The next morning, there was a little roe deer weighing more than 20 kilograms at the door, which can be said to be an unexpected surprise.

Knowing that it must have been given by Little Wolf, but this time the gift is too expensive.

Er Gouzi was busy going up the mountain. Li Ji had no choice but to deal with this poor little guy himself. He used to watch Er Gouzi do his hands. Li Ji was at best to help out, because he rejected things like skinning from the bottom of his heart. of.

Exclusion doesn't mean that you can't touch it. Er Gouzi entered the mountain, and Li Ji took a knife and gestured at the little roe deer, which quickly broke apart.

The leather is still damaged, but the damage is not serious. It can be sold for some money, and the meat is picked out. Li Ji is not greedy at all. He puts them all out and stews them in a pot and prepares them to be sent to the wolf.

Little tail saw Li Ji's stewing meat in a pot of animal food, and eagerly circled Li Ji twice. Li Ji thought that Little Tail and the wolf were acquaintances, and when they were cooked, she picked out two pieces of meat for Little Tail.

But is this little tail fatter?

In fact, the food that Little Tail eats is strictly controlled. However, this guy will be sneaky, not only catching bugs and eating it, but also always acting like a baby, getting a piece or two of meat from Li Ji or Er Gouzi as snacks.

The staple food is not much, but the snacks are constant, so the little tail grows bigger and bigger, and it gets longer and fatter.

I went up the mountain with my little tail to give food to the wolves, and took the pots I used for food yesterday to brush and save them for tomorrow.

After all the animals in the house were fed, Li Ji lay on the kang and ate peanuts to pass the time when he had nothing to do.

Li Ji slept unconsciously, and didn't know how long he slept when he woke up. But it certainly won't be long. Li Ji can't sleep when he sees the light, and he can sleep for half an hour during the day.

Sitting up and taking a sip of the cold tea, Li Ji went out again to see if the animals had enough food.

At this time, I heard someone calling him Fourth Uncle Li from far away, and the village called him that his Fourth Uncle had gone to the sea, but most of the people who added the surname were foreign surnames.

Li Ji went out to greet him and saw a woman with a haggard face. She looked familiar, but Li Ji couldn't remember who it was for a while.

"What's wrong? He called me all the way to frighten me."

The woman didn't care about the etiquette, she reached out and grabbed Li Ji's arm: "Sister Li! I ask you, did the one who killed a thousand knives in my family borrow money from you?"

Li Ji was a little confused, thinking that it was Zhao Ergua who borrowed money from him, and it seemed that something happened to the woman's appearance.

Li Jizheng asked, "What's the matter? You speak slowly."

The woman heard the words and her tears fell down: "Sixth Uncle Yo, what kind of evil do you think I am doing! So why don't you go out and get stabbed by someone with a knife and run over by a car? I beat the drums when I walk and fall to death! Tell me, tell me to be fair, I marry into their old Zhao's house, how am I missing? Who mentions me but doesn't say my good? I owe him eight lifetimes Yes, a good day, but he is going to die!"

The voice of this crying speech is not clear. Li Ji can barely distinguish what she said, and then he calmed down and continued to ask: "What's wrong with him? Don't worry, just tell me, if you really did something. I will accompany you to find the village chief if it hurts the world."

The woman was crying anxiously, she almost couldn't get up with her anger, she still said unclearly: "You said he did a bad job, even if he smokes a lot of alcohol, I will recognize it. Why did he play for money! If he loses or loses a mahjong game, I won't say anything. He went to play in the county and lost all his family assets! There is no money in the family, and he pays it back I ran away to get the money from the old man, and took advantage of the two people's absence to steal the old wife's dowry!"

The accent is not the accent or the tune. He listened to confusion intermittently. Li Ji reluctantly sorted it out and asked: "You mean Ergua played money and lost all his family?"

"Isn't it! I said it's the ugliness of the family, but I didn't say anything. I thought I had lost everything and stopped betting. As a result, he ran to you to borrow money. Yesterday he borrowed money and went to the county. It's been tricked, there's not a single word left! Guess how I knew it! That black-hearted beast just wanted to steal my girl to sell money and continue to play!" The more the woman cried, the weaker she was. Sit on the ground, "He is conscientious! How can I live this way! God makes this beast gasp if I don't open my eyes!"

This time there is a good tone and tune, and anyone who pulls the string can sing a paragraph.

The Ergua daughter-in-law cried vividly, and she was really pitiful. Li Ji first let him cry for a while, and when he cried and laughed, Li Ji took a handkerchief out of the house and wiped her tears and nose.

"If we cry enough, let's go to the village chief together. It depends on whether you think about it or not. He can't make him go to jail for playing money, but he can cheat me with money, plus he still steals. The wife's dowry is also a crime. Let's go to the village chief and ask if there is anything else that can be sentenced."

As soon as he heard the sentence, Ergua's wife shivered, and she shouted: "This animal should go to jail and go to jail, God, why didn't he be killed by a thunder! Let him be a widow of a thousand swords. Better than being his wife!"

The scolding in her mouth was unpleasant, but Li Ji understood what she said. She was reluctant to punish the two melons to death.

People are so contradictory. When their emotions reach this point, they often speak in the opposite direction. The more they care, the more absolute they are. But if something really happens to the two melons, the two melon daughters-in-law are the ones who protect me most.

It can't be said that people are obsessed with it. Three children have been born, and the relationship between husband and wife for nearly 20 years has been over. In the village, only a large number of those who died before the age of 20 were caught, and the couple had a prosperous life in the past. People have never fought, and quarrels are in the minority. It can be said that it is a happy family.

What a good day, but Ergua likes to play money?

We can't participate in and understand how other people live and think about their lives.

"Well, let him be treated with money first, so that he can't do money, naturally, he doesn't have to try to make money. If he dares to sell his girlfriend today, he can sell you tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow he will kill and set fire to grab the money. F***. This kind of thing is evil, and he can do anything if he is addicted. Let's let him go to the fence (jail, prison) for a year and a half to be sober and sober." Li Ji thinks about those five Money and money are spoken through gritted teeth.

It is true that Li Ji is not short of money, but it does not mean that he can not take money as money. Every copper plate in his hand was earned by getting up and working hard with Er Gouzi. How could he be reconciled if he was cheated away by someone touching his lips?

And now think about that Ergua really has the ability. When he came to "borrow money," he couldn't see any strangeness. He said that he used to teach his son to go to school. Otherwise, Li Ji would not be so good. cheat.

If these two melons can deceive one person, they can deceive the second and the third. Even if the two melons are caught now, when will the ass debt that I owe be repaid?

Ergua daughter-in-law, a daughter-in-law who has become a family, a daughter-in-law who is about to become a family, and a baby girl who is still in her infant.

It's not an exaggeration to say that this home is ruined in this way.

After hearing what Li Ji said, Ergua's daughter-in-law cried even harder: "Life-killing, what a sin I am doing!"

After tossing for a while, I finally sent Ergua's wife to the village chief. There are a lot of trivial things in the village, all of which were presided over by the village head. The village head just came back today and was shocked to see Ergua's wife crying.

"What's wrong?" the village chief asked.

Li Ji clarified the things before and after, and the village chief screamed angrily.

"Shameless thing, it's a good day, but he is dead!" The village chief thought for a while, then said, "It's a sin to cheat money, and it's a sin to cheat money, but it's really because there are too few people in big jail. There are a lot of money playing tricks on top of the money, and it is calculated that Ergua's lost money is still a small number, and it is not his turn to go to squatting. If you want to make him safe, you must either tie it up or put him in jail directly for the head of the prison. To discipline."

The Ergua daughter-in-law was more emotionally stable at this time, and she cried with tears in her eyes: "I have to say something else now, and I can't take care of it. Anyway, I can stop this killer! I let my son get tied up first. If I let it go out again, and then I'll cause famine to play money for me, let us live it!"

He was originally a poor man. He has been looking at Ben forty, and has not been alive for many years. I thought I was guarding a girl, and I could enjoy the blessing when I grow old. How could I want to have such a change?

"Then find two lads and throw him in the ancestral hall. Let's continue to discuss whether it is easy to send it to the officer or lock it up by ourselves. Let's lock it by ourselves and take care of the food by ourselves. We can't be wronged, just because we are afraid that a villager will see him. I'm relieved and let go. There is no such thing as money tricks in the village. Playing mahjong can also win or lose, but no one has been as evil as him. Maybe it's just a moment of brain fever. Let him calm down." Li Ji said.

The village head nodded: "What you said makes sense. At least let him calm down. If you run away and can't borrow money to steal it, it's possible. I'll arrange this. Ergua's wife, you stay here first. Xiaoji will make arrangements."

Li Ji shook his head and said, "I won't go anymore. Er Gouzi will go up the mountain. I don't know when I will come home and cannot leave. If there is any need for someone to come over and call me, it will do."

Li Ji didn't want to go and couldn't force it. The village head nodded and followed Ergua's wife to send Li Ji out.

When Li Ji walked back, his head was very messy. He really felt sorry for the five silver coins. Normal people worked hard for a month and two or three silver dollars per month. Ordinary people only have these silver coins for the whole year. Not many.

The money to buy fine rice grains would still be enough for him and Er Gouzi to eat for two months, so he was fooled by Ergua's mouthful.

Although the money was borrowed, it's impossible to return the money. Given the current situation of Ergua's daughter-in-law, I'm afraid the family won't be able to get out a few dollars, so that Ergua's daughter-in-law's dowry can be stolen. Even stealing her own daughter to sell it, that means there is really no money in the family.

Thinking this way, Li Ji felt even more distressed. I don't dare to borrow money like this in the future, and whoever borrows money in the future will push those who can push, and the two dollars that can't be pushed are capped. Most people don't have any big expenses. The biggest expense is to marry a daughter-in-law. But marrying a daughter-in-law for three silver coins is a good face for the daughter-in-law. There are also couples who have a good relationship and want more than ten coins as a gift.

Thinking so wildly, Li Ji played with Xiaowei and the two squirrels for a while when he went home, and then went to the kang to be lazy for a while, and it was almost noon, and went to cook under the kang.

Li Ji still has to think about how to tell Er Gouzi about this matter. Er Gouzi shouldn't know what to say about playing money. If he knows that the money can't be returned, he doesn't know how he reacted.

Er Gouzi is too easy to talk. What Li Ji said is a profound lesson. After that, the money in his pocket must be bitten to death. No one should think of taking advantage of the hard-earned money.

Li Ji was just thinking about it when he was upset. After he finished the meal, Li Ji squatted in the yard to see if the weeds had sprouted, so he reached out and pulled it out. The yard is large, so did Li Ji and Er Gouzi spend money on farming? Don't plan carefully, and grow everything piece by piece. Last year, Li Ji tried to make kimchi by himself, but the result was not very good. The only thing that I can tell is that the radishes look a little bit different this year. This year, I have grown a little bit of radishes. Try more.

Taotao squatted on Li Ji's shoulders, her two claws grabbed a peanut to eat Zhengxiang, and suddenly raised her head, the little tail lying prone at the door stood up, and the looseness lying on it fell to the ground.

Little tail wagging his tail jumped up and ran to the door.

Just looking at the performance of Little Tail, you know that Er Gouzi is back. Li Ji hurriedly got up, Taotao saw Songsong's lesson, dropped the peanuts, grabbed Li Ji's hair and stabilized his body, sat on Li Ji's shoulders and followed him out to meet the Er Gouzi.

Seeing the red on Er Gouzi's shoulder from a long distance, Li Ji was startled, thinking that Er Gouzi was injured, he hurriedly walked two steps to meet him.

When he got closer, he saw that it was not blood but the color of the prey's fur. Li Ji was stunned, and then he reacted: "I hit the fox!"

Er Gouzi nodded: "I didn't find the white fox, I only saw this. It's very smart, and I caught it for a long time."

At this time the fox has died, and the skin is very intact and not broken. There is blood flowing out of the nose, which seems to be choked or crushed to death. If the skin is complete, it can be sold for a good price.

He took the fox from Er Gouzi, which was quite heavy. Li Ji smiled from ear to ear, and pulled Er Gouzi and kissed Er Gouzi's forehead: "You are too good, and you will come back after you go up the mountain and get a good skin."

The kiss made Er Gouzi's tail almost up, and happiness bubbling straight. It's not in vain that he has been so hard chasing foxes all over the mountain, and it's too good for Nima.

Li Ji is in a good mood, and Er Gouzi is in a better mood. When the two go home together, they will have a meal first, and then they will peel the fox.

During the meal, Li Ji was still considering how to tell Er Gouzi that being deceived was actually quite shameful, and it was a full five bucks.

"Er Gouzi, tell you something, this matter is actually half resolved, but we are a couple, even if we don't understand this matter, I have to tell you." Li Ji added a piece of meat to Er Gouzi.

"You said." Er Gouzi directly opened his mouth and put the meat sent by Li Ji into his mouth.

Li Ji watched Er Gouzi chew the meat and swallowed it, then sorted out his vocabulary and said: "Did the old Zhao's Ergua come to borrow money yesterday? I said it was for the child to study. I only learned today that he was lying. Also. I don't know what's going on. He's addicted to money-playing. He came to borrow money for money-playing. I don't know if you can understand the matter of money-playing. It was originally a delightful thing, but some people believe it to play. Can make a fortune."

Speaking of this, Li Ji sighed heavily: "I'm afraid we won't get the money back, and it's not easy to ask for it. This Zhao Ergua is under control, but the money is gone, and this will be Ergua daughter-in-law. To live alone with one child and one child, Zhao Ergua's money would have been lost in the family's life. Whether there is food or not, we have to leave a way for others to survive."

Er Gouzi didn't understand Li Ji's words very much. Seeing Li Ji's serious tone, he couldn't help being more serious: "I really don't understand, you just need to understand it. It's up to you to deal with it in the future."

Only when Er Gouzi said so, Li Ji's heart was full of touch: "I also know that you don't like to participate in this kind of thing, even if it is all I decide, I will tell you. Most of our family's You make all the silver, and we are still a couple, we will discuss everything."

After eating, Er Gouzi sat on the bench in the yard and skinned the fox. The red fox is red on the back, and the rest is white. It doesn't look like any miscellaneous fur, and the coat is bright. It can be sold at a good price.

A piece of leather was pulled down and tanned to prevent it from becoming hard. While drying the leather, Li Ji watched the clouds gather in the sky, mumbling and wondering if it could be done tomorrow.

Tomorrow Li Ji will go to the county to buy leathers, sell more leathers, and buy more cattle.

In the evening, the half-dry leather was taken back. Sure enough, soon after dark, I heard the sound of rain outside.

At this time, Li Ji was being held in his arms by Er Gouzi to take advantage. Li Ji supported Er Gouzi's head to temporarily stop him from moving: "Tomorrow I go to the county if it rains and I can't come back, I will live in the county for one night. I will come back as soon as possible if I can."

Er Gouzi held Li Ji's hands tightly, and couldn't take advantage of it anymore: "No."

"Don't worry, you take good care of your home at home. The weather has not been very good recently. We are eager to buy cattle again. The decent cattle will be picked out at night. If we want to buy them, we will not be able to buy them. The money in our hands is Quite a lot, but if you buy more animals, there will be nothing left in the house. Only after changing the money can we buy whatever we want." Li Ji kissed Er Gouzi's chin.

"Go together." Er Gouzi demanded.

"No, our family is no better than before. It used to be poor. Other families don't know how much money our family has, but now it's different. Our house is such a big house and we have so many animals, even if we don't steal it. Money, the two animals are distressed enough to go along, we must keep a person. The leather must be sold as soon as possible, and the family cannot lack people. You really don't worry, I will bring the little tail. If I can come back tomorrow, I will come back as soon as possible. Don't worry if you can't come back. I have money in my pocket. I can choose a good inn and sleep beautifully. There is nothing wrong."

It is difficult to guarantee the rain at this time, if it is really possible in the next day or two. But I was anxious to sell my skins, unless I couldn't get out of the house because of the heavy rain tomorrow morning, or else the matter of making money would not be delayed.

"Then I will go." Er Gouzi said. He has experienced no matter how bad the environment is in the mountains, not to mention heavy rains, even mudslides, he can still go home, but Li Ji's thin arms and legs can't do it, and a little rain is enough for Ergou. I feel distressed.

"You don't understand the price. The shopkeeper of the leather goods store is like a person, especially the fox skin. I can look at his face and talk about the price. It's a pity that we have a fight with Gao Liehu, otherwise we can let him Help ask the price."

Speaking of Gao Liehu, Li Ji disliked the fact that the white fox fur was almost deceived by Gao Liehu. Fortunately, Li Ji's generation was pressured, otherwise things would be possible.

There are high hunters in the front and two melons in the back. Thanks to Li Ji's self-proclaimed cleverness, it is really not a disadvantage to think about it this way.

"We're not bad money, we don't check how much." Er Gouzi turned over and pressed Li Ji's body directly, "I don't want to be separated from you, let alone sleep without you at night."

When Da Er Gouzi came down from the mountain, the two of them slept together at night. Except for Li Ji who lost his way up the mountain last year and lost a day and a night, the two slept together at night no matter how they divided the work during the day.

I've been accustomed to the other party's existence for so long, and no one can do without anyone.

Li Ji touched Er Gouzi's head: "Then I promise you that I'm sure I'll be back the same day? The Zhao Ergua matter is still waiting to be resolved. I will go to the county to sell leather. If someone finds me, there must be someone at home. They have told you something, you can tell me when I come back."

After repeated persuasion, Er Gouzi directly turned worry into motivation, and stopped talking and concentrating on tossing Li Ji.

When Li Ji got up the next morning, he only felt sore in his waist. He squinted at Er Gouzi who was full and drunk. He secretly decided not to let him do it for the next seven days.

With a sore waist, he lay on the bed comfortably and let Er Gouzi wait for him to eat breakfast. When he finished eating, Li Ji stretched out, put on clothes and tidied his skin, and made the bullock cart ready for departure.

Er Gouzi who was delivered to the door didn't give up and asked, "Aren't you tired? Or tomorrow."

Li Ji knocked Er Gouzi on the top of the head with his cattle whip: "You can do it, don't make trouble. I didn't think you were like this when you went up the mountain. I just went to the city. You learn a little better. Today is at home. You don't have to join in anybody, just tell them that you can wait until I come back, and then you can tell me when I come back, listen?"

Er Gouzi nodded, then watched Li Ji go out.

Before, Li Ji went to the village alone, such as the last time he paid taxes. It's just that the weather is bad now, and Li Ji also sounded the alarm and said that he might not come home at night. This is the reason why Er Gouzi is worried.

Li Ji deliberately brought her clothes, if it rains, she won't be drenched. I don't have an umbrella at home. The reason is that there was not much rain last year. I didn't feel anything when it rained on me. I didn't go out in heavy rain. I didn't use my clothes much. Although there is no shortage of anything at home now, the two of them have only one suit.

It seems that this time I go to the county to buy two new clothes and two more umbrellas. There is no shortage of silver at home. If you have the conditions, don't lack the things you need. It's better to leave it alone than when you don't need it.

It rained last night, the ground was a bit muddy, the clouds in the sky have not cleared, and it will rain today, I really can't tell. 

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