The ambiguity of Li Ji's words here further contributed to the arrogance of Er Chanzi mother. This time even the daughter-in-law was not in a hurry to find her, and she was thinking about how to pour Li Ji's dirty water.

Li Ji served the animals during the day, and stewed the prey that appeared at the door every morning and sent them to the mountains to feed the wolves. It can be said that his life is very fulfilling.

The pigs in the family still have not fully grown up. They can grow longer than five or six months old, but that day Li Ji directed Er Gouzi to kill one, and after a long time he was busy processing all the water and marinating the meat. Go to the village to find some diligent women to come and help set up a banquet.

The woman who came to help was here to tell. Li Qiao'er, the protagonist and her father, should also tell that they got busy this morning and set up a banquet, and they were not ready until noon. Everyone in the village was there to talk, and Li Ji was also here. I didn't clarify what was going on in advance. The guys who came here didn't know what to say when giving gifts. How embarrassing was this thing to say wrong?

In fact, the words that Er Chanzi Niang passed on in the village were ugly enough, not to say whether it was true or not, even if it was true, it didn't matter. Originally, there were no literate people in the village. Although seniority was important, marriages were far less strict. My daughter feels bad at home, and I hope that the one who wants to marry close to her is best to be a family member in the village, so that it can be better for you to get married.

It's not that this elder married a junior of his clan. Li Ji and Li Qiao'er didn't have many blood relatives after calculating.

If Li Jizhen fell in love with Li Qiao'er, they would have forgotten at most two days after they became married in the village. But these Er Chanzi mothers deliberately embarrassed him, and recently the villagers have a mentality to watch the excitement.

This kind of watching the excitement may not be really malicious, but the most primitive curiosity in people's hearts, wanting to know what it can develop in the future.

Li Ji seemed to have specially asked Er Chanzi Niang to come over. After everyone had arrived, Er Chanzi Niu walked in slowly, staring at Li Ji looking at the show.

She didn't speak now, she was actually waiting for Li Qiao'er to say a few more ugly words and run. When she and her son can't raise their heads in the village, don't plan to improve Li Ji's reputation.

Li Ji had not been in the village before, and she couldn't grasp it if she wanted to grasp the handle. This time, she caught it. Can she seize the opportunity?

She made a calculation in her heart. In fact, Li Qiaoer was in the house at this time, standing with Er Gouzi. Er Gouzi was holding a silver hairpin in his hand. The hollow silver hairpin was very light and looked quite large. It is less than half a double, even so, it is also a rare good thing in this poor ravine.

No matter what it is here, as long as it is dipped in gold and silver, it is a treasure handed down from generation to generation.

This is what Li Ji asked him to bring to Li Qiaoer for a while. Er Gouzi always followed Li Ji's words and remembered every word clearly.

Li Qiao'er was still a bit shy, holding his cuffs in her hands and bowing her head without speaking.

When everyone was seated and drinking hot water, Li Ji stood at the door of the house and cleared his throat and said to the people in the house: "It's not a big deal. If you close the door, you can do it, but the head of my family Young, I haven't received less help from the villagers over the years, so today I'm looking for a reason to invite everyone to have a good meal."

The Er Chanzi mothers straightened up and were all ready to think about what to say for a while.

Li Ji also glanced at Er Chanzi Niang specifically, and his smile deepened: "I know what the village said the other day, and I have made it clear. Li Qiao'er looks like sister Yan, so Er Gouzi I can say a few more words to Li Qiao'er, but it is precisely because of this that the two of them cannot start a family. Er Gouzi has fewer relatives, and they are less willing to talk together, which is a pity. Li Qiao'er is also a hardworking girl, so Ah, I discussed it with Er Gouzi."

Er Gouzi and Li Qiao'er walked out of the back room.

Er Chanzi Niang smiled on her face. Regardless of Li Ji's unfinished words, she interrupted and said, "Hey, this is all hidden in the house."

At this time, the discerning people knew that this was not about marrying Li Qiao'er, but Er Chanzi Niang was so confused by what she said in the past two days, which made her believe that Li Ji was going to marry Li Qiao'er. Letting the bride into the back room without even worshipping heaven and earth is an impropriety.

Li Ji took a look in the past and ignored her. Instead, he smiled at Li Qiaoer: "You are a good girl, and Er Gouzi has no brothers or sisters. It is the blessing of Er Gouzi to have a sister like you. Today I am Be a testimony and let Er Gouzi recognize you as a goddamn sister. From now on, you will be Er Gouzi's sister. When you get married, your Er Gouzi will add makeup to you. If you are wronged, Er Gouzi will give you some makeup. You stand up. It's not that your brother is not up to the matter, but Er Gouzi is easier to do than others."

Someone put the futon, Li Qiaoer kneeled on the futon and saluted Li Ji.

Li Ji received this gift in place of Li Yan. Li Qiaoer will be Er Gouzi's goddess from now on, and Li Yan is naturally her godmother.

Knocking his head, Li Ji helped Li Qiao'er and smiled at Er Gouzi: "Er Gouzi, come, don't you tell me to prepare a gift for your sister? Don't bear to take it out. You will be such a sister in the future, and you will feel distressed."

Er Gouzi hurriedly took out the silver hairpin from his sleeve, brought it to Li Qiao'er as Li Ji had taught before, and called his sister.

From then on, Li Qiao'er was Er Gouzi's god-sister, and the previous rumors were naturally self-defeating. And now Li Ji and Er Gouzi say that they are the richest man in the village. Life will be even more prosperous in the future. With such a relationship, Li Qiaoer will have more chips to find her in-laws, and she can choose a better one. Married.

It can be said that there is no girl in the village who does not envy Li Qiao'er. Li Qiao'er blushed and called to her brother in shame.

At this time, the most embarrassing thing is Er Chanzi Niang. Li Qiaoer is Er Gouzi's god-sister, so she doesn't have to avoid taboos when she enters the room. There is not so much taboo between the left and right brothers and sisters. In this way, Er Chanzi Niang made those who had made trouble before were undoubtedly self-slapped. This is no longer a way to tell nonsense, saying that she slandered her name and sue the official.

Er Chanzi Niang's face can be imagined, as if Dazang fell on the ground and was trampled on both feet.

The people in the village gave their blessings and spoke a lot of good words. The good wine and good dishes were served one after another, which was better than the dishes at the wedding banquet a few days ago.

That is to say, there are so many good things in Li Ji's house, so many things can't be discarded after a banquet like this, all of them are relatives in Jiji Village that the family can't eat.

The meat fragrant on the dinner table, and every one of them moved their index fingers.

Everyone in the village eats sweet and sweet, and there is a lot of meat, so I'm not afraid to eat it slowly. Some children are almost ashamed of their tastes, their mouths are full of oil, and their parents reprimand them as shame. They feel aggrieved and tearful and reluctant to cry because they eat less meat.

Because the stream is dry, the number of livestock in the village has been reduced by at least half, and there are only two cows left. They are to be kept for plowing in the coming year. They cannot be killed without water. Sheep and pigs are extinct. There are a few chickens, ducks and geese. If there are children and elderly people in the family, they will be killed to replenish their bodies, and two or three will be kept. It hurts to watch them drink water.

If it was in previous years, when the Chinese New Year is approaching in the deep winter, if there are chickens in the family, they will kill them to add some oil and water to the family. It doesn't need to be too much, just stew two or three pieces of chicken a day. When the time comes, kill another one and eat it for another half month.

But now it's the time of the previous killing. It's not too cold. I'm afraid that it will be bad. I ate it in a short time. At that time, I was happy to eat, but now I don't have any meat. I live on the cabbage and potatoes I stocked before. Too many dishes.

The adults are okay. The children are all growing up. At this time, they can't eat meat and eggs. It's a bit wronged.

While the adults scolded the children for eating or not, they were embarrassed, and the eyes on the other side were moist. If the stream did not stop flowing, and if the sky was still willing to snow, would there be such a tight schedule?

Originally, Li Ji did this for Er Gouzi and gave Er Gouzi a fanfare to recognize his sister, but looking at the people in the village like this, it is also sad.

A person in the village, Li Ji is an orphan who has served his long-ill father since he was a child, and lives alone after the age of fourteen. Without the help of the villagers, it is impossible to grow up so well.

Now he doesn't have to worry about eating and drinking. Although he lives in different houses, it is uncomfortable to see others not knowing the taste of meat when he is full.

Er Shan Zi Niang was slapped in her face for a long time, her stomach was stuffy, but the meat was so fragrant, she could still get into his nose through the air in such a cold weather.

She stood it up for a while to see that the meat on the table was reduced by half, and she really couldn't eat it if she didn't eat it. Finally couldn't hold back, reached out for chopsticks.

Suddenly a sentence came from the same table at this time: "You have the face to eat."

Then another voice continued: "You can do it, you, people came to have a wedding banquet, why not let people eat it?"

"Even if you eat a wedding banquet, you have to take a part. Did anyone come here with two paws?"

There was a lot of laughter, and Er Chanzi Niang looked up and saw that it was the mother-in-law who was married the other day, and the little daughter-in-law was sitting beside her, bowing her head and picking rice. The mother-in-law looked at Ershoziniang with a sarcasm, stabbing her like a knife.

Er Chanzi mother smashed the chopsticks, stood up and left.

I wanted to come over and make Li Ji ugly, but it was her who was really ugly. If she sat there honestly at first, without self-righteous sarcasm, maybe no one would pay attention to her, she would be an ordinary villager who came to eat dinner.

When she went to the county to file a lawsuit, Er Chanzi mother drew out the copper plates at home and found that it was still a little worse. In order to recover her daughter-in-law, she mercilessly sold all the chickens and ducks at home. As a result, the terrible county magistrate sentenced the two to join and leave, and the daughter-in-law was taken away with integrity and never had to come back, but the money spent in litigation was really gone!

Er Chanziniang went from house to house again, begging the villagers for help, and went to the daughter-in-law's village to apologize and picked it up. As a result, everything went wrong at this time. She took her son to the past, and she didn't say a few words. I was driven back.

From the third day of last year's New Year to now, the mother and son have not eaten meat for a year.

Originally, I went to the door to slap my face, but my face stretched out and hit someone. That's enough for the villagers to say that the spring will begin in the coming year.

The owner of Chai Pond has opened the pond again. This year there is not enough water. In previous years, many fish were kept in the pond for breeding. This year I plan to keep a little less. I don't know what the situation will be in the coming year. If the drought continues, this fish will be unable to raise it.

Every family has little meat, and it's new year. Last year, it was unlucky for people to drown in the pond. This year, I can't take care of those anymore. The fish are not too expensive, so I bought a lot from house to house. I took it home and packed it up and threw it outside to freeze. As long as the sky is not civilized, it is the same when I eat it.

Li Ji buys the most at home. This fish is best eaten fresh. Li Ji hasn't moved a single one. The second tank at home is still used to raise fish, and one of the two large-mouth tanks hidden in the back room is used. For fish farming. The water used to raise fish will not be spoiled, whether it is watering the vegetables grown on the windowsill or the livestock raised in the yard.

Er Gouzi likes to eat fish, and Li Ji also likes it after a long time. Put more bahao so that Li Ji can eat half a bowl of rice.

Li Ji is still a little worried while eating fish.

"You said what if the owner of Chaitang doesn't raise fish in the coming year? What if we eat fish in the coming year?" Li Ji picked up a piece of the fattest meat on his stomach and put it into Er Gouzi's bowl.

Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji with a smile open his mouth in no hurry. Li Ji saw his movements, his face was a little red, and he stretched out his chopsticks to pick up the meat and feed it into his mouth.

Er Gouzi ate the meat contentedly before saying, "I can go up the mountain to catch it."

Li Ji couldn't laugh or cry: "Fish is something in the water, not like a roe deer rabbit, how to catch it? And the stream has stopped flowing."

Er Gouzi think about it: "The water with fish is not only a stream, but there are…a fish pond that is bigger than the owner's house in Chaitang, and there are fish in it. It's just that there are a lot of powerful beasts. I can catch fish, but not for too long, it is dangerous."

"You mean there is a fish pond on the mountain… Bah, I was taken away by you. That is called a lake. The fish pond means a pond for fish farming. It was created by humans."

There is actually a lake in Moriyama? This is something Li Ji didn't expect. If there is still water in the lake over there, would the dryness of the stream under the mountain have anything to do with this? Otherwise, how could the stream that has never been broken for hundreds of years suddenly broken?

Thinking about it this way, Li Ji's inspiration flashed: "Why don't you go…"

Halfway through Li Ji's words suddenly stopped. When the water was stopped, I thought about letting Er Gouzi go to the mountain to take a look. At that time Er Gouzi said that the water would be very dangerous, because the wild beasts gather there, even Er Gouzi dare not stay by the water. For too long, let alone follow the water to find the source.

"Look, I forgot, how can you figure this out. We still have big tanks here. We will buy two more in the coming year, specially for fish farming. Learn more from the owner of Chaitang. Let's It can be raised in the tank, not afraid of not."

Li Ji picked up a chopstick and stuffed it in his mouth, and found that it was salty and stuffed another chopstick into the rice.

The fish is not very tasty, so the soup will be a bit salty. When you eat it, you can add the fish to the soup and taste it is steamed, but the basil is stewed in the soup, so it is salty and you can't eat too much in one bite.

Er Gouzi looked at Li Ji thoughtfully, and said: "In winter, powerful beasts rarely come out, and the water in the place called the lake is frozen, so there is no prey to drink, so it will not be very dangerous to go. I can go and see."

If you go back two months, let Er Gouzi go to Er Gouzi will not go, but now it's freezing cold, the lake is frozen, and the prey will not go again if you can't drink water, relatively speaking. It's safer.

Li Ji still shook his head: "In previous years, it snowed, and any prey was thirsty and licked two mouthfuls of snow. This year, you won't see a single piece of snow. If the prey wants to drink water, they have to go to the lake to lick the ice, which is still dangerous."

Li Ji made sense. Er Gouzi said again: "Even so, the photos will be much less than at other times, because I sleep a lot and refuse to come out, drink less water and eat less. At least it's safer than when the weather is warm."

Li Ji looked at Er Gouzi and confirmed again: "Can you guarantee a good return?"

If you are not sure, Er Gouzi will not say these things lightly.

Er Gouzi nodded and said: "Draught is too troublesome. If there is no water in the stream after the snow melts, we will continue to buy water. It's too troublesome. I'll see if it can be solved."

Er Gouzi is not like Li Ji. Li Ji will think of the people in the village. Er Gouzi will only think about the life of two people. After the water is cut off, Er Gouzi knows what life will be in the next two months. Er Gouzi also has calculations in his heart. It is deep winter. Some animals that sleep in hibernation are sleeping at this time. Animals that are not sleeping will also eat too little. Although they are deadly attacking, they have insufficient stamina, and it is easy to escape.

That's why Er Gouzi proposed to take a look at the mountain at this time, because at this time Er Gouzi was absolutely certain that he could stay by the water and retreat.

And Er Gouzi really hasn't gone up the mountain for a few months. Because there are too many animals in the family, there are many things. In the past six months, most of the mountains have been mowing and cutting firewood. They have never hunted.

At the beginning, I was not used to it, but after a long time I would not be able to go up the mountain.

Accustomed to Li Ji's side, Er Gouzi's nature is getting closer to Li Ji. Now if he is not allowed to see Li Ji on the mountain, he will be even more uncomfortable.

"That's fine. If you want to go, I won't stop you. Go early and return early. If you run around there, you will probably come back as soon as possible. You don't need to hunt or do anything. People come back quickly and don't worry about me. Can you?"

Er Gouzi nodded.

Li Ji was still uneasy. He wanted to ask a few more words, but he didn't know what to say, so he picked up a chopstick and fed it into Er Gouzi's mouth.

Er Gouzi held his chopsticks and didn't let go, but smiled at Li Ji.

It's been more than a month since the two of them went to Wushan Mountain, and they have done a lot of intimate things. Li Ji only feels that his mind is full of dirty thoughts. Even Er Gouzi's chopstick-holding action can make him think of it. The file matters.

The more I think about it, the more Li Ji hates himself, the more he hates him, the more he thinks, and the more he thinks, the more embarrassed to face it.

Li Ji will forcefully pull the chopsticks back: "Don't make trouble." Since Li Ji has fed Er Gouzi once before, Er Gouzi has liked Li Ji to feed him very much. Every time Li Ji picks up vegetables for him, he does not eat directly. But opened his mouth and waited.

Li Ji has already regretted opening the door to a new world for Er Gouzi.

The next morning Er Gouzi had to go up the mountain, just simply ate some porridge and shredded pork to make a small dish. It is not good to eat too much before going up the mountain, just eat half full.

It's a bit laborious to put on the leather armor. Li Ji stretched out his hand to help wear it, and he didn't idle his mouth: "Go early and return early. It's okay if you can't find a problem. It's not your own business that matters in a village. Just come back."

Er Gouzi nodded and saw that Li Ji's head was still stained with the dead leaves that fell on the firewood in the morning, and he reached out and picked it off for Li Ji: "I know. I'll be back soon."

Li Ji reached out and rubbed Er Gouzi's head: "Good."

Er Gouzi is different from others. If you change the person, a man's head is an important place, and it can't be easily desecrated. It's okay for a child. It's possible for anyone who dares to make such a fuss as an adult.

But Er Gouzi didn't have such thoughts. Li Ji did this action to him. It seemed to him the same as the intimacy between animals licking each other, so he enjoyed Li Ji touching his head very much.

Watching Er Gouzi go up the mountain, Li Ji watched for a while and sighed, then went back to the house to copy on the kang and set off in a daze. Little Tail walked to Li Ji's feet to rub.

After spending time with him, Li Ji was not so afraid of dogs. Feeling the movement of Little Tail, he reached out and hugged Little Tail. By this time, the little tail had already weighed more than four kilograms. It was more than twice as heavy when it came, and it looked plump and chubby.

Looking at the chubby figure of the little tail, Li Ji deeply felt that it was correct to hide the little tail and not let it go. Now the people in the village can't see the oil and water, but this dog is full of greasy intestines. Isn't this inviting hatred?

If the current little tail goes out for a walk, he will definitely not be able to come back. I don't know whose table he will be at.

This kind of thing is true. Li Ji rarely enters the village this year, so I don't know, but in previous years when the harvest was low and the cattle were few, he really stole dogs.

And most of the time, they are not from outside the village, that is, their own dog ran out of the yard to play in someone else's house and was shoveled to death by someone shutting the door. When they came to the door, they said that the dog was going to bite the child.

In the end, the best result is that the dog meat is divided in half, and there is no need to be responsible for the dog stealing. I even felt that it was not worth making trouble for a dog in the neighborhood.

Little Tail was happily picked up by Li Ji. He wagged his tail and stretched his tongue to look at Li Ji. Although he was not a human being, Li Ji could feel it smiling from his performance.

Li Ji only feels that if someone steals a small tail as a piece of meat, Li Ji will never give up. Maybe it was because he was spoiled because of his seniority, Li Ji has always been a temperament with grievances.

"Good." After holding the little tail in his arms for a while, I felt much better, and then took the dog to serve the animals.

Recently, it may be because there are fewer prey on the mountain and fewer wolves come. Now it is three to five days for a prey to be delivered. Every time it is stewed and sent to the mountain, wolves may be familiar with eating cooked food. Li Ji began to wonder whether it would eat raw meat.

Too many rabbits were born, too much waste water was raised, and they couldn't be sold for a while. Li Ji picked out more than a dozen grown-up rabbits and put them aside alone. His family's meat couldn't be eaten. There was no meat in the village, but if they were sold. Give it to the people in the village, most people are reluctant to spend this money, because rabbit meat is more expensive than chicken, they can't afford chicken, let alone rabbit meat.

And this rabbit is also big, a heavier one is more than ten catties, and it's not easy to sell it. When Li Ji was feeding the rabbits, he thought, aren't the villagers who eat chickens are used to cutting them into pieces and stewing a few pieces at a time?

Since they are reluctant to buy a big rabbit at a time, can they just kill them and sell them separately like pork?

The good meat of rabbit legs is more expensive, the ribs are less meat and the rabbit head is cheaper, so you can buy a catty and a half catty for a few days, and it can also solve the dilemma of children who can't eat meat.

Li Ji will not let his family suffer a big loss to help the village, but this method just solves the problems of both sides, why not do it?

With this in mind, Li Ji and other animals in the family were fed, locked the door and let Little Tail take care of the house, and went to the village to find out if it would work.

After inquiring about two families with poor conditions and children, the result was that if there were any, they were willing to buy two kilograms to supplement the health of the elderly and children.

After getting affirmative proof that this method is feasible, Li Ji went to the village chief and said that Er Gouzi went up the mountain today, but he didn't know if this trip would be really rewarding, so he just came over and said.

In fact, Li Ji is also afraid that the village will have any criticism because Er Gouzi refuses to go up the mountain, because only Er Gouzi in the whole village can enter the deep mountains, and the source of the stream is in the mountains, and only Er Gouzi in the whole village may go out. answer.

If Er Gouzi never went up the mountain to take a look, Li Ji was really afraid that the people in the village would take a long time, and the lack of water was deducted on Li Ji's head. This is very likely.

So when Er Gouzi went up the mountain, Li Ji struggled a bit and agreed. This time Er Gouzi went up the mountain, regardless of the results, it was an explanation to the village. In the future, regardless of whether there is water or not, Er Gouzi will not be blamed on Er Gouzi's head.

When he went home and continued to wait for Er Gouzi, Li Qiaoer came to help again. If Li Ji was alone, there would be no end to the work in the livestock. Li Qiaoer's arrival would make Li Ji a lot easier. When I arrived, I didn't see Er Gouzi, and Li Qiao'er and Li Ji asked to understand, and Li Qiao'er nodded.

"We can't say that people in the village pushed Ergou into the fire pit, but they have no ability. Ergou has the ability and does not go. It is a sin to talk too much. Just ask the Bodhisattva to bless you. Don't worry about your uncle."

In fact, these words are purely to comfort normal elders, but there is something subtle in Li Ji's ears, why? Because Li Ji has an unusual relationship with Er Gouzi, listening to Li Qiao'er say this, Li Ji always feels that he is talking about husband and wife. One party is in danger and the other is worried.

The more I think about it, the more Li Ji scolds himself for being useless, and the fascinating mind of one who hasn't paid attention starts again. For fear of being embarrassed in front of the big girl Li Qiao'er, she hurriedly changed the subject.

"I almost forgot, what is your father's attitude now? Are you still anxious to find your in-law's house?"

The topic turned to Li Qiao'er's marriage. The eldest girl was not shy about this kind of thing. She smiled ashamed and said: "Recently, some people came to talk about kissing, but they were pushed by my father. They only said that they were her own daughters. Stay longer."

The words came out of Li Qiaoer's mouth, and the meaning was self-evident. Neither of them spoke thoroughly.

She said she was reluctant. How did Li Qiao'er panic find an old man to fill the house when no one wanted it?

To put it bluntly, it is because now Li Qiao'er has an elder brother like Er Gouzi, and Er Gouzi is still in the initial stage, and I don't know what Fucheng will look like in the future.

In the future, the richer Er Gouzi, the more bargaining chips Li Qiaoer will have in marriage, and the better he can find a good family.

To marry her daughter well is not only good for Li Qiaoer, but also good for Li Shui. Li Shuisheng is a man who can calculate. Of course, he hopes that his married daughter can help the family.

"I'm about the same age as you. I don't have much capital for this kind of thing." Li Ji smiled, "But if you are really interested, it would be nice to find a suitable person now. People are not as good as heaven. It's like. At the beginning, your father thought you could not turn over and was in a hurry to marry you to a widower. It was a reason. Now it's good to see you, hold the bargaining chip tight and want to eat the best, in case Er Gouzi has something here, then it's too late to be anxious. Happily not in a hurry."

Li Ji wasn't chewing his wife's tongue like a woman, but felt that Li Shuisheng's approach was undesirable. Li Qiaoer was a girl, not a commodity. There are many interpretations of the word "good" to marry well. It is good for a wife, and it is also good to have money.

Many people are eager for their daughters to marry into wealthy families, but a few people will think about how those who are in good conditions will treat their wives who have married in the past?

Really rich people look down on poor people, and they are willing to marry poor girls mostly because they can be honest. The in-laws come to the house to play the autumn wind, and whether you can be a human is two different things.

But how many people really don't understand this matter? You know, but who doesn't want to have a relative with a wealthy family? Even if you are underestimated, when you are really anxious to spend money, you can alleviate the family's urgent needs by opening up and asking for money. With this alone, it doesn't matter what you are usually wronged.

It is precisely because of this that I don't know how many daughters have been stuffed into wealthy people's homes. Some are wives and some are concubines. However, few people are really comfortable, they are all raised as gadgets.

"Fourth Uncle is a sensible person." After listening to Li Ji's words, Li Qiao'er felt reasonable. After thinking about it, she sighed helplessly, "But what else can we say? I can't say my marriage in my house, my dad. If you have to be alone, of course, it's what he thinks. To say something that a girl shouldn't say, I have never thought about what good conditions are needed . As long as it can be good to me, I will recognize it even if I eat chaffy vegetables. I'm afraid. I'm afraid that Dad will look at the lottery gifts he has given, and put me in the house of a person like Ershozi, and that will be bad in this life."

According to the laws of the country, the daughter's family can be sued for reunification if she is wronged. Few people know that when a woman joins and leaves, she must hit the board before going to the court, and after getting through the board, the parents and officials seldom actually judge the separation. Generally speaking, abuse is justified in the eyes of ordinary people. Therefore, if a woman fails to find a good family before she gets married, it will be ruined for a lifetime.

The Er Chanzi incident can be judged as a reunion. It was the parents' kindness who thought that they had just fallen off the baby and did not play the board, and they were aware of the miscarriage and abuse of miscarriage during pregnancy. This was the judgment of reunion, which is also rare.

No matter how much this kind of thing is said, it is vain, after all, it depends on Li Shuisheng's mind. Parents are the masters of marriage matters, saying that it is the parents, but in fact, most of them are the father's decision.

The long-term vision is okay. If you are a short-sighted person who can only see temporary benefits, then you really can't jump out of the fire pit.

The atmosphere condensed, and Li Ji smiled and said: "You want to envy me. There is no father and no mother. Even if you are a bachelor for a lifetime, no one can control me."

Li Qiaoer shook his head: "I should envy you as a man. If I am for you, I will only send someone under the fence without a father or mother. Unlike my uncle, you can stand on your own. If I am an orphan, I want to stand on my own, in the village. Those who have something to do with their heads, it's okay, they will come to the door and say I am crazy, and then they will send me to a bachelor in the village. A man who does not marry a wife is at best without incense, and a daughter who does not marry is a monster. ."

Xu is from a different perspective. Li Ji never thought about what Li Qiaoer said, because everything he had been in contact with since childhood was taken for granted when he grew up. Now think about it, not to mention, the woman who is married will suffer too much.

The marriage of Er Gouzi is enough for Li Ji to have a headache. Thinking about the more vulnerable Li Qiao'er, Li Ji couldn't help feeling angry and pitying in his heart.

"I tried my best in your marriage. I won't be able to join in later. Er Gouzi is your righteous brother. If you get wronged after you get married, your brother can help you. The county magistrate in our county is a blue sky. Master, the Er Chanzi can be judged to reunite, if you are wronged, you can."

Li Qiao'er covered her lips and smiled: "Look at what my uncle said, I have paved the way for me without getting married."

The two talked for a while, but now they are not too afraid to spread gossip. Because Li Ji is the nominal parent of Er Gouzi, standing in the position of Er Gouzi's parents, Li Qiaoer is Er Gouzi's god-sister, and Li Ji is half of Li Qiao'er's parent, so there is no such taboo.

Three poles on the sun, noon in the middle of the day without seeing Er Gouzi coming back. In the past, Er Gouzi wanted to hunt for prey, and it is excusable to come back later. Today is to go up the mountain to see the water source, so he should come back early.

Li Ji was flustered in his heart, and could not go up the mountain to look for it. After finishing his work, he sat in the house holding the tail and pinching the soft hair on the tail of the tail and did not speak.

Li Qiaoer boiled the water and brought the tea into the room for Li Ji. He didn't make a whole pot, but only put some tea in the bowl, and poured as much water as he drank.

Since water is scarce, my family hasn't drank much tea these days. When I drink tea, I also drink a little bit of tea. The water is expensive. Drinking tea is diuretic. The water released is really distressing.

Sniffing the fragrance of tea, Li Ji is not as addicted as before. Looking at the tea stalks floating in the bowl, he didn't say a word and didn't know what he was thinking.

Li Qiao'er smiled and said, "Don't worry about the fourth uncle. When did Ergou go up the mountain so many times, have you ever missed it? Don't worry about getting upset, drink tea and wander around. We will cook for a while, and Ergou will only be able to eat it when he comes back. of."

Er Gouzi did not go up the mountain less, but every time Li Ji spent a whole day worried like this. In fact, there is really no need to worry. Er Gouzi has lived well for 13 years on the mountain, so how can it be possible to go up once? Something will happen?

The reason is clear, but the worry in my heart cannot be removed.

Li Ji drank tea for a while and started cooking. When he was done, he didn't see Er Gouzi come back. He was even more anxious. Li Qiaoer finished his work and left. Li Ji simply went out of the yard and moved a small stool to sit and watch. In the mountains.

At least half of the hair on the neck of the little tail was pulled off by Li Ji, following Li Ji, trying to get closer but afraid that Li Ji would pull it again, so I squatted not far away from Li Ji, watching Li Ji.

Just waited until the sun was westward to see the figure coming down from the mountain. It gets dark early in winter, even if it gets dark early, now Li Ji is standing here waiting for Er Gouzi for two hours.

"Er Gouzi?" Li Ji saw the person and was overjoyed, and hurriedly walked over, waiting to see that the people's heart was relieved, and turned a little more annoyed, "How come back!"

Seeing that Li Ji was angry, Er Gouzi hurriedly stretched out his hand and explained Li Ji's cuff: "It's too far. I walked for a long time. When I came back, I met a wild boar. I was afraid of drawing it back, so I ran around for a while."

Li Ji watched Er Gouzi's body only his cuffs were scratched by branches, and his heart relaxed for the most part.

Let's vent. After listening to Er Gouzi's explanation, why is Li Ji still willing to be angry? In fact, as long as Er Gouzi comes back well, Li Ji can't bear to get angry anyway: "You're hungry, the food at home is ready, let's talk about it after we have eaten."

Leading Er Gouzi back, Little Tail saw Er Gouzi wagging his tail happily, ran over to rub Er Gouzi's leg, and followed Er Gouzi's leg all the way home.

The food has been hot in the pot, but it was still warm at this time, so it didn't heat anymore. The extravagant pot of tea was placed on the dinner table, and Er Gouzi was poured first to let him drink to keep him out of the cold.

Er Gouzi is really hungry. These days, he has been keeping three meals a day, and he is uncomfortable with one missing meal. When I was in the mountains in the past, I didn't feel anything if I didn't eat for a few days in the winter. How can I feel uncomfortable if I don't eat a meal now?

Gobbled up the meal. At this time, he felt the person next to him move. As soon as he raised his head, a chopsticks dish was brought to his lips, and he opened his mouth and ate the dish into his mouth. Er Gouzi smiled brilliantly at Li Ji.

The biggest difference from the past is probably that there was no Li Ji before, but now there is.

After Er Gouzi ate the food on the table, Li Ji asked, "How is the mountain?"

Er Gouzi swallowed the food in his mouth, and said, "The stream has an eye at the end of the mountain. There is no water now. There will be water when it's not cold. There are two streams outside of the eye, one of which leads through here. I think the other one is lower than ours. The water has flowed over there, but there is no more here."

Er Gouzi tried his best to organize words that he understood and made Li Ji understand. Li Ji could understand a little bit: "You mean that another stream has taken off the water, and the water level of that one is higher than this. The side is low, so the water is diverted away?"

Er Gouzi nodded: "I want to dig this side too, but the ground is too hard. I walked along another stream, and at the end it was the place I told you about, and it was called the lake."

Seeing that there is not much water inside, there shouldn't be a lot of water coming out of my eyes before. When there is more water, it can flow here, and when it is less, it is completely gone.

This is justified and well-founded, and Li Ji thinks so too.

"No wonder. These two streams should have existed in the early years, but the other stream was not big before, so the water that came out of the spring has always been water on both sides, but the long-lasting ditch is getting more and more. The deeper it is, the more water will be distributed. This year, there will be less water due to drought. Because the ditch here is shallow, the water runs to the other side." 

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