This idea is very smooth. It can be said that this is the answer. Li Ji slapped the table: "That's easy to solve. Just dig this side or fill in the other side. Just can't make the other side of the waterway. Cut off, after all, no one knows if anyone on the other side lives by. Even if there is no other lake, there must be a lot of beasts who drink water. The water vein is the spirit vein. We can't break the way to survive in the mountains."

The two can go up the mountain to hunt, get skins and meat, or they can go up the mountain to chop trees for their own homes, but they can't really cut the way for them. Taking 10,000 steps back, this mountain range is the basis for the survival of the people at the bottom of the mountain. If the mountain is changed, the people under the mountain will definitely be affected.

Er Gouzi didn't understand those, but just listened carefully. After getting this answer, Li Ji couldn't stay idle anymore, stood up and let Er Gouzi take care of the house, and went to the village to talk to the village chief.

The village chief was also waiting for Li Ji anxiously. When Li Ji came over, it was dark, but the moonlight was good enough to be seen and lit up.

As soon as Li Ji came to the village chief, he asked, "What's wrong?"

"I figured it out." Li Ji went into the house and sat down and told the village chief what Er Gouzi saw.

The village chief was relieved when he heard it: "If you really know it, it will be easier. If you change it, you will have to trouble Er Gouzi to go to the mountains and dig some with a spade. In the coming year, our village will be able to use water again."

Li Ji said, "It's not a problem to let Er Gouzi dig. The problem is that if you dig there, you will have to dig for a while. If you stay in one place for a long time, Er Gouzi can't guarantee that it will be targeted by a beast. It's not easy to dig it. If you wait for the beast to be turned away, it will be too much. You are dissatisfied that Er Gouzi came back so late today that he was driven by the wild boar. I was afraid of running back to attract the wild boar, so I deliberately ran a long way off the wild boar Come back. Er Gouzi is not a fairy of Da Luo, this is quite difficult."

No one in the village can climb the mountain, only Er Gouzi can. Therefore, the hope of water resources falls on Er Gouzi, but the safety of Er Gouzi is equally important. The dog jumped in.

Thinking about it this way, the village chief also began to worry: "Should the men in our village go back to the mountain together? Last time, we went up together, and the wild beasts would hide when they saw it. Isn't this safe?"

Li Ji shook his head and said, "Last time it was to save people. It's different, and all the men in the village passed by. All the lone beasts like lions and tigers can frighten them. If they encounter something like wild boars, they will go crazy. Even if the men in the entire village go up, there will be deaths and injuries. I have no idea when I am young, so I will leave this to you as the village head, and it is up to you to decide how we listen."

The village head smiled bitterly, and Li Ji gave him the hot potato. How can I decide? Li Ji has finished saying all that should be said, and the village head is really hanging in a position where he can't get up.

Let Er Gouzi go up the mountain? No, the mountains are dangerous, Er Gouzi can't stay in one place for a long time. Don't let Er Gouzi go up? If the next year is still dry and the water level is too low, it will only force the villagers to leave their homes and move away.

Human life must be cherished, but the hometown that has reproduced from generation to generation cannot easily disappear.

Li Ji knew that the village chief was embarrassed, but compared to Er Gouzi, Li Ji would rather the village chief be embarrassed.

"Then I think more, there will always be a way." The village head sighed and let Li Ji go back first.

Li Ji walked back, thinking deeply. Today, he was able to tell the whole story of the village chief's idea of ​​letting Er Gouzi go up the mountain, but after waiting for a long time, there is no way, I am afraid that the village will spontaneously pressure Er Gouzi to let him go up the mountain to solve it.

After all, the danger is accidental, and Er Gouzi may not die if he goes up the mountain, but if he doesn't go up the mountain and the water in the village is not solved, the villagers will really have to move out.

On the bright side, human life is more important, and Er Gouzi should not be allowed to take risks, but if you vote secretly, I am afraid you will choose to let Er Gouzi go up the mountain. After all, Er Gouzi is an outsider, and draught is his own business.

It is said that those who can do more work, most of them are used to kidnap those who are able at this time.

The more I think about Li Ji, the more I worry about Er Gouzi's future situation. Even if Er Gouzi does not go up the mountain in the future, no one is forced to be blamed by the villagers. Although Er Gouzi doesn't like to interact with them more, he lives in a village. If the whole village hates him, there will be a lot of trouble. It is possible that Er Gouzi can't stay in the village.

The Er Chanzi mother and son are lessons for the past. The village lads in disguised form are not easy to talk about each other. Until now, which day did their mother and son spend in ridicule? Overtly and secretly, I don't know how many times it was cleaned up.

Er Gouzi had a simple temperament, and those who only knew how to hunt were clever, and he couldn't compare to an ordinary person by counting ten.

The more he thought about it, the more worried Li Ji walked home. At this moment, he heard someone rushing over and saw Li Ji stop: "You are here, Fourth Uncle, just because I don't have to go to your house to find you. There was blood in the fight over there, just because a ladle of water is too much and who is less. You saw in the past, some elders pressed them to be more honest. It's hard enough for this day by day. Now, it's okay to make trouble."

Hearing this, Li Ji darkened his eyes and said, "I won't be able to pass this blood-red blood. It's polite to take me as an elder. What else can I manage? Go to Shuisheng or the village chief. Well, I won't join in."

Li Ji couldn't force him to say that. He was anxious to find someone else, and left after goodbye. Li Ji stood there for a while and went home.

Er Gouzi was still waiting for Li Ji. Seeing that Li Ji's face was not good, he asked quickly: "What's the matter?"

Li Ji shook his head. This kind of thing is enough for him to worry about, and it can't affect Er Gouzi: "It's okay. Some people in the village have nothing to do and fight. Some people ask me to go. I didn't go. There are people from the same village and they can kill people. Come?"

Er Gouzi didn't think much about it, and nodded in understanding: "There are also beasts on the mountain competing for prey. It's normal."

Li Ji wanted to reply that people are different from beasts, but he didn't say what he said. Where is it different? Maybe not.

Even beasts rob prey because they will starve to death without prey, but the village is not yet ready to die of thirst, and a penny can buy water for several days. How much hatred is this for a scoop of water to see blood?

"Don't talk about it, let's kill a few rabbits, chop them into pieces and weigh them for a catty to sell. I asked the village, many people want to buy this way, let's see whether it sells quickly or not. If it sells quickly, we don't have to I went to sell rabbits in the city, and the village is fine."

Especially since there are few livestock this year, it cannot be said that Li Ji is making a fortune. He did not raise the price again, and he solved the problem of eating meat in the village.

Er Gouzi went out obediently, and Li Ji gave him the rabbit he picked, and squatted in the yard watching him kill the rabbit.

The rabbits were killed, peeled, and cut into small pieces. Seeing that they were quite good, they were all frozen. If you want to release the news, you will get ready-made ones if you want to buy them. It's cold in winter, so you won't be afraid of it if it freezes hard.

After the news was released, people came over to buy one after another. Ten rabbits were sold out and a few were killed. It seemed that the sales were good.

The people who came to buy rabbit meat said that the two people who were fighting had been trained and admitted their mistakes. I didn't set up such a big event at first, purely because there was less water and I was in a bad mood.

The root of this matter is still the problem of water. When there was no shortage of water before, let alone a scoop of water, no one felt distressed even if a tank of water fell on the ground.

There are a few households in the village who are really difficult, and it is difficult to get a few pennies. The water purchased for a penny with good conditions can be used for half a month, but such a really poor family cannot eat water for a few months.

After hearing more about the situation in the village, Li Ji felt more panic in his heart. In fact, he shouldn't worry about this matter. Although Er Gouzi is the only person who can solve it, it is not his responsibility, let alone Li Ji's responsibility.

Moreover, Li Ji is so poor and worried, it may not be able to solve it, it is better to let the village chief be an official to find a way, people with rich experience can ask about the situation.

Li Ji thought about it for a few more days, and his mouth was blistering. The more he looked at it, the more worried he thought that Li Ji was ill. At this time, the village chief came to the door and brought good news.

"Are you busy?" When the village head came, Li Ji was cooking. When he saw people, he swept the stove pit to prevent the fire from coming out, and invited the village head to sit in the house and let Er Gouzi make tea.

Now I can't drink water when I go out to stop by, and only Li Ji's family can invite people to drink tea in the whole village.

The village head was sitting on the burning hot kang, a little enviously said: "Our village, that is, your family's life is so prosperous. It's no wonder that there are girls in the village who are all staring here, wishing to come over and get some light."

Li Ji smiled helplessly: "What is the life of a family?"

Li Ji didn't dare to ask about the water, for fear that the village chief had come and begged Er Gouzi to go up the mountain. This is why he is selfish. He would rather buy water for the villagers to use than Er Gouzi to venture into the mountains.

The village chief didn't find it difficult for him. He said directly, "I'm here to give you some reassurance. This drought and the creeks have stopped flowing, and our village can't drill wells. It is a natural disaster. If you report it to the government, you will come down for relief. It's only in previous years…you also know that in three years of clearing the prefect's 100,000 snowflake silver, the silver will not reach the hands of the people. But our current county magistrate is an upright official, so I wondered, It's better to go to the county government for help. We don't need any money, and see if the master can help hire someone to bring water regularly."

Counting this up, hire someone to make a big bucket filled with water every two days, and hire someone for two dollars a month. Even if you get water from a well in the village, you can send it over.

In this way, people in the village will not die of thirst, and there will be no need to move. The best of both worlds.

Li Ji's eyes brightened as soon as he said this idea: "Is this method feasible?"

"If it works or not, let's try. This is supposed to be managed by the court. If the court doesn't care, we have another way. There is always another way. You didn't talk about Er Gouzi going up the mountain. You didn't talk about it, I Just don't know. I know your difficulties. Whose family members are hurting? There is no reason to push into the fire pit. Why is there no water in my heart. Living people cannot be suffocated by urine. There is always a way to do it slowly."

The head of the village for so many years is not for nothing, he knows all the calculations made by every household in the village. Sometimes, although it is difficult, it is not difficult to solve what happens in the long run.

Li Ji listened with enthusiasm, and said: "You mean my heart is gone. Look at my mouth. These two days have been enough to get angry. Don't blame me for my age and small eyes. If I go up the mountain, I will Going up, I was helped by the village when I was young. It's not an exaggeration to say that I was raised in the village. But the Er Gouzi are different. He never ate a grain of rice from the village when I was young. How can we use it? Let people work hard for us, isn't it?"

Speaking of Li Ji's words, it is a bit of a heartbreak. Er Gouzi is not a native of the village, or even the root of the village, but Li Yan doesn't know who's the seed outside. From the day of birth, Li Yan dug a hole in the mountain alone, and had nothing to do with the villagers.

Letting Er Gouzi take risks for the people in the village is feasible, but it is not reasonable.

"I understand all of this." The village chief comforted, "You and Er Gouzi are poor children. It is not easy for you to be a child. Finally, I can make you be alone with a companion? I told you before. Let Er Gouzi go up is my incomplete thought. In that sentence, this is the matter of the whole village, not Er Gouzi alone."

Li Ji only told Li Qiao'er about the fact that Er Gouzi went up the mountain. Li Qiao'er is not a talkative. When Li Qiao'er comes back, just tell her not to tell her.

The matter of Er Gouzi going up the mountain had never happened before, Quandang didn't know.

Right now, I can only hope that the magistrate's master will be kind, and even if he allocates two dollars a month, the problem of the villagers' draft can be solved.

As for washing clothes and taking a bath, I just need to drink water for now.

The two talked openly, Li Jiren was smart, his eyes turned and said: "But what if there is no water coming next year? The dealer in the ground points to the stream for watering, so I can't ask the court to bring water."

"I'll talk about this later. It is God's kindness to be thirsty. If it is not, the next year is still dry and the well water is almost dry. It means that God does not give a way to survive, and it will be the same wherever you move." The village chief said here, it is enough. Now, smelling the fragrance of tea, the village chief is also greedy, picking up the tea bowl and drinking one by one.

Li Ji allowed him to drink too, and he didn't feel distressed at all for refilling a bowl after he finished drinking.

Li Ji has a lot of money in his hands, and the extravagant water in the village can be used to drink a bowl and pour a bowl here. Even if he looks at the luxury of others, he can't justify his own luxury, so he has to follow along.

The village chief drank two bowls of tea and left contentedly.

Li Ji's heart knot for a few days was solved, and the smile on his face looked relaxed. Er Gouzi can tell Li Ji's state only by looking at his expression, and Er Gouzi's heart also let go, still not asking why.

Er Gouzi's never-spoken personality brought Li Ji a lot of convenience, and it was also very distressing. Because of the different growth environment, Er Gouzi's many ideas and habits are different.

I eat sauerkraut stew and fish stew at night. I buy a lot of fish, and I have to eat one in one or two days on average recently. This is the result of Li Ji's deliberate control.

Although I know that Er Gouzi always eats meat, Li Ji himself is afraid of eating too much. Li Ji doesn't want to get the kind of wealthy disease that eats up big fish and meat, so control all good things. eat.

After Li Ji's birthday, the New Year's Eve is approaching, and it's time to buy New Year's goods again. This year, the people in the village are more difficult. Even if the family conditions are good, they have squeezed the copper plate in their hands for fear that the coming year will be even more difficult.

So buying New Year's goods is just a meaning.

Li Ji killed 20 rabbits and went to the market in the village. Ten of them were just chopped up. They can be used either by rabbits or by catties.

Although the situation in other villages this year is much better than that in Liji Village, it is also due to the reduction in grain production. As soon as the grain production is reduced, fewer animals can be used to feed them. Therefore, in order to save grain, most of the livestock in the family have been slaughtered. Eat less meat in your mouth.

So this year's new year's meat is a lot more expensive than last year. In order not to look uncomfortable, Li Ji has increased by two cents per catty, which is surprisingly low compared to others, so the business is particularly good. The bulk sold out soon, and Li Ji directed Er Gouzi to chop up all the rest.

The meat was selling fast, and after a while, Li Ji told Er Gouzi that he would come and kill 20 more rabbits to sell in the coming year. There were more copper plates in his pockets, and more New Year goods would be bought. There is a stick of incense on the road from the village to the village. After the meat is sold out, I still have to rush to buy the New Year goods and go home. Even if my little tail has grown a lot now, I can't rely on this dog to watch the house.

From melon seeds to candied fruit, I bought a lot of snacks and gadgets, even more than last year. There are many firecrackers and spring festival couplets. Looking at the fireworks sticks sold, Li Ji bought a few playfully. Push the pointed cart back.

It was eye-catching last year, but it was even more eye-catching this year. This year, most people in the village carried a package of New Year's goods. Some people had packages that were slumped, but they only bought a few pairs of peanuts.

Last year, someone came to persuade them to buy less, but this year there is no more. I don't know how many envy eyes I received along the way. If you can really make money with Er Gouzi, then the ghost can save money. One or two pennies for one or two pennies, anyway, you can make more money, even if you can't make it in the future, you can enjoy it anyway.

The news from the county magistrate finally came down. The upright official is kind and really willing to allocate some silver from the silver vault of the county government office to send water to the village. What's more, the waterwheel provided by the county government is used.

The prince of the county meant that there was well water in the government office, and the waterwheel was not needed, so it was just right for the villagers.

Spend two dollars a month to hire someone, and come to deliver water every afternoon. The water tanker is quite big, and every household can get a bucket of water.

A full bucket of water, or one bucket per day, not to mention that it is enough to drink enough water, and it is enough to save a little while washing your face, and even wipe your body with a wet towel.

When I went to pick up the water the first day, everyone was beaming and boasted that the parents in the county were really the people's parents, Master Qingtian. This phenomenon can be said to be a very strange thing. Instead of scolding officials, the common people gave a lot of praise. It can be seen that what is coming is really blue.

Li Ji went to pick up the water and looked at the villagers who were smiling brightly because of the bucket of water. He couldn't help but feel sour. Now the water is solved, and there is no need to spend more copper plates to buy it, but what should I do next year?

Later, Li Ji stopped fetching water. Someone didn't see Li Ji for a few days, and even came to ask what was wrong. Li Ji said that the water bought at home was enough, and the bucket was not bad, so he distributed it to those. A family with a lot of people.

There is money and willfulness here, and it is hard for others to say anything. When the tax is closed this year, the production has been reduced this year, and the tax has to be paid as it is. There is no tax cut, and the amount paid in previous years cannot be less this year. And some people who do a little business need to pay more.

For example, like Li Ji, the family has paid enough bills this year. The hides smashed from the mountain can escape the tax, and the animal tax on the livestock that can be raised can't escape.

Li Ji first killed all the extra rabbits, chopped them into pieces, and frozen them, whether they were eaten at home or bought, and the remaining rabbits would be taxed. There were also pigs. I killed one during the banquet, but now it doesn't seem to be big, and it can rise again. Li Ji cruelly killed two pigs, and the remaining five pigs also have to be taxed.

Three cows pay the most taxes, but the cows can save a lot of effort in farming, and the taxes should be higher.

In this way, the tax will cost a few stones of grain. There is not so much in the granary at home. It costs a few taels to use the silver. Looking at the money at home, there are more than ten taels left on hand after the tax is paid. Enough to spend, but look at the saved leathers, go to the county to pay taxes and sell the leathers by the way, saving you no time in the future.

Li Ji went to the city to pay taxes and went alone. The left and right were with the villagers, and he was not afraid of anything wrong on the way back and forth, so he left Er Gouzi at home to look after the house.

If Er Gouzi means 10,000 people are unwilling, but Li Ji's words are 100% listened to Er Gouzi, grievingly stood at the door and watched Li Ji drive the bullock cart and leave with a large group of people. Gouzi finally realized what it was like for Li Ji to wait for him to pierce through his eyes.

There is an ox cart pulled by Li Ji with a family in the village. The cart is full of grain used to pay taxes. Others are basically wheelbarrows. The man in the family is pushing it to sweat, and the woman is there. Following them, some felt distressed for their men and wiped sweat with a coarse cloth handkerchief.

As for Li Ji's ox cart, there were only two fluttering feet. Li Ji asked some of the children who followed to go to the city to sit on the ox cart. The sound of the children was laughing and playing. Although the weather was cold, they were not at all. Affect the nature of entering the city.

"Grandpa Four." Li Ji's nephew and grandson Xiao Tudou smiled on Li Ji, "How much money do you have in your family? You can't finish the meat, and you can't finish the snacks."

Xiao Tudou is twelve after the New Year, and he is still a naughty bun, and his parents worry about him.

Li Jicai is six or seven years older than him. He belongs to his grandfather's generation. He will be more intimate with his nephew and grandson, but it is impossible to pick up the grandfather's shelf, and Li Ji can't handle it either.

"I have some snacks for you? Did I give you something for your daughter-in-law?"

Xiao Tudou is naughty. His parents are afraid that he will not be able to get his wife in the future. Zhang Baihu in the village sold the eldest daughter Zhang Xue, and the second daughter Zhang Ying didn't plan to stay. Li Jin and his wife simply approached Zhang Ying as a child bride-in-law.

Li Ji doesn't like this kind of thing, because the child hasn't grown up, can they know if they can be suitable for each other? Even if you are good to Zhang Ying, can Zhang Ying really like Xiao Tudou when he grows up?

It's not Li Jimaitai's own nephew and grandson, how can Xiao Tudou be worthy of other people's fan-carved Yingzi.

"How can you not give it, grandpa, you love my daughter-in-law, I'm not good and you don't give me delicious food." Xiao Tudou smiled flatteringly, with some naughty peculiar children.

Li Ji knew in his heart that Xiao Tudou might not even know the fundamental meaning of the word "wife-in-law".

"If you are obedient, I will buy you everything you want to eat, but don't let me hear how naughty you are. After listening, you don't want to take another candy from me." Li Jiban threatened.

Xiao Tudou repeatedly promised: "Four grandfathers, you still don't know me? I have made big mistakes and no small mistakes have been made. That is to know that mistakes can be corrected, hehe, which kid can still make some mistakes?"

I don't know where I heard this. Li Ji glanced at him, but didn't continue.

Li Ji put the packages on the bullock cart and the children were curious, Li Ji wouldn't let them open, and there were also naughty past touches. Li Ji asked Xiao Tudou to watch, if anyone opened the package, he would not give him snacks for a month. With snacks as a threat, Xiao Tudou was very energetic. Whoever stretched out his hand would pat it. After a long time, no one would dare to stretch out his hand.

The bullock carts don't drive fast, basically at the same speed as the people in the village, but some people stop to rest for a while when they get tired of pushing the carts, and they ran ahead after a long time.

Some of the legs and feet were right in front, and the few women who followed helped her husband to push the cart, and the rest were walking away lightly, and some with children, it seemed that most of them went to the city to buy some. thing.

No matter how many things there are in the market in the village, there is no such thing as the variety and variety in the county. Some girls have to pester their parents to sell lipstick paper or something.

Rouge is expensive, and cheaper ones cost one or two dollars, so most people buy rouge paper, which can last a long time for a few cents.

There was a girl who got married before, and her husband sent a box of rouge. It was all five or six years ago. Now some people talk about it with envy.

Li Ji glanced at the girls. As a man, he couldn't understand why women like to apply things on their faces so much. There is no need to control him.

But think about it, Li Qiao'er is Er Gouzi's god-sister. When she got married, she gave her a box of rouge to give her a face. Then there is Zhang Ying. When they get married, they will give a rouge gouache or something, which is equivalent to telling outsiders that the old Li family has not treated the child daughter-in-law.

His thoughts fell on Zhang Ying again, and Li Ji couldn't help but think of Zhang Xue who was sold to the city. He didn't know what was going on.

This year I haven't seen Zhang Xue come back, nor have Zhang Baihu's family come to see it. They are selling death deeds. Life is the master's family, and death is the master's ghost.

If this Ying hadn't been brought by Li Jin's family to become a child bride, I am afraid he would also be sold.

Children are one of the parents' property. Although they are different from livestock, if parents really don't regard their children as human beings, they are no different from livestock.

In fact, Li Ji often feels that it is not normal, but others have countless arguments against him. The most commonly used sentence is: "It has always been like this, handed down from the ancestors."

Are all the good things handed down?

Li Ji hadn't read any books, and he couldn't understand these things even more. It was not enough to be bothersome.

Li Ji was distracted and thinking, a woman's voice came over, awakening Li Ji's attention.

"Fourth Uncle is going to pay the tax to pay the money? Then what are you doing with the bullock cart?" The woman who came to talk in her early thirties had already seen her old manner.

Women who have been working in agriculture for a long time enjoy it better than those who have no shame. The rich wives of the wealthy people don't have many wrinkles in their thirties, and the women in the village have a lot of white and half-white hair after their thirties. When I spoke, the daughter-in-law of the Li family didn't have too many wrinkles on her face, and she looked young.

"Isn't it the Chinese New Year? By the way, buy something and bring it back. It won't be used in the city before the beginning of spring." Li Ji held a small whip in his hand and gently touched the cow's ass.

"Didn't you buy a lot of things in the village before? Can you eat more if you buy more?"

"If I can't eat a few more mouths by myself, Er Gouzi can eat it, so I can buy as many as there is nothing wrong with it."

After Li Ji finished talking here, the woman's smile deepened, and she suddenly said, "Look, I almost forgot. Uncle, you have been staying at home and don't take them out. People in the village have seen few things. It stands to reason that there are some things. It should be the elders' troubles, or the brothers of the same generation who helped to worry about them. But some things still have fate, so don't care if I have more words on my side."

Don't mind if I have a lot of words here. When I say these words, I already care about them, and I can't help but listen. It feels like being careful not to listen.

"What is this? We are all old poles, so what are the bad rules." Li Ji said from his mouth, but his waist was straight, his eyes turned away from the woman's face, and he looked at it intently. With cow butt.

The words are nice, and the attitude is everything.

The woman was choked when she looked at Li Ji, smiled a little awkwardly, and still bit her scalp and said: "Say something that juniors shouldn't say, you are also eighteen, and there are fathers of the same age in the village. You can be considered as a business now. If you want money and money, you want a house and a house, but you have a woman to help with housework."

Li Ji raised his eyebrows. He used to tell Er Gouzi that he would do everything possible to pass him, but he didn't expect to look at him today.

"give me?"

The woman nodded and said, "You are not a long walker in the village, but you are an older generation in the village. The girls from which family say you are a little troublesome, so it's better to find someone from the outside village. Your family's conditions are good, what should you choose? All kinds of girls are easy to talk about. There is a good girl in my mother's family who looks so handsome, and she said that several relatives can't look down on it, just like a person with good family conditions and good looks. My mother's father asked me Help find it, think about it, isn't it just for your fourth uncle?"

In fact, people say that they are kind. There is even an unwritten saying that telling you to kiss is to give you face. If half of the people can't look at you, who will tell you to kiss?

It's just that Li Ji has a wife, but this wife can't take it out and say it honestly, and she has to hide it to death.

Since it is impossible, Li Ji doesn't need to leave any possible illusions to others.

"Don't let me ruin a good girl. My house is owned by Er Gouzi, and the house is built by Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi is under my name on the household registration, but he can't do without me. Or am I inseparable from him? It's ugly enough for me to eat with him alone, and it's ugly to eat with another wife."

Li Ji's words directly positioned himself as a rice worm who lives on Er Gouzi's snort, not that he doesn't want to get married, but is really a pauper who can't take a girl to chew Er Gouzi together.

The smile on the woman's face was a little stiff, and Li Ji was too full of words.

After thinking about it for a while, I organized a good word and said, "Look at what you said, I have seen self-deprecating people, how can I ever say that like you? The house is indeed the money from Er Gouzi, but you built it, this house Which one is not what you are worried about? You said that Er Gouzi raised you, do you work less or cook less? You are an elder, even if you don't wait for Er Gouzi to serve you, you should Yes, Er Gouzi can't keep a penny without you, so you have a share."

Li Ji smiled and said: "What you said, Yu Qing can make sense, but I am a reasonable person. Which store do you see pays dividends to the guy? I follow Er Gouzi and drink spicy food. It is right to work. I should not be helping wait waiting a few days the animals are my animals say it, that did not Happening this reason. I also left a small, big or father did not your mother's heart to play, a few years later nothing."

Li Ji's whip swept the cow's butt, and the cow walked faster consciously, and the ox cart moved faster, leaving the woman behind.

Li Ji thinks about his age, should this matter really be resolved? Eighteen years old, Er Gouzi 20 years old, no wife will definitely become the focus of the village. If someone is incapable and has no daughter-in-law, no one will take care of him. Those who have sons in the family should be thankful that no one has robbed them. But bachelors with good conditions like Er Gouzi and Li Ji couldn't escape being urged to marry by the villagers.

These juniors are good to say, just send them a few words, and the younger brothers and sisters can also make a haha ​​to fool them. But if anyone who doesn't have long eyes stabbed to the old man of his own family and then let the old man go back to the mountain to say a kiss, then Li Ji can't hide his heart no matter how much.

Er Gouzi can use Er Gouzi's temperament that Er Gouzi is not of the Li family, but also the temper of the mountain. He can do everything with this excuse to threaten Li Bao and let him convince the old man, but if the old man gives Li Ji, he will give her a fifty-year-old. Li Ji can't shake his head.

Generations are overwhelming, and this old birthday star is particularly heavy.

Li Ji would like to thank the woman who came to talk about her, if it weren't for her, Li Ji could not have thought of this level at all.

So the first task now is to find a fair excuse for not marrying a daughter-in-law, and it is best for people to avoid introducing them when they hear it.

Li Ji sorts out his conditions. He and Er Gouzi are married, and everything is shared. Then Li Ji's condition is to live in a big house and have a wealth of more than a dozen wealthy households. This condition is not to say that he is just right and looks good. Yes, it's a 70-year-old wretched old man with a crooked mouth and slanted eyes who wants to marry a yellow girl and ask for two little wives.

Others do not worry about marrying a daughter-in-law, and Li Ji doesn't want others to introduce him to him.

If this condition is let go, people who don't want to marry a wife can also come up with a bunch of them. Is there any way to prevent them from coming?

I just thought about it and couldn't think of anything all the way. When I entered the county, I happened to meet a family on the edge of the county and I had a fight. I could hear a woman screaming sharply from afar: "You still dare Stop me! If you hadn't hired such a broom star, it would have made my son ill! This is a disaster star! If you hit him in the door, nothing good would happen!"

The sound spread far in the cold winter, and some villagers craned their necks and wanted to see the excitement, but it was not that the past of their own village was unreasonable, and they were all discussing what was going on.

After hearing this sentence, Li Ji's inspiration suddenly came.

Broom Star, why didn't he think of this? Li Ji's eyes lit up, thinking about his own conditions, orphans, living alone before encountering Er Gouzi, it is really reasonable to insist that Broom Star is justified.

Besides these Er Gouzi, it is definitely hard to live on the mountain for thirteen years. People with hard horoscopes are not afraid of others, so no one will doubt that there will be no accidents with Li Ji.

As long as this statement spreads, in the future, unless someone who is really asking for money is willing to marry the girl and die, who else will be willing to post it online?

This idea is perfect, Li Ji wants to come up with such a good way by himself.

What is left is to find a way to convince the villagers of this statement, and let this statement spread out one by one, and every village knows the best for ten miles.

A group of people went straight to the place dedicated to collecting taxes at the Yamen, and Li Ji unhurriedly drove the ox cart and looked around. Anyway, if you don't worry about paying taxes, the elders of the tax-paying queue won't check it for a while.

Li Ji drove the ox cart to the shop where he bought leather goods. The guy in the shop was pouring water out. When he saw people, his eyes lit up, and the god of wealth was here.

"Hey, Lord, you're here, let's sit in the house and it's strangely cool outside. Why are you thinking about coming over to take care of our business."

Inviting Li Ji in, Li Ji is already familiar with the road, put the parcel on the table, the man took the tea and held the tea without talking, waiting for the man to call the shopkeeper out.

"Where did you get rich lately? I haven't seen it some days." The shopkeeper saw Li Ji with a smile on his face.

"What makes you rich? It's good to go. Recently, there are a lot of things at home, and I can't get any good things. Now, the skins of the rabbits I raise are pretty good. They are tanned for you. Two of them are free of miscellaneous hairs. I put it alone in good condition. This is worth more of the copper plate. I won't ruin you for the rest. I'll just give you less. I'm anxious to wait for the money to be taxed. There are many animals in the house. There is not enough food for the tax, otherwise I will save more and have a good skin before sending it over."

So many rabbit skins can be worth more than ten taels of silver, which can be said to be a big deal.

The shopkeeper opened his baggage and smiled deeper and said: "You are polite. So many leathers are a big deal with me. You are dissatisfied with you. You said that the leathers collected from you last time made sales of finished products. Yes, the boss told me to buy more from you in the future. Nowadays, every piece of leather is a treasure." 

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