Li Ji didn't know what he was obsessed with. He followed Er Gouzi to the grave for his parents, knowing that even if they heard it, they would never allow them to be together, but just wanted to bring Er Gouzi over and kowtow.

Knocking his head and acknowledging his parents, Li Ji got his wish, and took Er Gouzi back to continue working.

I haven't seen wolves come down to deliver prey in the past three days. Winter prey on the mountain is scarce, and it is possible that you can't catch prey for ten and a half months.

There is still a lot of pork left in the house. Some fat Li Ji and Er Gouzi don't like to eat it very much. Of course, fat is a good thing when there is no meat. It relieves gluttony and is hungry, but when there is no shortage of meat, the fat will be greasy.

Li Ji picked out some fatty meat for stew, and sent Er Gouzi to the mountains. These fatty meats are very important and precious to wolves who lack food on the mountain. There was a dead mouse at the door the next morning. The rebate of the wolf.

Such a little mouse doesn't have much meat, and there is nothing left after peeling it. I have to stew rabbit meat at noon. I will stew it in advance. I will add salt after I pick it out and share it with the wolf quickly. After breakfast, I will go up the mountain and send it to the little wolf. The fat I sent yesterday is really clean.

I haven't seen the wolf these days, but this habit of wolves grabbing prey and stewing them has stayed.

To be honest, Li Ji missed it a bit.

Two days after counting the days, it is New Year's Eve.

One morning outside there was the sound of firecrackers one after another. Li Ji went out to light the firecrackers. Er Gouzi was still killing chickens and rabbits in the yard. Two pigs were killed before, and now there is still a lot of meat left. The remaining five are best raised. It took only two months to eat.

Li Ji harvested all the vegetables that could be eaten on the balcony. The left half was just edible, and the right half was just planted half a month ago. Lettuce and the like were eaten on the fifteenth of the first lunar month.

After boiling the water to fade the chicken's hair, Er Gouzi sat at the door and grilled rabbit skins. Li Ji presses the blood-filled chicken into the boiling water and soaks it, then takes it out for a while and pulls the hair down while it is hot.

The little tail happily rubbed Li Ji and Er Gouzi again. At this time, it is counted as the most excited, because killing animals will have a part that cannot be eaten, so it will be cheaper for the small tail.

Li Ji looked at the round body of the little tail, stretched out his foot and kicked it lightly: "I know how to eat it, and I won't see you when I eat it."

Little Tail could not understand what Li Ji was talking about. He thought that Li Ji was getting close to him, sticking out his tongue to lick the toes that Li Ji kicked over, and wagging his tail to look at Li Ji happily.

Li Jixin felt soft when he saw that, he cut off the ass of the chicken and threw it to him: "One dog in ten miles and eight villages counts as one. Who has such a blessing for you?"

Saying that, the little tail can enjoy such a blessing, isn't it the master Li Ji's favor?

The little tail bowed his head and ate a lot, and the tail was almost wagging off.

The New Year's Eve dinner is to exhaust all kinds of cooking skills. In fact, when it comes to the culinary skills, the two are half-hearted, and they are not good at all. At most, I have a lot of good things. I have some experience in the cooking of the ingredients, but it is limited to this. What is more, it is stewed with a little bit of wormwood and chili, but it can be used for other methods. Both of them know nothing.

After Li Ji faded the hair of the chicken, he suddenly remembered the meatballs made by someone he had eaten when he was a child. He forgot to eat the meatballs made from fish meat, the kind that had been deep-fried. I don't know how to do it, but Li Ji only finds it delicious.

There are too many good things to eat, and I have a deep memory of the delicious food that happened in my childhood who couldn't eat much meat. Once I had a bite of meat, I just thought about the meat in front of me and couldn't think of other things. Now, when I am used to big fish and meat, I think of looking for the taste of the past.

After tidying up the chicken innards, chop it into pieces and marinate it with rice wine, salt and pepper noodles. Li Ji took a fish out of the tank. Think about preparing it with Er Gouzi.

"Er Gouzi, I want to try to make fish balls, but I haven't done it before. I just vaguely know how to do it. Let's make less. You can try it for me."

Er Gouzi nodded. At this time, the rabbit had already taken care of it, and Er Gouzi was tanning. I didn't do it before. I learned it after a long time. You don't need to make it too meticulous. As long as it's not too hard, you can take it to the leather store and do the second treatment yourself.

Li Ji was afraid that it would not taste good, so he killed the fish and only cut a quarter of the fish meat to try to make fish balls. The rest were marinated like chicken and kept for stewing at night.

I chopped up the chicken and put on the seasoning. There are a lot of seasonings at home, most of which are presented by the grain and oil store. Li Ji is familiar with the condiment, even if the ingredients are wrong, it won't taste bad, so I put it in boldly.

After stirring for a long time, it looked a little bit like, Li Ji tried to rub the balls to get it out. Pour the soybean oil on the fire, Li Ji crossed the river by feeling the stones, feeling the oil temperature was almost the same, and threw the balls in.

After tossing for a while, I finally figured it out. Few fried things are inexperienced. The fish balls fished out are dark and shallow. Li Ji really has no confidence when looking at the fish balls.

Let it cool for a while, pick out one with a lighter color and throw it to Little Tail: "Hey, you try first."

Little tail knows Li Ji's wicked eyes, wagging his tail and holding the ball into his mouth, chewed twice and swallowed it, and then waited expectantly for Li Ji to continue feeding.

Li Ji watched it for a long while, and swallowed the question if it was delicious. Swallow it after you taste it?

Li Ji turned his gaze to Er Gouzi, who was now looking at him expectantly. Not willing to let Er Gouzi try the poison for him, Li Ji picked up one and took a bite.

It's better than expected. Although it's not very tasty, it's not unpalatable. He ate a ball into his stomach and smashed his mouth, then picked up another one to feed Er Gouzi at ease.

"How do you taste it."

Er Gouzi opened his mouth and ate all the balls: "It's delicious."

…I like the way you stare at them and talk nonsense.

"Don't hold it anymore, it tastes like the one I had when I was a kid, but unfortunately I can't just stop by during the Chinese New Year today. Or I will go to the village and ask who can make the meatballs. It's okay, anyway, I added a dish to the New Year's Eve dinner for both of us. ."

Li Ji took out the fish that had been marinated, and shaved off all the meat this time and did it again according to the method just now. This time, I adjusted the proportion of the seasoning, and it felt much better when I did it again.

In the morning, I was busy preparing ingredients. In the afternoon, I started to stew some hard-to-cook dishes, and then started to mix noodles and chop stuffing.

There are four kinds of dumpling fillings, one of which is vegan. Li Ji is not as good as Er Gouzi's gastrointestinal stomach. If you eat too much, it will be greasy. This vegetarian can be said to be prepared for Li Ji alone.

Later, I started to fry other vegetables in the pot. It was dark, the firecrackers in the village sounded one after another, and the dishes were out of the pot. I immediately let Er Gouzi put the dumplings down, and he lit a few candles in the house. The room was brightly lit.

Dumplings are put on firecrackers when they are out of the pot, and the second New Year with Er Gouzi is accompanied by the fragrance of the house. The two sit in one place, two pairs of chopsticks and four bowls, two bowls for drinking, and two bowls filled with dipping sauce to dip dumplings.

Li Ji picked up a fish ball and put it in Er Gouzi's bowl: "Taste it quickly, this one should be better than the one made before."

Er Gouzi chewed the fish balls and nodded again and again. He laughed a little stupidly, but sincerely without any impurities, like a child, it made people feel better.

Li Ji clipped one for himself, took half of it in one bite, and nodded: "It's really better, but it's still a lot worse than what I ate when I was a kid. Tsk, go back to the village to learn more. It's better to ask a master to learn more. dish."

In the past, Li Ji didn't even see meat, and there were not many dishes he could eat. He could cook only a few things back and forth. Nowadays, he lacks everything, he lacks decent craftsmanship.

Li Ji is still considering where to go to apprentice in the future. When the chopsticks sink, he lowers his head and the leftover half of the fish balls is gone. He turns to look at Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi's chopsticks swept across the table to eat Zhengxiang.

Li Ji checked Er Gouzi's chopsticks, stretched his head and ate a piece of good meat that Er Gouzi had just picked out.

Er Gouzi also looked at the empty chopsticks, thought about it and picked out another piece of meat, quickly grabbed it with his lips, and looked at Li Ji with a smile.

Li Ji felt ashamed to see Er Gouzi's movements and didn't move. Er Gouzi didn't see Li Ji come to pick him up. He stretched his head over and gave it to him. Li Ji stepped back a bit: "Don't make trouble."

Er Gouzi had already tasted fish on the tip of his tongue, but Li Ji still couldn't see it, so he simply stretched his hand over Li Ji's neck and affixed it to feed himself.

Li Ji pushed twice and didn't push away, leaving Er Gouzi presumptuous.

After Er Gouzi took advantage of the feeding, Li Ji wiped his mouth: "Where did I learn it."

Er Gouzi said truthfully: "The wild beasts in the mountains have been fed like this."

Li Ji watched Er Gouzi for a long while, and set up a thumbs up.

This can be learned.

The two had eaten and drank enough, and the night was already late. There was half a table left to eat, stacked one by one in the dish rack, and the drunk Li Ji was undressed and got into the quilt, and rolled comfortably.

Er Gouzi added a fire to the stove pit, and when he entered the house, he saw Li Ji's face flushed, with a smile on his shoulders and contentment.

It's too prickly like this. Er Gouzi doesn't know what sentiment is, he only knows that he has no resistance to such Li Ji.

Li Ji was awakened by a knock on the door. Li Ji frowned and rolled over, muttering something. Or Er Gouzi sat up and asked who.

The people outside the door heard someone answer, and hurriedly said, "Fourth Uncle! Hey…I don't want to come here either. I can't do anything. Last year, Uncle Pay was gone. I left another one this year. The child found it. Have you gotten up on the kang? Come and see with me."

Li Ji heard what he had said thoroughly, and sat up and asked, "Who is dead?"

"It's my Changdong brother! Uncle, do you want to open the door and let me in?"

Just as Li Ji was about to ask Er Gouzi to open the door, he suddenly became sober and stopped himself. He and Er Gouzi covered a bed. They had tossed for a long time last night. Any fool who came in could understand what was going on.

"Wait a minute, I was a little stunned last night." Li Ji hurriedly put on clothes and let Er Gouzi quickly fold the quilt. He put on his belt to see if there was nothing wrong with him, and then he left the bedroom and went to the kitchen. Open the door.

Fortunately, the two of them are used to sleeping and hanging the door, otherwise the village is used to opening the door when entering the yard, and they can directly block the two of them in the bed. That would be indisputable.

Go to open the door Li Ji already saw sweat on his face, and opened the door a little embarrassingly: "Let's go."

Everyone was curious. Li Ji came to open the door for a while inside, and the people who came to report the letter were still following. The crack of the door looked inside, but the door of the inner room was ajar, and you couldn't see the inside.

The man was a little disappointed and said, "You know, Li Changdong of our family, after the death of his father and mother, he has been separated from his brother and has been living by himself, and there is no daughter-in-law. Last night, his brother Li Changxi felt sorry for him and was coldhearted. He asked his family to have a warm meal. Li Changdong drank two more glasses and went back last night. I saw that his hat fell to Li Changxi's house this morning. Li Changxi was afraid that his brother would not have a hat to hold firewood and freeze his ears, so he asked his son to give it to him. It was sent to him, but his son went to see that Brother Changdong was hard, but it was gone last night."

Last year there was no one who celebrated the Chinese New Year, and this year, during the New Year's Eve, there are no good people.

"What did you die?" Li Ji asked.

"I would like to ask Mr. Xue to look over and say it was frozen to death. You will know wherever you go. There is no warmth in the room. I didn't turn on it last night. Li Changdong may be very drunk when he came home. I lay on the kang without even lighting the stove and fell asleep."

After listening to him, Li Ji not only remembered that he was drunk and tossed with Er Gouzi last year, but he lay naked on the kang for a night.

It was fortunate not to be frozen to death at that time, but it was also because there was a fire on the kang before going to bed the night before, and it was not too cold. Both of them were young and old and had good physiques to bear, or they would have fallen into the soil last year.

"The child is terrified." Li Ji said.

"Can you be scared? This is the time of the New Year's Eve. Cough… The most unlucky one is Li Changxi's family. It is a kind of reluctance to let his brother be alone. In previous years, Li Changdong was always fooling around by himself, and he didn't have dumplings. Bao, Li Changxi let the children carry the cooked dumplings. Didn't you buy a few catties of rabbit meat from you this year? I just wanted to ask my brother to eat two good bites, which would kill him."

People who live alone, if they are not so drunk, how could they forget to light the stove and burn the kang in the deep winter?

"It's the fate that should be the case, no one blames this thing, but it's not good to blame it." Li Ji said.

"That's right." The man sighed, "I don't know if Li Changxi can pass this hurdle, whether it's a real brother, I definitely can't stand it in my heart."

When I entered the village and turned a corner, when I arrived at Li Changdong's house, I heard crying from inside. The sadness overwhelmed the joy of the New Year.

Except for Li Changdong's direct relatives, the rest were seniors in the village, and the village chief was among them.

Seeing Li Ji coming, they nodded to him.

Li Ji's age is not very old, but Li Ji's performance these days has been very good, even with a kind of courage that others don't have. Originally, Li Ji slowly grew up and faded and he already looked like an adult, although there is no older one. Vicissitudes, but now standing in the same place with the elderly, no one looks down on him anymore.

"The mourning hall hasn't been set up yet?" Li Ji asked.

"The talent just found out, thinking about letting Changxi's son wipe Changdong as a filial son, but his son is so scared that he hasn't recovered yet. It must be impossible. He is still worried over there."

This matter is really difficult to handle. It stands to reason that when a person living alone died, one of his brothers and sons would be selected as a filial son to send him off. In the future, the memorial tablet can be put in the ancestral hall to receive the incense of the descendants. Accordingly, the money he has saved in this life Even real estate, except for a small part of it is allocated to other people's homes, the majority are in the pockets of filial sons.

Even if it is not for the inheritance and the brother is still there, it is not good for this dutiful son to fall on someone else.

"Then I will go and see people." Li Ji walked inside after speaking. It's not that he is not afraid to see dead people, but people are gone, this side is the last side of his life.

Li Ji took a look, folded his hands and worshiped, and said Amitabha.

In fact, this method of death is scary to think about, just lying there silently, dead silently.

It is even conceivable that he might wake up before dying and might be struggling. It's just that the limbs were so rigid that they couldn't move, so they froze to death.

If someone helped to set the fire, or was discovered earlier, maybe people would still be alive now.

After all, this is fate. The Lord Yan came to the door, never dividing the time, the day, and the person.

This kind of occasion is really not suitable for Li Ji, of course, it is not suitable for anyone at all. Seeing the remains of the deceased, I couldn't help but bring it into myself. It was really uncomfortable to think about it so deeply.

Li Changdong's younger brother Li Changxi threw on him and cried, gritted his teeth with tears and silent regret.

Li Ji wanted to persuade, but this was obviously not the time to persuade others, so he quit first.

I could faintly hear other people's voices. Li Ji found a place where he didn't get in the way, and watched people come in and out. After a while, the Kung Fu mourning hall was set up.

Li Changxi's daughter-in-law brought the frightened son over and knocked his uncle, and then asked him to come in and wipe his uncle.

When the tossing is over and the juniors are left to burn the paper money, Li Ji doesn't need to stay there anymore.

After saying hello and leaving, Li Ji was not in a good mood, so he went straight back.

You can smell the rice from a distance. Li Ji walked into the house and climbed on the kang to drive away the cold. Er Gouzi gave him boiling water, and said: "The vegetables are all hot. I will eat the dumplings right away."

"Well, I'll take a moment, I'll freeze up after being in the courtyard for a long time."

When I went home, the kang was hot and the water was hot. Sitting on the kang watching Er Gouzi's busy work inside and out, my heart was also hot.

Er Gouzi went to work in the kitchen, and soon brought a table of dishes. They were all leftovers deliberately last night. It seems that Er Gouzi didn't eat at all in the morning, so he waited for Li Ji to come back for dinner.

He brought the wine and was about to pour Li Ji to stop Er Gouzi's movements: "Forget it, let's drink less in the future, I remember this."

I stretched out my chopsticks to pick up a dumpling and bit it into my mouth. I couldn't wait to chew it twice and swallow it.

"The individual in our village is gone again. It's just that I drank too much and didn't burn the kang alive and froze to death. This happened before. I thought that after remembering that one time, there would be no more. Why did you want to leave just like that? ."

Er Gouzi didn't speak, and ate with Li Ji.

After eating several dumplings in a row to soothe the stomach that is about to rebel, Li Ji said: "I am also greedy for alcohol. I bought a catty and two catties and looked at the greedy day and even can drink it in one meal. I drink. You know what you are drunk. You can pour it wherever you see it. There is no fire in the stove and whether the kang is hot or not. If it weren't for you, if I had two spare money to buy wine, it would be frozen to death. After that, it's me who is regarded as a lesson by the whole village."

It was at this time that Li Ji sighed that it was great to be alive, and it was great to be able to live and eat warmly. Li Ji didn't care what he was like when he died, whether someone would cry or burn the incense on paper. These are not important, Li Ji only values ​​when he is alive.

"I'm not dead. Let's live together." Er Gouzi said softly, "It doesn't matter how much you drink. I will always remember that when the winter is cold, you must turn the stove on before going to bed so that you can sleep soundly."

Li Ji's heart was softened, and he said without sparing: "I'm drunk, so you can take advantage, right?"

Er Gouzi looked up at Li Ji, looked left and right, and then said: "You really look better after drinking, and you take the initiative to do it, but I can take advantage of whether you drink or not."

Li Ji now really feels that Er Gouzi's truth-telling is a fault and needs to be corrected.

"Did you say that our village collided with something? Last year Zhang Fucai was gone, and this year is also a dead person on the New Year's Eve. If you say that this day is not a bad idea, but there are people who die here for two years, is it really something? Is the matter inside?"

Where does Er Gouzi know about strange power and chaos? I have never heard of it.

"I don't understand."

"Where are you going to understand, I don't understand it either. If it weren't for my father's death, I did something before and after I heard Mr. Yin Yang talk about it, I don't know anything." Li Ji thought for a while. Understand, instruct Er Gouzi to make a pot of tea.

For the Chinese New Year, this water will not be saved.

During the New Year holidays, all the couplets just pasted were torn down and replaced with elegiac couplets. Li Changxi's son served as a filial son to Li Changdong. According to the rules, he could not wear the freshly colored clothes newly made this year. Li Changxi's family is also not wealthy, how many children I got such a new dress only 1 year ago. I only put it on for a day, so I have to take it off and put it on. I won't be able to move it in the next year.

No blows and blows, only Li Changxi's family manages Li Changdong's cessation of spirit. In the past when the village was closer to each other, the juniors burned two pieces of paper, which was considered to be the most benevolent.

If it's another day and people leave, many people will come over and meet someone who has lived over sixty, that's the birthday star. Many people will grab the offerings and fabrics in the past and bring them home for them. Used by children, it is said that this can bring the blessings of birthday stars to juniors.

The sky was a little gloomy these two days, but there was no snow falling, but the temperature was not as cold as the previous days, and I didn't feel cold when I only wore a thin padded jacket. Li Ji went to see it again the next day, and they all said that Li Changdong had a good relationship with the heavens, and that the weather had been warmed up all the time he had gone, so the person who guarded his spirit would suffer a lot of crimes.

On the morning of the third day of the junior high school, Li Ji got up and went to the door as usual. He was surprised to see two rabbits.

It is said that the third day of the Lunar New Year is a day to drop in to give gifts, but this wolf is very clear about the etiquette, and it happens to send a New Year gift.

But today Li Ji can't return the gift, because today there will be many people coming to give gifts to entertain.

Li Ji's family bought tea sets from the city, but he and Er Gouzi were used to drinking tea from the family's pottery bowls, and drinking them with teacups and bowls felt unpleasant. After a few times, they washed them and put them away.

Today, Li Ji came out to tidy up, and used this kind of small teacup and bowl bought in the city to entertain the guests.

I can't say that Li Ji is stingy, but the water is really precious. He doesn't feel bad about the tea, but he and Er Gouzi bought this water from outside. The fragrance of the tea in his house used to be when there was no shortage of water, and the average customer would have to eat one or two bowls of tea. Nowadays, the consumption of water is definitely faster.

Li Ji is not the kind of person who takes advantage of others casually. Basically, the tea served to the people is delivered by the grain and oil store, and the guests don't feel distressed when they drink it, but if the water is too much, it's too much trouble to buy water for the Chinese New Year.

This kind of small teapot is just over a catty when it is full, and the cup is more than one or two cups. Even the thick-skinned person, a pot is finished, and it is too embarrassing to ask for it without water.

On the water, Li Ji has many thoughts to let others eat less, and this snack is inevitable as a gift.

Adults can say that a handful of melon seeds or peanuts is enough, and the child also has to give some sugar cubes. There is no shortage of this at home, and Li Ji doesn't feel distressed.

With the experience of last year, people who have children come to visit Li Ji this year and bring their children to Li Ji. Even if they are juniors, Li Ji is unwilling to take it. Children's kowtow is equivalent to giving the child a birthday, but Li Ji doesn't. Stop it. Children who encounter sweet mouths will grab more. At the end of the day, a bag of sugar cubes will bottom out, that is, Li Ji and Er Gouzi eat less on the sugar cubes, even if they are all given out. Don't worry if you don't have to eat the snacks by the side.

The tea is controlled, and there is no less waste water this day. At night, everyone was clean, and Li Ji was distressed looking at the water in the tank.

When I was cooking at night, I got bored with the rice. After eating dumplings for several days, people who like to eat dumplings are also a little tired.

When I went out and searched for the meat inventory at home, Er Gouzi ate a lot of meat, and no matter how much he had at home, he would usually consume it within half a month.

There are still a few pieces of fat in the pork. Thinking of the two rabbits sent by the wolf in the morning, Li Ji said to Er Gouzi who was drinking water for the cows: "Let's eat less fat. It is estimated that the two rabbit meat delivered by it will be enough for him to eat for a few days. Hunting in the winter is not easy. I don't know how many bites he can eat besides the prey he delivered."

Er Gouzi nodded without comment, and reached out to touch the bull's head.

The two cows have grown up a lot, and the cow is in good health. On weekdays, the family relies on her to pull the cart. A few days ago, she could share some milk from the cows to drink. Recently, there is less and less milk, so it is not difficult for the family. The great hero.

Er Gouzi never knew before that prey can be raised in captivity, and they can also use their strength to make themselves more convenient.

Following Li Ji's habit for so long, to be honest, Er Gouzi enjoys this process very much. Raising prey and letting them reproduce to obtain unfinished prey is really more convenient than risking their lives on the mountain in exchange for food for survival. Many.

Er Gouzi enjoys this tranquility. Although sometimes there is the urge to go hunting in the mountains, this urge will never compare to his feelings for Li Ji.

At night, I made some fried pork with sauce and sauerkraut stew. The stewed sauerkraut meat is best stewed with fat, and it doesn't need too much. A few slices can blend the meat into the sauerkraut. If you don't like to eat fatty meat, you can feed it to dogs. The greasy sauerkraut is mixed with the meaty aroma, and it is the most enjoyable to eat it in your mouth while it is hot.

I prepared the wolf's food when I was cooking the next morning. I didn't dare to stew the wolf's food too badly. I was afraid that the wolf would eat it without raw chew, but I would not eat it. It's cold and give it away. It was hot when I went out, and it was frozen when I went up the mountain, but for the wolf's mouth, it should be easy to eat.

When Li Ji and Er Gouzi went up the mountain together, they placed the food bowl on the inconspicuous stone. This time, Li Ji didn't worry about going back, so he simply occupied there for a while to see if he could wait for the wolf. After getting along these days, although I haven't seen it before, Li Ji has a particularly good impression of wolves. Especially in such winters, wolves should not be easy to get prey, but he still insists on keeping the prey at his door.

Even if the wolf is eating the meat that Li Ji has cooked, it also means that the wolf is defenseless against him and Er Gouzi. It is an incredible thing to be able to trust a beast to hand its prey into your hands.

After waiting for a while, Li Ji was a little disappointed. Er Gouzi looked at the tree and seemed to hear a sound. He looked up at the tree branches as if he was thinking of something. He touched Li Ji and asked him to silence his voice. He dashed up a tree like a monkey, and listened to something against the trunk. After a while, he jumped on a tree branch with a tree hole in it. Er Gouzi reached in for a while and took out a handful of nuts.

Carrying the pocket with him, Er Gouzi grabbed and stuffed it into the pocket. When it was full, he jumped down from the tree.

"What's wrong?" Li Ji hurriedly went over and asked.

Er Gouzi opened his hand, holding three little squirrels with just hair in his hand, staring at him tremblingly, very pitiful.

Li Ji hurriedly took it and covered it with his hand: "Then why did you bring them down? Their parents must have not gone far."

They do not fake prey on the mountain, but they also have their own principles. They eat their meat to survive, but they will not stop their reproduction. Er Gouzi basically don't target pregnant female animals in hunting. Of course, except for rabbits, catching live pregnant rabbits can breed by themselves.

This squirrel grows up and doesn't have two or two meats. It's not on the two's diet. Even if it does, it won't start with such a small cub. What's more, this cub is so pitiful and difficult for people to stop. Softhearted.

"There is blood at the entrance of the cave. Those who give birth to cubs seldom come out of the cave. The inside of the cave is already cold. The mother should be caught and eaten. There is still a lot of food in it. I took it out. These three will not survive. Long, they will find nuts. I will show you if I can raise them like rabbits."

After listening to Er Gouzi's explanation, Li Ji felt softened when he felt the three little guys who were disturbed in his hands.

"You said that if we raise them, can we find fruit for us to eat?"

Er Gouzi thought about it, shook his head and said: "I don't know, the people in the mountains will leave when they grow up, but they will save a lot of food before winter, you see."

Er Gouzi handed the bag around his waist to Li Ji. Li Ji took it and turned the weight with his hands. It was five or six kilograms to say less. It was very rare to open it to see the various nuts inside.

"So many, now I'm looking at the winter. Most of the winter has passed, and I don't know how much food was originally stored, so that it can still have so much left." Li Ji admired it, but most of this winter was lacking water. They all survived, but they were cut out and killed after having cubs, leaving these three little guys very pitiful.

"So I said raising them, I might send fruit to eat in the future." Er Gouzi said seriously.

Li Ji smiled: "Do you really think that the wild beasts on the mountain are like the wolves we meet? Are you willing to give us food? This is wild, and it's so big. It's not easy to grow up after opening your eyes, maybe it's a big one. We ran away. But they look pretty. Let's take them back as gadgets and keep them nice. We don't need a bite to eat, and we ran away when we grew up."

Li Ji turned out a veil, wrapped the three little guys with the veil and put them in his clothes.

Not seeing the wolf is considered a gain. The two went home together and didn't take a few steps. Er Gouzi heard the movement and glanced back. Li Ji felt Er Gouzi's movements, and then looked back, and then he saw it. Shaking a while in the half-falling bushes, a wolf's head was drilled out of it.

In fact, Li Ji was just waiting here for a while. It was purely idle. The hope of seeing a wolf is very small, because from the perspective of time, it is more like a wolf coming in the morning to deliver the prey and eating the food, and he actually ran into it.

Li Ji and the wolf looked at each other for a while. The wolf was obviously a little worried, and he sniffed Li Ji forcefully, then carefully got out and walked towards the food bowl full.

The gray fur is shiny, and it feels very good at first glance. Li Ji, who is accustomed to stroking her little tail hair, looked greedy, waited a while and watched the wolf eat halfway, and boldly walked over.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, the wolf raised his head in fear, and looked at Li Ji for a while. Li Ji took a step forward. The wolf thought about it, and then lowered his head to continue eating.

At this time, the wolf did not show the slightest aggressiveness. Li Ji breathed a sigh of relief and looked back at Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi let Li Ji walk over with confidence.

Li Ji couldn't tell, but Er Gouzi, who grew up on the mountain, could easily distinguish the hostility of a beast. When facing Li Ji, the wolf only hesitated to escape, without the slightest murderous intent of attack. This means that the wolf is not hostile to Li Ji. Although he knows the fighting power of wolves, Er Gouzi believes in his instincts and can rest assured that Li Ji is bold. Go wolves.

Li Ji took another two steps. This time the wolf completely ignored his existence. Finally, Li Ji finally walked to the wolf's side and knelt down and looked at the wolf who was eating Zhengxiang.

The wolf looked at Li Ji who was squatting next to him, thought about it, and moved a little to the side to leave a place for Li Ji to come out.

The willingness to share food means that the wolf regards Li Ji as his own.

Encouraged, Li Ji stretched out his hand on the back of the wolf's neck. The wolf did not refuse. He started to caress gently, from the neck to the back, then raised his hand and put his hand on top of the wolf's head.

Feeling the temperature above his head, the wolf raised his head to lick Li Ji's palm. It's different from the little tail. The little tail hasn't grown up, his tongue is small, and he doesn't have much strength. But the wolf is different. An adult wolf can lick half of Li Ji's palm with one tongue. This feeling is very real and powerful.

Li Ji used to be afraid of dogs, and never knew that being licked by such a big hand was so enjoyable.

That is to say, I am not familiar with wolves. Anyone who is familiar with Li Ji wants to hug the wolf for a good time.

Li Ji touched the wolf. The wolf licked Li Ji and lowered his head to eat. When the meat was all eaten, the wolf was satisfied to lick the basin clean, and then continued to raise his head to lick Li Ji's hand, and then to lick Li Ji's face.

Er Gouzi couldn't sit still, just forget about licking his hands, and the left and right tails would also lick, but his face was exclusively for Er Gouzi, so wolves could not occupy it.

The wolf's tongue stretched out and licked it, and Er Gouzi looked at him with dissatisfaction.

The wolf wanted to threaten with teeth, but he couldn't lift it up in front of Er Gouzi. He hummed symbolically and walked back.

Seeing how pitiful a wolf is, Li Ji hasn't touched enough yet, so he raised his eyes and looked at Er Gouzi with some blame: "What are you doing?"

Er Gouzi stretched out his hand and wiped Li Ji's face, saying, "Mine, don't lick it."

Er Gouzi didn't know that he was jealous, only that he was very principled in the possession of Li Ji. He could use his hands but not his face. Just like the little tail can hold Li Ji in his arms, but only Er Gouzi can do it with Li Ji, but no one else can do things like naked and hugged together in the bed.

Li Ji turned his eyes away, laughing and crying. It's a good thing that my "daughter-in-law" is possessive of myself, but I have to make Li Ji say something without opening his mouth.

"Okay, let's go back. The three little guys in my arms are hungry. Our cows can still squeeze some milk out. It's enough to feed them."

The little guy in his arms was very upset. He didn't know how many days he was born after he had been raised. Anyway, he was definitely not weaned.

Er Gouzi had this intention, glanced at the wolf, and took Li Ji back quickly.

The wolf murmured twice, trying to get closer to Li Ji, but was forced by Er Gouzi's lewdness, and watched the two of them leave, and a few jumps disappeared in the depths of the forest.

On the way back, Li Ji was not idle, muttering: "The food that was sent up before was eaten soon. The wolf's nose is definitely better than ours. Let's send the food up, old wolf. You can smell the smell from afar and come over to eat. You said I didn't expect this a long time ago. I thought I could meet a wolf earlier. You didn't touch it. It feels too comfortable to touch. The wolf looks good too. Our little tail looks good."

(Watching the little tail in the house conscientiously sneezed)

Er Gouzi listened attentively to speechlessness, and decided in his heart that he would not take Li Ji up the mountain in the future.

When I got home, I squeezed some milk from the cow and used a spoon to feed a little bit to the little squirrel. At first, it might be because of fear that I refused to eat, but when it was dark, I couldn't stand it and started to take milk.

Seeing that he is willing to eat, there is great hope for survival.

The little guy is good-looking, and Li Ji's interest is also high. He pulls out a duck down cushion that he bought from the county and hasn't sat on it. He put the little guys on it carefully, fearing that they will run away, and put the cushion in again. I got into an empty bucket and leaned on the edge of the tunnel watching them toss for a while and fell asleep depending on each other. In fact, it was quite a sense of accomplishment.

"Even if you can't get anything, it's worth raising and playing so beautifully, don't you think it is."

"Yeah." Er Gouzi nodded, at least better than that wolf. Squirrels can't lick their faces, but wolfs can. 

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