoulders, turned his head and saw the shopkeeper of the house, bowed and said hello.

"Don't wait." The shopkeeper asked.

The dude continued his head and said, "Don't worry, I'm quite satisfied."

The shopkeeper nodded: "There is nothing special about looking at it. It's just a nouveau riche who suddenly has money. He can't stop the rusticity. The grandfather of the county has looked at this kind of person, and he has to get closer to the yamen." The words are just muttering in a low voice, and they dare not be heard by others.

Li Ji might not even think of it in his dreams, the middle-aged man who talked about wine with him was the grandfather of Qingtian County in his mouth.

Li Ji first went to the grocery store to buy two umbrellas and two clothes, then went to the grain and oil store. It is raining, and rice can't be sold. If it gets soaked, it will get moldy.

Li Ji went to buy two packs of tea, waited for the guy to wrap the tea he often drank with waterproof oil-paper in a few more layers, and took it in his hand, Li Ji pretended to ask casually:

"What do you have? Ah yes, is there any Biluochun tea from Dongting?"

Listening to Li Ji's question, the owner of the grain and oil store was taken aback for a moment, then took the first two steps, and said in a low voice: "Is it right? If you want it, I will go and buy it."

It's so ridiculous, obviously very precious. Li Ji didn't expect the tea presented in the tavern to be so valuable, so he asked in a low voice, "How to sell it?"

"In a few minutes, we are also far from Dongting, and the most partial price is five or six taels." The shopkeeper said.

Li Ji took a breath: "A catty?"

The shopkeeper shook his head and said with a smile: "You are kidding me. Good tea is not sold by the catty, it is one or two."

Li Ji buys tea by catty, no matter how good it is. A catty of 16 taels, even if one tael is five taels of silver, a catty costs 80 taels of silver.

Li Ji has never seen so much money in his life. Thinking about how he made a cow drink in front of such precious tea just now, Li Ji wanted to spit out his throat and taste it again.

If he had known it was so valuable, he would be willing to drink it, and he would take a pot of tea home and lick it for a day, and he would feel a loss for two years.

Li Ji's face changed for a while, and the shopkeeper was unknown, so: "Then do you want more?"

"Don't don't." Li Jijuesheng vetoed, "I can't stand the good things in my throat. This kind of tea is very good, and I can't drink it well. All kinds of tea are good for me. Used to quench thirst."

Li Ji refused and didn't wait much, holding the tea leaves tightly in his arms and leaving the house.

As soon as Li Ji left, the boss who sold the goods was Monk Zhang Er who couldn't figure out his mind. If you really can't afford to drink it, it's reasonable to say that you haven't even heard of it. Now that you can tell the name, the tea leaves of this variety are scared off the first time you hear it?

It's really strange.

Li Ji drove the bullock cart, his head confused. I wonder why the tavern entertained him with such expensive tea. When I first entered the store, I heard from my buddy that the boiling water was free, and the tea was for money, but in a blink of an eye, he brought a pot of expensive tea.

Some of the small shops next to it will have tea for free, but it is also thick tea, and some are even tea stems or tea powders, which are nothing.

Last time Li Ji went with Er Gouzi and didn't spend much money. Although he ordered a lot of dishes, the pot of tea was definitely not worth the money. If anyone ate in the past, they would give a pot of tea like that, and this pub would not be open now.

So this pot of tea was not given for free, there must be another picture.

At first, although the guy was polite when he entered the door, he was definitely not humbled. When he left, he was so comprehensive that he had to kneel down and please peace of mind.

The change before and after was after chatting with that strange man.

Li Jiyi is excited, is it because that man is such a great person? After chatting with him, he was treated as a guest by the pub?

Li Ji has a bright mind, and the more he thinks about it, the more he thinks it is possible. He hurried to the car a little bit, with cold sweat on his body, and now he didn't want anything else, just want to go home and see Er Gouzi as soon as possible.

The more this is the time, the more Li Ji thinks of Er Gouzi. Even if Er Gouzi is incomprehensible and simple, as long as he stands by his side, Li Ji can feel safe enough, so it doesn't matter what happens.

The ox cart hurried faster, and it took two or three times less time to get home than to walk.

Seeing his yard in front of the mountain from a distance, Li Ji smiled and relaxed a lot.

"Er Gouzi!" Li Ji shouted.

Er Gouzi ran over for two steps, with a bright smile on his face: "Li Ji!"

When there is no one, he is called his name, and when there is someone, he is called Fourth Uncle. Er Gouzi remembers Li Ji's affairs very clearly.

No matter how complicated the thoughts were, I felt at ease when I saw Er Gouzi. Li Ji jumped out of the car and hugged Er Gouzi, but he was taken aback when he touched Er Gouzi's arm.

With a firm grasp, water came out of the clothes.

Li Ji carefully touched his clothes, and suddenly said angrily: "Why are they soaked!"

Li Ji is angry, which Er Gouzi has seen the most. He confessed his mistake and said, "I was wrong, don't be angry."

"Don't say anything else, tell me why are you soaked?" Holding Er Gouzi's hand, "The hand is still so cold. Didn't you hide in the house before it rained?"

Then Li Ji's inspiration flashed, and he asked: "Have you been here waiting for me to come home? To be honest!"

Er Gouzi lied deliberately, but couldn't tell the lie in front of Li Ji's face. He lowered his head and whispered the truth: "Well, I'm afraid you won't come back."

"Fuzzy! Are you stupid? What should I do if I got caught in the rain and the wind is cold! You silly boy, I think you are just stunned! I won't come back today but I won't come back tomorrow. What if you pour something out on a rainy day? Do! Go, go home, go home and boil water. Take a good bath."

Taking Er Gouzi all the way home, Li Ji's face was not good.

Feeling Li Ji's anger, Er Gouzi lowered his head and dared not speak, and followed Li Ji carefully.

When he got home, Li Ji peeled the skins for Er Gouzi, wiped his body and let him lie on the kang around the quilt, then set the fire to boil the water, move the bath tub into the house and pour water into it one by one. Ergou Zi was distressed and wanted to help, but was scolded by Li Ji back. Seeing that Li Ji looked bad, Er Gouzi didn't dare to be presumptuous.

When the water was boiled and the warm water was adjusted, Li Ji asked him to go down the kang into the tub and soak in the warm ginger soup again. When he was ready, he went into the house to see Er Gouzi in the bath.

Looking at Er Gouzi for a while, Li Ji was fierce, Er Gouzi was pitiful, and Li Ji soon became reluctant.

"Wash it well, soak it for a while. The ginger soup is boiled, and drink two bowls after the soaking. You should reflect on yourself, how can you make a joke with your body like this? When I encountered rain in the city, I found a tavern. He drank the side dishes and ate, and ate a catty of beef in. Nothing happened. You would stand there waiting for me like a chicken. What if you get sick? You have someone to take care of you, right!"

After being smashed by Li Ji, Er Gouzi almost hid in the water and could only confess his mistake in a low voice.

Li Ji stretched out his hand to help Er Gouzi sort out the broken hair: "Don't have the next time. I know you feel sorry for me going to the city alone, afraid that I will be photographed by the rain, but if you think about it, I don't feel sorry for you. Come on? Think about it, if I wait for you in the rain for a long time, and then I catch a cold and lie down in bed for a day, what do you think? We are a couple, you can't do without me, and I can't do without you, and the body is yours Mine, even if you don't feel bad, you feel bad for me anyway."

After finishing talking, Li Ji stretched out his hand and hugged Er Gouzi's wet neck: "We are going to live a lifetime from now on. We must find a way to live a few more years. If one person gets sick, what will happen to the other person." "

There are a lot of people who live less than 20 years old. At least half of the people in the village live less than 30 years old. The grandchildren of 40 years old are quite old. The 50-year-old now almost counts out one hand.

Li Ji is now 19 years old, and I don't know how many years he can live, and how many years Er Gouzi can live. All he can do is take care of himself, live a few more years, and live a few more years. Anyhow, don't let the other person be alone for the rest of your life.

Er Gouzi's forehead touched Li Ji's forehead, and finally understood the seriousness of the matter. This is not just a question of Li Ji's anger. If he really died because of the cold, what would Li Ji do?

No one gave him a game, and no one helped him work. How hard is Li Ji alone? It must be the same as before.

Er Gouzi has a good head. I remember clearly that when I first arrived at Li Ji's house, there was only porridge and pickles, so how could I be full?

"I am obedient, I will definitely love myself like you in the future, and never dare to stand in the rain again. We are all fine."

"Good." Li Ji red eyes and reached out to touch Er Gouzi's head, "We all have to live a hundred years, so that when we die, the village will say that we two old birthday stars will come over when we die. Happy."

Er Gouzi nodded: "Long live a hundred years, immortal."

Across the tub, the two exchanged a deep kiss. Er Gouzi wanted to go further and was banned by Li Ji.

"Just reflect on it, don't think about that stuff these days, I won't remember it next time without giving you a lesson."

The joy that Er Gouzi had just mentioned collapsed in an instant: "I was wrong, and I don't dare to do it again. Isn't it okay?"

Li Ji pressed Er Gouzi's head and pressed him back into the tub, without any emotion to say: "Hey, take a good bath, drink ginger soup later, and feed the animals after drinking the ginger soup."

It rained last night, and the wolf did not go down the mountain today. Li Ji still thought about going up the mountain to bring down the wolf's food basin, and continue to go up the mountain to feed the wolf tomorrow.

There are a lot of things, Li Ji went out to work regardless of Er Gouzi's tearful eyes.

Let Er Gouzi soak for a short half an hour, during which Li Ji often heated water, until Er Gouzi was heartily and heart-warming, so he wiped it clean until Er Gouzi was lying around the quilt on the warm Kang for a while, waiting for two bowls of hot ginger After drinking the soup, Li Ji pardoned Er Gouzi and asked him to wipe his sweat and put on his clothes to help with work.

The rain has stopped, but the sky is still not clear. I am afraid that I will be back in a while. First, feed the animals, then close the door, and block the door with sand bags. Don't drown the cattle pen if it gets too big.

You can see three sides by looking at the sky. The other side is blocked by the mountain. If it rains from the other side of the mountain, you won't see it at all.

The beef brought back from the city was well protected. The hot and the hot two fried some minced meat and pickles, and the rice was stuffed together for a meal. At this time, they heard the sound of gradual rain outside.

Li Ji smiled and said, "Fortunately, I came back early, otherwise you will have to rain again."

Er Gouzi wanted to refute the fact that it was not raining on the mountain, but when he looked up and saw Li Ji's smiling face, he shivered for no reason, and then he dared not say anything.

Satisfied with Er Gouzi's silence, Li Ji fell behind when he was full.

"Three full in the morning, lunch and evening, six pours before and after the meal. This is really the enjoyment of the foreigners." After that, Li Ji remembered the strange man who was talking to him in the tavern.

Listening to his conversation, he is definitely a scholar, and he is so exquisite in his clothes. It is possible to say that he is a talented person or even an official, or even an official.

Generally this kind of people have eyes above the top, so why do they think of chatting with him? Li Jixin carefully recalled with lingering fears whether there was anything out of line in his eloquent remarks, but don't really cause any misfortunes because of his drunkenness.

Thinking so wildly, Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi who was still in the wind and said, "Er Gouzi, today I met someone who was hiding from the rain in the city. He was very well-dressed, and he should be a rich man. He had a good chat with me. He said that he would save money to donate to officials, and said that I could be reused."

"I don't understand." Er Gouzi said straightforwardly.

Li Ji didn't expect him to give any advice: "I've heard about donating officials before. In addition to taking fame examinations, there are several fame in the county office that can be bought with silver, and the money for the officials is directly given to the local county. Yashi, there are a few talents in the county who came from rich families, that's how they came."

I have been to the county several times, and I heard people say in the tavern a lot, so Li Ji understood it all.

"He advised me to buy a scholarship. Actually, it's good to think about it. The scholarship does not have to pay taxes for raising livestock and farming. Then our family can raise as much as we want. It is easy for our family to save the money. Rabbits raise them. More than one hundred taels is two to three years. But if you donate to an official, you are afraid of other incidents. I don't know if you can stay at home and live in peace. What if you really become an official."

Outside the staff is the official outside of the officials. They belong to the reserve officials. If you buy a staff outside, you can say that if there is nothing to say, if there is a big vacancy in the local officials, it will be pushed to the top. If something happens during the tenure, you will have to carry it on your back, regardless of the size of the pot.

Li Ji knew so clearly because it happened in a village thirty miles away. That was a step backwards thirty years ago. A family has a lot of land, and it made a lot of money in good times to catch up with the weather. The children were unwilling to study, and wanted to have a tax exemption, so they saved money and donated money to other employees.

When I really enjoyed the blessing, there was such an official in the village who respected him. Because of the household registration restrictions, the good materials that could not be worn before were also worn on his body. But within a few years, I didn't know what was wrong, the county magistrates were transferred in large numbers, and there were several vacancies, so they were recruited from outside and appointed a county lieutenant.

At the beginning, I thought it was a good thing. I didn't study for a day and didn't participate in the scientific examination, so I became a 9th grade official with a good air. As a result, I didn't hold on to this air for two months, so I was sent by the superior to check it. The minister was arrested. The crimes of corruption, corruption, corruption, and corruption that had been transferred from the officials in front of him were all on him. Before he could argue, he was sentenced to beheading, and his relatives were involved in the sale of slavery and exile.

This is a big deal, otherwise it wouldn't have caused the people to scold the officials for so many years. This time the new magistrate of the county is an honest and upright old man. After these two years, the people have a very good impression of him. But if you want to go to donate to an official, you are still shocked.

"We don't need money, we can do anything." Er Gouzi thought about it, then said, "When will we go to buy livestock?"

"Take a look tomorrow. If the weather is good, go to the bull market. If you see a good one, buy it back. If it doesn't work, you can go a few more times. We can raise two more sheep, and the cows are enough for calves to grow up. Piggy must buy at least ten, or not enough to eat, see if there are any geese and ducks, whether it's for meat or eggs, it's good."

Such a calculation will cost a lot of the money that has just arrived in his hands.

"Shall we go selling rabbits and chickens?" Er Gouzi asked.

"Selling business, but not too much, or not enough to grab us, besides, we don't have too many, we haven't reproduced yet, wait a minute, wait for the new batch to rise, let's sell first. Give it to the people in the village, and then go to the bull market to sell. This time I forgot to find a restaurant to sell rabbits in the city. I have to go once when I have time."

Li Ji sat up lazily from the bed, raised his head and stretched his waist and yawned: "I want to eat tea eggs, but we don't have the stove, and the small pot is used to cook rice."

"You can roll the noodles and eat it without a small pot. Now you can simmer the tea eggs and you can eat it before going to bed at night. It will taste better tomorrow morning."

"That's OK." It was already afternoon, Er Gouzi didn't eat at noon, and it would be dark in two hours.

Er Gouzi boiled tea eggs, Li Jihe noodles and rolled noodles. Adding two egg whites when making noodles can make the noodles more vigorous. I just heard about this not long ago. Li Ji can't remember who said it.

I did it last time and it was really good. The leftover egg yolks were eaten with a handful of bahao stir-fry sauce, mixed into the noodles, even if there were no vegetables, Li Ji could eat three bowls.

When making noodles and rolling noodles, Li Ji likes to eat thinner noodles. When rolling the noodles, he rolls them out very hard and tiring, and then cuts them with a kitchen knife, and sprinkles some noodles to prevent adhesion. This is how you roll the noodles by hand.

Pick it up with two chopsticks and put it in a basin to buckle it to prevent the noodles from drying out.

The water in the tea eggs on the other side has already been boiled away, and Er Gouzi is putting materials in it.

In winter, the two of them often eat it because the fire is strong and hot water is not used all the time. It is a pity that I don't put anything in the rest of the time, so I put a pot of tea eggs on top and simmers them for a day or two. The tea eggs are very dark in color. The taste is very good.

There were one or two tea leaves in the house, Er Gouzi grabbed two and threw them into the pot, and then began to amplify the ingredients and other condiments.

Li Ji walked over and looked at the water splashing in the cracks between the eggs. Didn't cook much, only cooked ten, and the two of them ate just enough.

"You boil tea eggs better than me now." Li Ji smiled.

"You like to eat." Er Gouzi closed the lid and waited for the eggs to be cooked over the fire.

Hearing this, Li Ji narrowed his eyes and smiled contentedly. Indeed, Er Gouzi cares a lot about everything Li Ji likes. Li Ji likes to eat bahao. Before Li Ji said Er Gouzi, he tried to get seeds and plant them in the yard. Li Ji likes fox fur, and Er Gouzi can chase a fox all over the mountain.

It was such a man who was so simple that he did not hide the slightest concealment. Li Ji was moved and even more emotional.

"Just say you, treat me so well, so I don't think I am worthy of you." Li Ji smiled helplessly.

Indeed, if there is no Er Gouzi, Li Ji may still be hungry now, but in fact there is no if, the change is relative. It should be said that God is kind, and sent Er Gouzi to Li Ji's side.

"I don't deserve it, only I don't like it." Er Gouzi rarely said such deep words, "I like you, and I have never been more worthy of me than you in so long."

Nothing is unworthy, only dislike. Li Ji listened in his ears, warm in his heart.

Wet eyes and smiled: "Where did you learn it, it sounds so nice."

Er Gouzi only said, "You taught me what I said, just like cooking."

To eat noodles at night, pour the prepared noodles directly into the pot, boil cold water, wait until the boiling water is boiled twice and then the noodles are ready, remove the cold water, and eat neatly.

The egg yolk was beaten with three more eggs, poured into the pan and fry one out while pouring the sauce, and then the washed basil leaves were thrown in, and the tangy fragrance soon came out.

Li Ji swallowed, and instructed Er Gouzi to throw the washed spinach into the water just used to cook the noodles. Both spinach likes to eat crispy, so they can't cook with the noodles, so they just throw them in the pot and wait for the water to boil. Spinach can be eaten after fish out.

The spinach is out of the pot, and the egg basil sauce is also out of the pot. Li Ji can't even take care of cooking other dishes, so he can eat noodles with this sauce, which is enough.

Er Gouzi brought a plate of cut kimchi, and Li Ji couldn't wait to pour a chopstick noodle into his mouth.

Both of them are not hungry. It is only two hours before lunch. Er Gouzi only ate three bowls, Li Ji ate one and a half bowls, and the remaining half bowl was really too much to eat, so Er Gouzi helped clean up.

People become lazy when they are full, and they support themselves to pick up the bowl with Er Gouzi, and then boil water, Li Ji wants to take a bath.

It was getting late, and it was already dark after taking a shower, but Li Ji didn't feel distressed when he lit the oil lamp. He burned a large pot of water before eating. Just add cold water after eating. Er Gouzi took a bath during the day. Then, you don't need to follow along. 

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