The bullock cart won't be too fast. While enjoying the surrounding scenery, Li Ji calculated how many taels he could make this time.

It rained last night, and there were a lot of water drops on the weeds on the roadside this morning, and it was very beautiful to see the crystal clear green.

It's early spring, and I still can't see the flowers. When it's early autumn, it's best to see the scenery after the rain. At that time, all kinds of wild flowers are dazzling, everything is cleaned by rain, and the air carries the fragrance of soil. Looking far away is the Yu Yushan forest. On one side is the golden bookmaker.

But when it comes to autumn, it is time for the farming to be busy, and the time to enjoy the scenery is pitiful.

Plowing in spring, harvesting in summer, harvesting in autumn and collecting in winter Day after day, year after year. There is no difference, everyone lives a similar life.

Li Ji sometimes thinks about what life is like, no matter how much he earns in this life, he will live in a coffin when he is gone. The rich can put a coffin on the outside of the coffin, but what's the use?

In this life, people pursue pleasure and wealth, and only seek family happiness. But when it came, I couldn't take anything with me.

Li Ji knew that no matter how much he thought about this kind of question, he couldn't find the answer, but he couldn't help thinking about it when he was alone.

But in Li Ji's life, even if he didn't know anything, he was satisfied. Regardless of where others came from, as long as he stayed with Er Gouzi for a little time, then Li Ji would be content with what he has lived in this life.

Thinking of Er Gouzi, Li Ji couldn't hold down the smile on his face, humming an untuned little tune, shaking his whip aimlessly, and swaying to the county.

When he arrived in the county, Li Ji went to eat a bowl of beef noodles. The man asked him where the edible father was, and it made Li Ji quite lonely. At any rate, he came back with a group of people to pay taxes. This time he was himself.

It made Li Ji lose his appetite, so he made a bowl of beef noodles and went to the leather store to sell the skins.

The rabbits are divided into three or sixty-nine grades according to the amount of miscellaneous fur. One price is one price. The price of fox skin is a good bargain. Although Li Ji does not know the value of the fur, he has the white fox skin as the base. price.

"This fox skin was only shot down from the mountain yesterday. To tell you the truth, I am really reluctant. Give me a price. I will weigh it. If I am really reluctant, I will send it to the county magistrate. Although I In the past two years, I haven't sent leather to the top, but there is also a fate. This fox skin has good color, I believe it will not worry about selling it."

How clever Li Ji is, such a leather is not well priced, so he moved the county magistrate out and pressed it down. Even if the shopkeeper had the mind to earn some money, he wouldn't dare to speak loudly after hearing this.

"Look at what you said, Lord, you are the God of Wealth here. Even if we are a wicked one, we dare not bully you. This leather is indeed a good leather, but it's just that the red fox skin can't compare to the white fox skin. It's valuable. You said that if it's the same price as the white fox skin, you might as well put a knife around my neck. Maybe when I ask for money, I can think that my bad life is worth twenty taels."

Li Ji also knows that a piece of red fox skin was bought for eight silver coins, but that piece of skin was badly worn, and it was only half the size of a fox. That price was pretty good. White fox fur is a rare good leather. Of course, Li Ji can't be a portrait of a price.

"No matter how I don't know how to do it, I still understand the difference between fox fur. The white fox fur last time was broken and incomplete. I was lucky to have bought 22 taels of silver. I'm really a pity. If it's a complete leather, the price will be higher. Turned up a lot. Although this red fox skin is not as valuable as a white fox skin, but you see, there are few miscellaneous hairs, and it is a complete skin, with shiny fur and no flaws at all. I dare not say anything else, at least for us. This is rare. I won't misrepresent you. You are in business, and you can't make you lose money. You make a price and we will do the deal. If I become greedy, I will just leave. Business will follow. Doing it will not embarrass you."

When Li Ji said this, the shopkeeper secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He was really afraid that Li Ji wanted too much money. If he really made the God of Wealth unhappy, then the road to money would be cut off.

A large amount of leather was imported from Li Ji, and sending it to the top also made him make a lot of money as a shopkeeper. It is a remote place here. Because Li Ji is alone, his performance is better than that of the shopkeeper in the local province.

He was still thinking about asking him to go to the province and start another point to solicit business. He couldn't bear to go. It can be said that he didn't have such a good thing after leaving Li Ji.

"I'm relieved when you say that. How about fifty taels of silver?"

The shopkeeper said that his heart was dripping blood, but in fact, this leather is worth four or two, and it can be taken off in twos and threes. If you meet someone who doesn't know how to do it, it's possible.

But who made Li Ji the God of Wealth? He had to coax his ancestors to be happy before they could really make money.

This number was enough to surprise Li Ji. That time, the red fox's remnant skin only had eight silver coins. How many times did the five taels of silver have doubled.

"Yes, it's the price. You can calculate the amount of silver and give it to me. The weather outside is not good. I have to go to the grocery store to buy two umbrellas. This time I don't have many leathers. I originally wanted to save more money. But recently I want to buy livestock, and I use a lot of money. I will save more money next time and send it to you."

Li Ji drank a cup of tea, and the tea he drank was different every time he came back here, and it tasted better every time. Li Ji is a muddy leg and doesn't know how to taste tea. There is only a difference between good tea and improvised tea. The best tea he has ever drunk is in this leather goods store.

When the silver was counted, it was given to Li Ji. Li Ji's pocket was heavy, and Li Ji himself looked dazzling. There was already a hazy drizzle outside the house, dark clouds in the sky rolled, although no thunder was heard, but looking at the clouds, it was about to rain heavily.

Li Ji tutted twice, put on the clothes, carefully hid the silver in the clothes, and drove the bullock cart back.

The street where the leather goods were first left, and the street where the restaurant arrived, the rain was heavy. Although it was not a pouring rain, it was getting bigger and bigger.

Helpless, Li Ji had no choice but to seek shelter from the rain. The pub where Er Gouzi had dinner with looked quite big last time, and there should be a backyard sheltering the animals from the rain.

Li Ji drove the bullock cart past, and entered the house at the door, and a chariot greeted him.

"Master is here to take shelter from the rain, come in quickly, when it's not hot yet, the rain is also cold. Master, do you drink tea or hot water? The weather is bad, and the hot water here does not cost money. ."

Li Ji's clothes really didn't look like this, and it's no wonder you guys think that Li Ji doesn't look like a payer.

Li Ji didn't care, shaking the rain on his body, and took off the clothes: "This day is enough, just let it go."

Pass the hats and hats to the guy and find a place to sit down.

"It's best to warm the body in cold weather, and I can't drink strong alcohol. Come to a pot that is not easy to intoxicate, and then come with a plate of peanuts to add wine." Li Ji took out a handful of coins from his pocket and put it on the table.

The dude didn't expect to be a master of money, and although the clothes and hats are not decent, the clothes he wears are of good material, and his pockets are bulging, and he is a rich master at first glance.

"Master, wait a minute, and the younger one will prepare it for you." The man is not in a hurry to collect the money, and prepare first.

"Ah, and my cow, find a place to shelter from the rain, feed some things, I went home and pointed at him, the rain road is muddy, there is no bullock cart to go without." Li Ji reminded.

"Master, don't worry, it must be arranged for you." The man turned his head and ordered the back room, and then waited on the first floor for the guests hiding in the rain.

When the wine came up, Li Ji poured a glass and drank it. It was indeed not a strong wine. He walked down the throat into his stomach, and the whole chest was warm.

After drinking the warm wine, it was warm, and the drunkenness went quickly. Li Ji narrowed his eyes contentedly, and threw two peanuts in his mouth.

It's rainy and cold, so a few peanuts in such a pot of warm wine is so enjoyable.

As soon as Li Jijiu drank two glasses, he saw two people sitting across from him. Li Ji raised his head and was taken aback.

In front of you, it is accurate to say that it is standing one by one, and the one who is standing is waiting for the one who is sitting. Both of them are very particular about dressing, especially the sitting one, a long gown that is neatly dressed and well-cut. Li Ji has seen a good thing and recognizes that it is a good material that Li Ji is absolutely reluctant to buy.

This person sat there with a kind of extravagance that was difficult to describe. Li Ji couldn't think of any descriptive words, but when he was a child, he always listened to adults telling words from the city. In this story, the demeaned scholar What kind of temperament is Lang? What kind of temperament is the man in front of him.

Although this man looks at his age, if he is in the village, it is 25 or six, but such a nobleman should be very well maintained, unlike the village who has not eaten good food and suffers hardship so he grows old. This The actual age of a person should be much older than it looks.

Li Ji just glanced at it like this, and felt that he couldn't see it. Speaking of which, he is considered a rich man in the village, and he eats and wears everything well. But put it in the same place as the one in front of you, that is, you can't see the color when you step into the mud.

"Little brother alone?" Li Ji didn't want to speak, the man spoke first.

"Yeah." Li Ji replied, lowering his head and daring not to look at him.

"The weather has been bad since last night. Seeing that the little brother came from the countryside of this county, why did he rush into the city?" The man's voice was very magnetic and it sounded so good. Li Jiguang's ears became hot when he heard the voice.

"I want to buy livestock at home, and I was in a hurry to spend money. I thought I could hold on until I got home, but I didn't want to get it off." Li Ji said truthfully.

The man nodded: "It's better to get off now than on the way back. Seeing that the little brother is well dressed and generous in his shots. If it weren't for watching you drive the ox cart hurried over to hide from the rain, I would never think of you. It's a countryman."

Li Ji raised his eyebrows and didn't immediately answer the conversation. He turned around and said, "It's just that I wear something a little bit like a countryman. It's first born in the soil, and it grows in the soil. It just wears a flower. The heart is still from the village."

It stands to reason that normal people will be a little proud when they hear someone complimenting him that he is not like a countryman, and then ask what is not like him. After living in remote areas for a long time, I have a sense of mystery for the county and even provincial capitals I don't often go to. I always feel that the people in the city are a head taller than the village.

In fact? There are also poor people who starve to death in the city, and there are also rich people in the countryside who are very rich and just take care of their enjoyment. The rest is the difference in perception.

"The little brother doesn't care about it anymore. He is born as a human. There is no difference. The living environment is different and the habits he cultivated are also different. You can't distinguish between high and low because of these." The person laughed.

"You're right, even if you become an emperor, you have to eat and drink Lazar, and you can't take anything away." Li Ji looked up at this strange man and smiled, "If you don't dislike me This wine, how about we drink two glasses."

The man nodded: "It's a great honor."

Xiao Erxin took a wine glass and ordered another plate of beef.

Li Ji ate a piece of fat beef, and I have to say that this shop is really good. No wonder the price is expensive and there are so many customers. The man is comfortable to serve, and the dish is delicious.

"It's always said that people are all the same, and that can only be said at birth. But once you are born, you are put on someone's child, then your identity is different. How can it be fair to be born a human being. Being a male Being a woman and being a woman are two totally unfair ways, whether it is the emperor's son or the son of the common people, and two ways. To be honest, I'm used to saying God's injustice, but I think about it, God. Time is fair."

Li Ji drank two more sips of wine, and there was no Er Gouzi beside him, and there was a person sitting opposite, so he simply opened the chatterbox and started boasting.

The man sitting across from him just thought it was funny, and smiled: "Listen to you, since beating is unfair from birth, there is no need to be compassionate for the sadness of injustice in the world?"

"Sorrowful and compassionate?" Li Jipin said these four words, "This is a good saying! You are a scholar, and opening your mouth is culture. Actually, I had similar thoughts when I was very young. Everyone lives differently. With this time of complaining, why don't you work harder and sullen your head, you can change the current unsatisfactory. It's just that the more you grow up, it feels ridiculous to think about it." Li Ji raised his head and drank a glass of wine.

The man raised his eyebrows and said: "Why do you see it."

"God is a man, no matter how hard you struggle, it's useless. Some people are born with the life of a lone star, so no matter how hard he tries to get close to people, there will be no good results. Some people love another person like nothing Yes, but people don't like it. No matter how hard they work, they are just adding to others. Some people think they care about others and exhaust all their energy. In the end, they can only end up full of complaints and even hatred."

Li Ji's topic is not the same as the one just now. It's a little crazy, but it makes sense.

The man said: "Listening to you, it's better to just follow the trend instead of struggling. Doing nothing is better?"

Li Ji thought about it and shook his head again: "Not at all. There is a way for one person to live. If a beggar is like an emperor, he may also sit in a big position. If the emperor does nothing and let the flow go, he may become a beggar. Those. Always complain that the world is unfair, let them say what? Put the left and right rules there, without the ability to change, just obediently pretend to be grandson and learn to obey, can't stand a hanging rope to hang, except for the sadness of those close to you, but also Who cares."

"After talking so much, do you have any complaints, little brother?" the man asked.

Li Ji thought about it: "I really can't remember when you ask me. There must be complaints, but it didn't take long for me to remember what I was complaining about. It's not that I am boasting, I'm good on this, and it's easy to be content. had only a few copper hungry go to the streets picking up manure farming will be satisfied when, now more Jen thank God the Merciful. I am good for nothing that people do not like to be compared with the people above anything, they have only to remember What. Keep the first, keep it, is the gift of God to me."

After Li Ji finished speaking, he stuffed himself a big bite of beef.

The man was stunned, and finally took a sip of Li Ji's wine: "Unexpectedly, my little brother, you are so open-minded at your young age. Too many disputes in the world stem from insufficient sighs. I always feel that I have been stepped on, and I feel like the world. It's not fair, but when you think about it, they are all the same. They feel like they've been suppressed, so they have to climb up. The people above always feel that someone is harming her, so they are struggling to suppress them. There are constant disputes about right and wrong, so this person This world is so wonderful."

Li Ji chuckled and poured himself a drink: "What are you talking about? The world of good things is about to become a Xiu field. I have a narrow vision and have never seen good things, so ah, I squatted. My little place is good everywhere. Although we are poor, we can live in peace, there are petty thieves, but murder and arson are not seen. The county magistrate is the master of the people, and there is no threat of bandits, and we all live and work in peace, regardless of Isn't it a good thing to be poor or rich and not to die from starvation?"

"If everyone in the world thinks like you little brother, then there won't be so many fights at this time, just for what you said today, come, and I will toast you."

The two picked up their wine glasses and drank them after clinking them.

Li Ji drank and stared at the man boldly. He felt a little familiar, and couldn't remember who it was for a while. He only felt very kind and couldn't help but smile: "It's just a foolish talk. Thanks to the big brother, you show your face. I'm nagging. I don't know who I am when I drink some wine. If you listen to this, forget it, save the next time I meet if I don't drink, I will have a shameless face when you talk about it."

The two looked at each other and smiled, and the man changed his words: "The little brother has been farming in the country?"

Li Ji nodded and said, "I also raised a lot of animals. The eldest nephew in the family loves meat and can eat it. It's not like telling you. It's just a plate of beef. My eldest nephew can eat ten plates after he comes. If you eat, you can raise more at home, rather than less. If you can't eat, you can sell the money, and the leather is more valuable. We both grow and raise the animals, and the days will be more moisturized."

Man: "Do you live with your nephew?"

Li Ji: "Yeah, I'm good at this point. I'm an older generation. I say he is my eldest nephew. In fact, he is two years older than me. The bottom of the family is made by him. We are both orphans. It's good to live together."

"This year, but some are busy." The man sighed.

"It's okay to have a rush of days, eat to be full, and sweat no matter how tired it is." The rain outside became quieter, and Li Ji's face was a little joyful. He is thinking about being a B*tch.

"Then there are no other ideas? For example, if you make money and move to the city, you can even save more money to donate to a small official and become a scholar. I heard that my little brother, you are open-minded and unique, and you might be able to go to officialdom again. Have something to do." The man said.

Li Ji shook his head again and again after hearing this, and said, "Don't make fun of me. I don't know a lot of characters. I don't have the ability to be an official. And I can't save this money. I just can't save it. Lord, how much does it cost. I've filled my pockets with silver and I'll buy everything fresh on the street, not to mention only a few ounces of silver, even if I have ten thousand bucks of wealth, and sometimes I was squandered. I'm a person who lives with the situation, and I'm still a farmer. I don't value scholarships. I have a good life and have a clear conscience. I really don't have any regrets if I leave after a hundred years. It's pretty good."

Li Ji has no thoughts in this aspect at all, and men can't force it.

The two of them drank a pot of wine, and the man put down the glass and said: "We had a very happy conversation with the little brother today, and this wine is also enjoyable. Thank you brother for the wine you invited today. If you change tomorrow, you still have a chance to meet. Next, please have a good meal, little brother, let's continue to enjoy the wine."

After that, the man stood up, and the waiter next to him took a half step back.

Li Ji also stood up, made a not-so-standard compilation, and smiled: "You don't dislike me talking nonsense. If it's a goodbye, let's talk a few more words."

The man speaks sternly, although Li Ji is not vulgar, but he always feels inferior when talking to him. Li Ji didn't think too much. He watched the man waiting for the man to leave with an umbrella, as if something was going on, and he was going back in a hurry.

People just said that and walked away, even Li Ji couldn't remember whether he was in the house or he came in from outside to hide from the rain.

A few chopsticks ate the remaining beef, and I bought five kilograms of beef with my buddy and took it back to Er Gouzi. After paying the bill, I went to see at the door of Li Ji said. The rain was a lot lighter. Row. Li Ji thought about waiting a little longer.

When I went back and sat for a while, I saw the buddy put him a pot of tea again. The tea smelled and it was specially prepared. Although it was a person who didn't understand tea, he could tell that it was a good tea just by smelling it.

"Is it wrong?" Li Ji asked puzzledly.

The smile on the man's face was more enthusiastic than before, and he bowed his waist with a flattering smile: "Why, this is a gift from the shop. I just remembered my bad memory. You have been here before and took care of the shop. For a big deal, can you still get a taste of this tea? How about changing to another pot if you are not satisfied with the smaller one."

Pour Li Ji's tea, Li Ji took a sip, full of fragrant sigh, good tea, better than the tea he drank in the leather shop.

"It's really good tea. I have never seen the world before. Dare to ask what is the name of this tea?"

The man said truthfully: "Master, you are self-effacing. This is Biluochun in Dongting, far away from us. It is normal for you to have never drunk it."

Li Ji also heard the folks at the grain and oil store say the names of tea like Biluochunlongjing, but he didn't understand tea. Drinking tea is for thirst and pleasure. Lai has never cared about the variety. This tea is really delicious. 

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