"I just stood firm, and it's too early to leave before I reach one year old. I babble all day long and I don't know what I'm talking about. I heard from the people in my room that girls should be squeamish and raise them well, but I didn't watch them. What happened? My wife and children are all around Sanya, so they don't see me."

After Er Gua finished speaking, he turned around and said, "It's better to speak of my uncle. My family is full of ghosts and howling. I don't know how long I haven't had a good night's sleep. Many girls are spoiled by my family. I feel sorry that those two copper plates have to be trained, don't mention it."

Li Ji didn't hear him right, so he didn't rush to continue. Er Gouzi came in with the teapot and poured the tea separately. Er Gouzi doesn't like to join in the fun, so most of the family members are hiding in the kitchen. It just so happened that the chicken hadn't been chopped yet, so Er Gouzi went to the kitchen to chop the chicken after pouring the tea.

Li Ji blew the tea mozi in the tea bowl, and did not rush to answer. Er Gua waited for a while to see Li Ji's thoughts about not going on with the conversation, and felt a little anxious, so he had to continue by himself.

"I've been worth it all my life. The eldest son is pregnant with his married daughter-in-law, and I don't want to be a grandfather. It's just that you've seen the second child in my family. You've been smart when you were young. He would listen to the children's fashionable rhymes twice. A few years ago, it was really difficult at home. Now that Sanya is born, I pay less attention to my second child. I'm really afraid that I'm sorry for my second son, just thinking about it. It's easier to send him to study in the county, not to mention his fame or something. After recognizing two characters, it's easier to go to a restaurant in the county to be a running hall. It's better than working hard in the village."

Speaking of this, Li Ji can be considered to understand the meaning of the two melons. There is really no talent in the village. After more than ten years of study, I can stand up one or two. Those are the only sons in the family. They are the only sons of the family who squeeze a copper plate from the gap between their teeth and send them to study.

There are 47 scholars left in the village now. They are sick and cannot survive for a few years. Although they have no fame, they are also called a scholar. Now whoever has a child will take the time to ask for a word. The nice names in the village are basically from him, which is why there are few crooked names in the village, unlike the outer village where there are three children who call dogs and two call dogs.

"Reading is a good thing." Li Ji finally put down the tea bowl that had been blowing for a long time. Li Ji just wanted to read but had no conditions.

Li Ji is more careful than others, and he is also smarter. Many people say that Li Ji is a talented seedling, and it is a pity not to study.

Li Ji's father also thought about it, but the house is really poor, but every time there are two copper plates for father to get medicine, it is difficult for him to pay for the money if the eldest brother has a wife and children, just like that until Li Ji Dad went, and Li Ji didn't study a word for a day.

Nowadays, Li Ji has no shortage of talents, and has no obsession with going to school, so he can't go to school now, but when he is fine, he will not have the opportunity when he was a child, or maybe he can really get a fame now.

Now it's useless to say more. But Er Gua really got the point when he said this. If it was something that came to borrow money from the side, Li Ji had a haha ​​and let it go. If it was something like studying for a child, Li Ji really supported it.

Li Ji finally spoke, and Er Gua smiled deeper, and said, "This is the truth. If the second child doesn't say it, he will study for a year or a half. Reading a few books will be able to stand firm in the city. We can also enjoy the blessings of scholars, and we can also benefit from it, right? That's the tuition…"

"Mr. Bai has to prepare for a teacher apprenticeship, and tuition is another algorithm. You only need money to enter the school before and after." Li Ji calculated, "You can tell me how bad you are."

Ergua immediately stood up excitedly: "You know that the family just gave birth last year, plus the first two years of marriage, the family's savings have been taken out, there is really no money on hand, this field has just been planted. Come on, there is no other account at home. This apprenticeship is a worry, otherwise, I won't come over here with a cheek."

Li Ji nodded and waited for Ergua's following.

After the previous bottom was completed, Er Gua continued: "This apprenticeship has to buy a good thing for a penny. The tuition fee is more expensive for the first two months, three pennies a month, and a penny for the next year. Two cents a month, a little bit later, three cents in the second year, three and a half cents in the fourth year…If you count this, you will need one, two, six cents in the first year, and you can get more than two thousand in exchange for copper plates . I deliberately sent him to study, but I couldn't get the money, so I came over and begged your uncle."

It's really nothing to put one or two silver dollars in Li Ji here. Kill a few more rabbits and you can change it to an ordinary person. That really means all the income in one or two years. The family still has to eat, which is always a little costly, and all the money that is impossible to earn will be used for the children to study. After reading and literacy, I don't know if it will be really useful.

"It's really a lot." Li Ji nodded.

When it comes to this, Ergua puts his heart down, listening to Li Ji's words, this matter is almost impossible.

"I just thought about getting two taels of silver from you from your fourth uncle. In the next two or three years, the family will live in a tight life and then they will be paid. The second child will be an older child after studying for a year, and he will be sent to the city. Anyway, I am worthy of treating my children in my whole life."

These words are profound and meaningful, and anyone will be moved when they hear it. Li Ji nodded. It's good for Ergua to have this heart. The village's attitude towards reading is like touching the stars in the sky, and I think it's a qualification for rich people. Can Xiao want to read and read?

"It's a good thing for a child to study. Let's forget about it. I don't want to delay this matter. I have some spare money at home, but I have to buy livestock when I look at it. It's when I use money. Er Gouzi can eat meat. The silver can't be short of his. Let's do this, I'll pay you five silvers first. You send your second child into the school first. If you don't have enough silver in the future, please come and get it. There hasn't been a talent in our village for so many years. I will lend you a confession that I also have light on my face."

Two taels of silver is a large sum. If it is someone close to the family, Li Ji will directly take it out, but he is really unfamiliar with Ergua. After a long time without contact, he just borrows money, which makes Li Ji feel uncomfortable.

However, since it is for the children to study, the money still needs to be borrowed. It's just that you can't borrow more. If it's not enough in the future, you can't borrow it all at once.

Li Ji was a little caught off guard when he said that Ergua, his eyes flashed, and he wanted to talk about it again, but he felt it was wrong, nodded hesitantly, and said two words of thanks.

Li Ji gave a lot of money. Although the photo is much less than what Ergua proposed, it is no problem to send people into the school with the money right now.

And if the two melons are honest and willing to work, take advantage of the slack time to find a job outside, it is not difficult to feed his wife and children and to support his son in school. The three girls on the left and right are still young, and it is not time to spend money.

Even if it is really difficult in the future, it is easy to come to Li Ji for money.

Li Ji counted out the silver. It was two small silver bumps and some copper plates: "These are five silver coins. You can count them. Although it's not much, I will take the child to go there first. I will have no money in my house after a few days. It's so tight, I'll get you more."

Er Gua carefully counted the silver and stuffed it into his sleeve, thanked Li Ji again and again, and went back home.

Ergua's child is not young anymore. In fact, it's really late to go to school, but it's a good thing to have the opportunity to read.

He came this time and made Li Ji notice this. There is no child to go to school because he can't afford the tuition. Li Ji is also over the age of school. He is destined to have no children. The family has the money. It is not difficult to say that two children who go to school are not difficult, not to mention the admission. What fame is that it's good for him to help him manage the accounts in the last year or two, so that in the future, the family's livestock will be expanded to raise more, so that it will not be too costly to be overwhelmed by the price.

Li Ji has no children, but there are some grandchildren left behind by his eldest brother's family. There are six of Li Ji's own nephews and only two of the right age. If Li Ji has spare money in his hands, it would be nice to send them to study.

Thinking about this, Li Ji walked out of the house to the kitchen to discuss with Er Gouzi.

If Li Ji doesn't know one big character, Er Gouzi doesn't know what a character is. Li Ji just asks, Er Gouzi just nods.

Although knowing that Er Gouzi would never refuse any request from him, Li Ji should still ask. The two are husbands and husbands, but they should let each other know everything.

With this idea in mind, he stewed the chicken and let Er Gouzi watch the fire. When it was almost time to put the potatoes, he packed up and went straight to the village to find his nephew.

The eldest brother left a few sons and daughters, and the elder nephew and the second nephew who are closer to Li Ji. Li Jin is his second nephew, the father of Xiao Tudou. The eldest nephew is not very good recently, so he often gives gifts during the holidays, but his wife and children do it for him.

The eldest nephew has three sons. The eldest is married, the second is old, and the third is only nine years old this year. It is just right to go to school. There was a child in front of Li Jin's house who didn't take care of him. Later, the Xiao Tudou hurt like eyeballs. It's twelfth or thirteenth this year, and it's late, but it's really possible to go to school.

Li Jin's house is close to Li Ji's first arrival. Li Ji rarely goes out, and rarely visits his nephew's house. In fact, it stands to reason that Li Ji's father did not get early and his brother also went. Before remarrying, he should go to his nephew's house and let the nephew raise a family until he becomes a family. It's just that Li Ji is hard-spirited and doesn't want to cause trouble or send someone under the fence. I was alone when I was a child.

"Fourth Uncle? Why did you think about it." Erying, who was washing her hands in the yard after finishing her work, saw that she wiped the water on her hands first.

"If you want to start something, come over and discuss it, how about Xiaotudou and Yingzi?" Li Ji walked in.

Erying opened the door for Li Ji and invited Li Ji in: "I went up the mountain to dig wild vegetables. Didn't the mother-in-law Ding (dandelion) grow out? The two of them wanted to eat this bite, so I found a broken sickle and a shovel head. Let them carry the basket up the mountain to dig by themselves."

Erying poured a bowl of boiled water for Li Ji: "I don't have any hot water in my house. I'll cook it later."

"It's not an outsider who needs trouble. Why didn't you see Li Jin?" Sitting firmly on the kang, Li Ji saw no one in the room.

"You know the broken fence in my house. It broke when it rained a few days ago. For Zhengxiu, you sit down first, and I'll call people."

Erying went out to call for Li Jin, and Li Ji began to look inside the room.

To be honest, everyone in the village is in poor condition. It's still the same sentence. The conditions are similar. The head of the house is not decent. It depends on the women's hard work. Li Jin's house is very clean and the closet is shiny, but it's still I can see the pattern engraved by the kid naughty above.

When we get married and separate families, the elderly will always give to the older ones, so when Li Jin got married, there was really nothing left. This wardrobe was married to Erying's family, and it was the most decent furniture in Li Jin's house.

The eaves of the sitting kang dropped a few pieces, and it was pitted. The straw mat on the kang was still soft when sitting on it.

Looking at this circle, Li Ji feels a little sad. There is no shortage of all kinds of furniture in his house, and they are all made of good wood. The kang is cushioned with bamboo mats bought in the city. It is cool in summer and will not be too hot if it burns a lot in winter. It is always on the side of the kang. The cushion is very comfortable to sit on.

In fact, Li Ji's original family photo is not as good as Li Jin's family. It is the blessing of Er Gouzi to live in a good house.

It's just that Li Jin's family is not having an easy life, but Li Ji can't directly take money to help. Otherwise, if one has one, it won't be justified if the next one is not given. Even if people don't come to ask for money, they can't afford to come to borrow money.

All the money is given to others for nothing, and it is impossible not to even lend it to others. And whether the loan is still repaid, that is, the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom.

Li Ji sat on the edge of the kang leaning against the wall thinking about something, and Erying had already brought Li Jin over.

"Four uncle." Seeing Li Ji yelled, Li Ji smiled and nodded at him.

"You are also busy here, so I'll just say anything straight. The first two melons in the village went to me to borrow money and said that they wanted to support their children to study. As soon as I heard it was a good thing, I gave him five dollars. Wait for him. As soon as I left, I thought it was a good thing for children to study. When we were young, we suffered from a loss of money, and we didn't know a few big characters, so we turned around in the village."

Li Jin raised his eyebrows when he was studying: "Sixth Uncle, what do you mean…"

"I want to study for Xiao Tudou." Li Ji said straightforwardly, "Although our Xiao Tudou is late for studying, it is too late. There is also the old bumps in your brother's house. Send it to read and read, not to mention the test. It's good to learn a few more words to help us settle the accounts. Our old Li's family is also prosperous, and there are two scholars, so it's nice to say it out."

Li Jin was still thinking, and Erying spoke first: "It's good to dare to be sentimental. If there is a talent in our family, it is also a good thing to smoke on the ancestral grave. Jin Jin and I are poor at home and don't have the ability to provide Xiao Tudou. Fourth Uncle, if you are interested, that is the blessing he cultivated in his last life."

Li Jin shouted in a low voice: "What do you know, rush forward when you see a good one, and don't see if the potato is that piece of material."

Erying immediately retorted: "It's not that piece of material, you are? Our Xiao Tudou are a little harder, but when he is naughty, his brain is so good? If he is allowed to take his heart and study hard, maybe he can really give us a test. When a talent comes down, he will be the top scholar in our village. I think who in the village dares to say that our son is not good."

"Why don't you just say that you are short-sighted, and think about everything better. Naughty is changed back a day or two? I also said that you shouldn't save a piece of tableware for washing, have you changed it?" Li Jin said.

"Does that count as one thing? How can there be children who didn't do it when they were young? Amoy is also good, and other people can't make so many tricks for Xiao Tudou." Erying snorted coldly.

"I think my son is spoiled by you." Li Jin said.

The two of you are about to quarrel with each other. Li Ji quickly stopped the conversation between the two of them, and said: "Don't make a noise in front of me. If you don't know, you think I'm here to provoke you two. Actually. It's not a big thing, and it's not a small thing. Xiaojin, it's normal for you to worry about it, but it's good for us to try, in case Xiao Tudou are the material . There is always no harm in literacy. Let's let him recite for a year first. Books, if you learn well and continue to learn, if you don't learn well and go home to help me, I can't lose my nephew and grandson."

Erying stabbed Li Jin: "Look at what your uncle said, our son is not crooked, no matter how naughty he is not to the point of murder and arson, maybe he will be taught by his husband and he will learn well. Even if I recognize a few words and go to school and go back to the village, it means paying money. It saves me from going out and listening to others mumbling about my children. I am embarrassed to open my mouth, making it seem like everyone else is a good boy.

After hearing the words of the two, Li Jin also hesitated. What the two said is reasonable, that is, Li Jin is afraid of wasting Li Ji's silver. Don't spend the money at that time. If the Xiao Tudou is unwilling to twist it, it will betray Li Ji's kindness.

Li Ji is not short of money, his life is prosperous and luxurious, but that is also his family. In the past, when Li Ji was not easy, he didn't see how his family could help. Now that people are living a good life, we can't take them as the heads, right?

"Fourth Uncle, if you are fancy Xiao Tudou, that is the blessing of Xiao Tudou, you pay for it, and after that, if you don't complete your studies, Xiao Tudou will serve you as your grandfather. But I have to talk more about it. In a word, this Xiao Tudou is really used to look different by the two of us. It's really hard to say what will happen after school."

"It's a good thing that you can think like this." Li Ji nodded and smiled, "No matter what you have learned, even if you grow up with Xiao Tudou, you can have no regrets. How many people miss school without that condition, when he was a child It is also good for the future to be able to recognize a husband in the school."

Li Jixian left them five silver coins so that they could find a gentleman in the county. In fact, there is only one school in the county, which was opened by a talent in his forties.

Turning his head, Li Ji went to his eldest nephew's house again, said the same thing again, and took out five silver coins. This day, he fled out one or two five silver coins, and he didn't catch anything in his hands.

But Li Ji's mood is very good. If two talents come out, even if Li Ji stays with a man for a lifetime, does not marry a woman or have children, and faces the ancestors of the old Li family underground, he will have an explanation.

Li Ji didn't think it was a sin to like men, but it was really intolerable in the world. Li Ji has the courage to face it, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care at all.

When I returned home, I could smell the scent of stewed chicken before entering the yard. Li Ji sucked his nose vigorously. Now if he is asked to go to school, he will not go. It is better to live with Er Gouzi at home than anything else.

The most important thing now is to earn more money. If you earn more money, you will not be afraid of old age. When you are old, the two will support each other and hire two trusted long-term workers to help you spend your old age. This life is not in vain.

The more he thought about the more beautiful, Li Ji hummed an untuned song into the yard, and Er Gouzi's food was ready. It was getting dark outside, so I ate the meal as soon as it was dawn.

"Tomorrow you go up the mountain and I will look after the house, and the day after tomorrow I will go to the city to sell skins and you will look after the house, and the work on the left and right fields is finished. Now the animals at home have less work and less work."

Now that the male and female rabbits are separated, I plan to breed in large numbers and make more money. Now I can't bear to eat the eggs. After saving a litter, I find a hen to lay it on. If there are more hens incubating, fewer eggs are laid. During the New Year, I can still collect 20 eggs a day. Now there are only five or six in a day. In three or five days, I can save a litter, and there will be one less hen that can lay eggs.

It is reasonable to say that eggs at this time are the most valuable, because last year there were few livestock raised during the drought, and there were few that could eat meat this year, let alone laying eggs.

But Li Ji was in a hurry to hatch the eggs, so he could only put them aside first, and wait for the chicken cubs to hatch, and then they would be able to resume laying eggs.

Li Ji's recent headache is this chicken boy. Do you want to sell ass? Whether it is in the village, the township, or even the county, there are many people without chickens, and even more people want to raise chickens.

Selling chicken cubs or hatchable eggs must sell well, because no one is following them, and they can still sell for a good price. But if it is sold, every household has raised chickens, and eggs have been laid in more than half a year, and their own meat and eggs will not be able to sell.

Last year's rabbit meat was so good, mainly because they didn't have chicken or eggs to eat. If they don't have any shortage this year, and they buy breeding eggs or chicken cubs, they will probably suppress their desire for meat in the past few months. Waiting for my family to grow up.

This idea of ​​Li Ji is really selfish, but if you want to make money, you have to think more for yourself.

Last year, someone came over to buy the cubs, but Li Ji didn't sell them. They sold all killed rabbits, not even the rabbit skins.

A complete rabbit skin is valuable, and the one with less miscellaneous hair is more valuable. The value of rabbit skin is now more valuable than rabbit meat.

Li Ji used lettuce and fried meat with cowpea, then a potato full of chicken gravy, and a bit of rice. He wrapped a bite and stuffed it in his mouth, chewing a mouthful of food. The deliciousness and satisfaction coexist.

Er Gouzi watched him eat like this, and followed his lessons. As a result, the two of them looked like two big squirrels. They looked at each other and found each other to be very funny.

Regardless of him, the chicken cubs haven't hatched yet, so it's not too late for the chicken cubs to hatch.

Taotao and Songsong have been running into the mountains recently, and they have become more and more wild. Li Ji always feels that they will leave completely one day. Although they have been mentally prepared since the day they were raised, now it seems that they are really uncomfortable. 

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