On the sixth day of the first lunar month, the ground can be broken after the fifth day, and the elderly can also enter the soil for peace.

The weather has not been so cold in the past two days. The funerals are simple, there is no snow on the mountain, and it takes no effort to go up the mountain. The child cried very sad, and the people who came to watch the excitement couldn't help but sigh.

Li Ji went out and took a look and then went back. If there are no people, there will be nothing. No matter how many tears they are, they may not be able to hear him. Today is the last time the deceased has a lively scene. After today, he is one of the tombs in the mountains. He is filial to the descendants. He can go and see once or twice a year. If you live alone like him, your brother may be able to go and see. Nothing, for descendants like my nephew, to go once a year or two is considered deliberate.

You can't think about this kind of thing too much.

Li Ji is now very good with Er Gouzi, and I will talk about things after death when he is about to die.

A few people who didn't come in the third year of junior high came here afterwards, with three melons and two dates, not many, representing their hearts.

Since going up the mountain to touch the wolf, Li Ji's interest in wolves has reached a certain height. When cooking every day, he can't help but make more and give it to the wolf to go up the mountain to feed. It's all soaked in the vinegar jar over there.

As a result, Er Gouzi hadn't eaten enough vinegar, and within a few days he found that the wolf had come straight to the door.

Standing in the yard watching Li Ji holding the furry wolf in love, Er Gouzi tried to suppress his desire to twist the wolf's neck, and squatted next to the wolf, staring at Li Ji.

At this time, Li Ji can't wait for the whole person to blend into the furry fur of the wolf. It's too warm. In order to survive the winter, animals like the wolf will change their fur, and grow soft and fluffy fur enough to survive the winter. If it falls, it will grow back in the fall of the next year.

The fur at this time is when it feels best.

The wolf also enjoyed Li Ji's petting, which was much more comfortable than licking each other between wolves. Moreover, Li Ji is a good person and will give him delicious meat.

I stretched my tongue and licked Li Ji's face, but I licked a rougher hand. I turned my head and saw Er Gouzi looking at it fiercely, so scared that his hair was about to explode, and he quickly jumped out of Li Ji's arms and bowed. Looking at Er Gouzi.

But the wolf was stunned and didn't dare to grin at Er Gouzi, he could only bow his body and hum and look at Er Gouzi, a little stubborn and a little pitiful.

Li Ji also saw that Er Gouzi was frightening the wolf: "You can't do well as soon as the head of the man comes back to our house." Li Ji patted Er Gouzi's head.

Er Gouzi turned his head and looked innocent: "It can lick its ass with its tongue, which is very dirty."

With this reminder, Li Ji finally remembered that when Little Tail was okay, he would always lick the chrysanthemum. But knowing it's the same thing. When he stretched out his tongue and licked it, he let him go. But when Er Gouzi said that, he felt sick.

"If you don't tell me, I can't remember…" Li Ji twisted his face, then looked at the wolf's mouth, and the wolf's tail fluttered, licking Chrysanthemum's tongue and licking his face, which is quite unacceptable.

Er Gouzi gave the wolf a triumphant look. Who said Er Gouzi was stupid? He solved the problem from the root in one sentence.

After solving the crisis of infringement of private domains, Er Gouzi got cheap and still behaved. Er Gouzi leaned over and licked Li Ji's face: "I don't lick my ass, I am not dirty."

With the tongue passing across his face, Li Jiyi drew aside for a while, some charming pictures flashed in his mind, and he retorted: "But you lick me…"

Halfway through speaking, he just tolerated and went back, Li Ji was unwilling to continue, turning his eyes away a little embarrassed.

Er Gouzi tilted his head and waited for Li Ji's text. Then Li Ji bowed his head and rubbed the wolf in order to avoid embarrassment, and overturned Er Gouzi's jealousy again.

This time the wolf stretched out his tongue and licked it and Li Ji blocked it with his hand. After a while, he would be extravagant to wash it off with water.

It didn't take long for the wolf to be a guest, and he left after an hour or two.

This is better, if the wolf comes, not leaving, it will make Li Ji a headache. The wolf is a beast. The villagers look at its skin and bones, but fear its minions. If they encounter a wolf pack, everyone will turn around and run, but if there are too many people, they will try their best to trap the wolf and hunt. kill.

Hunting with wolves is the same thing. A group of wild boars dare not provoke them, but when they encounter a single wild boar, they will gather and attack.

A wolf was seen by many people in the village, and that was the one who came to deliver the skin and wolf meat.

Li Ji looked forward to the wolf coming again while fearing that it would be discovered. He really struggled for a few days.

After the end of the year, the weather is getting warmer every day, that is, the snow has not fallen. The village chief went to the county twice and heard from the Yamen that it is this generation of drought. The county magistrate has reported to the court to apply for disaster relief. When will I be able to get here? There are still a few grains of rice and copper coins left here. These are all things that are uncertain.

All we can do now is wait.

Well water levels in other villages have also dropped a lot. If there is another year of drought this year, the drinking water crisis will not stop in one village.

The joy of the Spring Festival was only happy for a few days, and was defeated by the news of the village chief. When Li Ji entered the village, the weather was warm. Some people stood outside chatting and basking in the sun. When he walked over, he heard a sigh.

Several companies have made an agreement. If the seedlings in the land die this year, they will go south together. It is said that there is plenty of rain in the south and it is not cold in winter. To say that I can't bear to leave, it's just that in previous years, there is a drought, there are streams, and you can use the streams to irrigate the land. Other places starve to death. Stuttering is guaranteed here, but the absence of streams is equivalent to breaking the lifeline of the whole village.

This idea has been maintained, and the temperature has risen day by day, because there is no snow, no melting snow, no spring atmosphere at all. If you want to know how high the temperature is, just put a basin of water outside and when the hydration starts. That is the beginning of spring.

There is an old saying that in the winter there is a three-layer quilt under the bottom cover. The next year you will sleep with a steamed bun. Last winter, God did not fall any snowflakes. What should you sleep on next year?

Li Ji stood in the yard, dipping his fingers into the freshly boiling water to stir. The water was still cold, and there was no ice but there was some winter chill.

Li Ji looked up at the cloudless sky and sighed silently.

Er Gouzi could not see Li Ji like this, walked up to him and said, "We can go back to the mountain without water. Let's build a house on the mountain. I will fetch water. Although there are beasts by the water, it is not dangerous to fetch water. Or let's dig a ditch. It leads to our own yard. Let's build the fence high so that wild animals can't get in."

The first time Li Ji heard Er Gouzi say these plans for the future, it can be said that he thought very well.

It has been more than a year, and Er Gouzi's mind has become more and more mature. If he were to be the one he was a year ago, he would definitely not think so much.

Li Ji reached out and patted Er Gouzi on the shoulder. What Er Gouzi said, there is actually no way. Li Ji can live outside the village, but he can't bear to only be with Er Gouzi. That's too lonely. Even being intimate with Er Gouzi can't make up for the sense of security and satisfaction brought by a group of people living together.

But if the villagers are scattered instead of fleeing, the best place for Li Ji and Er Gouzi is to go back to the mountain.

Only in the village where Li Ji is of a big generation, and no one can come here to hide it, but if they change places and reintegrate into a new collective, then the marriage between the two will definitely be handled by others, and there will be many problems at that time. If the relationship between the two is discovered, it will be another stormy sea.

In this way, it is better to go to the mountain to dig a hole to live comfortably.

"Okay, listen to you. When you go to buy water for a while, you give people two more copper plates. Now they are all short of water, and it is not easy for them. Although the water is given by God, we can use it and grab it from their teeth. The water, two more copper plates, people feel comfortable, and we can use them with peace of mind."

I don't know how long this water can be bought, and how many days will survive the good day.

Er Gouzi took a copper plate to buy water. Li Ji went into the livestock pen to see the animals raised at home. After raising this month, the pigs gained two pens. There was a lot of feed in the house, and the fire in the winter was too hot to freeze them. So it looks great.

After another half month, you can start killing and eating meat. Killing one head in half a month is enough to eat, two or three months.

So when it's time to sell Piggy, it's okay to keep two pigs at home as breeding pigs, but for a long time, Er Gouzi likes to eat pork and can't wait that long.

It is best to buy four sheep, and three cows in a row will catch up with the mountain to feed in the coming year, so that the grass cut in the mountain can be fed less and dried more for winter.

Last year's hay was not enough to eat, so a lot of sticks were consumed. This year, we must prepare more.

After such a plan, the days are not so desperate. Even when it's time to flee the famine, it's okay to drive these animals to the mountains. Just like Er Gouzi said, build a high wall so that wild animals can't get in. At that time, it is enough for the two of them to live by guarding so many animals.

A few days after the new cubs of a female rabbit had just grown their fur, it was just when the furry was so attractive. Li Ji squatted down after feeding the animals for a while, watching the time Er Gouzi was coming back soon, and went out to the village entrance. Waiting.

Before Li Ji went out, he heard a young voice shouting inside: "This venerable is polite, we have been on the road for a long time, can we ask for saliva?"

Li Ji raised his eyes and looked at two Taoist priests, saying that they were Taoists and not fortune tellers, because fortune tellers always held up a gossip and wrote something, and these two did not. The older one looked like twenty or thirty. He looks like a year old, holding a whisk in his hand, the younger one looks only eleven or twelve years old, with an arrow that is about to reach him high on his back, and his hair is high, looking quite energetic.

"What's the matter with a bowl of water? Come in and sit and rest. The water hasn't boiled. Let's drink some plain water first. After the water boils, I will make tea for both of you."

Li Ji opened the goalkeeper and the two greeted him. The child was a little panting, but the man was full of breath. When he walked in, the child respected the man very much, and followed the man respectfully with his head down.

Please come into the room. Li Ji asked them to sit on the kang. They only chose a stool to sit on. The child was standing beside the man without sitting, ready to wait on him at any time.

These two are either masters and servants, or masters and apprentices. With a conclusion in his mind, Li Ji poured two bowls of water and brought it over. The water was still burning over there. He asked the two men: "Where did the two masters come from?"

The child first said: "We are all free people, no place to go, no place to go. It is fate to walk around at will. If we are here today, isn't it fate with the Venerable?"

The child was eloquent and didn't answer anything, and it was comfortable for people to speak.

Li Ji didn't ask deeply. The man picked up the bowl and took a sip, his eyebrows frowned slightly and said, "It's well water."

Li Ji thought it was because he was used to drinking good things and couldn't drink well water, and explained: "Normally people don't have any good things. Drinking water will quench your thirst."

The man chuckled lightly. He was young and well maintained. Although he was in his twenties or thirties, it would not be an exaggeration to say that he was a niche with a white face. He smiled softly and looked very comfortable.

"Venerable is misunderstood. Pandao is just strange. It doesn't look like a place where a well can be drilled. The daily drinking water is based on streams and rivers. Well water is indeed strange."

The taste of well water is different from the spring water in the stream, and careless people will not feel it, but the tongue is lingering, and you can tell it by tasting it.

Li Ji said: "The Taoist's soulful tongue is indeed well water, which is bought from more than 20 miles away. The village originally lived by springs and streams left on the mountain. Although it is impossible to drill wells, it can be hundreds of thousands. Over the years, there has been a steady stream of water, and people elsewhere have no water to die of thirst. There has been no shortage of water here, so people living here for several lifetimes have lived here, although they are barren, but they have no worries about eating and drinking. Last year, for some reason, the flow suddenly stopped. Has not recovered until now."

Speaking of this, Li Ji sighed: "In previous years, I couldn't drink water in winter, so I drank snow water. When the ice and snow melted and spring began, the stream would return to flowing and drinkable. But now I can only rely on going outside to buy water to drink. The local county magistrate is the parents of the people. He allocated money from the county bank and sent people to bring water from the county every day. But my family has a lot of livestock and the water allocated is not enough. Fortunately, there is no shortage of money at home. I bought water for myself."

Li Ji was the first time he saw a serious Taoist priest, not a quack warlock in the city or occasionally walking through the streets and calling for fortune-telling under the guise.

After listening to Li Ji's explanation, the Taoist's eyebrows deepened: "Water is the source of life. It will not stop flowing for no reason. Does the Venerable know other things? Even if you listen to me, we are all passing by. If you are lucky enough to know anything, you can talk to the Venerable."

Li Ji thought it was the same. The two left after hearing about it, and they wandered all over the place with vast knowledge, maybe they could really tell why.

Li Ji deliberately went out to see if there was no one outside, and then came back: "So I don't hide from the two masters, I know how the water is cut off. The source of the water is a mountain spring, and the spring is divided into two streams, one When the water flowed here, one flowed into the mountain lake. After the water was cut off, my nephew went up the mountain and looked at it. I don't know why the water channel on the other side is deep, and there is less dry water, so it all flows to the other side. I'll keep it from here. I'm afraid that you'll laugh if you say it deeply. The mountains and the water are dangerous. Anyone who digs is a risk. If the water is broken, it can only be broken."

This decision was made by the village chief, but it also started from Li Ji's selfishness. People who have been in the village for a long time have only an impression of the danger on the mountain, and they can't imagine how terrible it is. Therefore, if you know the situation on the mountain, you won't be troubled by Er Gouzi for a day or two, and you will inevitably feel that the village is not there for a long time. The water is because Er Gouzi refused to go up the mountain to dig, and there was a lump in his heart, and Er Gouzi's life would be difficult in the future.

"Understandable." The man drank the water and said, "Poor Dao and ask, has someone died at the wrong time in recent years, or something strange happened some days after death?"

Hearing this question, Li Ji still didn't quite understand, and said truthfully: "Does it matter if you die on the night of the New Year's Eve? Mr. Yin and Yang said that he is not ill, but people have died of breath in the past two years, and it is inevitable to think more. some."

"This day is really no problem. Birth, old age, sickness and death are natural laws. After calculating, it is impossible to say which hour is not for death. It is said that the time is wrong, that is to say whether there is a vision at the time of death, it can be used before and after death. Count in."

This also reminds Li Ji that what he saw last year when Li Ji's cold wind was not healed appeared in Li Ji's mind.

"One person left on the 30th of the previous year. It stands to reason that those who are not in the 30th year can be buried after the fifth day of the fifth year. But the one who was absent had stopped working for a few days. His son saw that his fingers moved and he died. Yes, but the body moved. I only felt that the corpse was going to be transformed. I was buried in a hurry before the fifth day of the fifth year. Several people died in the village in the past two years. It is strange to say that this is this one."

The man pondered a little thoughtfully, muttering something Li Ji didn't hear clearly, and then he heard him clearly say: "Yes, that's it. The recent generation is very dry. Although the place next to it is not rainy, It's not to the point of dripping water, I searched all the way, and it turned out that the root was here."

Li Ji shuddered when he heard this, and he was really panicked. He asked softly: "Does the Daoist know what in his heart?"

The man nodded and stood up and said: "Venerable Exhausted took Pang Dao to see the family. The deceased is a big one. This matter will inevitably disturb the deceased. It must be done with the consent of the family."

Li Ji thought for a while, and begged to be safe: "Don't blame the Daoist for my mind. It's not good for me to take you to this matter. Why don't I take you to the village head first. Let the village head decide. I'm also a half-hearted person. Older child, it's not good to follow one's own heart too much."

Without drinking any tea, Li Ji took the two out of the yard. He happened to see Er Gouzi coming back in an ox cart. Er Gouzi asked him to go home and watch the stove. He was going to the village chief's house.

When I arrived at the village chief, he explained the matter before and after. The village chief was also quite astonished. He sighed after hearing it, "It's a troublesome Daoist who helped break it."

This kind of thing is not a question of believing it or not. Even if it is only one percent possible, try it. Don't say opening someone's tomb, even if it is a sacrifice to a big living person, it is possible to try.

After all, I was wronged by Zhang Fucai's family. The incident last year was enough to scare them, but now it has been forgotten for more than a year and has to be told again.

When Zhang Fucai's son Zhang Changfu spoke again, it was already afternoon.

The matter of digging a grave and digging a tomb is a major event that is damaging to yin, but if the corpse has changed, it is only natural to open the coffin. I can't bear it, but I can't delay the big draughts in the village.

Just like Er Gouzi, if the drinking water can only be restored by opening Zhang Fucai's grave, if Zhang Changfu disagrees, no one is saying anything at the moment. After a long period of time, those who subtly become sinners in the village.

Go to the tomb ring in the mountain to find the Zhangjia tomb, put an incense case, and all but two Taoist priests present worshipped. Ask the Taoist priest if he needs to pay attention. The Taoist priest just shook his head with a smile.

Zhang Fucai's descendants repeatedly complained and cried before the grave, showing how helpless they were to disturb the silence of the deceased. After crying for a while, it was time for the grave to be opened.

Zhang Changfu took down the first shovel soil covered on it, and then the villagers dig up the grave one by one, and lift the nails on the lid of the coffin one by one. The coffin has not been opened yet, and the people around have already removed it. a lot of.

The Taoist priest prevented them from opening the coffin and said: "You will be scared by seeing the dirty inside. You stay away and I will come for the rest."

A group of people backed away. Li Ji was curious, but he was not the one who took the initiative to lose heart. If the corpse of Zhang Fucai inside had changed, then those who were close would definitely suffer.

Zhang Changfu stood in the distance, wiping his tears, holding his wife and children crying hard, the Taoist priest jumped down from the grave, put his hand on the coffin and pushed it, staggered the coffin by a gap, muttered something in his mouth, and then shook his hand. An extra talisman was thrown in along the gap in the coffin, and the last burst of fire came out from the gap, and a strange and sharp scream came out from it. It was clearly a day in spring, but everyone present felt that There was a gust of wind behind him, shivering.

Some timidly screamed and ran back, everyone took two steps back. I have heard a lot about various ghost legends on weekdays, but it is the first time that most of the people present have seen it with their own eyes.

The flame burned from the cracks, but did not ignite the wooden coffin. The flame went up to Lao Gao, but there was no heat around it.

A full hour passed, and the sun went down when the sun was slanting west. When the flame stopped, the man nodded and said to Zhang Changfu: "Put the nail back, it's all right."

Zhang Changfu was so frightened that he weakened his legs and walked forward two steps and asked: "Daoist, my father…"

"It's okay, if you burn it, the grievances will be gone. People can still reincarnate. There are three bones left in it. If you bury it, it is not a cloak mound. From now on, remember to come to worship every new year and festival. This matter concerns your children and grandchildren. For future generations, don't forget." The man flicked the dust, quite a bit of a sense of immortality.

Hearing the thunder, everyone raised their heads, looking through the leaves, watching the dark sky already gathering clouds, this is about to rain.

"It's so spiritual, it's going to rain." I don't know who said, and for a moment, the atmosphere of horror was more joyful.

Facing ghosts is scary, but God has given rain, which is a way for the whole village to survive. With a way to survive, there is hope, which is enough to make up for the fear caused by everything else. 

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