"It's not so early. It's about to midnight after the rain. Go home and prepare. This coffin should be buried as soon as possible, as nothing happened." The man shook his Taoist robe and looked at Li Ji with a smile on his face. I wanted to eat a sip of the tea from the Venerable, but now I don't have that fate. I hope that when I see you next time, I can drink the tea made by the water from the Venerable. Don't forget it, you guys take care."

After speaking, lead the child and leave. Of course, the villagers were not willing to let him leave like this. The village hadn't fallen for a year, and the Taoist priest thundered as soon as he came. This is simply a living god who has never seen such a spirit before.

How could such a person just let him go? Anyone who doesn't understand or has troubles, won't all the living gods be solved?

The villagers were rushing to keep people in the past. Li Ji didn't go there. He lives now and he is very comfortable now, and the road ahead is to take one step at a time. He is free and stubborn. He doesn't like to ask for help in everything, he only likes to ask for himself, so when the crowd gathered around, only Li Ji smiled at the Taoist priest.

The Taoist priest picked up the child and ran away. The bones of Xianfeng Dao just now disappeared, and he ran fast in the rugged mountains. Seeing that the direction was running towards the deep mountains, the villagers chased the children for a certain distance, for fear of being fascinated. The road stopped, looking at the place where the two Taoist priests had disappeared, I sighed, saying that I was not lucky enough to come to such a living god, even if I just ask for a peaceful talisman, it is always rougher than the flowing water in those temples. The characters are easy to use.

The Taoist priests are gone, and in a blink of an eye the one who was onlookers became Li Ji. Listening to them asking about the origin of the Taoist priests, Li Ji answered truthfully, only covering up the matter of Er Gouzi going up the mountain. Since this matter was intended to be concealed from the beginning, it is better to continue to conceal it from now on.

Waiting for Li Ji to have said before and after three times, the village talents let Li Ji go, one by one, they began to recollect the miracle they just saw. If this living god hadn't come, there might be something about Zhang Fucai's scourge. Kind of.

It must be the legendary drought that can make a nearby drought like this even before it rains. Anyone in the village has heard of this kind of thing from childhood to most, but if it is nearby, it will definitely be the first one in a hundred years.

What worries the villagers even more is Li Changdong, who died on the same Lunar New Year's Eve. Unfortunately, the Taoist priest left after solving Zhang Fucai. He did not leave a word on whether Bai Li Changdong was safe and whether he would become a drought and scourge the village.

A group of people walked back without stopping. Li Ji was afraid that Er Gouzi would be anxious. Before he heard a few words, he hurried back.

Thunder will be heard after a while, but the rain has not fallen for a long time, it is inevitable that I am a little impatient. When the sun began to set at home, the light was getting darker and darker, Er Gouzi's meal was ready immediately, taking advantage of the day's still light, settle the dinner and sleep as soon as possible.

While eating, Li Ji told Er Gouzi what he had seen and heard today: "You tell me, I used to be suspicious of those ghosts and gods. We are not full believers, but I will not touch those taboos. I would rather believe that there is an attitude that is not trustworthy, and I have seen the real thing today. The flames sprang from the cracks to the old Gao. I can't feel the heat at all, and I feel cold. Do you think it is strange."

Er Gouzi couldn't understand, how could the flame not be hot? But seeing Li Ji's interest in full, he didn't say anything disappointed.

Li Ji ate two more meals and said, "But this leader is really interested. He only opened the coffin a little bit to deal with it. I must be afraid of opening the coffin. The villagers saw it and were afraid of nightmares, so it was so easy to solve. a. the village people say this is a living god to encounter, I also see, he put Zhang Fu Choi became the drought with great courage to solve a penny did not want to, say ran and ran."

Li Ji took a sip of tea and went down with the meal: "Listen to him coming back to taste our tea next time, so he will come back in the future, when we have the stream and rain, the villagers finally don't have to think about it. As long as there is water, we are not afraid that there is no dealer in the field and we will not starve to death."

"I won't starve to death." At this time, Er Gouzi said: "We won't be hungry."

There is no food, but there is meat. Grass will always grow in the mountains. If there is grass, you can feed the animals, and you can have meat to eat. If you don't have any money, the Er Gouzi can go hunting in the deep mountains, and neither of them will be hungry.

"We two do not, I mean the village." Li Ji thought for a while and smiled, "You grew up in the mountains, and now you are back down the mountain, don't you think about the mountains too? You always think about hunting in the mountains. One reason. Even if I go up the mountain, I always think about the bottom of the mountain. The people in the village watched me grow up and took care of me. Our family has no worries about food and clothing. We can't care about their lives and lives, as long as our family is able to get by. If we can help, we always have to reach out and help. Of course, if we cannot protect ourselves, then we can only make sure that we are okay."

Li Ji is actually quite selfish, but he has not yet reached the point of being selfish. When he was very young, he forced himself to mature and prop up the whole family, so he thought about things much more than his peers, or even people ten years older. He had to think about things comprehensively, taking his own interests and the interests of others into account. He is clear, and only in this way can his life go on well.

Li Ji's words make sense, Er Gouzi's eyes are dim, Li Ji said so, so if they really have to go to the mountain to live in the future, how sad Li Ji will be?

"Look, let's bring the conversation to the top again. In fact, it's useless to think too much. We can't count God how to do it, let alone think of it. All we can do is God will come down. Let's just accept it, don't It's important to look too far at the moment. Come and eat meat. We can eat as fast as we can, so that even if we can't eat it in the future, we have eaten it, and there is no regret."

Er Gouzi looked at the chopsticks that were stretched out, with the chopsticks in his mouth, and was not in a hurry to bite the meat in, but looked at Li Ji with his eyes open.

Li Ji smoked twice but didn't return: "Eat well, don't behave like a child."

After hearing these words, Er Gouzi put the meat in his mouth and released the chopsticks. He ate the meat that Li Ji had fed him. He smiled and said: "We have always been together, where we are the same, or together, we are dead. Together too. Think of it this way, it doesn't matter where you are, just stay together."

Unexpectedly that Er Gouzi could say such things, Li Ji added another piece of meat to Er Gouzi: "You are right, as long as we are together, we are the same."

After eating and feeding the squirrels, three squirrels were raised and one died. I don't know why, but the remaining two are well raised. They are still breastfeeding, and they will grab some rice from the house. Now When she was mature, she often climbed onto people when she was fine. She was good-looking and clingy. For this reason, the little tail thought she had fallen out of favor and was depressed for a long time.

After eating, it was almost dark. The two of them spread the kang. Before they lay down, a hamster got on the bed first. Seeing a body lying on the quilt with two front paws on the pillow, Li Ji was very angry. Funny again.

"Look at this as a pillow."

Er Gouzi directly pulled Li Ji into his bed: "I gave him yours, you sleep with me."

The two have been mixed together for a long time, but when you shop on the kang, it depends on who shop. Er Gouzi shop is only for one person. The two of them should be entangled together. When Li Ji shop, the shop will be the same as before. Two, but most of them only sleep in one bed while sleeping, and the other is dry.

Even if the two of them don't engage in trouble, they are used to sleeping next to each other. Now if the two of them sleep separately, I'm afraid no one can adapt.

However, two quilts are also beneficial. In case someone is too late to clean up in the morning, if you make two quilts, you only need to get out of the quilt. Who can tell if the two people live in the same quilt? It happened to be a cover, but no matter how many times Li Ji said it, Er Gouzi always listened to the right ear.

Being dragged into the bed by Er Gouzi, Li Ji had nothing to refuse. He found a comfortable position and let Er Gouzi blow the lamp.

"Do you think we should give the two squirrels a name." The two of them have always been very slow about naming. The names of the little tails were only determined after a period of time. These two little squirrels are two. People can't remember naming them at all.

"You take it." Er Gouzi threw the problem to Li Ji as expected.

"How can I choose a name, these two are pretty skinny, it's better to call one of naughty and the other called death."

Er Gouzi suddenly laughed, and I have been with Li Ji for more than a year. I still know what this means.

Er Gouzi: "It's not good to die, let's not talk about bad things."

Li Ji thought for a while: "Then change it to Songsong. After all, it's a squirrel. The name naughty is quite mouth-watering. Then change it to Taotao. The one with more patterns is called Taotao, and the other is called Songsong. This name sounds much better than Doudou Mimi."

"It sounds good." Er Gouzi was very supportive.

"Then go to bed." After deciding on the names of the two new members, there was no doubt. There was still thunderclouds rolling outside, and it hadn't rained yet. I heard that the Taoist priest said that he would wait until the latter half of the night. I don't know if the rain will stop tomorrow morning. If I get up in the morning, I will pick it up with a basin and a bucket, but not tonight. I went to pick it up. I had a good night's sleep during the day. I just bought water at home, so it's not bad for water use.

Li Ji yawned, found a comfortable position with Er Gouzi, closed his eyes and went to sleep.

After listening to Li Ji's breathing, Er Gouzi came to sleep, closed his eyes and went to sleep.

The two people are not frequent. Although Er Gouzi is full of blood and gas and knows the taste of the marrow, he is not the brain of the essence, and if he does too much, the next day Li Ji will be very tired from work, so the frequency has been kept at two or three. One time a day, although it will not be enough to eat, but it is enough to relieve gluttony.

After Li Ji kissed a few more times, Er Gouzi closed his eyes contentedly and went to sleep.

(The following is Li Ji's Dreamland)

Li Ji was a little hot, and turned over in a daze. It seemed that someone was calling him, and he was not sure.

Li Ji opened his eyes gently, green smoke filled everywhere, Li Ji panicked, and suddenly sat up and looked around, and saw two people, one tall and one short, chatting not far away.

Li Ji stood up and walked over, vaguely recognizing two people through the fog, the two Taoist priests he met during the day.

The two didn't seem to see Li Ji, they were saying this.

"Why did the master lie?" the child asked, tilting his head.

"What did I lie?" The man's voice was gentle.

"The disciple's navigation is superficial, but he is familiar with Master. Every time Master lied, he would like to tap his finger on the side of his leg. This problem cannot be corrected."

The man smiled softly: "I lied. The grievances of that person were not gathered because the time of death was wrong. This grievance was either from a lifetime or when he died. It has nothing to do with the time. There is a mountain and river. It has nothing to do with Feng Shui."

"Why is that?" The child was puzzled.

The man patiently explained: "He was buried alive, and his heart was unwilling. That's why his grievance became a drought."

The child was surprised: "Ah? Buried alive? Didn't it stop for a few days after death?"

Man: "No matter how much you think about the original words of the Venerable."

The child thought carefully: "He said he didn't wait for the fifth day of the first lunar month and saw the deceased move, but he didn't have a pulse, he was still a dead person, because the corpse was going to change, so he was buried in a hurry."

The man nodded: "This is the problem. In fact, there are many such cases. Many people die suddenly, but they may not really die. There is a situation called suspended animation, where the breathing and pulse stop, but they will wake up after a few days. In fact, most of the so-called corpse transformations are this. But the concept of ordinary people only has life and death, and there is no such thing as suspended animation. The deceased should be waking up at the time, and a little pulse is recovering, but it is impossible to feel it, but he was mistaken by his family. Thinking that the corpse had changed, he was buried in a hurry. When the man woke up, he was buried in the ground and suffocated alive. Naturally, he felt resentful."

The child trembled with fright, and said, "Why did the master lie? Why didn't you tell it directly?"

The man just said: "They have been confused all their lives, and it is useless to tell them that they have a peaceful life. So far they can't help the dead, and there will be more sacrifices in the future. The long-lasting debt will also be paid off. In this way they live their lives, the dead have gone to reincarnation, as for them, let's continue to be confused."

The child nodded seemingly, "That person is too pitiful."

Li Ji heard the cold wind blowing, and could even think that when Zhang Fucai woke up, it was when his son was filling his coffin. He might be struggling desperately, but Zhang Changfu could not hear it, even if he did. I only felt that the corpse had changed.

A big living person, an old man who finally lived to be fifty years old, was buried alive in the grave by his relatives. No wonder there will be such a heavy grievance, no wonder it will become a drought.

A gust of breeze blew away, blowing away the fog, Li Ji saw the two people clearly, and the two also turned their eyes.

The man smiled lightly at Li Ji and raised his index finger to his lips: "Hush, your sage must keep this secret, and don't let outsiders know it in this life."

"Why are you telling me?" Li Ji asked not understanding.

The man's figure faded away, leaving only a ethereal word echoing in Li Ji's ear: "In the confused crowd, there must always be someone who understands."

"Wait a minute, what do you mean!"

(End of the dream)

Li Ji sat up suddenly, sweating profusely.

The palm of his right hand glowed faintly, and when he looked closely, an inexplicable line was fading away, and then it turned into a golden haze and disappeared.

Li Ji was undecided, and Er Gouzi hurriedly asked: "What's the matter?"

There was thunder and heavy rain outside. The long-lost rain makes spring more cold.

Li Ji opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but the man who was really crippled in the middle of the night couldn't bear to let Er Gouzi fidget with him.

With a stiff smile, he said, "It's okay, I had a nightmare, go to sleep."

Er Gouzi reached out and hugged him back to the bed, patted Li Ji to sleep.

Li Ji was frightened by the dream, but being held by Er Gouzi calmed his mood a lot, closed his eyes and fell asleep again without knowing it.

When I got up the next morning, the dream was still clear. Li Ji believed that it was the living god who deliberately told him. Li Ji didn't understand why he had lied before, and then asked him to tell him the truth afterwards. Maybe it was really to make him a sensible person.

But if he knows it, he won't spread it out again. Just like the Taoist said, since he was confused before, it doesn't hurt to continue to be confused in the future.

Zhang Changfu didn't intentionally bury his father alive, nor did he really intentionally kill him. He was really guilty, and it also came from ignorance. If this reason is really told to Zhang Changfu, he will only be immersed in the shadow of burying his biological father alive for the rest of his life, and even spread to the government, and he will be sentenced to death.

The Taoist solution is very good. Zhang Fucai has already entered the cycle. Let Zhang Changfu go to burn the incense on the paper every year and festival to treat it with piousness. The days will last, and the day when Zhang Fucai's grievances will be completely washed away. It's all over.

After breakfast, it was still raining outside. The kitchen prepared a lot of firewood in advance. Even if it kept raining, it would be enough to burn for a few days. There is also a firewood room in the backyard. The firewood in the backyard will burn for a long time, enough for heating and cooking. used.

At noon, the rain was a little bit lighter, and I heard someone coming to announce the good news. The stream that had been dry for a little half a year finally saw water. Although there was only a shallow current, it was dry enough to make people dance.

Not to mention the restoration of the previous water flow, even if it will always be the current water flow, it will be recognized. Such a large water flow is enough for the whole village to use it carefully.

Li Ji and Er Gouzi joined the fun and went to the stream to watch. At this time, many people had gathered by the stream, including Zhang Changfu.

Zhang Changfu's eyes were still swollen, and he breathed a long sigh of relief as he watched the gurgling water.

Some people were still afraid that Zhang Changfu would think too much, so they deliberately walked over and said: "Don't think too much about this. No one can blame such things as droughts. It's just that the time is wrong. In fact, Uncle Fu Cai was wronged. Fortunately, we met a living god and saved Fu. Uncle Cai, also saved us. From now on there will be water, and we will have no one to die of thirst and starvation. It is really merciful. It is a good thing for us to continue to live a good life in the future without having to flee from home."

Zhang Changfu nodded and said, "It's just to love my father. It's not easy to live such an old age, and it's rare. After talking and chatting, I have to suffer such a time. Fortunately, I heard that the living god said that I can reincarnate. A grudge, there is no need to implicate the people in our village."

"Since the living gods can leave, they must have arranged everything. Besides, even if there is something in a village, there is always a solution, right?"

The stream has been dry for half a year. Part of this stream was washed by rain from the mountains, and it was a little muddy and not suitable for use. Even if it can't be used, the light energy looks at it and feels comfortable.

Later, it rained heavily. At this time, the villagers were basically full of water. Li Ji's house had just stored water, and all the containers under the eaves of the house were taken out to collect the water. It was getting late, and I stood at the door to watch. With the continuous rain outside, for the first time I feel that spring water is as precious as oil.

Li Ji stretched out his hand to follow the water falling from the eaves, and sighed contentedly: "This rain will rain two more days and the ground will be poured out. Then the seeds will be planted. This year's harvest will definitely be more. Let's open up wasteland from the back of the yard tomorrow. Come one piece of land, our family has little land, and you don't have land yet. Let's order a variety of sticks and rice, so we don't need to buy the fodder for the animals in the coming year."

Most of the fodder for the animals is fed by grass from the mountains, all kinds of bran, corn stalks and crushed corn. The little ration field at home can harvest at most six stones of cob rice when the annual harvest is good. It's not enough to feed the pigs, and you have to buy them from the village.

"What is land reclamation?"

"Just clean up the ground that is full of weeds and stones. The grass is shoveled and the stones are picked out. It's very troublesome. But let's work hard. Before we mow the grass and dry the grass before we grow up in the mountains. If we cultivate more and diversify, we will save a small amount of expenses. Although we are not short of talents, it is always a good thing to do more work."

Continue to look at the sky: "Request, I am now asking for a good year, not to mention a bumper harvest, don't reduce production anyway. If the stream in our village is not affected, even if the wells in other places are dry, we are not afraid of being hungry. But other villages will starve to death in one or two years of drought. Not only are people starving to death, they sell their wives and pawns during famines. Our village has food and will definitely be targeted by others, so there will be no peace. The days are over."

Regardless of whether he understood it or not, Er Gouzi just nodded: "The food we eat is bought, and the meat we eat is raised by our own house. We don't need food."

Li Ji smiled: "We can buy food because there is no shortage of food. If we lack food, we can't buy it. In the past, our village was small, and many people outside the village didn't even know our village. I know that there are more people in our village, our village is too big, there are too many people, it will be dazzling if you can eat full at that time, especially the rich family like our family, really hungry, see our oily The face full of faces is like a great enemy."

"Don't be afraid, I have me at home." Er Gouzi said.

Li Ji stretched out his hand and rubbed Er Gouzi's head and messed up his bun. Er Gouzi was not annoyed, and Li Ji was allowed to mess around.

The closer the two are, the bolder the interaction between the two. If it is said that Li Ji was still in awe when Er Gouzi first arrived, now he is really bold. It is precisely because the two people can do this, that they can better reflect the special of each other. 

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