A few days later, when the family killed pigs, Li Ji didn't know how to get blood, so he asked the old man in the village to come and get blood sausage or something, and he would be given two catties of meat as a reward.

This can be said to be a pie that fell from the sky.

It took two hours to disassemble a fat pig. At this time, there are three pigs left in the house, two males and one female. If one male and one female are left as breeding pigs, one pig will definitely not be enough to eat. I have to buy a few more piglets. The family consumes a lot of meat, and Li Ji can't eat much. The key is that Er Gouzi eats a lot.

After being in the village for a year, Er Gouzi is still good at eating meat. Although he can eat some vegetarian dishes, he is far from eating as much meat. Every time I saw Er Gouzi eating meat, Li Ji couldn't help but envy him for having such a good stomach. If Li Ji had eaten so much meat, it would definitely be bad for his stomach.

There are only two sauerkraut in the house, and we will have to wait for the coming year before we eat it. It happened to be stewed with sauerkraut with blood sausage, and a handful of vermicelli was added, and it was a great meal.

After lunch, Li Ji worked hard all afternoon to marinate the pork leg into ham. I did it twice before, and the effect was not bad. Now I have pork leg at home and eat it closely with ham, that is, the pork front leg is less meat and it will be stewed. Sauce pork knuckle to relieve gluttons.

In the whole village, the only person who can smell the smell of meat from time to time is Li Ji. Generally, people eat meat twice a month, and even the rich and the rich in the village, if anyone with a girl has heard of it The young man can raise a few more chickens at home, and the ones who buy fewer eggs, are the first to consider marrying a girl.

Li Ji has a prosperous life here, and many people are itchy. But these two are difficult to win, so don't talk about Er Gouzi. Before the old man went out in person, he did not say to Er Gouzi that he was married. If others want to say a kiss, they have to weigh themselves. Li Ji has another gram. His wife's reputation, and it's said to have noses and eyes, even those who are greedy, are unwilling to let their daughters go to death.

And even if you really don't care about your daughters and want to stick to Li Ji's family money to help your son, you don't dare to come to the door on the cusp of this kind of turmoil, you really dare to be drowned by the spitting stars in the village like that.

The last time it rained for three days in a row, and a hoe went down to see the dry soil, which meant that the land had been watered through. This is a good thing for the villagers.

It's not yet time to plant the land, but it's nice to see that the land is not short of water. This water will not be easily lost when it seeps into the ground. Even if it doesn't rain in the future, the seedlings will be able to come out.

The stream was muddy for a few days, and gradually cleared, and the water was getting bigger and bigger. The villagers couldn't wait to fetch water. Some people didn't wash their clothes for half a year, so they just took advantage of it now.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi finally took the shower as they wished. They had to wash their own separates, but as soon as Li Ji entered the tub to heat up, Er Gouzi stripped naked and got in.

When it came out, there was a half of the water in the tub, because Li Ji and Er Gouzi knew everything.

The rain problem was solved, and Li Ji took Er Gouzi to open up a wasteland close to the mountain. In fact, there have been a lot of wasteland areas recently, because there are more and more people in the village, so more land is needed for rations.

This land is handed down from generation to generation. According to general family rules, the land is divided among the sons when people die. If there is no son or daughter to marry, the land is returned to the clan, and then the clan decides whom to distribute the land to.

However, the concept of the clan in the village is not particularly strong. They all respect the village chief. Therefore, every family member who has no land will return to the village, and there is still a common land in the village. When the villagers are busy with their own land, they will take turns to fight. Of course, when the time comes, the money is collected and sold, and the money is regarded as the village's private treasury.

Because sometimes the silver distributed by the court to the village may be deducted by the superiors. The villagers need silver for everything they want to do, and they can only earn it by themselves.

If there is an old man living alone in the village who gets sick or something, the medicine will be paid from the village, and if there is no food, the village will give it. The money and food are all on the public land in the village.

However, if a new boy is born, it is necessary to divide the land when he is two years old and not die. It depends on the amount of land in the village. The girl has to wait for the marriage, the husband's village or the clan to divide the land, and before the marriage There is no.

This privately reclaimed land belongs to oneself, and if it is a person who does not inherit after death, it belongs to the village.

Li Ji taught Er Gouzi how to deal with the wasteland when he was building the yard of the new house before, so this time there is no need for Li Ji to say anything, he can do it himself by giving him a pickaxe.

Remove the weeds, carefully pick out the stones, and mix them with the reconstituted manure and put them on for a few days, then you can sow.

When it's time to plant seeds, and the cuckoo (cuckoo) hasn't called, don't worry about planting.

Both young men and young men are young and powerful. Li Qiao'er has passed the winter and is the most leisurely when he is not busy with the farming. At noon, he will help prepare meals for the two of them.

It happened that the two of them got up early and worked greedy for the dark. After finishing their work, they usually want to lie down on the kang and can't get up. Li Qiao'er helped a lot with cooking.

This year Li Qiaoer is seventeen, and now there are only one or two of the same age in the village. In fact, the average age of marriage of the girls in the village is considered to be quite old. They are all married after the 14th Five-Year Plan, and there are 12 to 30 married women in the nearby villages.

In line with the principle that good people will be picked out when they get married late, they will go out at the age of marriage.

After this year, Li Qiaoer gets along well with Li Ji's family. In Li Shuisheng's eyes, the better Li Qiaoer gets along with Li Ji, the higher her bargaining chip to marry.

So Li Shuisheng is not worthy of Li Qiao'er now, and anyone in the family who is not rich with Li Ji feels unworthy of Li Qiao'er. But if there is Li Ji with money in his family, then he can only go to the city to find wealthy businessmen, but where can people look at Li Qiao'er?

The taste of Li Qiaoer's cooking is different from that of Li Ji and Er Gouzi. Of course, the taste is delicious, but the two still like their own food.

Li Qiao'er came over to deliver the meal, always chatting a few more words, unknowingly talking about Li Qiao'er's marriage.

"If you don't want to marry someone, I won't say much, but you have the intention of marrying someone. Look now, you are delayed by your father. If he picks and chooses again, you will be nineteen. It's twenty, it's really hard to find."

In fact, at the age of seventeen, even if she was an old girl, Li Shuisheng still held it in his hand and was reluctant to send it out. There is no reason for her own daughters to dislike her, but they are terrible, and chewing on the tongue in the village is enough.

"Is there any way, he is my dad. Where can my daughter's marriage be in charge of my own?" Li Qiaoer sighed, "If my dad is a sensible person, I am also a rule-based man. I don't want to find someone for myself. It's not embarrassing enough to go out. But my father has grown a little bit more minded and made my marriage like doing business. What can I do? He is my father and I am his daughter. What do I want? How can I say Right?"

Li Qiaoer wanted to oppose her father but had nowhere to do it. If you meet an enlightened father and mother, you can say a few words about the marriage of your daughter's family, but if you meet a father like Li Shuisheng, you don't have the right to say anything.

If it's a man, it's okay to say a few words about whether the parents agree or not. Then you can't help but feel emotional. If you say it deeply, it means that a man can say a few words about his marriage. That means he has a responsibility. But if the daughter's family dared to say a few more words against their parents, it would be shameless.

It's ridiculous. They are all people who got out of their belly, and they have to distinguish themselves from the inferiority.

"We have been together for such a long time, not to mention the seniority, when a friend is also a bit emotional, your father is such a person, you also know that the rare confusion in his life has been on you. Look at your sister married It's not bad. If you don't wake up anymore, I'm really afraid it will ruin you."

Li Qiao'er smiled and said, "I have Fourth Uncle and Ergou elder brother supporting me, so what can I do that can't be destroyed."

Li Ji helplessly said: "Where is your husband's house that can ruin you? It is clearly the tongue of the neighbors in the neighborhood. That is the one who eats people without spitting out the bones. You know this better than me. Can you forget the things last year? It's terrible to say, this world is unfair. Even if you are wronged and go back to your natal family to hide, some people will say that you don't obey the woman's way, and the married girl will not stay in her natal family."

"Don't forget, I'm a woman, fair and unfair, I know better than you." Li Qiaoer sat on the rock on the ground, playing with leaves that I don't know where to pick from, "Who makes you men stronger, you guys? When we can't make sense, we can only cry."

Li Ji laughed directly: "Look at you so sad, as if you have no way to survive. God will always stay in the line, and you will be owed to your father in your previous life. When you really get married, you won't I owe your father something."

So Li Qiao'er can feel better in her heart: "It's still hello fourth uncle, no one is forcing you to marry a wife, just do whatever you want."

"Me?" Li Ji pointed to himself, "You didn't hear how it was spread in the village? I'm a master of wives, and no one will introduce me if I want to."

They both laughed badly at each other.

Er Gouzi came out from the mountain and grabbed a rabbit in his hand. The rabbit was still alive. Er Gouzi grabbed his ears and looked a little pitiful.

"It's a male." Er Gouzi came over and said.

Li Ji said: "Then kill the meat, we have not yet reached the time when there are more rabbits, it is useless to keep it."

"It's very thin, you can fatten up before eating." I learned this from Li Ji.

Li Ji thought about it, and nodded, "Then raise it. You can raise it in less than a month."

Li Qiao'er didn't spare any effort to cheer for Brother Qian: "There are few prey in this nearby place, and this can catch prey. After all, I have the ability."

Er Gouzi said: "This should come all the way from looking for food in the forest."

Er Gouzi went straight home to lock up the rabbit, and then went back to open up wasteland with Li Ji.

After the meal was delivered and after talking for a long time, Li Qiaoer had housework to be busy at home, so she left. Songsong and Taotao waited for Li Qiao'er to leave before jumping out of the woods and jumping on their shoulders to play with their hair.

Li Jikong touched the messy little guy on his shoulder, and he indulged him. Since I let them out of the house, I haven't seen them leave. I rely on him and Er Gouzi. I follow them every day. I go into the woods but release my nature and jump around in the trees. But when the two of them go home at night, the two pine trees will go home with them.

As the name suggests, the little tail dog has been following the two of them's buttocks without feeding them. They dig into the woods and eat some bugs and are full, and play with their own without worrying about it at all.

These are not raised for meat, most of them are for the purpose of looking after the house, eye protection, or catching mice. Few of them are specifically for enjoyment, which is a pastime of rich people. Li Ji is different from Er Gouzi, and this is what they learned after raising them. With these energetic little guys around, I feel much better, and I have more energy to work.

In addition to eating dry food, this little guy is just as precious as the pleasure he brings to people.

One day when they come home with backache and back pain, tease them for a while, they will be less exhausted. If things go on like this, Li Ji feels that he can live a few more years.

Er Gouzi has greater strength, so he works faster than Li Ji. Li Ji didn't compete with him for speed either. The meal that the two of them ate was not at the same level of work, and it was normal for them to be at the same level.

The more you work like this, when you get home at night, you have to soak in a hot bath, and then dry your body and lie down in the bed with bare buttocks. The kang is warm, and you close your eyes and feel the brightest day. It's a relief.

Although it is more troublesome and time-consuming, I believe that this method is definitely better than falling asleep at home.

In the first few days of opening up wasteland, Li Ji was tired when he got home and didn't want to move. Er Gouzi did the cooking and boiling water by himself. The left and right Er Gouzi could eat and do well. Although he was tired after a day's survival, he was still far from the limit. Yes, I can do the work inside and out.

He has more work, and he eats more rice. Li Ji usually has two or three bowls of rice. He can eat four bowls of rice when he works. Compared with his peers, he is absolutely proud of the appetite of a group of heroes. I met Er Gouzi, a glutton who reincarnated, and I couldn't eat Er Gouzi with two more Li Jis.

The appetites of the two young men are not small, and the food at home is naturally consumed quickly. Er Gouzi will have a lot of meat when cooking. Big fish and big meat are provided. After a few days of work, Li Ji has become completely accustomed to the exhaustion of land reclamation.

"I want to eat edamame. This year, let's save two ridges to grow soy beans. When they are green, boil the edamame and eat it. When it is ripe, it will be the soy. It is good whether it is tofu or grated and mixed into the feed."

After taking a bath, I lay down on the warm blanket, and it was very warm from head to toe.

The more you are full, the more messy things you will be. The two talked everything, and said whatever they remembered.

Er Gouzi had no objection, so he reached out and put his hands around Li Ji.

The two took advantage of the effort before planting to cultivate nearly four acres of land. They will be more busy when they plant in the spring. Most of them are planting corn, and the rest are planted for home eating, such as melon seeds and peanuts.

In fact, they are planted in the ground, and when the autumn harvest comes, anyone who walks by and sees them will steal some of them. It doesn't count as stealing. A plate of melon seeds or a bunch of peanuts is not a precious thing, so take it.

If you feel distressed about what you grow, plant it in an inconspicuous place in the field. But few people do this. In the autumn, walking around the ground, a row of snacks, a plate of melon seeds, sitting on the side of the road, chatting and eating, is also a kind of enjoyment.

People usually keep seeds. Those who don't have seeds will ask their neighbors. Li Ji's family doesn't have many seeds, and some of them are old seeds, which may not germinate. Li Ji's skin is thin, so he didn't go to the village to ask for them, but he went to the county. Buy seeds in the grain and oil store. The seeds you buy can be guaranteed. Each seed is big and full, and I believe the harvest will be substantial.

The yard at home is large, and the yard where I lived before is not small. They all need to be planted.

The two of them worked for a few days and then finished their work, and it was time for the slack in farming.

Li Ji stood on the ground and looked at the seeds that had just been planted. He won't have to get up and work in the dark tomorrow. Li Jiren felt a little melancholy.

Er Gouzi squatted beside Li Ji, Li Ji did not speak, Er Gouzi did not speak, and waited for a while until Li Ji was really bored, and then came: "Tomorrow there will be no work to do, and the grass in the mountains has just emerged. It's a pity that the cows go up to eat. The animals in the house are easy to feed. I feel uncomfortable thinking about doing nothing."

In the past, Li Ji was unprofitable and could not afford to be early. If he stepped back one year, Li Ji might not have thought that he, a lazy person, would also feel uncomfortable when he did not work.

"We haven't bought sheep and pigs yet. Buy more. We are going to build a new livestock pen." Er Gouzi was very considerate to find work for Li Ji.

"Don't you say I almost forgot, we will go to the bull market tomorrow."

If there are too many new pigs and sheep to come in, you really have to build a new enclosure. Fortunately, the yard is big enough to raise as many as you can. It just takes a lot of effort to feed them. If you want to reduce costs, you will have to go up the mountain and mowing more.

"You said that this year we can mowing the grass diligently and can feed the animals in the winter? Last year, we did not make less, but it was gone as soon as we insisted on the new year. How will we be tired this year to make enough?"

"We have money." Er Gouzi was simple and straightforward.

"Money can't buy everything. Grain and oil stores sell sticks and rice but not hay." Li Ji remembered as soon as he finished speaking, "By the way, if you can't buy it, we can pay for someone! It's better if you are smart. I didn't expect it."

In this way, when the grass grows up this year, there is no need to mow and dry the grass day and night, just buy it directly at that time. Whether it's harvesting grass collected from the mountain or drying it, it can save the two of them a lot of time. Moreover, even in winter, there is no need to kill animals to save feed. Although the taxes on more animals are higher, the income is even more impressive.

In this way, I can go to the city to find a restaurant to cooperate with, and the size of the list can be completed in two months.

After figuring out Li Ji, there is no need to have a headache. There are a lot of sticks and poles that can be collected in this field, which can be used to feed the animals. When the time comes, we can buy some from the village. The food for the animals is solved, and there is no need to worry about the money in the pockets. Up.

"Before we go to the bull market, we have to go to the county and sell the hides we saved."

Er Gouzi looked at the mountain: "I want to go into the mountain."

Li Ji was silent, and after a while he whispered: "Go."

Er Gouzi grinned and said, "I'll get you a good skin."

"It's not important, I will treat you as if you are going up the mountain to let the wind go, come back early, don't get hurt." Li Ji thought that he was serious and could not stop him, so he could only exhort a few more words.

Now Li Ji can understand why people become nagging once they become parents, especially when children go out, they always nagging endlessly. Because there is no way to protect his safety personally, this repeated reminder is the only help that can be given.

"I won't get hurt, I want to eat potato stewed chicken." Er Gouzi just learned to change the subject.

"Let's eat at night."

There are not many potatoes at home, except for the reserved potatoes, there are still enough for two or three meals.

Going home to kill chickens, shed hair, prepare ingredients, and chop the packed chicken into pieces, when he heard the little tail calling outside the door, Li Ji wiped off the oil on his hands and went out to take a look.

"Four uncle." With enthusiasm grinning at the meeting, Li Ji thought for a while before remembering who it was, the Zhang family.

"Two melons? Why did you come here?" Li Ji walked out two steps.

There is no serious name for Ergua. The household register on it is written as Zhao Ergua. Although he is a villager, he sees few times throughout the year. If it is not because there are few people in the village, Li Ji might not even call his name. come out.

"It's not a big deal. Come and see my uncle." He is very blessed in his thirties. He married a virtuous wife and gave birth to two sons and one daughter. Although both children are not an enviable family. But it is indeed a happy family.

"Come in and sit down." Li Jijiang should go in and let Er Gouzi make tea. Now there is no shortage of water, this tea is not stingy, and when he enters the house and sits on the kang, Li Ji asks him to sit on a stool.

There is a gap between the two generations, and the relationship is not close, and they can't sit on the kang together. Even though it is in a poor valley, there are still some rules. The Kang is upright, and only the peers or elders of the host can sit together. If the younger ones are closer, they can also sit together.

Li Ji propped one arm on the kang table, so he looked very stylish. In fact, it was not Li Jizhuang, but he was used to the cartilage, leaning against something, crouching at the waist if nothing was leaning against.

There is no role model and no one corrects. Li Ji has always been like this since he was a child. Of course, most of the people in the village are like this. No one has to teach anyone, let alone teach Li Ji how to stand and sit.

"I haven't seen you for some days. When I went back to your house, your daughter-in-law gave birth to Sanya. I used to give two catties of millet. How is Sanya now? I will go."

To say that he is blessed to go because of this. His eldest son is 18 this year, and he has been married for two years and moved out for two years. The elder in the family, 22,23, will also be married in a few years. If this young son is living at home, it is easy to say, if he is married like his elder brother, he will be separated. The couple is lonely.

Just last year, a little padded jacket was born, and it would be nice to guard this girl for the rest of the day.

On average left and right, the couple lived over forty years old, and the couple was already over thirty. These three girls have grown up and have been waiting for them to marry for two years, and the couple should almost die.

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