Of course, nothing can be sold in this county. You can't sell a few items in the poor mountains and valleys throughout the year. There are few rich and noble families, and the poor are hard-hearted to buy such a one. It is also a channel for making money for this small leather goods store if you want to pass it on from generation to generation. Most of them still collect the leather and send it to the top to sell.

However, although there are many mountains here, there are few people who really dare to go up the mountain, mostly because there are not many prey on the edge of the mountain, and there are many beasts in the deep mountains and old forests.

I heard that in the early years, there were a lot of people who depended on the mountain to hunt, but later on, more and more people died of the mountain. After a long time, they became less courageous and no one dared to go in. For a long time to guard such a golden mountain, no one can eat it.

Nowadays, when I meet someone who can eat it, I naturally treat it as a treasure.

"So let's hurry up, I'm still waiting for some free time to buy some other things."

They immediately began to liquidate the leather, and then wrapped the silver and presented it to Li Ji. Over the past two years, there have been so many shining silver things, and Li Ji hasn't been so rare at the beginning. Only the money spent on the left and right is called silver, and the day when the money is not spent, it is also a lump.

Li Ji collected the money, and was surrounded by the shopkeeper and the guy and sent it out. He got in the bullock cart and flicked the whip and left. There was not much going out. Li Ji turned around again and came back. The shopkeeper and the guy haven't When I went back to the house, I saw that I thought it was because I suddenly felt that my money was missing and I was coming back.

"Master, what else?" the shopkeeper asked.

Li Ji smiled happily: "It's not a big deal, just ask if there is a fortune teller nearby."

The shopkeeper breathed a sigh of relief: "You go to the west, the house where some people are drawing gossip pictures with flags is our famous fortune teller here, sir, is this a marriage?"

The shopkeeper looked at Li Ji's young age, and the marriage was about the same.

Li Ji smiled: "Almost."

I drove the cow and followed the path pointed by the shopkeeper. After walking for a while, I saw it. Li Ji didn't know Chinese characters, but knew the gossip picture, got out of the carriage and entered the house with money.

At this time, very few businesses come to the door. The fortune-teller is still in the room reading the books for fortune-telling. He raises his eyes when he hears the sound and glances up and down, which is a pity.

At first glance, he was a rich lord, dressed neatly without patches, with a bulging pocket, and he could hear the sound of silver when he walked. It's just that Li Ji's face doesn't seem anxious, it's a happy event, and such a person won't be able to pick up much money.

"Master, do you want to count something?" The fortune teller didn't stand up either.

Li Ji sat opposite the fortune-teller, and took out the two pieces of silver in his sleeve.

"I'm a little bit busy to ask your husband for help, just ask him to go out and talk about it."

If you just go out and talk about it, you can get two pennies, then the business is really good.

"Master has something to say clearly." The fortune-teller is not in a hurry to get the money. Good business delivered to the door may not be really good. After so many years of life, no matter whether it is true or not, some things should be seen thoroughly.

"To tell you the truth, I am an orphan. I have a good time with my elder nephew and my eldest nephew, but the heads of the village do not look down upon the young men and women who do not marry their wives. They take good care of me and often introduce girls to me. I am a man. I'm lonely. I had a good childhood with my nephew. I can't do anything about it. So I came to ask for an explanation and make others believe that I can't get married in a few years. It's better not to have a family in this life. You, no one in this life has come to say that it's best to kiss each other."

…The fortune teller looked at Li Ji blankly.

This is not to meet a fool.

Others have come over with infamy to make the silver beg for help in rectifying the name. This good reputation is not wanted, and he has to make a broom star in order not to marry a wife.

The fortune-teller felt ignorant and ignorant, but he couldn't understand why.

"You can think about it. If you say that reputation is bad, it will be broken, and it will be difficult to take it back in the future."

"Can I not know this?" Li Ji said helplessly, "but I have no intention of marrying a wife, and now they just come to the door to say that they will send me a kiss. If an elder presses up and pushes me one, I am uncomfortable. I am also wronged by other people's good girls. Everyone can't force me to say a few words, but I can't remember a single "I'm good for you". But I don't want to make fun of my fame if there are other ways. Isn't it?"

"Tsk." The fortune teller understood before and after, and he thought that Li Ji really seemed to be an orphan, otherwise he could not insist on not marrying his wife so alone. Such a big young fortune teller is enough to come here every year to ask for marriage to form a small village. Who grows up in a hurry to marry a wife and have children?

"Master, if you insist on doing this, then I will also take people's money and money to eliminate disasters. How do you say I will do it." The fortune-teller put the money into his sleeve, which is considered to be an answer.

Li Ji smiled and nodded: "I don't understand your set, don't say too much, just hold the hand and kill the wifeless life. I beg for such a sentence, and then others will say kiss me and I will have something to pass. For a while. You just pretended to pass by by chance, and just walked as you spoke."

The two talked about it, and they said everything before and after. Li Ji happily left the fortune-teller's house and ran to pay taxes.

The elder of the line waited more than an hour before approaching the end of the line.

Li Ji looked at the time, and he would be able to queue in just one stick of incense. It is a lie to say that he is not irritable in the queue for such a long time.

Li Ji looked at the sun in the sky, calculating the time, and the fortune-teller was almost time to come.

Li Ji couldn't wait to wait, but something went wrong on the tax-paying side.

Not all people in the queue here are from Li Ji Village, but there are also people from other villages. Li Ji doesn't know the person in front of the trouble. You can see the man's red face from far away, and I don't know if he was drinking or angry. The tax collectors and soldiers quarreled.

It was too far, Li Ji couldn't hear clearly, and the people who heard clearly in front passed the incident one by one.

The people in front heard clearly, and immediately told the people behind, and Li Ji soon listened.

The man said that the measuring instrument given by the government was inaccurate. He obviously paid a tax of 3 stones, and used the government's objects to measure a full amount of money. He asked them to give an explanation.

Waiting for a row of people to know it, and there was another noisy discussion.

"This person just ate it in the wine at first sight. Which official government's tax meter is serious and accurate? Doesn't anyone prepare an extra pocket or two, the power should be honoring the official, and I don't understand this rule."

"I don't blame him for being angry. How much food can we get throughout the year? The family eats very tightly. Why do you honor them as dogs for the county magistrate?"

"Shhh! Let's just close the door and just talk about it. Do you really dare to talk nonsense outside? I really told them to hear it. It's not enough for you to get a lawsuit."

The silver bag used by Li Ji for taxation is actually an extra coin here. It is said that Hades is better than a little devil. The measuring instrument at the entrance of the yamen may not have been used, but when they turned over to the treasury, they were standard.

But the extra ones in the middle are tacitly tacit in someone's pocket. The county master is greedy to show respect to the county master, and the county master is not greedy and has other masters reaching out. Even if the masters didn't stretch out their hands, these officers and soldiers who came to pay taxes would be unconscious.

When sending it from left to right, the common people added more and asked the common people that it was just right. In this way, the inaccurate container at the yamen is also accurate. Who can say that it is an intent to evade tax.

Soon, I saw that the troublemaker was pressed to the ground and punched, and then dragged aside. The relatives of that person asked for mercy again and again, and finally went around.

None of the people present were convinced, but what can be done if they are not convinced? If the people do not fight with officials, they rush to fight with others, that is, they stretch their faces and beat them and take their own humiliation.

Li Ji watched that the man was beaten repeatedly to sue for mercy, feeling pity, but if it was to help, it would be powerless.

In the final analysis, what are the common people fighting for?

At this time, I saw someone coming from a short distance away. I turned my head to look. The sedan chair carried by the four people came over. The officers and soldiers guarding here shouted, "The county magistrate is here."

When everyone heard it clearly, they knelt down. Ordinary people who have the opportunity to meet officials? Especially for people who come from remote places like Li Ji, they may not know the face of the nobleman and where the yamen gate opens in his entire life.

The sedan chair stopped nearby, and the first voice from the magistrate when he got off the sedan chair was laughing.

"I heard the sound from far away, it's really lively, talk to the official, but what's the good thing?"

Li Ji secretly raised his head, craned his neck and couldn't see what the parents looked like, and his voice was also muffled. It's a pity in my heart that I'm not lucky enough to take a look at Master Guan's appearance.

Hearing that the people around him got up, Li Ji followed, taking the place far away, so he boldly looked over there.

In fact, you can't see anything, and it's good to have a dry addiction.

After a short while, I saw a family member next to the grandfather of the county walk away. Two officers and soldiers pressed the "troublemaker" people. The relatives who pleaded did not dare to speak any more at this time, each of them lowered their heads. The quail waited for the county magistrate's trial.

After waiting for a while, I saw that Ding came back, holding a bucket in his hand, and said a few words to the county magistrate.

Then two officers and soldiers brought by the county magistrate came over and started measuring the taxes and grains brought by the person, one by one, and Li Ji could see it from such a long distance. It was exactly thirty. That is, three stones.

Seeing what the grandfather of the county had said, the officers and soldiers who collected taxes suddenly knelt.

Two people were taken away, and the rest were left. I don't know what the county magistrate said. Those people bowed to their knees, and looked nervous and scared.

Although he didn't know what happened, he also knew that the county magistrate cleaned them up. Li Ji, who had seen enough of the excitement, was so happy that he couldn't help but pick a thumbs-up to the parent official.

After a while, what happened over there was passed.

"Just now, the county magistrate first said that he would punish the troublemaker. After all, it was because of taxation that he couldn't tolerate a little mischief. Then he heard that the measuring instrument was not allowed. The county magistrate gave an eighty board and asked the family to go to the county. The grain and oil store fetches the amount of money. If it is really short of a bucket, it will hit the eighty board of the trouble, if it is right, the board will be hit on the tax collectors and soldiers."

Li Ji heard that he was applauding the county magistrate in his heart. If he came here, it would be the same way. On the face of it, he was to help his own people and to prove his innocence. In fact, it was to make them irresistible.

Li Ji touched the taxed silver bag and picked out the extra broken silver.

The county magistrate is gone, and the tax collection is still going on, this time they dare not commit rape and slippery. I don't know if the tax will be exchanged for the problematic measuring tools next time. At least for now, there is no need to pay more. This time the extra grain can be pulled back, and I can eat one or two more meals.

There are less than ten people left in front of Li Ji. At this time, the fortune teller whom Li Ji was looking forward to was finally late.

I saw Li Ji from a distance, and the two looked at each other tacitly. Then the fortune-teller came over slowly, muttering something to say about it. They were all Zhouyi-like words. Normal people listened differently. They only thought it was mysterious and mysterious. Just by listening, I have already believed three points.

There were two people who were tempted. Either they had paid their taxes, or they hadn't had their turn to have free time, so they asked a few questions. The fortune teller had to answer all the questions and received a few cents of rewards, all along the way. The second money is in.

I didn't expect to make money so much when I went to pay taxes, but the fortune teller was a little grateful to Li Ji.

When they walked all the way to Li Ji's place, the two pretended not to know each other. The fortune-teller looked at Li Ji's face, and couldn't help taking a step back, with consternation on his face.

Li Ji didn't expect this person to have such good acting skills, and smiled embarrassedly: "What's the matter?"

"Sorry, it's impolite to be poor." The fortune teller first apologized, and then brewed for a while before speaking, "I am dissatisfied with you, son, your face is a rare blessing, and you are born to be rich and noble. just……"

I am most afraid of listening to this, especially when I have said all the good things before. Even if it was the remarks made in advance, Li Ji couldn't help but jump along.

I admire the fortune-teller's handling of people's hearts, and on the surface he plays with him.

"But what?"

"The son's fate is too good, and the more yang qi is better than the fate, the better, on the contrary, if you touch yin, you will break this rare conviction, and this blessing will turn into evil spirits, and the children will be blessed. A rich and wealthy life, but it is also destined to be without a wife and children. It is weird and weird. The old way has seen his life for a lifetime, and he saw such a strange face for the first time."

With disbelief on Li Ji's face, he reached out and pulled the fortune-teller's cuff: "What did you say? Are you clearer?"

The fortune-teller continued: "In other words, son, you have ordered Geck's wife and son, and once you marry a woman, you will lose all your blessings and become evil spirits and kill your wife. So it is destined to be a lonely fate. It is best to follow the eight characters. A man with a strong yang spirit stays in one place, this will greatly bless you, son."

Li Ji was taken aback, and said in astonishment: "I have lived with my nephew for the past two years, so the family is getting better."

This is equivalent to telling others that he believes this.

"That can't be wrong. You are the masculinity that you encountered, so the blessing comes. If you keep it, you can protect the son Fulu Chang'an. Don't get involved with the relationship, otherwise the blessings you accumulated before will be exhausted, and your wife will also be a disaster."

This time it was Li Ji's turn to take a step back, with a panic on his face.

The people around were screaming in astonishment, envy, compassion and gloating.

A person not far behind Li Ji hurriedly asked: "Then there is no solution?"

The fortune-teller groaned and shook his head: "The cultivation of the poor path is superficial and has no solution. Besides, the destiny must not be forced. If God can leave a half-share, we can turn the situation around a little bit, but your destiny has not been reversed. There is room for you. God has a good life that allows you to meet me before you get married. If you are later, I am afraid that you will delay the life of innocent people."

If the fortune-teller wants something to crack, it can be said to be for the sake of bullshit and deceit, but the fortune-teller said so much that he didn't even ask for tea money, so he turned around and walked cleanly.

Li Ji took two steps forward, without turning his head, deliberately preventing the crowd behind him from seeing his expression. At this moment, his face couldn't hide his suffocated smile.

These two pennies are really not a loss at all. This fortune teller is so good at talking, and after a series of words, if anyone dares to introduce someone to Li Ji in the future, it would be intentional to kill someone. Then you can no longer use the banner of being good.

Li Ji brewed his emotions for a while, and looked back with a frustrated expression. There was a village nearby, so he persuaded Li Ji to want to open a little bit, so that he and Er Gouzi would be rich and wealthy in the future. No child can adopt one from his brother. If it is Kezi, it is just Ke's biological child. Adopting one will never has a problem.

After listening to all kinds of comfort, Li Ji sighed and said not to delay everyone's taxation. Others are still complimenting Li Ji. At this time, he can think of others and persuade others not to delay business.

After a while, Li Ji was queued to pay taxes. Although Li Ji drove an ox cart, there was nothing in the cart. The tax collectors were still wondering. Li Ji handed the silver bag over and said with a smile: "The village The long side has already made a cost-effective calculation, and the animals in the family have also been counted clearly. Each animal is taxed on an individual basis, and it is not a lot of money. Lord, do you order it?"

Hearing this, there is no more oil and water. The tax collectors opened their money bags and looked at the reflective silver naked boy. It was a pity in their hearts, but the officers and soldiers who had just punished the greedy tax and grain, did not dare to go against the current.

I could only look at the greedy, record it, and then send Li Ji away.

After Li Ji had paid his taxes, he told the villagers to let them go first, so he would go shopping.

He drove the bullock cart to the street by himself, walked into various shops in a familiar way, and focused on buying delicious food. Looking at the New Year, it would be nice to buy two new clothes.

In the village, it is possible for a poor family to wear all clothes for two or three years. If it is broken, apply a patch, and if the patch is not applied, tie it with a rope to make do with it. Li Ji's family now has no patched one. If you have clothes, you can buy new clothes once a year in this case. Not only is it the only one in the village, but the whole town says it is the only one.

The wealthy households in the county can do it.

Li Ji remembers the size of Er Gouzi. When he enters the clothing store and looks at the clothes hanging on the wall, he can see if he can wear it.

I bought a cotton coat and an autumn coat for myself and Er Gouzi. You can wear autumn clothes in spring and autumn, so you don't need to buy them again after the beginning of spring.

A new batch of eiderdown vests just arrived in the garment store. They were not thick to the touch, and very soft. They looked warm. Li Ji bought two of them. They were too thick to wear when working in the yard. The vests were too thick. The arms can be exposed, which keeps warm and facilitates work. The effect is excellent.

I bought a whole cart of things and didn't ask the villagers to wait to go back. I went straight to the familiar grain and oil store and bought some grain, grain and oil store bags and a donkey cart. Li Ji still drove his bullock cart. When the two cars drove home together, with someone accompanied, they weren't afraid that the things on the car would be too glaring and thoughtful.

Both the ox cart and the donkey cart were fast, and within a short time they caught up with the villagers in the middle of the road. At this time, the villagers were chatting with each other in groups, and the atmosphere was more cheerful than when they came.

One is because this year's taxes have not been paid too much, and every household has saved at least a bucket of grain. Second, there are Li Ji's ingredients in it.

Although they are all neighborhoods in the village, Li Ji is the elder of the village, but Li Ji's life is getting more and more prosperous, and it is deceptive to say that he is not jealous.

But today, after hearing what the fortune teller said, Li Ji's current enjoyment is his fate, but in the same way, he is destined to cut off his son and grandson's life as a bachelor.

In this kind of environment where the lineage is passed on from generation to generation, I don't know how many people would rather have a son and continue to have a heir if they are bankrupt. So in their eyes, Li Ji's enjoyment is not really enjoyment, at least for them to choose, one side is a lifetime enjoyment, and the other is the descendants, they will choose the latter.

So what about wealth and wealth in the first life? He is a person who has cut off children and grandchildren. When he grows old, he still doesn't know what it will be like. The enjoyment now is only God's compensation. There is more important than marrying a wife and having children.

Seeing Li Ji catching up, everyone stopped to say hello. Li Ji was surrounded by pitying eyes, only to feel dumbfounded. But this is better. The more pitiful they are, the less likely it will be to attract attention when Li Ji has a good day in the future.

In their eyes, Jinshan and Yinshan have no treasures, children and grandchildren Jingui, so even if Li Ji is boundless in the future, they will not have any hatred for Li Ji. Because in their opinion, the sugar that Li Ji eats is bitter.

From now on, Li Ji will stare at the reputation of Ke's wife and Kezi. From now on, let's not say that no one will introduce him to the girl again, that is, which girl Li Ji has fallen in love with. Anyone who is long-hearted will also cover his own girl to death. Don't let Li Ji see.

This is exactly what Li Ji wanted.

"Fourth Uncle, don't think too much. As the old saying goes, this child is either paying debts or asking for debts. No matter which one, it's unavoidable to worry. You are at ease by yourself, and Er Gouzi is filial and filial. This biological child is not bad." Someone came over and said comfortingly.

Li Ji wanted to make a full play, his heart was full of laughter, and his face still sighed with regret: "The destiny is fixed and cannot be forced. Fortunately, there are many descendants of my elder brother, and our family's line will not be broken. In this way, I feel more at ease. Er Gouzi has no idea of ​​marrying a wife and having children. We are at ease when we get together."

Li Ji's words are actually sincere, but when others heard it, they laughed, and for a while, there were more comforting voices. Occasionally, I could see some people stunned and turned their backs and laughed. For a time, all of them were peaceful.

Walking back all the way, I saw Er Gouzi waiting for him from a distance. Er Gouzi saw him, immediately ran over, and shouted Fourth Uncle in front of Li Ji.

The little tails who followed were also barking happily, and one person and one dog came up with similar surprises.

This sense of sight is so wonderful that Li Ji couldn't help being as soft as his eyes, as he was afraid of mixing these two goods together.

"Come in the car, let's go home." Li Ji gave Er Gouzi a place to sit with him. Little Tail is a dog who likes to run. He can't stop running around the car. In the circle, the scalpers pulling the cart were so annoyed that they hummed half aggrievedly.

Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi and Little Tail, and the originally good mood became even more joyful. When he glanced at Er Gouzi, his smile reached his eyes with the starlight. Such a big burden was put down, and there was basically nothing to do in the future. Can make him feel bad.

There are too many people here to say other things. They drove the bullock cart to say goodbye to others, went home all the way, unloaded everything in the cart, and sent away the guy from the grain and oil store. When the two went back to their house to sort out the things they bought today, Li Ji gave Er Gouzi a kiss without warning.

Li Ji did not take the initiative much, at least compared to Er Gouzi, the number of Li Ji initiative can be said to be pitiful. It is because the number of times of taking the initiative is small that this sudden initiative is so precious.

When Er Gouzi saw Li Ji smile, he also laughed. His smile had no purpose, but simply because of Li Ji's happiness.

"You know, no one will come to tell me to kiss me in the future! I'm not afraid that the old man will come out again to find me a daughter-in-law. This year, I have been serving my head. Why did I come up with such a good way?"

"You have a daughter-in-law." Er Gouzi stretched out his hand and hugged Li Ji, adding.

"Yes, I have a daughter-in-law, you are my daughter-in-law, and I am also your daughter-in-law." Li Ji made no secret of his feelings, "I cut my back, and we will live a good life in the future, and no one can join in."

"No one can join in." Er Gouzi repeated, looking at Li Ji, finally couldn't help it, lowered his head and covered Li Ji's lips.

As the two of them became more intimate, Er Gouzi tasted the delicacies, and the most delicious was the softness of the two slices. Touch each other, entangle each other, with an indescribable comfort.

If it was on weekdays, Li Ji would definitely push him away, even if no one saw him in broad daylight, it would be hard to say.

That night, I made another table of good dishes. Today Li Ji bought two small jars of fine wine from the grain and oil store. It is said that they are the latest flower brewing. There are only a few jars in total. They were shipped from a long distance. The price is It's a bit more expensive, just in the price that Li Ji can afford.

The aroma of the wine inside the lid can float far away. Li Ji is a greedy person, so he bought two small jars and tasted them with Er Gouzi.

Er Gouzi is not good at drinking, but loves Li Ji after being drunk to death. After being drunk, Li Ji committed second, and he could do many things that he would never do when he was sober.

The bad eyes that Er Gouzi had in this life were probably all placed on Li Ji.

I made a spicy stir-fried rabbit meat. The spinach planted on the window sill was harvested and a plate of vegetarian dishes was fried, and some shredded pork was fried together with diced kimchi. Then stew a small pot of boiled white meat, and the four dishes are delicious and delicious.

That is to say, the dinner can have the energy to make rich and meticulous. The four dishes are the dishes that two people love to eat. The chopsticks have not been stopped when the dishes are on the table, and the drinks have not been drunk a few sips.

Li Ji sniffed the scent of wine and looked at Er Gouzi who was chewing on the rabbit's head on the opposite side, and suddenly said something.

"Let's get married."

Er Gouzi's rabbit's head was halfway through, but he didn't understand and raised his head. With rabbit meat still in his mouth, he asked, "Aren't we married?"

Er Gouzi's definition of marriage is not very clear. In his impression, eating and sleeping together is married.

In theory, Er Gouzi's idea is correct.

"We have lived together, but we haven't worshipped heaven and earth, we haven't recognized our parents, we haven't married those who haven't been married, and we always feel that something is missing. Should we change our preparations tomorrow? Let's get married."

Er Gouzi would not shake his head in anything about Li Ji, regardless of whether he could understand or not: "Let's get married."

Li Ji also poured wine on Er Gouzi: "Then let's have a cup of wine."

Li Ji picked up the wine bowl first. Er Gouzi didn't understand, but just followed Li Ji's actions. When he was a child, Li Ji used to go to the bridal chamber with the adults. He knew what it was to call a cup of wine. He taught Er Gouzi how to put his arm. Then he hooked Er Gouzi's arm to signal Er Gouzi, and the two drank the bowl of wine with their heads up.

Today Li Ji bought the fortune teller with money, saying that he would never get married in his life, of course he was just joking.

No, Li Ji is married.

There is also red paper used to cut things and patterns when building a house. Li Ji took the scissors to the red paper and began to study how to pick up Double Happiness.

Generally, double happiness is cut by the old woman before marriage with a group of family members. Li Ji and Er Gouzi cannot be known to outsiders, so he can only figure it out by himself.

At the beginning, I only tried with a small piece of red paper. Li Ji didn't know him, but he had only seen double happiness a few times, so I could only cut it based on feelings. After cutting five or six mistakes in a row, there was one that looked a little bit like.

Then he took Er Gouzi to study together, and cut out a few double happiness.

Now that the New Year is approaching, fewer people visit, especially adults. Li Ji boldly posted a few on the wall. After finishing the posting, he sat in the room and looked up. It really looked like something.

The two have no high halls, and they will go to the grave tomorrow to burn incense and kowtow.

Li Ji stood in the house with Er Gouzi, looked out the window, pulled Er Gouzi and knelt down and knocked his head.

There is no such thing as one worshipping heaven and earth and two worshipping Gaotang rules. Marriage is very simple. One head knocks on the ground and recognizes each other's parents. So far, it is simple and difficult to be with each other all his life.

After being together for a long time, the two finally had a decent ceremony officially representing the two being together. After kowtow, Li Ji went to see Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi looked at him with a smile, a little confused in his eyes.

Er Gouzi didn't understand the meaning of Li Ji's kneeling and kowtow when he suddenly skipped meals and cut the scarlet letters. He didn't even know why two people had to have such a weird ritual together.

Er Gouzi only knows that he will do whatever Li Ji wants him to do. He will accomplish whatever Li Ji wants. His life is very simple. Li Ji alone is enough in the future.

"In the future, don't call me Fourth Uncle when there is no one, call me Li Ji, or Xiao Ji. But when there are outsiders, you must call me Fourth Uncle, don't let others doubt. You may not have a concept, but if you let them know When we are married, we will be treated as monsters, and we will be repelled. Do you understand?"

In fact, it's not uncommon to like male S*x. It's not uncommon for affluent families to become popular with men. It's just that the two have a special generation, even if they have no blood relationship, even if Er Gouzi is an unknown species outside. Li Ji is nominally and on household registration. Both are Er Gouzi's fourth uncle.

Male S*x plus uncles and nephews, this kind of relationship is enough to make the world intolerable, and even spurned.

Er Gouzi nodded, he didn't need to think about it, because Li Ji had already thought out his share.

This is absolute trust. Only belongs to the trust between Er Gouzi and Li Ji.

After tossing around, Li Ji finally had enough trouble, and took Er Gouzi back to continue eating. With such a simple ceremony, Li Ji finally felt that he was justified.

After three rounds of wine, five flavors of food, the stamina of Huaneng is very strong. After the meal, Li Ji doesn't mean to pick up a bowl at all. Er Gouzi took the food off the meal without complaint, laid the mattress and carried Li Ji over and covered it. Under the quilt, take off his clothes and blow the lamp to get into the quilt. As soon as he entered the quilt, Li Ji crawled over by himself.

So Er Gouzi especially liked Li Ji, who was drunk, and was completely different from the usual restrained Li Ji.

The consequence of embracing oneself is that it will inevitably be tossing. After a hot kiss, Li Ji's voice is low and soft. If it weren't for Er Gouzi's good hearing, I am afraid it would be inaudible.

"From the day my father died, I actually broke off the idea of ​​marrying a wife. At that time, I was a pauper, so how could a girl give me permission. I don't value a woman as a wife, let alone whether it will be old age. There are children and grandchildren under the knees of Chenghuan. Those are too far for me. Er Gouzi, what I care about right now, you are the only one. You are the only one."

Er Gouzi understood these words, and understood every word. Because of this, Er Gouzi's happiness overflowing from the depths of his heart burned Er Gouzi with extreme joy, and he gradually lost his mind in the middle of the night.

The next morning, Li Ji woke up with a sore waist, and Er Gouzi beside his eyes opened was still sleeping. Er Gouzi felt Li Ji's movements and stretched out his hands and rubbed his eyes to look at Li Ji.

"Four… Xiaoji."


"I went to cook."

"Be lighter."

Li Ji turned over and slept back into the cage, calmly letting Er Gouzi cook and deal with the animals outside.

This is not to blame Li Ji, to blame Er Gouzi for not knowing the temperance, and after having a good time, he came back to the scene, which was a tossing overnight.

But I really agreed to their wedding night in the bridal chamber, after all, the spring night is worth a lot of money. Although they have had a lot of spring festivals, this is not important.

After squinting for a while, Li Ji became sober. He opened his eyes and looked at the double happiness on the wall. He rolled over and buried his head in the pillow. The corners of his lips were almost grinning to the back of his ears, just like this silent smile.

When he had enough laughter, Li Ji looked back and thought about it. If there is a real regret, why did he forget to light the candle?

Although there is no such thing as a non-essential dragon and phoenix candle, the meaning and meaning of ordinary candles is pretty good.

Li Ji lay on the kang again for the whole morning, and all meals were settled on the kang. When I waited for noon, I had enough rest, and I sat up, except that my waist was a little sore, but there were no other problems.

Going down to the ground and doing all the work of Westinghouse, the Chinese New Year is about to come recently, and Li Qiao'er will not come, now it is a two-person world through and through.

When feeding the rabbits, I found that there was another litter of little guys in the house. Fortunately, it was this year. If these little guys would have to pay taxes a few days earlier.

Li Ji and the female rabbit looked at the big eyes to the small eyes for a while, then turned back and said to Er Gouzi: "Let's divide the male and female rabbits into cages, and keep one or two babies. The rest will wait for the next year."

Rabbits cannot completely stop breeding, because there is a certain amount of consumption in the village, and the villagers will buy some, but there are too many to feed at home.

Just do it, the two have been busy for a long time to divide the rabbits, and they hopped their tossing chickens and dogs. After dividing the cages into equal parts, they watched them eat the forage.

If the rabbits could talk, they would have cursed their mothers long ago.

"Today there are fewer eggs." Er Gouzi handed the egg basket to Li Ji to see.

Li Ji glanced at it: "It's a bit missing, it's really cold these two days."

When the work was finished, Li Ji took Er Gouzi together to buy paper money and incense, and also bought two kilograms of wine for sacrifice. First, I went to Li Ji's father and mother's grave, burned the paper with incense, and knocked his head with Er Gouzi.

Facing the graves of his parents, Li Ji's heart is complicated. His mother has no impression of him, and his father has never given him a stalwart figure. From the beginning of his record, his father is sick and occasionally physically better. Will take Li Ji out for a stroll, and Li Ji will take care of him the rest of the time.

Even so, Dad is also Li Ji's closest person, bringing him one of the few warmths in the past eighteen years.

Now that there is Er Gouzi, Li Ji wants to say that if his father and mother are well aware, they can look down.

However, Li Ji knew in his heart that if his parents could really hear what he said, he might be able to crawl out of the underground palace and kill his unfilial son.

But what can be done? Li Ji just likes Er Gouzi and wants to live with him.

Li Ji kept silent. When the paper was about to burn out and there were only sporadic flames left, he suddenly said with some pleading: "Father, mother, bless us."

As an unfilial son, he really wants to get permission from his parents, wishing him grow old together with the person he likes.

The two squatted their heads, and brought valuable wine and incense to Li Yan's grave.

Li Yan is still a lonely grave, looking a little lonely. According to seniority, Li Ji and Li Yan are the same generation, and Li Ji wants to call Li Yan a sister. But now that Li Ji and Er Gouzi are together, then I have to call Li Yan Yi Yi Niang.

Kneeling in front of the grave, Li Ji looked at Li Yan's grave for a long while, and finally sighed: "Maybe you don't like me, I have broken your son. How can a mother-in-law can bear his son being with a man? I have to live another generation. Actually, I also struggle, but I can't help it. God is destined to like Er Gouzi. We are destined to be together and cannot escape. I don't know what you think, but I really want to call you. Mother. Mother, you and I were not involved in Er Gouzi's life for the past 13 years. I will spend the rest of my life with him."

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